Friday, July 29, 2016

Random Saturday Rant- Stop Touching My Desk

I work from a desk... My Fitbit says that I spend an average of 10 hours sitting down... which makes sense, I work doing data entry, reports and audits.

I have my desk organized in a way that works perfect for me. I can reach my phone, my stapler, my hole puncher, m keyboard, my staple remover from where I sit, and I know when something has been moved. It doesn't bother me when something is moved, only when it's not returned to its original spot... like my whole puncher.... if my whole puncher magically walks away from my desk and doesn't walk back, I will go on a mad woman hunt until I find it.

Well, there is this woman who used to work at my office who likes to "mess with me" and likes to mess up my desk for her own enjoyment. It is cruel, rude and it makes me very angry.

I have had many conversations with her over the years, a lot about mental health. She has suffered from depression, and finds it very irritating that people tell her that it's all "only in her head". I used to give her the HP answer "Just because it's in your head, it doesn't make it less real" and I was always supportive of her with anything she needed from me.

That is why this last encounter we had upset me so much.

She says that I'm Obsessive Compulsive and that she was going to "cure" me. I laughed the first time she said it, and told her that something like ODC is not just "cured" that it is a real disorder and that I did not have it.

I am obsessive, I'm willing to admit to that. But I'm not compulsive. I do not think that moving my stapler is going to kill me, I do not believe that if I my hole puncher is not where I left it, I will die. I also respect the boundaries of those who struggle with the disorder.

Last week, she was at my office and came by my desk and the following encounter happened

Her: You haven't moved anything from your desk

Me: No, I like my desk just the way it is.

her: You need me here so I can re arrange your desk.

Me: Please don't. I don't want anything on my desk moved.

Her: but it's so much fun to mess with you

Me: I know you enjoy it, but PLEASE don't. You know that is stressful to me.

her: No, somebody has to. Here....

She then took my candy dish and put it on top of my computer, then my stapler and put it next to my coffee, then my pen cup and put it on the other side of my desk, then my stamps... all while I was quietly asking her to PLEASE STOP.

My coworkers who were watching the event happen also asked her to stop, that she was being mean and that it wasn't funny. She said that it was funny to her as she moved my coaster.

By this point I was shaking with anger, and tears were drowning my eyes. I covered my face with the papers that I was working with, as my pleads became screechy squeals begging her to stop.

My Manager, who sits behind me, got up from his desk, and asked her to stop and please leave, because she was stressing out staff... he said it half joking, and escorted her out of the office.

This happened almost two weeks ago, and her violation of my space is still bothering me. I shared the story with my sister and my fiancĂ©, both who suggested I talked to HR about her blatant disrespect for my space and my request... because I was almost in tears telling them the story. 

This was long... But I feel better. 

Do people mess with your desk? 
Any other "quirks" that people mess with you about ? 
Should I have slapped this co-worker? 

July Runfessions

Yes! A Friday that I'm at work for Runfessions!! While I'm sad to be at my office, I'm glad to be around to Runfess with Marcia 's link up!

1. Back when I ran my first marathon, I was ready to add one of those awesome 26.2 Magnets to my car. It got ordered, and placed in the back of the car. Then about 2 weeks later, it got taken off. I runfess that I didn't like the magnet in my car. It felt like unnecessary attention. The only time I felt enjoyed it, was when I cut in front of a 13.1 in the highway... that was my indication that I was being a runhole and needed to take it off.

2. I runfess that on Wednesday I didn't open my work email until 3:30 pm. I checked running blogs, commented on most, checked my personal email 10 times and had lunch, but didn't think of opening work email. I only missed 14 emails, 6 of which had nothing to do with me. 2 that needed immediate attention. 4 that could wait until Monday.

3. I Runfess (Zumbafess?) that I am in complete denial about my zumba studio closing. I have not started to look for another place, even while most other members have left. Even after my Favorite Wednesday class will end on August 10th. Even while they are closing for a week for vacation (bonus jerk zumbafession.... I don't understand why they are closing for a week! I mean, they will have anytime after September to do whatever they want... there I'm a jerk, I said it). And even as they are slowly emptying the place of everything. I'm going to be miserable after September...which brings me to ....

From our last Halloween Costume Zumba Party. Picture by

4. I signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon with my sister. And I runfess that I haven't told my fiancé about it yet. Maybe by the time you read this, I would have press send on the email... but as of right now, he doesn't know. I don't know why I'm putting off telling him. He is very supportive, even though he thinks I'm insane, but is nothing but supportive.

