Girls on The Run 5K

Race: Girls on The Run 5K - High 5
Weather - 42, windy, sunny.
Cost : $25, I registered the Friday prior to the race
Goodies: a ticket to Hershey Park.
Shirt- a nice cotton blue shirt.
Race Website:

Last year I had mixed feelings about the Girls on The Run 5K. There were many things going into it, the weather was dreadful, the event felt more like a party I wasn't invited to, but crashed, and there was a lot of stopping at the beginning of the race, mostly because girls didn't tie their shoes. But I went back to do the Fall 5K this year for two reasons, One- I told my cheesesteak guy that I would do it, he said his daughter was doing the run, and I didn't want to risk losing out on Cheesesteaks! and two, I really believe on what the organization is doing! I wish that my school would have had a group to motivate me to run when I was younger.

I was excited that this year the run will be in Hershey Stadium, thinking that if it rained, at least there would not be mud all over the place... this coming for the girl who used to play with mud as a child... and a route that I was familiar with. And I wanted to go get sugar cookies at Chocolate World.

I registered the Friday before, because I kept forgetting to register on line, and I have discovered that I have a new found love for early packet pick up, saves me the stress of rushing to get to the race and back to the car to drop off the shirt.

Sunday morning I overslept, got up at 7:50, rather than the planned 7:15. I rushed to get dressed and packed to go. And we left 30 minutes later than planned, and still had to stop to get coffee and food before the race. Luckily, traffic was light and we made it to Hershey by 8:55. I had rushed to eat my bagel, and chugged my coffee and some water.

We could hear the crowd cheering and yelling from the parking lot, it sounded like a lot of fun. I ran in to use the facilities, that has to be one of the best perks for starting the race at the Hershey Stadium, semi clean bathrooms.

One of my favorite events of this race is the Character Race. Last year there was Olaf, Anna from Frozen, Harrisburg Senators Rascal, The Target Dog, and other characters who I couldn't name. This year the characters were The Nittany Lion ** WE ARE.... PENN STATE!!**, the Hershey bar, Rascal and again, others I can't name.

** This was my least favorite part of the race** the race was to start at 9:30, but by 9:27, everybody was just standing all around Hershey Stadium. The group of runners was huge, I would dare say around 1,000 runners, and there was no clear indication on where the start line was. Somebody said to follow the Mascots, but the mascots were walking towards the stage, while everybody was walking the other direction. It seemed a bit confusing to know where the start line was, but once everybody figured out that the start was OUTSIDE the stadium, by the balloons, we all found a spot to start.

I am still learning about running, and doing races. This year I have become more efficient at running, and faster, mostly because I followed a regular running schedule. I learned last month about running without headphones, from reading a post from Miles Post about running without music. This was my 3rd race with no music, and I'm still trying to figure out if it is helping.

I wasn't expecting to go fast, but I'm not a patient runner when it comes to passing people, so I went as close to the start as I could and stayed to the right.

We took off for running. The fastest runners took off flying. I passed a few runners and tried to stay to the right side, as everybody always seems to stop smack in the middle of the road. As soon as we went around the stadium, the very sharp and cold wind started hitting me in the face, it felt like sharp knifes in the face. I kept running fast, and then my right sneaker started to feel a little lose. I looked down and the shoe looked fine, but I stopped shortly before the first mile to check it was all good.... I really should buy lock laces for those shoes... everything was good.

After the first mile, we ran into Hershey Park, which was nice! I really do love running inside Hershey Park. But right around mile 1.7, we ran up one of the scariest hills in Hershey Park, the hill by The Comet! I ran up it, but I was tired. I haven't been eating well, I don't know why, but I felt really tired, and for the second time in a run, I felt like I was going to throw up. I slowed down and started running again. The race went through the boardwalk, by the middle of the park and out. I just saw that I was caught in one of the pictures for Pennlive, the online version of the Patriot News, the local paper.

Between the sun, the hills and the running, I got really hot and slowed down to take off my sweater and tied it to my waist because it had my bib and chip.

I stopped again right by the Fahrenheit Roller coaster, my legs were very tired... I need to get back to my regular running schedule. I have been a big slacker after the Hershey Half marathon.

I crossed the finish line at 25.30, which was my third goal. I was cold, and tired and just wanted to laydown and take a nap.

The event itself is wonderful! I love the support that the coaches give the girls on the run, I love that there are things like face tattoos, glitter hair, decorate your bib station, mascot runs and medals for the girls who are part of the activity. I however, do not like that because I'm not a coach or member of the girls on the run group, I feel like I'm crashing into a party that I wasn't invited to. Maybe next year I'll help out as a volunteer or coach.