Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Five - Food

Happy Friday!! how are you today?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. The theme today is food, and I LOVE talking about food!

Today I want to tell you about eating during Lent. I used to not observe Lent, but after my grandmother passed away, I chose to observe Lent in her memory. For anybody who is not Catholic, Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter, in which we cannot have meat on Fridays and give up 1 (or more) thing that we enjoy for those 40 days. I gave up Cheesteaks.

I am not a vegetarian, and I have a deep respect for those who are vegetarians or vegans. Here are 5 meat free meals that are my favorites for meat free Fridays

1. Avocado Rolls - The new love of my life!

2 . Vegetable Hibachi at Tokyo Diner- It has the perfect ratio of broccoli and onions! and I love my onions a lot!!

3. Rice and eggs- when I was little, my mom used to make Mexican rice and boiled eggs. It was one of my favorite meals! It's so simple and so delicious! We call this our "we are broke" meal.

4. Chilaquiles - chilaquiles are simply nacho chips smothered in mole sauce. I top mine with cheese, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and cheese.


5. When all inspiration has left, there is always veggie and cheese pizza to fill up my belly! and I do love pizza very much!!

Do you observe Lent?
Did you even know what Lent was? lots of people at my office had no idea what lent was!
What is your favorite part of a pizza? The crust, melty cheese or the sause? for me is the cheese! Yums!!
Do you have a favorite Veggie?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Belly Inquiries

A couple of weekends ago, I was visiting my family for my niece's and sister's birthday celebrations. I didn't know what to wear, it was a kid's party, which would likely require me to be on the floor playing with my niece, and my son. But I wore a stripped dress. I felt uncomfortable on it the whole night, but didn't think about it much that night.

The next day, as I was getting ready to leave, my sister came over and patted my stomach and said "tuck in your belly, it looks chubby!" I rolled my eyes at her and said "Don't pat my belly fat!"

Then my mom came over and said "Your belly was looking very roundish last night, is there something you want to tell us?"

"Yes! " I said in an overly excited tone. "I want to tell you that I'm ready to make my love of bread and tacos to a new level and attempt to make a taco torta!". They laughed and moved on. But I didn't. That thought stayed with me... why do they have to comment on my fat belly?

In all truth, it bothered me more from my sister than from my mom. See, growing up my mom spent years trying to get me to put on some weight. We went from doctor to doctor, my mom always with the same issue, that I was too skinny. All doctors said that I was healthy, and to keep feeding me a balanced diet. My mother finally being happy with my weight is a huge Win!!

I consider myself a very active person, and I am happy with the shape of my body, flabby belly included. But I have to ask myself....

Do I want a flat stomach? Yes! who doesn't! As women, we are raised to want the tiny waist and the flat abs, anything else, we are told, is unattractive. And

Am I willing to put in the work to get a flat stomach? No. Just flat out no. I love my carbs, donuts, bread, tortillas... my idea of heaven is living in a world made of a crunchy French baguettes, decorated with light buttery croissants, lined with muffins and waffles.

I do my core work outs, lots of it a week, lots of running, drink my water, but my flabby belly is still flabby and roundish. Some days more roundish than others!

At the end of the day you another day older..... Wait!!! that is a line for Les Mis... wrong post... At the end of the day, I am confident of my body. I'm strong, I am smart and my flabby belly is just another awesome part of my body.

And finally, will it bother me again if they comment on my belly? Of course it will, I'm am not made of rock ! But I will say again, my roundish belly doesn't stop me from being awesome.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lucky Charm 10K

Race Details
Cost: $45 + Processing fees ( I hate processing fees,  I would prefer they lied to me and gave me a flat fee).
Route: Harrisburg Downtown to uptown and back.
Goodies : Woman cut cotton shirt, Fleet Feet Coupon (upon completing the race), free beer with Bib, and medal.
Weather: 40, cloudy, no wind, super light mist.

Most of my running friends did this race last year, and I was left feeling completely left out. I am almost certain I've said it here before, but I don't like doing races on the days that my son is with me. But I make a few exceptions each year, but only because my sister agrees to watch him while I run. My son himself asks for this dates with his Tia, and they end up having a great time together.

The race started in Downtown Harrisburg, there were two distances 5K and 10K. Both starting at the same time. The race started on time, which I always appreciate!

OmG!! I am not capable of writing a normal race recap... I get bored with my own words half way through!

*Drama Alert* The night before the race, my son was telling his father that he had helped up cleaning the race course. His father ask him if he would be running the race, and my son said "no, but Mommy is!" to which he replied "Me and (his fiancĂ©, whose name shall remain off my blog) are running it!". UGH!!  what a pain! I quickly went back and read a comment from my very wise friend Megan, and kept repeating it over and over in my head.