5. I hope by now everybody knows that I'm a runner who randomly sings while running, especially when running gets challenging. I runfess that a couple weeks ago, I sang and danced to this song in a back trail in Hershey. There was nobody else around, I was at mile 8 of 12, it was hot and humid... the song came on my MP3 and I was Roxy Hart for those 3 minutes. I finished the 12 miles with a huge smile on my face! I obviously missed my Broadway call!

There... I feel better! I need to run around the block... or eat a cinnamon twist, which is *almost* the same!

Go check out other Runfessions on the Link up!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Throw Back Thursday- Before I Was A Runner

The other day I was looking at my work shoes, thinking I need a new pair, because this ones are falling apart. While I do have tons of beautiful shoes in my closet, most that have not been worn for a long time, because they hurt my toes. Before I started running, there were many things, like my work shoes, that I never gave more than a second thought to it. Here are a few
Work Clothes
Before Running : Oh, I have a meeting today, better wear a dress, with those red heels, and my black pantyhose.
After Running : I'm running after work today, better wear my sports bra, don't want to have to change in Starbucks. Better also not wear a blouse.

Work Shoes
Before Running : I love this new pointy blue pumps! they pinch my toe, and are giving me a callus, but they look amazing!

After Running : Curse You blue pointy pumps! why do you hate me so? I still love you, but I'm not wearing you again. Hello ugly black shoes, I love you. You are my best friends... please never fall apart.
Before running : I'm going to have this chocolate donut and coffee... that should last me until lunch.

After running : Oatmeal, greek yogurt, coffee and half of a pastry... you better last me until lunch!
Before Running : I can't wait to stuff my face with burgers, hotdogs, Turkey, tamales and ice cream this holiday.

After Running : I wonder if there is a holiday themed race I can do? And then stuff my face with burgers, hotdogs and ice cream. (<--- some things just don't change).
Shopping for clothes
Before running : Do I need a cute dress for any occasions? how about a cute top?

After Running: I need to find a new black tank top for running, and should check out the shorts and sport bras.


Do you remember some things that were different for you "Before" you started running?
When was the last time you wore your fancy heels?


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My 100 Book Challenge

Back in 2014 My sister sent me this list she found of the Amazon's 100 Books to Read In  A Lifetime. I was reading a lot at the time, and she suggested I did this as a challenge. 

I'm reviewing what books are done, not to brag... only to remember for myself.

First I scanned the list and found that I had read 9 books already! only 91 to go!

I had read the following
  1. Persepolis
  2. Are you There God? It's Me Margaret
  3. Gone Girl *
  4. Harry Potter *
  5. The Fault In Our Stars *
  6. The Hunger Games *
  7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  8. Good Night Moon
  9. The Great Gatsby
At the end of 2014 I sent my sister an update of what books I had finished. I do this twice a year. She has since forgotten that she sent me the list.

10.  Born to Run *
11. 1984
12. Charlotte's Web
13. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
14. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
15. Love In The Time of Cholera
16. Me Talk Pretty One Day
17. Middlesex *
18. Pride and Prejudice
20. Angela's Ashes
21 The Giver
22. The Lightening Thief, Percy Jackson *
23. Things Fall Apart
24. The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao *
25. Anne Frank. The Diary of Young Girl *

At the End of 2015 I had finished the following

26. The Age of Innocence
27. The Little Price
28. The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks *
29. To Kill A Mockingbirg
30. A Brief History of Time
31. A Long Way Home
32. The Bad Beginnings or Orphans (Series of Unfortunate Events)
33. A Wrinkle In Time
34. Alice In Wonderland
35. Bel Canto
36. Beloved
37. Catch 22
38. Cutting for Stone *
39. Fahrenheit 451
40. In Cold Blood
41. Interpreter of Maladies
42. Kitchen Confidential *
43. Life After Life
44. Little House On The Pairie
45. Team of Rivals
46. The Book Thief
47. The Corrections
48. The Devil In the White City
49. Daring Greatly
50. The Golden Compass
51. The House At Pooh Corner
52. Great Expectations
53. The Fellowship of The Ring
54. The Omnivore's Dilema *
55. The Poinsonwood Bible *
56. The Road
57. The Shinning
58. The Wind In The Willows
59. The Year of Magical Thinking
60. Unbroken
61. Where The Wild Things Are
62. The Things They Carried

In 2016
63. On The Road
64. Where The Sidewalk Ends
65. The Phantom Toolbooth
66. The Handmaid's Tale *

2016 has been my slowest on this book challenge, because most of the books left have not been available at the library, and others are just always out. I am currently working through the following books

A Catcher In The Rye
The Stranger

While reading this books, I have found some really amazing books that became favorites, they are the ones marked with stars. Some led me to series that I would have never picked up before. Others took me a few tries to get into, or to understand... Yes, I'm looking at you Brief History of Time, Life After Life, Dune, Moneyball...

