Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly Wrap 10.30.16

Hello there! how are you today? I hope you had an awesome weekend.

Thank you  Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these super awesome ladies today.

Tuesday: 3 miles easy run + Weights
Wednesday: 3 miles fun run with Fleet Feet
Friday: 4 Miles Tempo
Sunday: 3 miles easy + Weights

First, huge shutout to those of you who ran this weekend, Heather, who did the Marine Corps Marathon, Tricia who ran The Jazz Half Marathon and Lacey, who did the Wicked 10K. You ladies are awesome!

On Wednesday I went to the Fleet Feet Halloween Run, where we played different running "games". We did a lot of sprints and our team still lost the games. But we had a lot of fun. Most people were dressed up, my favorite was Jeff's Costume, he went as Forrest Gump, and the scariest was the person who went as an injured runner.

On Friday, after my run, I quickly went home and showered to go help out at my son's Fall Party. The mom who organized the event did a great job at coming up with fun activities for the kids and kept the whole even very well organized. Fun was had by all!

Saturday, my son had his last two soccer games. We loaded up on coffee and spectated and cheered.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know I spent the rest of the weekend eating. Whenever I go to my parent's house we have to make enchiladas. My mom doesn't like to make them in the summer, so we take an Enchilada sabbatical, and resume our enchilada eating ways in the fall. My family tells me that all break their diets when I'm there, and I say that diets are no good anyway.

At the very last possible minute, my sister asked me if I wanted to go see Rent with her. I had never seen Rent live, so I agreed. I bribed my son with chocolate, bonding time with Grandma and a Harry Potter Movie and he agreed to let me go. Yes, I have to ask my son for permission to go places when he is with me. We had a great time! The dancers were amazing! I was clearly born with all the wrong talents.

Next week I have a 5K, and I still need to plan a costume for it, or maybe I'll go as Selena, as I was supposed to last year. We will see!

How was your week?
Did you have an awesome weekend?
Did you race this weekend?
What food do you always have to eat at your parents?
Have you seen Rent live?
What was the last musical you saw on stage?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ana is Cumbiando All Over The Place

Do you ever feel that this blog is less and less about running and more about random thoughts in my head ? Yeah... Me too... but then I realize that I like it better this way, and I get over it.

A few months ago, I was completely obsessed with watching the Sonora Santanera Channel on YouTube, and it was constantly being played when I was making dinner. One night, YouTube threw in a new Angeles Azules tribute concert and I have been HOOKED on their songs for months now!

I learned how to dance cumbia in college, but I loved Los Angeles Azules well before that. They have a lot of classics that any Mexican can link up a break up, love story, or a dancing night.

I am constantly listening to all their songs and dancing all over the place. Most recently, I was dancing at the Hershey Half Start line... I will record it for you next time and show you.

But here are a few of the songs I'm dancing ALL OVER... my kitchen, the bathroom, my room, the office breakroom, the office bathroom.

This is a new song and I dance this one most often in my kitchen - I told Roger that I hated to tell him this, but this song made me realize that I was in love with the lead singer of the band. He asked what he looked like, and when I told him that he was a short Mexican, he said "Good luck to you!" then I asked him if he would consider coming to my wedding to the Mexican dude, he said no. Then I reminded him that I would come to this wedding to Adriana Lima.

Then there is this beauty that has the man who is meant to be the love of my life.... Leonardo De Lozanne. I dance this when I'm getting ready for bed.

But as much as I love Leonardo de Lozanne, my other boyfriend, Saul Hernandez has a version of this song as well. I can never decide which I love more, and to keep anybody from getting jealous I play them back to back.

So, what have you learned about me in this post? I easily fall in love with guys who are great singers, or who dance Cumbia.

What do you dance in the kitchen?
Do you love singers with beautiful voices ?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Looking Back at Changes

My office forced me to upgrade my computer this week. I have been putting it off for the last 5 months. I helped almost everybody switch to their new computers, and yet, held on to my old one as if switching over was going to kill me.

While I am still adjusting to some programs in the new computer... the new Outlook, which is very blue, the new icons, and trying to find my excel spreadsheets, I was thinking back at all the things I have changed in the last 5 years, and how terrifying all sounded at first.

* When we moved to a new office location- We used to have our office in the other side of the city, we had our favorite food places, our awesome parking lot, our great high ceilings and our roads with minimal traffic. While some days I still hate the traffic getting to my office, I survived that change!