Come race morning, I was nervous about bumping into him and having him beat me at a race... Only normal fears allowed right?

My first mile was wobbly, my legs felt shaky and wonky. My mind was playing tricks on me!  It took me blasting my music as loud as possible to calm myself down.

The route was amazing! I have worked in Harrisburg for over 10 years, and had never ran this streets! The view of the capital in Locust Street was truly breathtaking! We do have a very pretty Capitol!

I finally calmed myself down, and kept running along front street. I love running by the Susquehanna River! it's one of my favorite running routes, but Roger doesn't like to run in Harrisburg, so I don't run it often. We ran by the Governor's residence, and turned by where our office used to be in Uptown Harrisburg, by Italian Lake. 

For about 3 miles, I kept my eye on this one runner who looked like my friend Jodi, and kept telling myself to catch her, she was about .20 miles ahead of me. After the turn around by Italian Lake, I realized I was chasing the wrong person and Jodi had been right behind me.

My legs were feeling a bit tired, but nothing out of the normal. No pain on my feet, calves or shins!!

The part of the course we helped clean up was coming up, and with it a small downhill to the river. I used downhill to finally pass a woman in a yellow windbreaker that I had been behind for most of the race.

I crossed the finish line when the timer was showing 52.18, which I was not expecting! My last best 10K time was 52.20... PR by 1 second? Sure!

After getting my medal from one of the kids from Gils On The Run, and my coupon from my friend Shelby (she might not call me her friend, but we follow each other on Instagram, so that counts!), I went to wait for Roger, who I knew was right behind me and if he had stayed on his pace, was set to beat his 10K time and finish under 1 hour.

When the clock said 59:07, Roger crossed the finish line!

A little after, I caught up with my friends Jodi and Adriane, both who did amazing and ran a strong race! Adriane had been up partying the night before, and still kicked butt on this race!

My Friend Adriane, we run together on Fleet Feet days. I love running with her!
We checked our times, and I did better than I had expected and finished at 51.51. 10K Personal Record!! Roger did 58.39.

The Bib would also get us a free beer at a bar downtown, but we were cold and hungry, and I wanted to get back to my son as quickly as possible.

I enjoyed this race very much! The course was mostly flat, with very scenic views of Harrisburg, very well organized and excellent course assistance.

And in case you were wondering, we didn't see my ex-husband or his fiancé.

Do you hate processing fees?
Do you get your free beer at the end of races?
Did you ever chase the wrong person at a race?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Wrap 3.19.17

Good Morning!! how are you today? Happy Spring! Good bye winter, thank you for reminding us of what cold feels like!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Last week was busy, and quite eventful! hold on, this weekly wrap is going to be long!

Tuesday- Weights
Wednesday - Zumba and 2 miles of sprints
Friday - weights and 2 easy miles
Saturday- Lucky Charm 10K
Sunday- 4 miles easy recovery, and weights

Snow day work!
Tuesday we had a snow day and spent the whole day inside, doing some of my work. This giant pile of papers!!

I accidentally stapled my finger, but my son fixed me up!

Happy Moments !
On Thursday, my older sister got married, that called for dressing up ! I dug out my heels and a dress from somewhere deep in my closet.

Me, my older sister (Sister #1) and my younger sister (sister #4).

My sister looked GEORGEOUS and so very happy! it brought tears to my eyes! My older sister always wanted to have a big wedding, with lots of flowers and everybody dressed in white. Her wedding was small, she was the only one wearing white, but she loved every second of it!

Team Work!
On Friday, there was a message on the River Runners group,  saying that part of the route for the Lucky Charm race was still covered in snow. And that the city was threatening to cancel it, because they were not able to shovel it themselves. The organizer, Fred, posted asking if anybody could come help shovel. Lots of people offered and lots showed up! my son and I showed up with our shovels, but most of the work was already done.

After, I treated my son to a donut and myself to green garbanzos at the Indian store.

Lucky Running
Saturday, Roger and I ran the Lucky Charm 10K. Again, Roger was very unhappy at the weather forecast... while I ignored all of it. We showed up to almost perfect conditions! Both, Roger and I got new 10K best personal times! His under 1 hour ! He was very happy and I was very excited for him! Recap later this week.

After the race, I took my siblings and my son to go see Beauty and The Beast! We loved it! I might even go see it again! I love Emma Watson, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci! I love them all ! and the movie was great!!

Currently Reading

Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham. I love her sense of humor, she is that scary sarcastic like me... where people can't tell if I'm being serious or kidding. This book is great!

