Friday Five 9.22.17

Happy Friday! What a week it was been! We are finally welcoming fall, and all the fall things that come with it.

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Last night, after Zumba, I was ready to get a not healthy small dinner and go home and read my book. But I realized on my way to this less than healthy establishment, that I had left my wallet at home. I like to keep a $10 in my car in case of emergencies, I forget my wallet a lot, but this time those $10 were spent in another case of I forgot my wallet.

Then I remembered that there is a couple of places where I can order food on my phone ( they have my CC info), AND without talking to people. So here are my five favorite restaurants/ shops I love to order from my mobile device.

1. Starbucks- I have had my share of awesome baristas, the ones who take one look at me and say "Ana, I'm switching you to decaf", thank you Jeff! I did need decaf that day! Or the one wh…

Please Write This Books

I had written this post a few weeks ago, but hadn't finished it to publish it. And as I sit here today, with new of the Earthquake in Mexico City and Puebla, my heart is heavy with thoughts of those affected in my country. My immediate family doesn't live close to Mexico city, so they are ok. My brother in law's family lives in Mexico city and He got word last night that they are safe and ok. We are still thinking of all others affected.

Over the last few years, I have read/ listened to a few autobiographies of singers, actors, politicians, comedians and judges. I have a soft spot for "celebrity" biographies. And as I am making my way through Steven Tyler's book, makes me wish for this other celebrity autobiographies.

1. Enrique Bunbury. He has a few documentaries about being part of Heroes del Silencio, to his solo career, but I need a book. A book with his story from his childhood, with pictures, stories, details of the songs, and all the little nasty in bet…

Weekly Wrap 9.18.17

Happy Monday! My weekends are often so busy, that being back at work on Monday is welcome rest. This weekend was like that!

Tuesday- 3 easy miles + 1 mile walk
Wednesday - 3 miles easy and 1 mile of sprints
Sunday - Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon

On Tuesday, I was feeling a little ambitious, and did 1 mile at my goal half marathon pace, but after the first mile, my quad started to feel sore, so mid run, I switched it to easy pace.

On Wednesday, my quad was still sore, so I decided to keep the run as an easy one, remembering my legs were still recovering from the Half Marathon the Saturday before.

I picked up my son from his grandparents on Thursday, and got to see my Cordelia! Cordelia was my dog many years ago, she was given to me as a puppy in 2006, but in 2010 she moved with my son's grandparents... long story on that....I think that Cordy still remembers me, she was wagging her tale and let me pet her. Cordy and I used to cuddle so hard in the couch!!


Friday Five 9.14.2017

Dear Friday, have I mentioned how much I love you? What? I don't say it enough? I know, I will show you all my appreciation by enjoying Friday and joining the Friday Five Link up.

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy

Today's theme is unique running routes, and it sounded like the perfect time to talk about the Bird In Hand Half marathon. Does it feel like I am talking about Bird in Hand too much?  Yes, probably, but it's my blog. I am going to try something different and give you 5 things about the Half Marathon. 

1. The weather turned out to be perfect for running. I trained for heat and humidity, and got sunny, and cool temperatures, it was 48 F (8.8 C) and 56 F (13.33 C) when I finished. I still wore shorts and a tank top, and was so very comfortable the entire race! My only issue was that the shorts chaffed my inner thighs, even though they were not new and I had raced on them before. 

2. The Route was amazing-…

Bird In Hand 5K- Fire Company Challege Part 1

Race Details

Cost : I ran this as a "challenge", which was the 5K and the Half marathon, and both together were $115, I signed up in March, but best prices are in December.

Goodies: 1 woman's cut tech shirt, and Amish made Whoopie Pie.

Weather Conditions: 72 F ( 22 C) , sunny with 45% humidity.

Before the 5K

I left work 1 hour early to pick up lunch, and drive to Lancaster County. My sisters still needed to be registered for the 5K, and I wanted to walk around the expo.

The expo was small, it has shirts, headbands, Amish snacks, and the table that takes orders for Amish race quilts. I had a hard time focusing on what else was at the expo, because I was worried and stressing out that my sisters would not arrive in time for the race, and I was nervous for the 5K.

My sisters arrived 15 minutes before the 5K was set to start, so I was too stress to warm up until they arrived. I ran to meet my mom and give her the tote bag I had with my change of clothes, and ran back to the st…

Weekly Wrap 9.10.17

It has been a very intense week, it felt like 2 whole weeks have gone by. As I sit here today, we just heard from Roger's family, who lives in Miami, that they are ok. They lost electricity, and there is some trees around their house, but no major damage. We feel relieved that the storm passed without harming them. I know the storm is still causing damage, and some are still affected, and we are still thinking of other friends and family in Florida. 

This week was slower in workouts, but still pretty busy. 

Thursday: 3.5 miles easy
Friday: Bird in Hand 5K 
Saturday: Bird in Hand Half Marathon
Sunday: 3 mile recovery run

On Monday, my son and I had a day out and went to see Spiderman, then we went to Aldi. He doesn't like it when we have to pay to rent the shopping cart, it drives him crazy! even thought we get our quarter back, he feels cheated. 

On Tuesday we went to see Julieta Venegas in Concert at Longwood Gardens, in Chester County. My sisters and I had been planning th…

Friday Five 9.8.17

Happy Friday!!

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy. The theme today is Post Race meal / snacks... and I already talked about that. Instead, I will share with you 5 food items that I keep at home at all times.

We have a rule in our house, if you go to the grocery store, don't question it and just buy tomatoes. Almost everything that we cook requires fresh plum tomatoes. We still run out of tomatoes every week though.

Food items that I use tomatoes for : Salsa, rice (Mexican style), steak in tomato salsa, noodles, pasta salad, pico de gallo. 

We use fresh garlic for as many dishes, but we can't buy large quantities of garlic, because it dries out. Roger uses garlic salt and garlic powder, but I exclusively use fresh garlic.

Food Items that I use garlic for: Mexican rice, chicken broth, noodle soup, Steak and pasta, chicken teriyaki.

I love onions! or at least I thought I did, until Roger came int…