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A Day In The Life

Today I have been inspired by Megan from Meg Go Run to do a Day in The Life post. Megan is of course awesome, so when she invites readers to do a post about a day in The Life, we just must follow! Go check out her post, there are pictures of cute kitties !  Thank you Megan!

I'm picking Tuesday April 26

5:53- Alarm goes off, and because I stayed up until 11 the night before, I turn it off and roll back to sleep.

6:03-6:45am-  I jump out of bed. Shower, contemplate the meaning of life, get dressed and wake up Love Nugget.

6:45- I hate waking up my son so early, but work starts at 7:30 for me and he has to go to before school care.

7:12- Drop off my boy, then realized that I didn't put sunblock on him. Quickly scan my memory for weather today, it's supposed to start raining, so the kids would be staying inside most of the day. and I was already running late for work. Quickly insulted myself for being such a MommyHole in my head! Ran to the car, grabbed sunblock, covered him on …

Currently Looking for a Show to Watch

Typically, anything I post on Wednesday, that is not a Link up, gets about 5 views. But There is a lot of things in my mind and the only way to clear my mind is to write it down. While recovering from the marathon, I've been catching up with TV shows.

I am going to tell you right off the gate, I don't watch a lot of TV. Between working full time, whatever sport my son is doing, running and zumba, I barely have time to do laundry. But Roger enjoys watching TV, and we spend that time together. We take turns picking shows, and sometimes we watch two shows at the same time... because it's hard to go to sleep right after seeing Dexter chopping heads off.

His pick for his year was Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory, both which were awesome in their own way. We just finished Breaking Bad, and I am trying to make sense of all of this insane Walter White stuff! It was a good show, and I enjoyed it very much! So many questions!!

What happened to Jesse after he escaped? He would be the…

Gettysburg Marathon- Race Recap

I am a Marathon finisher! I still can 't get over that! I'm going to just keep glowing over that for a few days! We originally picked the Gettysburg Marathon because it was a the end of April, which would give us semi-decent weather, and because it is only 1 hour away from home. I found out about the Marathon from reading Gretch Runs, and to date, I'm grateful to have found it!

Race Details
Cost : $80. Registered before March 31st.
Weather- started at 45 sunny, end 70
Race Website :
Goodies : Race Tshirt, drawstring bag, Gettysburg Marathon sticker, magnet frame.

This is going to be a long post! But I've added conclusions after each big subject, feel free to glance at the pictures and the conclusions only.

Bib Pick up
We ended up staying in Gettysburg overnight, because Roger was not in the mood to be driving in the morning of the race.

I had a lot of things happening Saturday, and we left 1 hour later than planned. But got to Bi…

I am a Marathon Finisher!

Good Morning World! How is everybody doing today? This morning I woke up with sore legs, and that reminded me that Today I'm a marathon Finisher!

Thank you all very much for all the positive comments and cyber support! I thought of your words as I was running the marathon! I will go back and respond to your comments, I promise.

I will comeback and do a proper recap, after I have caught up with some things at work, and I've had a little more time to rest and recover... right now I think I need a nap!

Both Roger and I finished the Gettysburg Marathon, one in more pain than the other, but we did those 26.2 Miles! For me it was an amazing experience, one that I hope to be able to accomplish again in my life!

My sisters came out and cheered for us, and met us at the finish line. They were amazing!! I love those girls so much! My little sister caught me at the end and held me while it all sunk in!

Quick recap of my week

Taper week
Monday - zumba and 2 miles of sprints/ and rest