Random Saturday Rant- Stop Touching My Desk

I work from a desk... My Fitbit says that I spend an average of 10 hours sitting down... which makes sense, I work doing data entry, reports and audits.

I have my desk organized in a way that works perfect for me. I can reach my phone, my stapler, my hole puncher, m keyboard, my staple remover from where I sit, and I know when something has been moved. It doesn't bother me when something is moved, only when it's not returned to its original spot... like my whole puncher.... if my whole puncher magically walks away from my desk and doesn't walk back, I will go on a mad woman hunt until I find it.

Well, there is this woman who used to work at my office who likes to "mess with me" and likes to mess up my desk for her own enjoyment. It is cruel, rude and it makes me very angry.

I have had many conversations with her over the years, a lot about mental health. She has suffered from depression, and finds it very irritating that people tell her that it's all "only in her head". I used to give her the HP answer "Just because it's in your head, it doesn't make it less real" and I was always supportive of her with anything she needed from me.

That is why this last encounter we had upset me so much.

She says that I'm Obsessive Compulsive and that she was going to "cure" me. I laughed the first time she said it, and told her that something like ODC is not just "cured" that it is a real disorder and that I did not have it.

I am obsessive, I'm willing to admit to that. But I'm not compulsive. I do not think that moving my stapler is going to kill me, I do not believe that if I my hole puncher is not where I left it, I will die. I also respect the boundaries of those who struggle with the disorder.

Last week, she was at my office and came by my desk and the following encounter happened

Her: You haven't moved anything from your desk

Me: No, I like my desk just the way it is.

her: You need me here so I can re arrange your desk.

Me: Please don't. I don't want anything on my desk moved.

Her: but it's so much fun to mess with you

Me: I know you enjoy it, but PLEASE don't. You know that is stressful to me.

her: No, somebody has to. Here....

She then took my candy dish and put it on top of my computer, then my stapler and put it next to my coffee, then my pen cup and put it on the other side of my desk, then my stamps... all while I was quietly asking her to PLEASE STOP.

My coworkers who were watching the event happen also asked her to stop, that she was being mean and that it wasn't funny. She said that it was funny to her as she moved my coaster.

By this point I was shaking with anger, and tears were drowning my eyes. I covered my face with the papers that I was working with, as my pleads became screechy squeals begging her to stop.

My Manager, who sits behind me, got up from his desk, and asked her to stop and please leave, because she was stressing out staff... he said it half joking, and escorted her out of the office.

This happened almost two weeks ago, and her violation of my space is still bothering me. I shared the story with my sister and my fiancĂ©, both who suggested I talked to HR about her blatant disrespect for my space and my request... because I was almost in tears telling them the story. 

This was long... But I feel better. 

Do people mess with your desk? 
Any other "quirks" that people mess with you about ? 
Should I have slapped this co-worker? 


  1. Wow what the hell, that woman!? I am so glad your manager escorted her out. Are you going to tell HR? It might be good to have incident documented.

    I keep my desk very clean and organized. It makes me feel in control!

    1. After a lot of consideration, I'm going to email HR. This is not the first time she has done it, but the first time that it bothered me this much.

      Do the kids ever touch your stuff ?

  2. Wow, I am just in shock! This lady seems immature for sure. What the heck? You don't invade other's personal space/desk. I think anyone whether there were obsessive or not would find her behavior annoying. I hope that you do not have any more incidents with her from this point on. Since your manager could tell you were upset, perhaps he/she will report the incident. This lady is the office bully!!!!

    1. You nailed it Meranda! She is very immature !

  3. Why is there always a crazy in the bunch?! I feel ya, I keep my desk and stuff as I want it. I am much neater at work than home! It keeps me sane, I think a lot of us are wired that way. Why she thinks it is entertaining is beyond me, but I have encountered a few crazies over the years that just don't understand boundaries. It is annoying. I would love to tell you about some of the crazy things people have done in my blog but I found out a few work people read my blog...darn it.
    I hope someone has a talk with her and tells her to stop.

    1. Karen,

      I honestly thought I was the crazy one of this bunch, but turns out... I'm not!

      I would love to hear your crazy stories!


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