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Weekly Wrap 8.20.17

Happy Monday! My son is off to his first day of school, and I am very happy and exited for him... but not for homework, I am never excited for homework. 

Tuesday - weights (arms and abs) + 6 miles tempo run
Wednesday- 8 miles easy. 
Thursday - 2 morning miles
Sunday - 13 miles long run

On Tuesday, my son and I spent the day getting him the rest of the things he needed for school, which were a pack of sticky notes, patches for his book pack from last year and a box of crayons. School normally does a collection of items from all parents and if they need anything else, they send out an email. I bought a bucket load of things for the classroom last year, this year is his Dad's turn. 

Wednesday, after work I did a slow 8 miles. I ran from Camp Hill to Harrisburg, City Island specifically, because there was a baseball game and I knew the place would be full of people. 

Before I continue, some clarification. I am not afraid or worried about running in Harrisburg, I have ran there early …

Friday Five 8.18.17

Happy Friday! Sadly, today is the last Friday before my son starts 3rd Grade. I am happy that he is starting 3rd grade, but not all that excited for school, homework and school schedule.. UGH!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness . 

Today's theme is Running / Fitness fuel, but I'm no expert on the subject, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I would recommend checking out the link up for other awesome bloggers who eat way better than me . 

I used to eat randomly whatever I was hungry for. However, in the past 3 years I have found that my body doesn't get anything out of a McDs quarter pounder and fries, and it also leaves me feeling miserable. And today I want to remember 5 foods that have been added to my eating in the last 4 years, that I want to believe help me feel better. 

1. Salads - I used to hate salads !! it made me feel like if I was a cow chewing green leaves and raw tomatoes, but I have learned to LOVE sala…

I Dream of Bread

When I was in college, I wrote a paper about dreams, it was over 15 years ago, but I still remember that one theory that talked about dreams taking you to the feelings, places and memories you craved the most, and the one about unresolved issued that brought anxiety. At the current moment, I have three re-ocurring dreams that are a mix of anxiety and places I miss. 

"I overslept for work" 
In the time that I have worked at my office, I have overslept my fair amount of times, but have managed to arrive to work barely on time. But my brain likes to play tricks with my mind, and about once a month, right after stressing out about an audit or a file review, I dream that my alarm goes off and I turn it off and go back to sleep, and wake up 4 hours later, realizing that it's 10:30 and I didn't go to work. In my dream, the list of reasons of why I'm not at work on time start to roll off my brain... I had a family emergency and couldn't bother with calling the office, …

Weekly Wrap 8.13.17

Happy Monday to you! I had another busy week, with a few trips and some work.

Thursday- HARRC After Dark 7K + .50 miles warm up and 1 mile run to the car
Friday - Weights and abs
Saturday- 9 miles and abs
Sunday - 12 miles long run and abs

On Monday I was supposed to run 5 tempo miles, but my body was totally wiped out! All the driving and weekend activities caught up to me. Plus I was at the tail end of my period, and my body needed a short nap, or what I thought would be a short nap, I woke up 1 hour later and still felt tired. I only got up because I needed to do some laundry, if not, chances are I would still be in bed.

This week was 2 days of vacation with my son, he goes back to school soon, and we are trying to squeeze everything out of the summer. So, as I shared last week, we headed out to Sesame Place with my mom and my niece. I made a point to find my mom a shaded spot to sit, while the kids and I were doing rides, and lots of water. It was a huge success, everybody lov…

Friday Five 8.11.17

Happy Friday! how is your day going?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. Todays' Theme is Running Friends and Family, so I will tell you about awesome races I've done with family and Friends.

1. Kennett Run - This was my first 5K in the USA, and my sister and I have been doing Kennett Run since 2012. The Kennett Run is a small local race, but it attracts a lot of people from the area. This race offers a great environment for the whole family.

2. Bird In Hand- I love the Bird In Hand Races! the atmosphere is friendly to runners, and to families. There is different distances offered, the Kids run, 5K on Friday, and a half marathon on Saturday morning. There is also a hot air balloon launch as the races are taking off, and that adds such a unique touch to the event. Also, on Friday night, the Pasta dinner is amazing!! and the Family Chicken BBQ after the Half marathon is divine!

3.  Rock 'n' Roll Races- I love Rock '…

I'm The Weird One

This post has been spinning around in my head for a while... typically when people start statements with "I'm the type of person that", it makes me think that is the type of person who they want to be, but are not. For example, a dear friend of mine says things like "I'm the type of person who is very private about my personal life... but I'm going to share this with you... " and by the end of the day, that private moment he shared with me is common knowledge for everybody at the office.

Well, I'm the type of person who wants to be normal, but then I find myself itching to get out of the high heel shoes and the pretty dress and walk around barefoot on the sidewalk.... which I do not recommend you do in NYC, those sidewalks are filthy... or Atlantic City NJ.

I'm the weird one who plans and schedules everything in my spontenous family, the weird one who wears black every day at work, the weird one who carries a bottle inside a hydration pack, beca…

Weekly Wrap 8.6.17

Happy first day of the week! It was another amazing busy week for us! I'm so tired, that I can't wait to get back to work, just to be able to sit for one hour straight. 

Workouts  Tuesday- 5 miles with the Harrisburg Beer Runners Wednesday - 4 miles tempo with sprints at the end Thursday- 2.5 sleepy miles  Sunday- 10 miles long run
Tuesday was a busy day at the office, I barely remember what happened, but I vaguely remember having a headache and an empty stomach after work... so I joined the Harrisburg Beer Runners for a hot 5 miler. I stayed with Jodi, who kept me on pace. If I had been alone, there would have been a significant amount of walking breaks. 

After the run, I picked up 4 oz of mango something beer, it was good! Jodi also sent me home with some zucchini bread. 

On Thursday I was up bright and early and got dressed in the dark to this lovely mix of colors. It was a hot sweaty run. 

Later on Thrusday we headed to New Jersey for Roger's annual Aikido Seminar. It was a lon…

Friday Five 8.4.17

Happy Friday! how is your day going?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness

As school is getting closer, the last of the summer trips are happening in the next 3 weeks, and because I am going to be on the road a lot, I am sharing with you random rules and facts about what it's like to be with me on the road. 

1. Driver is boss- My dad taught me how to drive, and he taught me the most important rule of being in the car. Driver is in charge of the radio, and the passengers can't complain. I have driven very far with my Dad, and he enjoys the old style regional Mexican music... on repeat. I know most of the words to all of his music.... and he has had to listen to my music while I drive. 

2. I have driven almost across country. My family and I used to drive to Mexico, and my Dad and I used to take turns driving down, we would each drive for about 12 hours, then the other would take over. So I have driven from Pennsylvania to My hometow…

Looking At The Numbers

As each month ends, my Instagram feed is flooded with monthly mile totals from the awesome people I follow. And each month, I go through the same thoughts "Why are my miles not as high?"

After that, I go through my days and re-examine, where could I have done more miles? Where could I have squeezed one more run? why am I not running that many miles... then somewhere, deep in my brain somebody stands on a chair and starts screaming "STOP TRYING TO COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!! DO YOUR OWN THING!"

When I look back at my month, and my days I see days full of work, family time, books and running. I only regret not going for a run when I as at my parents the one day, but other than that... my month was awesome. Here are some of my other numbers for July

12 Blog post

An average of 248 hours of sleeping < - I am knocking the sleeping out of the park!

147 hours worked

17 files turned in to the state for audit

6 books read < I got distracted with other things.

138 answered …