The one that I was not into, but loved the movie was The Lord Of The Rings... maybe it's because it has been a long time since I saw the movie. But I had a hard time keeping track of the names. I also started Lolita, but it was creepy, but I will finish it!

Of the books that are left, I'm very intimidated by The Power Broker... it's 1332 pages. But I don't want to make it the last book I read.

I have no timeframe in mind to complete this goal, at the beginning I was only looking for good books.

What books from this list have you read?
What books have you been curios about picking up?
Have you ever done a book challenge?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesdays On The Run - Come Run With Me !

Come Run with me, Let's run, let's run away... If you can use some exotic Gus, there is a bar in the running store... ok, I lost it there. Original words by  Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. I only replaced fly with run, because the song is a classic.
Linking up with PattyErika, and Marcia. Today's theme on Tuesday's On the Run is Scenes from your Summer runs, and here are some hills.... I mean scenes from my summer runs.
I love running in Harrisburg, it's mostly flat and it makes me feel fast. But Roger is not a fan. That is what running groups were made for!

The Susquehanna sunset

The Susquehanna Moonrise

Running by our gorgeous Capitol Building
 One of our favorite routes is in Hershey, the Jonathan Eshenaour Trail. It's about 10 miles long and if we are there on the right day, we can sometimes smell the chocolate from the Hershey Factory. The trail is a mix of hills, flats, trail and ducks!

Letting the ducklings cross the path

On top of the hill looking at the farms

The trail in Shank Park

the uphill in the housing development.

And my favorite... Camp Hill and Lemoyne

At the top of the hills in Lemoyne


At the border of Camp Hill and Lemoyne. My zumba studio is way in the back

Looking down the hill
I love Camp Hill because we park the car at this precious coffee shop, Cornerstone. And I can get a small snack before the run, and a giant ice tea and cookie after. They also know that we run from there, and are always really nice to us. I'm spoiled now and have to finish runs at coffee shops... must have food!

What are your running grounds like?
What is your must have after a long run?
Hills, or no hills?
What is the yummiest smell you have when running?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap: VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #8

Good Morning everybody! How are you today? I hope everybody had an awesome weekend in training.
Tuesday - Weights +  HARRC Full Moon Run 3.5 miles
Wednesday - Harrisburg Mile
Thursday - 3 easly early morning miles
Totals : 7.5 miles
Last week my theme was sweaty and hot, and surprisingly 3 days last week were a bit cooler... like the temperatures were in the 80s instead of in the 90s.
This week, sadly, the theme was pain. Two weeks ago my calf/ankle pain started to subside. I started warming up more before my runs, but on Tuesday I started having some pain in the back of my right heel. I googled it. Some articles claimed lack of stretching my calves/ ankles.

Tuesday, arrived home to this

I have a love hate relationship with suspension training...

I ran with the a combination of three running groups, about 18 people were there. It was a different type of run... The run was to be 3 or so miles, with stops at three local breweries. Almost everybody had a beer at the first brewery, and then ran 1 mile to the next brewery. I didn't drink, because 1. I don't drink much, 2. I don't drink when training. The run was fun, we ran in Harrisburg, by the capitol and other buildings. I really enjoyed it. And I felt pain on my right heel the entire time we ran.
All day Wednesday I felt the back of my heel tingling, and was very nervous because we had the Harrisburg Mile race that night. I iced it, massaged it, put an ankle support thing on and kept stretching my feet. I was not going to drop out of a 1 mile race!

After work, on my way to the start line, I saw my son running with his father's girlfriend. I asked him if he wanted me to run with him, he said yes. He had 3/4 of a mile left to run.

Before the Race Selfie

We both look really short in this picture.... we are short, but we act tall!

My age group was to start at 7:15. Jodi, Emily and I were very nervous... we had never run a mile race before. I'll do a recap later this week.

