Friday Five 9.1.17

Happy Friday! how is your Friday going. I'm going to brag and tell you that I have a 4 day weekend, with the holiday on Monday !!

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy. Today's Theme is things we learned this summer, and because I am a very literal, and a pain in the butt, for me Summer is not over until September 22. But my last summer races will be taking place in the next few weeks, so I will share with you what I learned this summer training cycle.

Please bear with me, I rarely talk about my training, that I could just start rambling.

1. Sleep in, and learn to stand the heat. Last summer we used to train earlier, like 7 am, to avoid the heat of the day and humidity. And when I showed up to Bird In Hand Half, I immediately regretted the "cool temperatures" training. That day was hot, sunny, steamy and humid. I didn't crash, but my body was not ready. This summer, we slept in and went for training later on the day, like at 10:00 am. Which takes me to my next lesson.

2. When it's too hot to run, walk. I felt no pressure to run at tempo pace when it was 86 C outside. I would run part, and walk part. My pace hovered around 11 min/ mile and 11:30, like last year. I like running, but was not going to kill myself to keep a 9 min pace,  and risk dropping of heat exhaustion. Lo que sera, sera ( What will be, will be). I run for run, and fall and winter are for beating times.

3. I ran longer - Last year, my sole focus on the summer was to attend all the Zumba classes with my favorite Zumba instructors, because they were closing shop. This summer, I gave up Zumba cold turkey... this is why you will find me randomly dancing in the grocery store... This year, the midweek runs were longer, and hopefully more effective.

4. I fed my body more greens- This summer, instead of heading to Chillis for southwester egg rolls after every long run, we would instead buy salads with grilled chicken. I also cut back on coke and frappuccinos, not for weight reasons, but because they were doing nothing for my running.

5. Love my body for what it does - This is not necessarily a new lesson, but one that can always use a reminder. I put my body through so much each day, runs, hot showers, stress, long drives, eating tacos, staying up to finish a work project, and each day my body stays strong and healthy and carries me to the next day.

Additional things I learned : deodorant prevents blisters like nothing else, my body doesn't like dairy before a run, stretching after a run is essential, and tacos also make excellent recovery food.

As I line up to race next weekend, I do not expect to run the half marathons faster, only to take a good look at the great scenery, the views and hopefully get some Rita's ice in the course, and of course, eat the chicken BBQ after the race.

Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend?

What is your favorite salad dressing?

What do you use to prevent blisters?


  1. I am also enjoying a 4 day weekend! Erica shared the tip of using deodorant to prevent Blisters and I used it before the NYC half and it worked like a charm! Good luck with the race!

    1. Awesome!! 4 day weekend all around!!

      Yes, that is one of the best tips I've read. I read it at Ali's blog.

  2. I have 4 days off too!!!! So far I have lived it up by sleeping until 9 and then blogging for an hour. Now it's time to watch Big Brother. I better slow down after that, as I'm clearly getting too much done. ;) I have blisters/cuts on the side of my foot right now from my new shoes I wore way back on Monday. I am just going to have to teach my feet to wear them because they are sooooo cute. Simply Vera flats from Kohls.

    1. Yay for 4 days!! You must have had a super busy Friday!

      I would suggest to wear your shoes with tick socks around the house, to stretch them out. They are very cute!

  3. Knock on wood, no blisters so far! No big plans. I'm hoping Monday is nice so we can get out for a hike, but it's supposed to rain sunday so no doubt it'll be muddy (and no doubt the hubs will complain).

    If I know a race will be hot, I'll do my best to train for that. It's always a problem when it's unseasonably warm, though!

    1. Oh, hiking on the mud is so messy, but a little bit fun! I recommend long socks, and a change of shoes for after.

      Unseasonably warm is never a fun weather!!

  4. I am not enjoying a 4 day weekend! I worked today and I work tomorrow. Mama, don't let your babies grow up to work in healthcare! LOL! I have a 10k on Sunday, otherwise I'm taking it easy. Have a fun weekend!

    1. I hope you have an awesome race on Sunday!!

      I have been pushing doctor for a while, but he is seat on cashier at the grocery store... I think we both have to find a M-F work schedule!


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