Monday, November 30, 2015

The Race that wasn't....

So, I went a little crazy... I seem to lose my head when I think about doing races. On Wednesday I had been thinking of doing the SMT Turkey Trot, I had done it the year before and had really enjoyed it, even with all the slush and mud around from the snow storm the night before. The day was to be a sunny cool morning, perfect for a 3.1 mile run.

I went and registered for the run, because registration is only offered up until the night before. The fire hall was full of people! Volunteers, runners picking up their bibs and shirts, runners registering for the run, this year I even saw the table for Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg! This year they were offering a free 1/2 mile kids run, which I registered my son for.

I had told Roger that I wanted to do the race, but that I would need his help keeping an eye on my son, to which he didn't seem very excited about. Now... that is what made me lose most interest on doing this race.

Last year I did this race because my son was with his dad, and I go into a deep strange funk when he is not with me on Holidays. Thanksgiving is the hardest, because he gets to be away for so many days and it feels like everybody is with their loved ones. The race last year was huge! there were so many people, and the atmosphere was very energetic!

So, back to my son and Roger watching him. Roger has agreed to watch my son for two races, The Fredrericksen Library Loop and the Hero Run, for which they both did the 1 mile fun walk/ run. Roger offered to watch him for both, I didn't ask.. I know that Roger is not his father and the only person responsible for finding somebody to keep an eye on my son is me. I asked my sisters  or brothers to keep an eye on my son for the Kennett Run, The Color Run (both of them) and the Hershey Half marathon. Roger didn't complain about keeping an eye on him, but he did lament having to get up early on a holiday and having to wait in the car with my son. I knew at that moment, that my son would have to run with me, or I would  not be doing the race at all.

I woke up early on Thursday and looked at my race clothes. It was 6:45, and I thought that if I could convince my son to get up, come with me, get him breakfast and a nice cup of warm milk, Roger would come along with us, even if it was just to watch us. But I also knew that if I couldn't convince my son to even get out of the house, we will be staying in. I was ready for that, in fact, I was expecting that.

I went into my son's room, and cuddled up to him. He grabbed me and held me close to him. I warmed up next to him and started to close my eyes, and right at that moment my son woke up and jumped off the bed. I went after him, and said "Hey honey, I signed up for a race, and I want you to come with me and run". His immediate response was "No". So I took all that hope, and expectation and wrap them nicely back into my heart. I would not be running those 3.1 miles today along with 3,000 others. I grabbed my blanket, sat down next to my son and turned on the TV. No regrets.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Girls on The Run 5K

Race: Girls on The Run 5K - High 5
Weather - 42, windy, sunny.
Cost : $25, I registered the Friday prior to the race
Goodies: a ticket to Hershey Park.
Shirt- a nice cotton blue shirt.
Race Website:

Last year I had mixed feelings about the Girls on The Run 5K. There were many things going into it, the weather was dreadful, the event felt more like a party I wasn't invited to, but crashed, and there was a lot of stopping at the beginning of the race, mostly because girls didn't tie their shoes. But I went back to do the Fall 5K this year for two reasons, One- I told my cheesesteak guy that I would do it, he said his daughter was doing the run, and I didn't want to risk losing out on Cheesesteaks! and two, I really believe on what the organization is doing! I wish that my school would have had a group to motivate me to run when I was younger.

I was excited that this year the run will be in Hershey Stadium, thinking that if it rained, at least there would not be mud all over the place... this coming for the girl who used to play with mud as a child... and a route that I was familiar with. And I wanted to go get sugar cookies at Chocolate World.

I registered the Friday before, because I kept forgetting to register on line, and I have discovered that I have a new found love for early packet pick up, saves me the stress of rushing to get to the race and back to the car to drop off the shirt.

Sunday morning I overslept, got up at 7:50, rather than the planned 7:15. I rushed to get dressed and packed to go. And we left 30 minutes later than planned, and still had to stop to get coffee and food before the race. Luckily, traffic was light and we made it to Hershey by 8:55. I had rushed to eat my bagel, and chugged my coffee and some water.