My garmin said my time was 7:17. My official results were 7:12. 10th of the 30-35 group. Rogers Time was 8:38.

I got up extra early on Thursday to run 3 miles on my hood. It felt really good, I only wished I had more time to run.

Sun in one side

Moon-set on the other side. (Moon set, because if there is a sunset, there has to be a Moonset)

 The pain didn't bother me during this run, but it came back later that day.

Sunday was just waay too hot. That and the pain in the back of my heel was still tingling a bit, so we skipped the long run. I want to feel bad about it, but I don't. The road will be there when it's a tad cooler and when my heel is no longer hurting.

Other Numbers
40 days to Virginia Beach Half
46 days to Bird In Hand Half

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

How was your Week In Training?
Any pain?
How hot is it where you are?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throw Back Thursday- High School

Do you remember that weird foreing girl in High School who didn't speak much English, was very quiet and you were sure had no friends... and likely depressed because she wore a lot of black? Yes,? Well, that was me in High School.

I moved her in 1997, and started High School in 10th Grade, I didn't know anybody my first year. I knew a few sentences in English one of them being "I don't speak English" and "Where is the lav?" I used to say lav because I couldn't pronounce the difference between BATHroom and BEDroom.

Here are a few pictures and stories from my time in High School

Me at my locker... or my sister's locker. We would use which ever was closest to the class we were going to. I used to wear this really old glasses, they were super dorky, but I loved them because I couldn't see without them.

Later in 1999, I got contacts. I used to read a lot of Sweet Valley High, and even did a book report on the book I'm holding. Because I didn't know what else to read! and for years I've wanted to send an apology to my High School English teacher, to say I'm sorry for doing a book report on SVH, I didn't know any better and thank you for her patience with me.

I was a fan of N*Sync.... bc I was young and impressionable

I used to work at Ames Department Stores and on my way to Prom I stopped there to see my friend Alex, in the picture we are with Angel, the assistant manager. Fun Fact- my prom date got lost on his way to prom! He didn't make it to prom! Super fun fact: I was so relieved, I didn't really like him.

Yes, I was skinny. NO, I did not have an eating disorder.

Unfortunately he did show up for my Senior Dinner dance. I wore pleather pants and a pleather top... because it was 2000, and we were wild with pleather!

With Jessica, who was the nicest girl to me in HS!

We lived in an apartment on top of an empty store, next to a cheesesteak sandwich shop. I loved the overalls in the picture! I'm still sad about donating them a few years ago.

For graduation, somebody thought it would be funny to line me up with a girl who looked a lot like me... except she was a Track Star who rocked at life. People couldn't tell us apart and thought we were sisters ! I don't even remember her name!

Any regrettable High School fashions?
Anything clothing you miss form HS?
Did you have a doppelganger in HS?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Goal Check In - Halfway Through 2016

I started this year with very lofty goals, overconfident that everything would stayed as planned, and left very little room for anything but my goals. Next year, I need to take into consideration getting sick, and schedule conflicts. But at the same time, I accomplished other things that did not feel possible last year.

Races I wanted to Run, but didn't

Hershey 10K - Sick, and schedule conflict
Garden Spot Village Half - Recovering from being sick

Bunny Palooza 10K- Sick
Races that I didn't expect to run
I'm currently registered for 6 more races later this year.
Other Non - running Goals
Cut back on Instagram- that was made easier when my sister told me she expected me to stay below my data usage each month... I'm in a family plan with all my siblings. I'm doing ok with this one.
Read 85 books- I'm failing at this one. So far I am on book 30, so I fell 10 books behind. But adding more marathon running, took time away from my reading. However, if I count the books I read with my son, I could easily be at 50.... we have read most of Junie B Jones, and are starting The Magic Tree House Series.
Zumba 2 times per week- AIMF cut my wings on this one.... I'm down to 1.5 per week. and after September, I will be looking for a new studio. (Anybody tired of my crying about AIMF closing yet?)
Getting weights in 2 times a week has also been a huge challenge. I'm also averaging 1.5 times per week.
We have hiked 2 new parks so far this year, Susquehannock State Park and Caledonia State Park. Still time for 2 more.
Giving up
I'm not ready to talk about giving up Coke. I had a major setback in May. I slowly started adding Coke to every lunch I had, my body reminded me of this at the beginning of June, when I was tired after running.

I hope your goals are going according to plan, and if they are not... you are still awesome!!

