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The Road to the Hershey Half- 3 weeks to train

April 2015- Completed my first 10K, and survived with no major injuries! Meaning, I had shin splints for a while, but they have for the most part gone away. My grandmother passed the day after, and while grieving her passing, my heart was not into running, or really moving at all, but I forced myself to get up and go to work.
Roger and I started talking about the Hershey Half Marathon, and jokingly I mentioned that it could be split up, because they offer a relay option. He could do half and I could do half. We laughing agree to split it. It would still be finisher medals for both, Hershey In the Dark tickets for both and tshirts for both. We left it at that and continued eating our French toast.
May 2015. I had 3 5Ks runs that month, Kat’s Angels, Kennett Run, and the Color Run. I kept up with some of my 10K training, but wasn’t overly worried. I started doing more weights and yoga, and again Roger and I talked about the Hershey half. I don’t know why we are not capable of being seri…

Bird in Hand 5K

Date of the race: September 11, 2015 Time: 6:30 pm Weather: 72, sunny, slightly humid. Fee: Registered the week before $30 Shirt: Navy blue tech shirt, pretty sweet shirt! I might even wear it. Goodie bag: one whoopee pie, a couple of coupons and a pretty hilarious exercise block. Lots and lots of portable toilets. I want to say first that I was green with envy for those doing the half marathon! I have been training for the Hershey Half all summer, according to my Map My Run, I’ve logged over 200 miles of Runs, including races, training and hikes, so I felt that I would have been ready for the half! I’m glad I didn’t run in, because I was nowhere near ready, and I hope all the runners had a fantastic race! I have been excited for the 5K for months! I knew I would not do the half from the beginning, but also knew that I would be there at least to have the opportunity to meet Christopher McDougall, since he would be there to promote his new book. My sister told me that she couldn’t wait fo…

Memories of Hiking the Falls in Ricketts Glen Park – June 2014

Back in the spring of 2014 Roger and I looked at the 13 places to Visit in Pennsylvania article we found in Penn Live. One place that caught our eye was The Ganoga Falls in Ricketts Glen State Park. He kept begging for us to go, but I kept rolling my eyes at him and thinking it was too far to drive, and at the time, I wasn’t sure what the hike would be like or if the drive would be worth the hike, but he kept insisting and I agreed to go. I’m pretty sure it was because there was no zumba at Art in Motion that weekend. Looking back, I was pretty negative about the idea of the trip, and how I regret not having gone sooner. These are some of the things I remember about it, it has been one of the best trips we took last year.
Early that morning we packed some water, some Kind Bars and I also packed a yogurt. No, we had no idea what we were doing, how long the trail was, or how long it would take us to hike it. We only knew that the hike was difficult and muddy, but we didn’t look up how l…

Off the training Schedule

Aah!! It has been a long week, a wonderful weekend, but exhausting. I’m out of sync with my half marathon training and it’s beginning to stress me out a little. Here is how I came off the plan, and how I hope to correct it soon.
Saturday Aug 29
I did my 10K- and got firs place female. It was awesome. I was a little tired, but rested most of the rest of Saturday and was ready to run 6 more miles on Sunday.
Sunday Aug 30
I was feeling good, and rested. All ready to run 6 miles. But I made a mistake. I wore shoes that I hadn’t worn in a few runs, and I only wore one pair of socks, after having been wearing two pairs of socks, to prevent blisters… a big investment on socks is needed soon. \
I was feeling really good, considering that I had ran 6 miles the day before, and then my left toe started to feel tingly and painful. I stopped. I had the exact same experience at the Color Run in Philadelphia in 2014, and ignored it then. And the ball of my toe was never the same again, to this day I ca…

The Day I won 1st Place Female

The Day I won 1st Place Female
Race: Ninja 10K
Where: Harrisburg PA, City Island.
Weather conditions- Sunny, and humid. Temperature : 72.
Organizer: US Road Running

Shirt : Red tech Ninja shirt
Number of runners – 23
Part of our training for the Hershey half includes a 10K, so I picked the Ninja 10Kin Harrisburg, because it was giving out finisher medals. It seems that at some point, collecting shirts and bibs is not enough.
So early Saturday morning, we went to get our bibs and shirts, and then headed to get some food. The 5K started at 8:00 am and the 10K at 9:10 am. It seemed weird that the 10K would be the last to start, and so late, but we just went with it.
As the time was getting closer to the run, we didn’t see many other people getting close to the start line. I didn’t think anything of it, I was excited and nervous, and ready to just start running, it was getting hot!

We started at exactly 9:10, and all 23 of us took off running. At first it was a little strange to be at the front…