We could hear the crowd cheering and yelling from the parking lot, it sounded like a lot of fun. I ran in to use the facilities, that has to be one of the best perks for starting the race at the Hershey Stadium, semi clean bathrooms.

One of my favorite events of this race is the Character Race. Last year there was Olaf, Anna from Frozen, Harrisburg Senators Rascal, The Target Dog, and other characters who I couldn't name. This year the characters were The Nittany Lion ** WE ARE.... PENN STATE!!**, the Hershey bar, Rascal and again, others I can't name.

** This was my least favorite part of the race** the race was to start at 9:30, but by 9:27, everybody was just standing all around Hershey Stadium. The group of runners was huge, I would dare say around 1,000 runners, and there was no clear indication on where the start line was. Somebody said to follow the Mascots, but the mascots were walking towards the stage, while everybody was walking the other direction. It seemed a bit confusing to know where the start line was, but once everybody figured out that the start was OUTSIDE the stadium, by the balloons, we all found a spot to start.

I am still learning about running, and doing races. This year I have become more efficient at running, and faster, mostly because I followed a regular running schedule. I learned last month about running without headphones, from reading a post from Miles Post about running without music. This was my 3rd race with no music, and I'm still trying to figure out if it is helping.

I wasn't expecting to go fast, but I'm not a patient runner when it comes to passing people, so I went as close to the start as I could and stayed to the right.

We took off for running. The fastest runners took off flying. I passed a few runners and tried to stay to the right side, as everybody always seems to stop smack in the middle of the road. As soon as we went around the stadium, the very sharp and cold wind started hitting me in the face, it felt like sharp knifes in the face. I kept running fast, and then my right sneaker started to feel a little lose. I looked down and the shoe looked fine, but I stopped shortly before the first mile to check it was all good.... I really should buy lock laces for those shoes... everything was good.

After the first mile, we ran into Hershey Park, which was nice! I really do love running inside Hershey Park. But right around mile 1.7, we ran up one of the scariest hills in Hershey Park, the hill by The Comet! I ran up it, but I was tired. I haven't been eating well, I don't know why, but I felt really tired, and for the second time in a run, I felt like I was going to throw up. I slowed down and started running again. The race went through the boardwalk, by the middle of the park and out. I just saw that I was caught in one of the pictures for Pennlive, the online version of the Patriot News, the local paper.

Between the sun, the hills and the running, I got really hot and slowed down to take off my sweater and tied it to my waist because it had my bib and chip.

I stopped again right by the Fahrenheit Roller coaster, my legs were very tired... I need to get back to my regular running schedule. I have been a big slacker after the Hershey Half marathon.

I crossed the finish line at 25.30, which was my third goal. I was cold, and tired and just wanted to laydown and take a nap.

The event itself is wonderful! I love the support that the coaches give the girls on the run, I love that there are things like face tattoos, glitter hair, decorate your bib station, mascot runs and medals for the girls who are part of the activity. I however, do not like that because I'm not a coach or member of the girls on the run group, I feel like I'm crashing into a party that I wasn't invited to. Maybe next year I'll help out as a volunteer or coach.

When are we going Hiking again?

"When are we going Hiking again?"
Asks Roger as I lay in the couch crying over Katniss volunteering for her sister, even thought I've watched this movie 6 or 7 times, and read the books 3 times, this scene still gets me.

"I don't know," I answer wiping my tears away.

We haven't gone hiking since we went to see Turkey Point with my sister, back in October. We have had a super busy month. Between moving, going to Florida and visiting my family; every weekend has been taken up by an activity or other. This last weekend we met up with my siblings to go see Mockinjay part 2, a date that has been scheduled since early August. and Sunday I had a 5K and a long run after. So we decided to make our long run on Sunday a trail run. Pick a park, find a trail and run it... and walk if we have to. Therefore exploring the park and nature, as we also run our miles for the week.