* The thought of running more than 3 miles made me want to puke! and now I run 3 miles just for fun!

* I got bangs, then I got headaches from growing them out! Have you ever seen the popular running sings that say "You think this is hard, try growing out bangs" That is true! the running last 2-5 hours depending on distance, growing bangs out takes weeks!

* The scariest change was moving out and being on my own, after being married for years. And I thrived at that one!

What has changed for you in the last 5 years?
What change has scared you the most?
When was the last time you upgraded computers at work?


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Harry Potter Fest At Chestnut Hill 2016

I don't think I need to repeat that I love Harry Potter, and have read the books multiple times again, right? When I found out there was a Harry Potter Festival near by, we put it in the plans of places to visit this fall.

Festival cups were sold out. Sold out seemed to be a theme for a lot of things

We headed out there late morning on Saturday. We got stuck in traffic for a long time as we got close to the festival. Eventually, I kicked Roger out of the car while he went to find a bathroom and I went to park the car. He doesn't do well at being stuck in traffic, and I use the opportunity to sing in the car, and paint my nails.

Parking was not available anywhere near the festival, so I ended up parking about 1 mile away.

The Festival
I walked with many witches and wizards to the festival, saw a Hagrid, students from all houses, but mostly Gryffindors. This was amazing! I know a lot of people love Harry Potter and seeing them dressed up, declaring that love was very a great experience! It made me wish I had dressed up.

When I arrived to the festival the streets were crazy crowded, and due to the amount of people, there was no phone signal at all.

I found Roger and we started walking the very crowded streets. Each shop had a Harry Potter Themed name, and a lot had some type of HP merchandise.

We got in line at a candy shop for chocolate frogs, but by the time we got to the register, they were sold out. The Festival was only about 2 hours in, and things were already sold out in many places.

The awesome mural at the coffee / candy shop we stopped at

We went to try to find some food, but all the places had really long lines. We wanted to eat at a place called Molly Weasley's Kitchen, but the line was just too long.

After walking the crowded streets, we lined up at a burger tent. While waiting, we spotted this awesome and creative person :

The burger was the most delicious Festival Burger I have EVER had!! It was fresh, juicy and the bun was fresh baked and crunchy! I loved it!

We continued to walk around to check out the shops, but it was really crowded and we had a hard time moving or finding anything. Most places were sold out of things. The line for butter beer was long at every shop we tried.

The Pretzel Sword was delicious !
There was a line to take a picture with Aunt Petunia

Everything was Harry Potter Themed!

A favorite was Professon Trelawney Tarot reading!

The whole festival was amazing to me. Yes, it was crowded, and there were huge lines for everything, but I would absolutely go back next year.

But it wouldn't be fair to leave this post without Roger's complaints about the event.

* Lines were too long for everything
* There were not enough bathrooms for the amount of people that were there- I had to use a portable toilet that was overflowing. As a runner, I can say that I have seen many, and very strange things at portable toilets, but an overflowing portable toilet had not been one.
* Lines for food were too long
* Traffic getting in was a nightmare
* Everything was sold out early

If you are interested in going, the event is held every fall in October. Check the website for dates. I would strongly recommend spending the night to avoid traffic, and go after eating.

Here are a few articles on the event.



If you are not a Harry Potter fan, but you still skim through this post, Thank you!

Tell me about you!

What fictional fandom would you attend a festival for? I would not mind attending a Doctor Who festival!

How do you deal with large crowds?

Do you prefer to be stuck in traffic, or to hear somebody complain about traffic?

What do you do when stuck in traffic?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Wrap Oct 23, 2016

Hello world! how are you today? I hope you had an awesome weekend.

Thank you  Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these super awesome ladies today.

We are flying free this week, no specific training just fun running.

Monday- Zumba at the Y (it was awful)
Thursday- 3.5 miles with the Fleet Feet Group
Friday- 3 mile sprints and weights
Sunday- 4 Miles at Race Pace

I feel no motivation to run right now. I am embracing the lazy, and on the same note, stressing about being lazy. I have two 5ks in November, and looking at 2 more. 

This week was busy at work, but I'm anxiously waiting for the monthly reports, which are now two weeks late. That is  also starting to stress me out.