Have you ever stapled your finger?
When was the last wedding you attended?
Are you ready for spring allergies? My son is not!
Did you wear green for Saint Patrick's day?
Have you ever had green garbanzos?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon Recap

I had not planned to run R'nR DC this year again, but last summer, Rock 'n' Roll offered a switch for those who would not make it to Virginia Beach. I took the transferred and wiped the expectations and tears off. In December, RnR had a sale and I got Roger a registration for the half marathon as well.
Race Details
Cost : $50 (purchased during the Running day sale, originally for Virginia, then transferred to DC)
Goodies: Plastic Drawstring bag, samples, coupons, woman's cut tech shirt. Water and Gatorade at the finish line. Plus course entertainment.
Weather: 27, with windchills and real feel of 17-22. Sunny.

Last year when I did R'n'R DC, I did it in 1:58:59, and I thought it was a realistic goal to try and beat that time this year. The course is *relatively* flat, with a major hill at mile 6, and small rolling hills after. But not pancake flat that it would hurt.

A week before, the weather the forecast kept changing. At some point, it was showing possible rain and temps of 37. OMG... Did I bore you with my weather talk? I think I bored myself!! Final weather for the day, 27, with wind chills and *real feel* of 17-22, depending on whether one was in the sun or shade.
Roger kept giving me the forecast and telling me how cold it was going to be. I was not at all worried, and chose to block it out of my head. No need on worrying about something I can't change, so I focused on only worrying about my pace, the layers of clothes and the food, the things that were in my control. We have run in cold weather before, so I was not worried.
We stayed within 1 mile of the starting line, and ate our bagel and drank our coffee as we walked towards the start line.

I chose to wear my Reebok lined leggings, my lined black shirt, compression socks, Nike running sucks under those, my Nike hat and my Nike jacket.... I looked like a Nike sponsored runner wearing Nike all over... if only!

I was a little worried that my Nike jacket would be a bit too many layers, but decided that better sweating than cold. *** remind me of that thought later ***
Chaitali was able to switch me to an earlier wave, because the running gods put me on the very last wave, and I took off with Roger around 8:50 am.... hold right there for a moment... Right before we started, I was looking at the runners around us, and saw a Muslim woman, wearing a hijab, with the words *No Ban* written across her face. This made me very emotional, it brought tears to my eyes and for a moment, I couldn't calm myself. I could barely tell Roger about it, and he got worried that I was sick when he saw me wiping tears off my eyes. I told Roger that I wish I had made a sign that said "NO Wall, No deportations".

We took off running, and within the first mile, we ran by the White House.. At that moment, I decided to shout "No Wall, NO deportations" towards the White House as I ran. It felt so good!!

I saw my first split, and decided to pick it up a bit to make this goal. My lungs and my legs felt good the entire time, I didn't feel cold at all. But my feet felt tight and I started to have a weird pain on the sides, stronger on the left side of my left food. I tried changing my stride and gait, and that helped a little. But the cold or the excitement got me and I kept alternating between pain and different foot landing. I told myself to toe strike on hills and mid strike on flats, but again, got too excited.

I got really hot after mile 3, and contemplated several times on ditching my jacket. Somewhere my rational side kicked in and told me to not ditch my jacket because 1. It was expensive 2. it's my favorite jacket and 3. I would need it after the race to stay warm.

My favorite of running DC is the crowd support, and all the signs. Below are my favorites

*Nasty Women Run The world
*You are winning this Race #alternativefacts
*You Are going to Win this race, don't worry, I already called Russia.
* You are Almost done #alternative facts < this was at mile 10.
*Run faster, the person in front of you just farted

The race felt a lot more crowded this year than last year, so I weaved around a lot.

On mile 12.5, my favorite Bunbury Song came on... which might become my race finishing song. I sang it loudly, as you can always expect me to!

I had no idea what my time was so far, my watch was buried under my jacket and I didn't want to mess with finding it. But I did start to run a bit faster.

Rock 'n' Roll races have this little habit of finishing races on an uphill, and that hurts! Between the pain on my foot and my exhaustion, I couldn't run up the hill faster. But I turned up the music and tried my hardest. I did slow down to put the song on repeat... my mistake!

I crossed the finish line and my watch said 2:01:03... but my distance said 13.30.

Few seconds before going to the floor

I got my medal, and walked to get my bags to change. When all of the sudden my left foot gave out on me and brought me to the floor! I wanted to cry so badly! everybody around me was cheerful and celebrating their completion of their half marathon, and I'm on the floor rubbing my foot and trying to get up!! I wanted to text my sister, but she wasn't there. Then I wanted to text somebody to tell them I was in pain and on the floor, but sucked it up and walked around without a shoe for a little bit.

After taking off the sweaty clothes

I stretched it and that seemed to help a little, and allowed me to walk. By this time we were in the open field and the wind rudely reminded me that it was below freezing temps. I grabbed Gatorade, water and went to get my bags and wait for Roger.