We picked Memorial Lake State Park, and decided to cut our run to 5 miles, since the park only had 2 miles of hiking paths.

Sunday after the run was cold, I was tired during the Girls On The Run 5K, and it was also very cold. We picked up a hot beverage after the 5K, and headed out to the park from Hershey. I was cold and tired, so I kept trying to convince Roger to stay in with Chocolate Croissants at Starbucks, it didn't work.. it never works!

The park has a big lake as the center of it. Big parking lot, which was mostly empty. We geared up and after light warm up, we took off. Roger went faster, which was expected, I had given 100% at the 5K earlier, and I really really just wanted to go home and take a nap. The wind felt very cold in my face, but I pushed along.

We ran around the late to the other parking lot and turned around. I make a lot of mistakes when I go for runs, and for races. I changed my shoes to my trail running shoes / the shoes I wear for hiking, from my Nike Free. Well, my right knee didn't like that. I started to feel a numb pain in my left knee right around 1.5. I slowed down, thinking it would go away, that I just needed to adjust to running in rocks and tree limbs. We went over to the bridge by dam, which provided a beautiful look of the lake. We ran across the bridge and went out to the road.

Shortly after leaving the bridge, the pain in my knee started to be sharper and made it difficult to run. I stopped and walked. Checked the miles and noticed we were at 3 miles. I wasn't sure my knee would last 2 more miles, but I pushed along. I had to stop every .25 miles and the hills were just not possible.

We finished our 5 miles right around the parking lot where we had started. My knee was in some pain and I had walked about 1 mile of the 5 mile run, but it was done!

We enjoyed the trail running, and will definitely be doing more of it in the coming months.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All I want for Christmas

Christmas Wish list

I just finished putting together the Christmas list for my family. We have grown up a lot in the last 5 years and have made our list about things that we can / will use; which prevents wasting money for all of us and hoarding for others. Last year somebody even asked for a bottle of Ketchup, it was a joke but it ended up being used.

In other years I have asked for things that I don’t use. For some reason that I don’t understand now, I asked for a deep fryer and a food processor one year. I lost the fryer on my divorce, but I’m glad to not have the fryer anymore. Other years I asked for work out leggings and I got an awesome pair of bright pink capris leggings. A color I would have never bought for myself, but that I love.

Last year I didn’t ask for many things, I asked for a DVD/CD combo of my favorite Artist, Enrique Bunbury and a few movies. I was fortunate to get a pair of super awesome Adidas Hiking sneakers, an iPad mini and socks. Those sneakers were amazing and I wish I had two pairs! and the socks have totally rocked my toes for over 1 year!!


This year… this year I’m debating on what to ask for. I currently don’t have a lot of space for things, and there are not many things I want. Like I told my sister last year, I feel fortunate to be alive and healthy. It has been another amazing year, I accomplished things this year that I never knew I was capable of (The half marathon) and all I can ask for is health for my son and me.

Here are things that I want that are not possible to get

1.      I want my younger sister to not be so stressed out that she is angry at the smallest things.

2.      I want my ex-husband to stay out of my business and cooperate with co-parenting without giving me guilt trips.

3.      I want to have the courage to go on runs in the dark.

4.      I want to have the power to change what I eat, i.e., stop craving French fries, burgers and donuts.

5.      I want my son to be better at doing what I ask him to do, such as doing his homework when we get home, rather than waiting until he is in bed.

6.      I want to have better concentration at work…. Bc I’m writing this post from work

7.      I want to complete my Amazon 100 Books to read list…. Ok, that one is more plausible than the others, but still seems hard.

8.      I want the extra energy to go to the gym twice a week.

9.      I want AIMF to have a Thursday night zumba class taught by Denise or Susan.

10.  I want my supervisor to LISTEN to the things I say, and not get mad at me when I disagree with her.

11.  I want my apartment to have two extra magical closets… by magical I mean that I can put everything that is in my way now… so basically a TARDIS.

