Week In Review - Long Week

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow I have off from work for Indigenous People Day... Ok, that's a lie... I have off for that other holiday that I don't acknowledge.


This week, I slowly got back to higher mileage, and even did a race.

I wanted to run 5 miles on Thursday, but the humidity was back and it was a hot and challenging run, my legs gave up at 4 miles.

After work on Friday, I went for a tempo 5 miles at Wildwood. The sun as about to set when I finished, so I rushed to finish and got in my car and left... the park closes at dusk and I didn't want to be there in the dark.

At the last minute, I signed up to run HARRC in the park 10 mile trail race. I had wanted to do this race in the past, but timing didn't quite work out, until this year. It was a very nice race, and I managed to place on my age group!

Total miles for the week : 19

Mothering, and Wiving 

As I mentioned last week, my son and I got into a little argument last week, by the time I picked him up on Tuesday,…

Week In Review - Falling Back

Hello there, how are you? I'm a little late with my post today, I had a rough day on Sunday and it carried over into Monday. Everything is fine, I was just emotionally not well.


I tried to pick up on my miles this week, because I signed up for the Hershey Half Marathon... I have been a race repeater this year, and couldn't miss out on running Hershey again. However, a few Maternal obligations kept me from fully committing to my running.

However, I did get around doing 2 days of weights!! Go me!


On Tuesday I attended my first ever PTO meeting. I have volunteered with my son's school for many years, but never once attended a PTO meeting... it answered so many questions!

My son's school had their annual Race for Education, where the kids run around the school for sections of the day. After their running, they had a silly string battle. It really did look like a lot of fun!

On Saturday we traveled to Lititz, PA. We were hoping to buy some tickets for the C…

Week In Review- The Sick One

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend fun of rest and relaxation.


Right after I got home from the Philadelphia RnR half marathon, I started to feel really tired and worn out, more than normal post half marathon tiredness. By the time went to bed, I was all stuffy and tired.

I spend Monday to Thursday recovering from a light cold, all stiffly and tired. By Friday, I was ready for a short out of breath run. I felt tired, but a lot better by the next day.

My longest run this week was a 6 miler on Sunday, and by then my lungs were almost done being mad at me.

Mothering and Relaxing

After a few weeks of being really busy, this week finally slowed down and we had a chance to rest and catch up with sleep.

Last Sunday when we got back from the Half Marathon, I was setting up the Blu-Ray Player, and I bumped my toe on of Roger's weights. It hurt a lot, but it didn't feel broken. I was sore from running, and my toe was in so much pain that I was limping! The next day I had a hug…

Week In Review - Driven

Happy Sunday! how are you today? I hope you are having an awesome day!

We had another busy week, lots of moving around and lots of adventures.


Between completing the half marathon at Bird in Hand and being behind on sleep, we took it easy this week. I did three days of 3 miles,  two of those were super easy.

And Sunday was the Philly Rock and Roll Half. I said last year that I wasn't going to run this race this year, but my sister asked me to run with her. My sister ended up getting sick the week before, and couldn't run. But they came with me to cheer me on, they are amazing! I love their support!

Des Linden was running this race, and as we were running, I got to see her run by, more like flying by!! She looked so amazing! She won the race, of course.

Mothering and Other Fun 

On Friday my son and I went to target to explore Halloween Costumes. We are leaning towards being a Harry Potter Characters... I can be Snape, Hermione or Narcissa Malfoy. He wants to be Quiddich …

SUYB August 2018

Happy Show Us Your Books Tuesday! Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

This was my slowest month for reading, between training for the Half marathon, traveling and repeat books, I haven't focused on any books.

Ghost by Reynolds

I really enjoyed this book! Between the conversation of running, and the YA elements, I really enjoyed the book. I will be reading with my son, and hope that he will also enjoy it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

How many times can one read Harry Potter and still find little treasures? I don't know... this is my 8t.. or 9th round and I'm still finding gems! I put everything aside to listen to Harry Potter, and it was well worth it.

In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It by Lauren Graham

This was a short book, and like a summary of her other book.

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

My son wants me to read this series, it's his current favorite series and because he sees me sharing books with Roger and …

Week In Review - 9.09.18

Good Morning! What a great week it was!

With the holiday and an unexpected school day off, this week was busy, but it felt really short.


Race week is here!! I tried really hard to taper, knowing it would not do anything for how fast my race would be, but wanting my legs to be rested.

Labor Day Miles - We went to Swatara State Park for a quick 8 miler. We were going to go to Hershey, but I suggested Swatara on our way and Roger went for it. But I wasn't prepared to run in the blazing sun with no water. I finished my run around 7.80 miles, when we got back to the car and called it a day.

On Thursday I went to try out Brooks Levitates at the local Fleet Feet Sports. They were very cushy, I think they would be good for long runs... but I'm not in the market for shoes right now.

Friday was the Bird In Hand 5K. My sisters all love this race, and we met there for run it together. We love the hot air balloons, and the food. This year, because of the weather, the balloons were c…

The Concert We Waited 20 Years For

This is my older sister. Ever since I can remember, we have been opposites on anything possible. I have a theory that I started wearing black, because she wanted to wear white to everything. 

When we were around 10, she started to like Musica Grupera, a genre of Mexican that is known for it's romantic themes, heavy use of keyboards and groups of men wearing matching tight outfits. Her favorite band became Bronco, who is hugely popular in Mexico. I pretended to not like them, but I secretly did like their music. 

The Band broke up around 1996, and a year later we moved to the USA.

As it happens, Bronco tried to get back together, added a few members and now, 20 years later released a live album of *some* of their greatest hits. When I found the concert online, I spent a few hours watching it and reminiscing on our youth in Mexico. And as soon as I saw my older sister, we sat down and watched it together.

It was then that she told me, that it has been her dream to see Bronco live in c…