What unexpected races did you do this year?
Missed anything you wanted to do?
What goals are you on point with?
what goals do you want to work on?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PR? Puerto Rican Rice? Where is Mine ?

Last spring as I started training for the my first half marathon, Instagram started suggesting other runners to follow. I kept seeing strange abbreviations that made no sense to me... PR, FOMO, AG Placement, Pace, Bib, GPS Watch, BQ, wick away, PF, IT Band, compression socks.... so many words and abbreviations!

Linking up with PattyErika, and Marcia on Running Lingo.

A quick google search explained to me what things where... but I always hoped it was something else...

What I hoped it was - Puerto Rican rice... because I LOVE Puerto Rican Rice more than my Mexican rice. Sadly, there has not been any Puerto Rican rice at any races I've done.

What I thought It meant -Burger Queen? What does that have to do with running? Breakfast Queen probably... sounds more likely.

I had no idea what AG placement meant, until I got one in a 5K. It was pretty awesome!! And it became a goal to get AG placement at the Kennett run, but it hasn't happened yet.

Also when I started running, I would see pictures of people wearing knee high socks, I had NO IDEA what they were for... but wanted so desperately to have a pair of long knee socks. Until I looked up a pair that I had seen in a popular Blog (that I no longer follow... ) and saw the price! $50 for a pair of socks? what? $50? that's like 2 5K Registrations! A Dinner for my entire family of 3! a Breakfast for me, my son and my sisters! forget it. I don't want fancy knee high compression socks.

The one that makes me laugh the most is that I had no idea that GPS watches existed and what they did. A friend from work told me about it, and at the time it sounded like an amazing luxury to have one! And when I asked for one for Christmas, I didn't really think it was going to happen.... so I almost never take it off.

I can now proudly read this sentence and understand 100% what it means!
During my last race my GPS watch told me that I met a new PR,
and I got AG placement! Hopefully one day I'll BQ!

I'm still learning abbreviations and runners lingo... do you have one that is a weird one? one that meant something else, completely different? What is your favorite running word/lingo?

Monday, July 18, 2016

VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #7

Good morning ! How is everybody doing today? how was your weekend?  I hope you stayed cool and got all your work outs and miles done!

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Work outs this week
Monday - Zumba with Susan, and Weights
Thursday - 5mile trail run
Friday - 3 mile progression
Saturday- Masters Zumba with Denise and Susan. 4 mile hike.
Sunday - 12 miles long run

Run 20 Miles
Weight - 1
Zumba - 2
Hike 4 miles

The theme this week was soaked in sweat! It's July, which calls for lots of sweaty runs.

Thursday sweaty run at Pinchot Park with Jodi. We took a dip in the water behind us after the run.

A Friday sweaty progression

A sweaty Zumba work out... no pictures of that.

A sweaty hike at Caledonia State Park

Followed by a really yummy fresh burger at this place :

And finished the week with a super sweat soaked long run on Sunday.


So, in my long run I kept thinking about all the advice I've read in blogs about how to run in the heat... so I decided to give you my advice on it!

Ana's crazy advice for running in the Heat
  • Sleep in if you need to... a run at 6:00 on a Sunday is very little fun, and Panera is not even open at 6 for breakfast! But start drinking cold water as soon as you wake up.
  • Have an ice cold drink, preferably a slushy of some sort. This way you are getting some ice in your stomach and cooling you off.
  • Run in a park, it's at least 10 degrees cooler in State parks, and chances are, they have a creek or a body of water to dip in after your run.
  • Throw water on your head, arms and legs when you stop for water.
  • Listen to cool music! Did you see The Revenant? I did, and I was wearing fleece pants and a jacket, but still felt frozen cold the entire movie. So I'm adding this idea to the music while running, think Ice Ice Baby, Let it Snow (I never understood why this was a Christmas song), Let it Go, Siempre Hace Frio (It's Always Cold) and Baby is Cold Outside. Stay away from Nelly's It's Getting Hot In Here!
  • Treat yourself to a cold /Iced beverage of your choice when you are done! Because You ARE AWESOME and you just ran in the heat!
Here is link for the Another Mother runner podcast with REAL Summer Running Advice. Check it out, it's hilarious!

I hope you had an awesome week in Training or just an awesome week in general!


Your turn!!

Do you have any other "Cool" Songs I  don't know about?
What other running in summer advice do you have?
How is your training going?
What is the hottest you have run in? for me right now it's 93 degrees.