12.  Time to binge watch Doctor Who

13.  Another Harry Potter book. Many say they want to know what happened to Harry Potter and the gang after the last book, but I think that would be boring. I want a book about the Marauders while they were in Hogwarts, I want to learn more about Snape, Sirious and Lupin.

14.   More time to read** Yes, I am asking for time to read 3 times, I know!

15.  More time to spend with my son

16.  A machine that will take me anywhere I want in 2 minutes or less.

17. A Bunbury Concert before the end of 2015.

Here are things I want to get for myself for Christmas

1.      A new iPhone

2.      A Garmin Forerunner 220 or an iWatch

3.      Gym leggings.

4.      To run 4 half marathons in 2015

5.      More runs

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running in the FL heat

This past weekend I went with Roger to the Florida Aikikai Winter Seminar. He has been attending for many years, but skipped it last year. So this year he was very excited about going, I was more excited for some rest, food and warmer running weather… I got only one of the things I wanted, but not much of it.

Roger told me that the weather in Florida was calling for rain and 80°-85° temperatures for the days that we were there. I packed pants and short-sleeve shirts, thinking that if it was raining it would feel a little breezy. I also packed my favorite Adidas running shorts and my Wal-Mart light running shorts, overall my favorite running outfit, light and breezy.

We arrived on Thursday night at 10:45, and as we waited for the shuttle for the car rental, it was warm and humid. I was surprised that it felt so humid so late in the day, but that’s Florida. Getting the car rental proved to be a new test of patience and sanity… it took a long time to finally get a car, which was not very clean. We arrived at where we were staying around 12:45 am, washed our face and went to bed. Roger was doing this first seminar class the next day at 9, and we had a 1 hour drive back to Fort Lauderdale. So woke up at 6:15 am to take a quick shower, and get dressed, since Roger said we were to leave at 7:15. We got around to leaving at 7:35 and had to come back to get the beach chair and a towel. Traffic was bad. I said I would never complain about Harrisburg Traffic again, because Miami Florida is 20 times heavier and longer.

I packed my running stuff, thinking I could go for a run after taking some pictures of Roger, but I was really tired from the night before. Instead, I walked around the hotel, to the beach, to the store to get a few things we forgot. It was also a very hot day, and starting to run in Fort Lauderdale after 11 would have been torture at the 85° and humidity. I put it off until the next day.

We went to the Greek restaurant for lunch, and the food was amazing!

In between taking pictures and walking around, I was reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, documenting his life and how he started running Ultra Marathons, and became a vegan. The book is pretty interesting! I am just amazed at the distances he runs and about the other runners and people he talks about. It also got me interested in cleaning up my diet, and reducing my meat. I have become very dependent on meat in my diet, and I think that if I want to continue to improve my running, my diet will have to change more. Weird, on Wednesday I was listening to Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall, and he focused a lot on the Paleo Diet, and in decreasing carbs. Both Authors talk about cutting back on carbs, which I have always have a difficult time with, but both made me think about adjusting meals for me and my son, especially because my son is a very picky eater and his mean food is pasta and bread.


Now to the running: We got back to Fort Lauderdale Saturday around 10. The sun was blazing, it was humid and hot. But I was going to run, no avoiding it on Saturday. I had slept well, I ate and I need to get some miles in. I stretched, and contemplated my route. I was going on Galt Ocean drive, up to N Ocean Blvd, as long as I could go, then back to Galt Ocean drive and to Lauderdale by the Sea. It was very hot, so the plan was to run the 5 planned miles, jump in the ocean and then rinse off in the showers by the ocean.

My starting point for 5 Miles


We ran in hot weather here in PA all summer, and dripped in sweat for many months. But it’s easy to forget the sweating days. I started running, sweating and panting. I made it 2 miles out before I was very hot and thirsty.

