SUYB July 2018

Happy Show Us Your Books Tuesday! Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

July and August have been very stressful months at work, that always sets me back on books. I also picked up some books to read with my son.

Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling

My son and his Dad (my Ex-husband ) have been reading this book for almost 1 year, I have read the entire series multiple times and convinced my sister and Roger to read it too. Because of that, we have conversations about the series and the books and have accidentally revealed spoilers. I decided that I couldn't wait for my son to finish this book and we got the audiobook, it helps keep him off devices during long drives and gets him up to speed on the book.

I, of course, love Harry Potter and have very much enjoyed re-reading Harry Potter again. I find something new every single time.

The Wide Window, The Miserable Mill, and The Austere Academy  by…

Week In Review - Finding a Balance

Happy Sunday!! how is your day going? 

This week was another stressful one at work, lots of work to do and training a new employee added a lot of work to my days. 


We are at that time of the year where no matter where, or when we run, we will be dripping in sweat.

I finally went to my eye doctor and will be back at running on my contacts again ! So on my first day with contacts I ran 3 tempo miles. All the adrenaline of the excitement of my contacts gave me an extra boost and I ran 9 minute miles! 

It feels I'm finally adapting to the heat, because I had another really good run on Thursday. 

On Saturday we were on our way to our 4 mile run to Hershey, when I told Roger that I had a really stressful week at work, and that when stress hits, I go to my happy place, Chestnut Hill PA and imagine myself having pizza and cider at their market. and He said "We should go there after our run" and I answered " We should go there and run at Wissahickon Valley park and then g…

Week in Review - Beachy Days

We are getting ready to countdown to school starting... we don't want to... but we have to. This summer has been amazing, busy and very hot.


Last I checked, I am 5 weeks from my summer half marathon. I am confident to be able to run/walk the 13 miles, and will not be breaking any records, because I expect that day will be very hot. But I do want to get my nutrition together... I love fries more than I love running fast.

During one of my tempoish runs, I saw deer. I don't like deer.... but saw them in time to slow down to send a picture to Roger. Deer are full of ticks and cause car accidents, that's why I don't like them.

This weekly review is all about the views of my runs... I was rushing to finish my run because this clouds were looming over me. I'm not scared of the rain, but rain makes it very difficult to see while wearing glasses.

I also broke in my new running shoes.

Sunday's run was a tough one. It was really hot and humid, and more than anythin…

Week In Review - The forgotten week and the Flood

Hello! how are you? Remember my last post? The one when I said that I will be keeping up with my blog better? And then last week happened, and I sounded like a liar. Last week was a crazy busy week, and I was buried with work and busier than than the week before... didn't really think it as possible.


My exhaustion from work carried over to my running, and I barely got 11 miles. That included some intervals, The Harrisburg Mile and a slow 5 miler.

I had hoped to beat my Harrisburg Mile time, and come under 7:10, but I didn't. I was disappointed for about 6 minutes, then got over it. A mile at 7:35 is still pretty good!

Because I cut my long run short on Sunday, I made up part of it and ran 8 miles on Monday. It felt amazing to run long on a Monday, but it's not sustainable for me to do during a work week.

I listened to some old tunes, but tried a new route on Thursday. I was tired and hot, and had ice cream as a treat after.

We decided to run up a hill on Saturday, at Boy…

Life Update

Hi there! how are you? how is your day going? My life has been crazy busy for the last month, I haven't had time to put my thoughts down at all. And today I just want to offer a brief update on what is keeping me away from the computer. 


The biggest reason I have been absent is my load at work. I have been brining work home, and it doesn't seem to have a slow down anytime soon. Recently 2 people quit, and we are losing two more in the next 3 weeks. One person who left was a case manage, and I have been needing to take on participants.... I find it exhausting to have participants. I can spend all day doing reports, audits and filing... but talking to people takes all my emotional energy and when I get home I want to sit in a dark room only listening to music. 

My Son

This year, for summer vacation I have been spending most of my vacation days with my son. I have loved all of our time together, and we still have many adventures in the second half of the summer. I am looking for…

Week In Review - Heating Up

Happy Sunday! How are you today? I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I just finished watching the last World Cup game, and France won! Croatia did amazing, and were a very strong team. Congratulations France!


What a hot week it was ! Every single run this week was drenched it sweat! This week was intervals, in 88 degrees, tempo run in 80 degrees, easy run in 85 and long run on 80 degrees. 

I ate a few gnats during my intervals.... not fun. 

On Saturday I was supposed to do my long run, and get up at 5:30 am. First I didn't hear my alarm, or turned it off, and when I did wake up, I had terrible vertigo. I got up to use the bathroom and couldn't get the room to stop spinning. I sat down on the couch willing the dizziness to go away, but I just felt sicker. I went back to bed and slept for a few more hours and woke up feeling a lot better. It was a stressful week, and my body was trying to get some rest. 


Another fantastic week with my son, and his summer vacation. Th…

SUYB June 2018

Happy Show US Your Books day!! This is one of my favorite days of the month.

I did a crazy thing last month, I signed up for my Library's Adult Reading program. The goal is to read 30 books during the summer, I am not sure that I can do that, but I'm up for the challenge. 

Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

I really liked this book, it was very sad but the story kept me going. I learned a lot of about Koreans living in Japan. I really enjoy books that start out with the main character as a child and we see them grow up.  

Tales of The City by Armistead Maupin

I didn't like this book, I know it's a classic, but I couldn't focus on the characters, and didn't really care for their story. I picked this up  after seeing it as part of the Great American Read. I was surprised to have only read 32 books from that list.

Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden

I have read this one 5 times, last time about 8 years ago. I th…