Random Thursday Thoughts

I have been having a lot of thoughts this last week, and I was not able to put one post on each thought, because my brain is too scattered right now. But here is a random collection of things running through my head.
Recycling - I am attracted to people who are intelligent, I can't help it... but people who recycle are even more attractive to me. So, whenever Roger puts his shampoo bottle in the garbage, I get really angry at him and tell him that I question our entire relationship. But then he takes his reusable cup to Starbucks and sorts out the recycling, and it's all good again. It helps him that he is, in my opinion, a very attractive man.

With President Elect - Cheeto, appointing a climate change skeptic to EPA, we need to do what little we can to conserve our environment. Now more than before, it is important for everybody to know and follow recycling procedures at home and at work. Also, if you can, take your reusable bag to the grocery store and reusable cups for coffee. < both will give you a small discount at Target and / or Starbucks.

Am I being too preachy? probably, but I'm already on his shit list, might as well go at it with a bang.

Books- Last week, The Nightingale became available for me to listen to in my digital library. This book was both, a magnificent read and a tragic read to have right after the Presidential Elections  of 2016. I cried, I was motivated, I laughed, I was angry, I cried again.

Check it out if you are looking for a good cry and an inspiring (fictional) story on what 2 people can do against hate.

Thanksgiving-  You know that crazy sister who has to organize and know what everybody is doing and bringing to Thanksgiving each year.... ? yeah, I'm that sister at my house. I made a list and assigned things to people. I will be shopping for my items on Wednesday close to midnight at Wegmans, because I want everything to be as fresh as possible. But I am SUPER excited for Thanksgiving and for eating lots of food, that I barely care for how late I have to shop, or how long I have to cook.

Do you Recycle?
What was the last book that made you cry?
Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
What do you find attractive on other people, other than physical appearance?


  1. Okay THIS is going to drive you crazy: In our classrooms, we have a trash can and a recycling bin... BUT THEY DON'T RECYCLE!!! It is a ruse! The kids think they are recycling but they're just throwing it all in with the trash. :(

    I need to be better about reusable bags. I always forget. It's so dumb because it's such a simple thing to do!

    1. My job used to not recycle! It took about 100 phone calls to make arrangements to have somebody pick it the recycling, but now they do. And our office is paper happy! So it is wonderful to have all the stuff recycled.

      Keep bags in your car, that's what I do.

  2. We recycle!!!! But I must admit that it takes us FOREVER to actually take it to the recycling center so it really makes our garage look messy!

    The last book that made me cry was "Me Before You".

    1. My family takes a long time to
      Take their stuff to the bins too! Their porch always looks like a recycling center!

      That was a very sad book. I had to just pause it and sob.

  3. I've been recycling what I can since I was in high school. It's nice now because most counties here will do curb pick up every two weeks. I have more recycling then I do garbage.

    1. Having more recycling than garbage is very good!! great job Heather!

  4. We recycle! Our city provides giant recycling bins to put out along with your trash, and you don't even have to separate your stuff anymore (we used to have to) so it's easier than ever. I don't now if recycling really does any good because I've heard the energy it takes to make the materials reusable is the same or more than what it takes to make new products...but at least we're saving trees!

    I love Thanksgiving. My mom still hosts it and it's just our immediate family, so we have way too much food and lots of fun. It's one of my favorite holidays!

    1. I do know that recycling takes a lot of energy, but I see it as keeping those things off the landfills. I used to follow a blogger who was working so hard on reducing her garbage foot print, it was very impressive. She inspired me!


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