Thursday I went back to the Fleet Feet running group, it was so good to be back. I caught up with most on their running plans. My favorite thing about the group, is talking about race plans without the judgment... you know, like when family/friends will ask ... "but you just ran a half marathon... why more?"

Friday when I got home from work, I found this waiting for me:

Rock 'n Roll races are just the races that keep on giving! I got this for completing 2 Rock 'n Roll races.
On Saturday we went to the Harry Potter festival in Chestnut Hill Pa. I loved it! I'll share more about it in a separate post, but will leave you with a few pictures.

This were the most amazing festival burgers I have had!!


On Sunday I enjoyed some fall running... which is like regular running, except there is leave piles to avoid all over the place.

How was your weekend?
How are the leave piles where you live?
Ready for Trick or treat?
How do you stay motivated to run without races?
Any holiday running coming up for you?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five 10.21.16

Good Morning Sunshine!! Well, there is no sunshine here today, but still good morning! It is so weird to not be on training mode! With the completion of the Hershey Half, we are now in free mode. But still working on some other goals. Here are some things that kept me thinking, laughing and running this week.

I'm joining the inaugural Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0.

1. I was very happy with meeting my Hershey Goal of 2:03, but I want to do better. I feel that I didn't really push myself this last training season, I didn't stick to my weights schedule and didn't push my comfort level.


2. I'm going to Happy Potter Festival tomorrow!! I am so excited! I don't even know what to wear!

3. When James Corden took over the Late Late show, I promised myself that I wouldn't watch it, because he replaced my beloved Craig Ferguson, but week after week, he keeps on putting out funny stuff! I saw this video yesterday of him and Tom Cruise.... fun fact, I used to be in love with Tom Cruise.

4. This Article from Allie Burdick- A Runner Shares How She Reached Peace With An Unsupportive Partner. You all know that I run with Roger, and we train for races together. But I barely mention that when I do a race that he hasn't training for/ or doesn't want to do, it most often turns into a fight. A fight that ends up with me saying to him "I don't need you to do this race with me, and I don't want you anywhere near me that day." This article made me feel like she shares and understands my struggle. That's why I love her!

5. I need to find a replacement for my running shoes. I tried new shoes, because I couldn't find Nike Frees for a price I could agree with. But it's time to give up and pay whatever Nike wants for the shoes I want.


What are you looking forward this weekend?
Do you watch the Late Late Show?
What is your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hershey Half 2016

Date of Race : October 16, 2016 at 7:30 am.
Temperatures: Cloudy, starting temperatures of 45. No wind.
Race Website: Chocolate Town Challenges
Goodies: Tech shirt, two tickets to Hershey Park and an $8 coupon, reusable grocery bag, recovery lunch bag.

Before the Race

So, I have this issue with arriving late to work... even though they pay me to arrive on time. But I have a weird tendency to arrive at races 1 hour before they start. We arrived to Hershey at 6:15 am. I have told myself to think of work as an all day race, a race of sitting down, and pushing buttons on a computer keyboard, but something about not getting a shirt and a banana, makes it not feel like a race at all.

We picked up a bagel and coffee before the race, and ate while waiting for the sunrise. I had a feeling that this would not be enough, but kept reassuring myself that I would be fine.

Race started promptly at 7:30.

The Race

I start out half marathons really slow, I want to try to save the energy and excitement for the middle and end of the race. My plan was to think of it as a progression run, and run it by feel. Roger took off fast and I lost him right away.

I always love the sea of runners in fluorescent colors in front of me at a race!

The first 2 miles went by quickly, but as I was getting ready to go into the park, I started to feel hungry. I tried to push those thoughts out of my head and tell my stomach that I wasn't hungry. I seriously reviewed in my head what places we would be running by and the possibility of buying food. But I didn't have cash or my credit card with me.

Around mile 2, I passed Roger. I wanted to run by him and give him a high 5, but I was in the far left, and he was in the far right, with too many people in between us to cut across.

 Last year there was a band playing I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) and it made me smile. This year, there was no band. But the song came on my playlist!

(If you are a Doctor Who fan, this video is THE BEST EVER. If you are not a Doctor Who fan, go watch the show and come back in 3 months, you will appreciate the video more)

The first 5 miles of the course are somewhat flat, compared to the rest of the course. Mile 3-4.5 go trough Hershey Park, it is so amazing! I love running through places that I normally can't run!

