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Why Bunbury?

Earlier today, I was heading to a meeting outside of the office. I was driving myself and my co-worker to the meeting, and he is the type of person who has to make comments about everything, so as soon as he got in the car, he asked who was singing on the CD I was playing. I said it was Enrique Bunbury, whom we are going to go see in Concert in NYC this weekend. 

Then he asked me a question that people don't ask me often, "What do you like about him?" Normally people joke "I thought you were going to say Enrique Iglesias" or "Does he sing Salsa music?" but I was not ready for the "Why?" question. 

But I surprised myself and said exactly why I listen to Enrique Bunbury. 

I like Enrique Bunbury because of his voice, it's magical with healing powers. It's not soft and smooth, it's rough and scratchy, just like life can be. I like Enrique Bunbury because his musical style has not stopped evolving from his Heroes del Silence starts, to h…