I am used to running in Hersey Jonathan Eshenour Memorial trail, where it’s park, trail and some convenience stores across the street. In comparison in Fort Lauderdale there were shops along the route, and I knew that the Starbucks was calling my name, and my body was begging for an iced green tea. 2.25 miles in I went into the Starbucks all sweaty and ordered my drink. I waited outside, dripping in sweat. With my renewed energy, I started running again, past the hotel where Roger was doing his aikido seminar. I was very hot, and still a little tired, but kept running and moving in the blazing sun and humidity. I arrived at Lauderdale by the sea and ran over to the beach. I had been running with my cup of iced green tea, taking slow sips as I kept moving. It was so hot, that the ice melted before I made it to the beach.

The view of that beach is magnificent. But I was only 3.75 miles in. Kept running and knew my distance would end up being a little over 5, but that it was too hot to keep running at my slow speed, and I had to start running even slower.

I completed 4 miles just past the small park and took a short break. I did a few sprints, then to the outside showers to cool off. I checked my watch, Roger’s class was about to end in 16 minutes. I had 16 minutes to move 1.3 miles. So, this is where the extra energy would kick in or I would have to call Roger for a ride. I decided to spring one block, and fast walk the next, my twisted version of fartlek. I made it back, completely sweaty in 12 minutes.

Fish Statue at Lauderdale by The Sea
I was very surprised with myself for completing the whole 5 miles, when at 3 miles it didn’t feel possible. The clothes I picked were perfect for the weather, I had to take off my tank top around mile 3, but I put it around my running belt and it stayed there for the rest of the run with no problems. I only wish I would have packed the extra sports bra, because my boobs were bouncing all over the place and I really hate it when my boobs bounce on a run.

Recovery macchiato and dessert



Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Swatara Police Department Hero Run 5K - My race Review

Date of the Race: November 1, 2015 at 9:30 am

Location: Started in front of the Harrisburg Mall.

Weather conditions: Cloudy, but warm. Around 55 degrees, light wind.

Price: $15, I registered in May.

Shirt- Awesome blue Captain America tech shirt.

Bathrooms- Race started and finished at Harrisburg Mall, we used the bathrooms in the mall.

Post race food: Awesome selection! Bananas, bagels, coffee, cupcakes, granola bars, water.

Others: Because it was a Hero run, there were some cosplayers present. Also, I saw the Oscar Mayer’s hotdog car, and the Ghostbusters car.

I did the Hero Run in 2014, it was cold and windy, but had so much fun that I knew I would be back this year. I looked for the registration since April, and was way too excited when registration opened in May. I knew I would go as Selena, my personal Hero. My son and Roget both had something to say about my costume. My son said “Selena is not a hero, she doesn’t have any super powers”, to which I answered “Yes, she does! She has the voice of an angel! She can defeat any doubts or non-believers with her amazing voice.” He wasn’t impressed. Roger asked me “ are you going as Selena *again*?!”, to which I answered a very emphatic and enthusiastic “Yes!” and his response was a disappointed “Oh!”. I rolled my eyes at both!

My son asked why I couldn’t be normal and wear a Wonder Woman Costume… oh my dear son, your questions on “why is my mom not NORMAL?” are only getting started. I explained to him that although Wonder Woman is an awesome super hero and has a super awesome Laso , invisible jet and amazing powers, I wanted to be Selena. I know almost nothing about Wonder Woman, and I hadn’t worked on a costume.

Well, my dreams were crushed, chewed up and spit out before they could become a reality. The sports bra that I turned into the amazing Selena Sparkly bra in the period of 2 weeks was accidentally left home the day of the race.  


I picked up my race packet before the race, around 8:30. They were very helpful on getting my son registered at the last minute for the 1 mile fun run. All went by super quick. There were about 7 people helping with registration and packet pick up.