He finished at 2:22.

We met up and got a Lyft to get food after changing. After we ate, I was limping around and walking on my toes on the left foot, when Roger told me to walk normal to help my foot. He must have been too hungry to think straight, because he didn't' say this until after we ate.

After I started to walk normally, the pain subsided a lot! it only hurt after long periods of sitting. I am thinking it was a foot cramp, because it's not even sore right now.

This is one of my favorite races, but unfortunately I will not be doing it next year. That makes me a little sad. But I would very much recommend this race!

****Race Time last review: This is the last time I will be thinking about my time for this race. My official race time was 2:00:58. But Garmin has me finishing 13.1 at 1:59:21. I will go by the official race time and not give it a thought again ***
When is it acceptable to Weather Stalk?
What is your favorite race sign?
What do you mentally block from your head in races?
Have you ditched clothes in races? I threw out a nice jacket once.
What is the coldest temperature you have run on?
Do you have a race finishing song?
Any ideas on what happened to my foot? it doesn't hurt now.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Wrap 3.12.17

Happy Monday!! I am still jet lagged from the spring forward, but excited for more sunlight !
I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Monday- 3 miles easy
Thursday - 3 easy miles, Zumba and 15 min of yoga. 
Saturday: RnR D.C. Half marathon
Funny, weird Story... Where is my Shoe?
On Monday at work, I took off my one shoe under my desk, because my foot was hot. 5 minutes later, somebody asked me a question, and I got up, but couldn't find my shoe! stood up and answered the question, knowing that it was not possible to leave my desk. I took a picture, to send my sister... this are the things we share with each other...
Pink Darth Vader socks..... I need motivation to get up early in the morning.
How does somebody lose a shoe under a desk? Well, do you see that computer tower? I use it to elevate my feet and apparently, to hide my shoes!
I know, where else do you get random stories of shoes lost under a desk?
Resting was very welcome this week! My calves were a bit tight, so rolling and stretching it was all week.
Whenever I need to take out the trash at night, I put on my running headlamp... my trash is at the end of row of apartments, and often there is people walking their dogs.

Does anybody else wear their headlamp for other household chores?
Meeting awesome Bloggers
On Friday after completing many piles of work at the office, we headed to DC for the Half Marathon. I met Chaitali for dinner, and we enjoyed a wonderful chat and a delicious dinner, She also did me a huge favor and picked up my race stuff, because I couldn't leave work early! Thank you Chaitali, for letting us crash the dinner with your friends! You are awesome!
On Saturday morning we put on all the layers, and prepared for a cold half marathon, surprisingly, it didn't feel as cold once we started running. The race was amazing, I had a great time! I'll recap later this week.
Right after getting my medal at the finish line, my left foot started hurting a lot! I couldn't walk and was limping. It took a long time, but the pain eventually went away.
After the half marathon, and a short trip to the DC Metro, we upgraded ourselves to the new century and took a Lyft for the first time!! We loved it!
The rest of the weekend was spent eating and drinking recovery food.
Currently Reading
The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson. I'm having a hard time getting into this book.
My legs are a bit sore, but nothing out of normal. We are expecting snow tomorrow, so that might turn out to be another unexpected rest day.
How was your week?
Have you ever lost your shoe under your desk?
How cold was it where you live this weekend?
Have you recovered from the Spring Forward? I struggle with Spring Forward more than with Fall Back.
Have you tried Lyft or Uber?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Five 3.10.17

Good Friday Morning to you!! how are you today? I hope you are having an awesome Friday! Winter decided to make an appearance in PA today!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. The theme today is Fitness trends, and because I'm always showing up late to trends, I'll share with you other awesome and random things I'm excited for this weekend!

1. I'm heading to DC for the R'n'R Half Marathon tomorrow, and I'm super excited, nervous and scared! It's supposed to be cold and windy, Roger is freaking out and his emotions are starting to get to me. We need to stop acting like we have never ran in the cold before!

2. I'm meeting Chaitali for Dinner !! I'm super excited to meet this awesome lady!

3. Sleeping in! Everything is working on my side this year! We are staying within walking distance of the race start, the race starts at 8:30 am, and I'm on the last corral. That means I get to get up at 7:00, instead of last years 4:30 am!

4. Eating Einstein Bros Bagels! We don't have Einstein and Co near Harrisburg, and their Honey Almond cream cheese is delicious!


5. Spending Time with Roger- I always love driving with Roger somewhere, we laugh, we sing, we play random music. I barely saw him this week, and I'm looking forward to just being on the same place for a few hours.

What is your favorite cream cheese flavor?
What is your favorite spread?
What is the earliest you have gotten up for a race?
What songs do you play on long trips?