A Day In The Life- A Day At Work

It has been a while since I did a Day In The Life Post... mostly because I overshare.

7:00- 8:30- We meet for a few minutes every morning to review any big events happening at work that day. From the moment I arrive, I'm pulling information from the state system. We enroll new participants two days per week, this was an enrollment day.

At this time, I also make my oatmeal. I am not hungry when I first wake up, but my body needs breakfast. I eat Wegmans Organic maple spice oatmeal, that is the only flavor I like.

9:30- I started to work on another task. For every participant that comes to our program, activities and hours need to be tracked. Today I added activities to their state profile, while I waited for the paperwork from new enrollments.

10:00- 11:30- Most of my Mondays (in this case Tuesday), my morning are in a tight schedule. The instructor is supposed to have the paperowork for new enrollments to me by 10, but today he got distracted and didn't get them to me until 10:…

Week In Review - 2nd Birthday

Happy Monday! and Happy President's Day, (is that a thing people say? )

Tuesday - 4 easy miles and weights
Wednesday - 5 miles (1 warm up, 3 intervals, 1 cool down)
Friday- 11 miles progression
Sunday- 5 miles fartek

Last week I ordered a pair of Brooks sneakers, they were on sale for an excellent price. I had gotten the Pure Flow sneakers before, and liked how light and flexible they were. The arrived on Monday of last week, so I decided to try them for my run on Tuesday. Well, they were awful. I normally run on Nike Free 5.0, which are super light and super flexible. Going from them to the Pure Flows was horrible! they Pure Flows were clunky and stiff. I ran 1 mile and wobbled another mile back to my car to change. My feet hurt after the run... but that's what I get !

We also had fastnachts on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I met up Roger for 5 Valentine's Day miles. We ran intervals, then went home and made Valentine's Day dinner at home. We love going out to eat, exc…

I Am Not in The mood to come up with a tittle

I know it's Friday and I had a different post ready for today, but my heart is not ready to go back to normal as scheduled. Another school shooting happened on February 14, and 17 people are dead. Mass shootings, as common as they are, still hit me hard, but school shootings are extra difficult to deal with.

On Thursday, I couldn't stop thinking about those families and their loss, but I was also selfish and kept thinking about my own son going to school, and my friends who are teachers.

On my way to lunch, I was playing happy music, trying to lift my mood. I called my niece to wish her a happy birthday during my lunch. I spoke to her for about 30 seconds, and that lifted my mood for a little bit. Then Roger called me, to tell me that we needed to consider buying a bullet proof book pack for my son, and my heart couldn't hold the tears anymore.

I cried all the way back to work, devastated to think that this is our current reality, a world in which we have to consider sendi…

SYB - January 2018 Books

Happy Tuesday! Time for my favorite post of the month, Show Us Your Books! This month was off to a slow start, with a very long book at the beginning of the month. 

Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

I picked up this book, because I want to read What Happened? by Hillary Clinton, too. But I should have started with her Autobiography, which I want to request this week.

From this book I learned that Hillary Clinton is a very intelligent woman, who should have become our president. She has done so much work to prepare for such a role... but we all know how that only created a legion of haters, because it's easier for them to be hateful of a smart woman, than to admit that she is deserving of the highest political office.... anyway, I am completely away from my subject now.

This book was long, full of things I didn't know or understand before, but very well written. 

What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan

WMMR is the tragic s…

Week In Review - The One With The Bugs

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a productive weekend!

Monday: 3 miles easy
Thursday: 5 miles (3 easy, 2 tempo) and core
Friday- 4 miles (2 of hill repeats, 1 warm up , 1 cool down) and weights
Saturday - 12 miles progressive long run
Sunday - Weights and core

On Monday, I met Roger at the YMCA to run on the treadmill. Part of me is so tired of the treadmill, and another part is so happy to be watching Gossip Girl... I should be more ashamed of wanting to watch Gossip Girl, but it is one of my favorite shows. Judge me, but I will still watch the show, and you should watch it too.

On Wednesday we were scheduled to have snow and sleet. Our office was closed and school did too. I had big plans, we were going to be lazy and do some laundry, maybe bake a pound cake... until I noticed my son starching his head with a lot of force. I asked him to let me check his head, and there it was, every parent nightmare, lice!!

I was ready to burn the house, move to another country, in another continent…

Firday Five - Sleeping In

Happy Friday! I am very glad that it's Friday, because in my mind, we are almost done with February... only in my mind though.

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

We have had a very snowy week here, and with that come delays, and days off.  So far this week, I only had to get up before the sun two days. But, even that felt like too many days!

When I go to wake up, this are the first five thoughts that go through my head when the alarm goes off.

1. What day is it? - Every single that when I first start to wake up, my head starts doing very complicated math... what day of the week is it? what did I do the night before? how much longer do I need to stay in bed before I HAVE to get up? Am I sure it's really Monday? how can I verify it's Monday without opening my eyes ?

2. What time is it? - There has been many times when my body wakes up at 3 am, and it wants to get up... but I need to know what time it really is, …

Take me to Brazil and Sing to Me On Portuguese

I have often heard from Spanish speakers that people who speak Portuguese sound like they are speaking a dirty and rude Spanish... I learned in 2014, that Portuguese speakers feel the same way about people who speak Spanish, like we are speaking a dirty Portuguese. My family all feels this way, except for me. I find Portuguese to be a beautiful language, and I love listening to Brazilian Portuguese music. 

One night, back in 2013 I came home very upset from work. I had been passed up for a promotion, and in hopes to lift my spirit, I went to two hours of Zumba, and came home on an emotional high of all the exercise. I came into my empty apartment, and in the complete dark, I looked up different Brazilian songs, and bought 5 different samba songs and listened to them on full volume until I fell asleep. And since that night, people singing on Portuguese soothes me. 

I have learned that Brazil has many genres of music, like any country. Most people associate Samba and Bossa Nova Jazz with …