The course seemed to be the exact same as last year, but with the start at the entrance of the Harrisburg Mall, rather than by Commerce Bank. Last year it was really cold and windy, and we had to wait in the car until the race got started, and because it was so cold, I waited in the car with my son. Having the mall option would have been really nice last year, and it was very much appreciated on Sunday.
I wore my race shirt because of costume complications. I love the color of it!
I was all sorts of disoriented at the start of the race, it wasn’t until I heard the “last call” for all the runners that I started stretching and lining up for the race, shortly after the race got started. I kissed my son and told him good luck on his 1 mile fun run!
Roger told me that I need to push myself harder on 5K races, because my body has gotten used to the 8.15 minute pace and I should be sore the next day. So, I ran hard. I kept passing runners most of the race, but I had pushed myself for the last 3 days to get moved out of my place, I was tired and stressed out. At the 1 mile market, I heard myself yell a curse word at learning the distance I had gone. I kept pushing and kept running faster, or what felt faster than my normal.

At around mile 2.3, I had to stop and walk a few steps. A person in the audience was cheering on the runners and then I heard her say "Go joggers!!"  My legs were tired, my spirits were down.. and I realized I didnt' want to be called a jogger. So I ran faster.. and stopped, because my body was tired.  After a few steps, I reminded myself that my son would be completing his 1 mile fun run, and to hurry up to go congratulate him, and started running again. Then again, at mile 2.45 my brain reminded me I was tired and that it wanted to go to sleep. Walked again for a few steps and picked up again. I ran hard again, around the mall parking lot. A few kids flew by me.

This is the only part I didn’t like of the course, same as last year. About .25 of the run goes inside the Harrisburg mall, which sounds like a good idea, but feels awful. We go inside after running in cold air for 2.75 miles, to go back into the warm building for about .25 of a mile. This time it felt hard to breath, and had to find everything in me to keep moving. The nice part of going through there is that there were some volunteers and audience cheering on the runners. I am pretty sure I ran faster, just to get out of there as soon as possible.

The finish line was shortly after getting out of the mall, and I really started sprinting as fast I could at this point, and crossed the finish line at 25.30. I found my son and Roger at the finish line.

My son did really good in his 1 mile run. Roger said that he ran parts and slowed down when he knew he had to stop. He really enjoyed hearing people cheering on Harry Potter. He was so proud to wear his bib and his costume. I am amazed that he ran with the cloak on, and that he finished his race! He was very proud of himself and asked to save his bib.

I love the Hero Run! The volunteers are always super nice and friendly. I love seeing the creativity of the logos for he run. The food spread is always very generous, and the location and time of the run are perfect for me. The only thing I wish was different, was the shock of running inside the warm building at the end of the race. Will definitely be back next year, and this year I promise I will not forget the sparkly Bra, because I have to redeem my Selena Hero Costume, might even add a cape.


What NOT to do 3 days before a 5K

** this is not my Hero Run 5K Review, only the mistakes I made leading up to the race**

I have known I was doing the Hero Run 5K since May, I had my costume picked out and done since July, except for the pants, and those were done last week. I have known I was moving since September. But I was completely unprepared for both events.
I had the Half Marathon on October 18th, and mentally blocked anything that would require too much thinking or energy prior to that. So I had to move out of my apartment in 3 days. Roger helped me out, but I moved about 85% of things on my own. I went up and down steps almost nonstop for two and a half days, and most of those times I was carrying a box or something heavy. Here are some of the things I regret doing in preparation for the Hero Run 5K.
Ate a ton of junk food- Because I was “Super busy” packing and moving things, I mostly picked up food for many days before the 5K. And with a family emergency, I ended up eating McDonalds for dinner very late one night. I *try* to eat cleaner on days leading up to a race, but I was tired and hungry, and my body just wanted to immediate gratification. The best I had to eat on 4 days was a small salad along with a grilled cheese sandwich. And the only day that I ate and didn’t feel immediately hungry, I had a spicy chicken sandwich, fries, a large soda, small soup, half a Carrabas’ kid’s pizza and 3 slices of a margheritta pizza. Nothing good at all! And the night before the race I had a quarter pounder with fries…. Bad!