I grabbed a water at mile 5 and somebody did a full stop in front of me, it forced me to do a full stop, to keep from slamming into them. Do we need to review coming to a full stop on a race again people?

I sang quietly to myself the first 5 miles, it helps me keep my breathing on check. I sometimes even do hand gestures to go along with the song... so, yes, I look like a mad woman talking to myself while I'm running. I could care about what others think of this, but when will this person see me again in their lives?

I started to feel a little bit of pain on the back of my left heel/ankle, but I kept pushing through.

 Around mile 6, after the biggest hill of the race, the song Tragos de Amargo Licor came on my playlist. And this became my sing out loud song of the race! I used to listen to this song with my Dad when I was little, it made me teary eye...  I almost started sobbing right there, on mile 6 of the Hershey Half. Or maybe I was almost crying because I saw a woman with a tray of cookies, and I couldn't cut across the street to grab some! I was hungry!

This section of the Half Marathon go through the Milton Hershey School, a philanthropic boarding school. And a lot of the kids are out cheering the runners. We get lots of High Fives and cheers from the kids, it is really quite emotional. It is also a bit hilly. There is a DJ at mile 8 and cheerleaders at mile 9. Last year there was also a school marching band, but not this year.

I got really excited for mile 12, because that's where my son and my sister would be spectating! but around mile 11, I had to stop and walk 3 steps, because the pain in my heel was really nagging at me. But I ran up the big hill at mile 11.7.

I grabbed all the chocolate bars they were handing me, and although I was really getting hungry at this point, I didn't eat them. I don't like chocolate that much, but I saved them all for my son. I had about 6 small Hershey bars in my hands, and when I saw my son and my sister, I approached my boy, gave him a big kiss, said I love you, and I'll see you soon and kept running. This energy lasted me about 4 minutes.

I crossed the finished line and the clock read 2:08 and change, but with chip adjustment, it came to 2.03.15. I walked around dazed and trying to calm my breathing. I walked over to get a water, a space blanket, my medal and my recovery bag. Then I tried to sneak back in to the finish line and find Roger.

Finish Line, Waiting and Congratulating

I walk smack into Jodi, who had just crossed the finish line. Without any second thoughts, we gave each other a big hug, then we both apologized because we were all sweaty. Isn't it funny how you become such close friends with those you run with? She beat her goal by 2 minutes!


I sent all the appropriate text messages to announce to my family and friends that I was done. I did my mandatory Instagram and Snapchat post and kept waiting for Roger.

Roger came out of the crowd with a big smile on his face. We gave each other another sweaty hug and tried to stretch a bit.

While we were talking about the race, I heard somebody call my name, and when I turned around there was Emily, who had gotten a bib at the last minute. We gave each other another big hug... it was a morning of sweaty hugs!

We left and went to get breakfast.

Eating and Recovery

My sister had headed to the nearest Bob Evans and ordered for us. So it was a purely magical experience to arrive at the restaurant and sit down to hot food and coffee. I could not thank her enough for his!

Hershey Half Shirt
My medal, and My son's medal from the Kids Run

Negotiations with my mother to come over and make us dinner didn't go well. It must be payback for the times I refused to eat her food as a child, or she might really be busy having a real life, and not being forced to cook for her grown daughter... I guess we will never know.

So we made burgers, they were amazing.

Last short story, I bought this comfy warm sock last year, as a treat to myself for after I finished the Hershey Half Marathon, but didn't put them on, because I was in so much pain. I finally removed the tags and put them on, while I sat on the couch watching TV.

We arrived on time and I didn't eat enough food
I ran this half as a progression run
We ran through Hershey Park, it was amazing
The first half is flat-ish
The second half is hilly, with the biggest hill at mile 6
We ran through Milton Hershey School
The kids are the best audience, giving high fives to everybody
DJ mile 8
cheerleaders mile 9
My ankle hurt
I almost started crying at mile 6, while singing really loud
My son was at mile 12, I gave him all my chocolate
I was hungry for half of the race
I met my 2.03 Half Goal
Roger beat his PR by 2 minutes
We gave other friends sweaty hugs
Having somebody waiting for you with a hot breakfast is the BEST THING in the world after a Half Marathon

Tell me about your experiences !

Do you have comfy recover clothes/ socks / food?
Do you get high fives from all the kids?
Do you do sweaty hugs with running friends?
Who do you text first after a race?