Ana is Cumbiando All Over The Place

Do you ever feel that this blog is less and less about running and more about random thoughts in my head ? Yeah... Me too... but then I realize that I like it better this way, and I get over it.

A few months ago, I was completely obsessed with watching the Sonora Santanera Channel on YouTube, and it was constantly being played when I was making dinner. One night, YouTube threw in a new Angeles Azules tribute concert and I have been HOOKED on their songs for months now!

I learned how to dance cumbia in college, but I loved Los Angeles Azules well before that. They have a lot of classics that any Mexican can link up a break up, love story, or a dancing night.

I am constantly listening to all their songs and dancing all over the place. Most recently, I was dancing at the Hershey Half Start line... I will record it for you next time and show you.

But here are a few of the songs I'm dancing ALL OVER... my kitchen, the bathroom, my room, the office breakroom, the office bathroom.

This is a new song and I dance this one most often in my kitchen - I told Roger that I hated to tell him this, but this song made me realize that I was in love with the lead singer of the band. He asked what he looked like, and when I told him that he was a short Mexican, he said "Good luck to you!" then I asked him if he would consider coming to my wedding to the Mexican dude, he said no. Then I reminded him that I would come to this wedding to Adriana Lima.

Then there is this beauty that has the man who is meant to be the love of my life.... Leonardo De Lozanne. I dance this when I'm getting ready for bed.

But as much as I love Leonardo de Lozanne, my other boyfriend, Saul Hernandez has a version of this song as well. I can never decide which I love more, and to keep anybody from getting jealous I play them back to back.

So, what have you learned about me in this post? I easily fall in love with guys who are great singers, or who dance Cumbia.

What do you dance in the kitchen?
Do you love singers with beautiful voices ?


  1. haha, love this :) Roger better learn to dance lol
    It is fun to watch folks who are just in their element...I use to love singers back in the day. I always wish I could sing, but i can not carry a tune lol

    1. Thank you Karen! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Roger knows how to dance, but not cumbia. He grew up in Miami, but grew up listening to 80s rock and pop. He can do footloose style dancing.

      I can't sing either! at all! I was kicked out of chorus during practice. It was awful.

  2. Ha, this is great! I love that you play Leonardo de Lozanne and Saul Hernandez back to back so no one gets jealous :) But who gets to go first!?!

    1. Chaitali!! WE do not speak of who goes first... because Saul would not like it.

  3. I love random thought posts. I'm not good at that dancing thing, but love to do it by myself in my house.

  4. I used to love love love dancing... and now I only get the urge every now and then. But sometimes, you gotta break it down!

  5. I'm glad you write about things other than running. We're runners, but there is so much more to share! All of the running blogs I follow, I would totally keep reading even if they never talked about running again.

  6. Cumbia is so amazing!!! My college roommate is Mexican and she participated in a dance group where she had several cumbia performances. It was always so much fun to watch her!!! Please do record your dancing and share with us - I'd love to see it!


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