I didn’t drink enough water- Yeah… I don’t understand why my body craves soda and fried food when I’m tired. So, I had tons of soda. And Ice tea. And very little water. The times that I felt thirsty, I would reach for the large soda that was already on the table, rather than going downstairs and getting my water from the car.  On Saturday, the day before the 5K, I had only 3 bottles of water, and that was only because I chugged two bottles before going to bed. I was so dehydrated that I didn’t pee until the next morning.
I didn’t sleep well for 3 nights- Because of a family emergency; I went to bed very late on Wednesday (1:30 am). Because of moving, I went to bed late on Thursday (12:00 am), Friday (11:30) and Saturday (11:00). The only thing that saved me was the fall back schedule, which got me an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.
By Saturday night, the night before the race, I was so tired, dehydrated and mentally exhausted that I thought about just dropping out of the 5K, and just resting. But I woke up early on Sunday, the race was scheduled for 9:30 am, and it was only about 10 minute drive from where I live. I woke up at 7 and I felt rested and excited to run! So I took a shower, got my son read and off we went.

How many mistakes can I allow myself to make in a single weekend? Apparently, I have no limit. I normally set out all the things I will wear for a race the night before, to make sure I don’t forget anything. This was a Dress like Your Hero run, and I knew back in July that I would be going as Selena. My costume was ready, I knew where it was. My running shoes were already in the car, so I thought I was ready. I put on my sparkly pants, put on my socks, without Vaseline, because I *always* have time to do that before the race. The only thing I didn’t put on was my sparkly Selena bra, the one I worked on for 3 weeks, and spent $10 on sequins. I put it in my book pack, and went to get my son ready.
Getting my son ready to go anywhere always requires extra time, and extra clothes. He had picked to be Harry Potter, and I had to find him comfy warm clothes to complete his outfit. I went to put an extra pair of socks, pants and a sweater for him in the book pack, and as I took some things out of the bag to make more room for his clothes. That was when he announced that he was going to be running the 1 mile fun run, which was music to my ears! I have been asking him for tons of races if he wanted to do the fun runs, his answer is always a very loud and eloquent *NO!* and of course this added a trip to the bank I had not accounted for in the trip.
I want to add up everything against me by this point : I was tired, had not done a practice run, had not eaten well on the days leading up to the race, including a quarter pounder burger from McDs the night before, I was dehydrated. But I kept my spirits up, I was at the race, my son was signed up for the 1 mile fun run and all I had left to do was put on my sparkly bra and run the 3.1 miles. After that I could go get some rest. Except when I went to get my sparkly bra, it wasn’t in the bag! There was an extra pair of pants for my son, an extra pair of socks for him, and an extra sweater for me. NO SPARKLY BRA ANYWHERE. And the race would be starting in 15 minutes.
Defeated, tired, and dehydrated, I chugged a bottle of water, put on my race shirt, (I never wear my race shirt, I consider it bad luck) and off I went to the 5K. I was hoping to finish in 24.30, or below. But tiredness caught up with me at 2.5 and I stopped and walked a few steps, also I never put on the Vaseline on my toes, which were starting to feel raw. My finish time was 25.30.
I have been excited to do this race since May, I was super excited to run as my personal Hero, Selena Quintanilla, and was really looking forward to having a lot of fun at the race. Plans had to be adjusted, as well as expectations. I am still very excited and happy that my son did the 1 mile fun run and enjoyed being at the race! And I’m hoping this will wake up an excitement for running in him. I made mistakes, but still enjoyed the run and will do it again next year! And hopefully I will learn from all the mistakes I made.... as in, pack all the clothes in the bag the night before and take NOTHING out of the bag, and eating and sleeping are priority!