Weekly Wrap 8.6.17

Happy first day of the week! It was another amazing busy week for us! I'm so tired, that I can't wait to get back to work, just to be able to sit for one hour straight. 

Tuesday- 5 miles with the Harrisburg Beer Runners
Wednesday - 4 miles tempo with sprints at the end
Thursday- 2.5 sleepy miles 
Sunday- 10 miles long run

Tuesday was a busy day at the office, I barely remember what happened, but I vaguely remember having a headache and an empty stomach after work... so I joined the Harrisburg Beer Runners for a hot 5 miler. I stayed with Jodi, who kept me on pace. If I had been alone, there would have been a significant amount of walking breaks. 

After the run, I picked up 4 oz of mango something beer, it was good! Jodi also sent me home with some zucchini bread. 

My beer is so tiny, I can barely see it next to my water!

On Thursday I was up bright and early and got dressed in the dark to this lovely mix of colors. It was a hot sweaty run. 

I only wear this tank top for morning runs, it's too bright for the bright for anything else

Later on Thrusday we headed to New Jersey for Roger's annual Aikido Seminar. It was a long drive! 

Friday, while Roger tossed some people around at the seminar, my little boy enjoyed a swim at the hotel pool. He LOVES being in the water so much, maybe I should start having him train for the Olympics. 

We also drove to Ocean City NJ for a few hours of beach and sand. It was ok, we still prefer Rehoboth DE better than any other beach. We are spoiled. 

Saturday was another busy day on the road. We drove back home, I dropped off Roger and then we headed to my parents. Each summer, we attend the local(ish) Fire Department festival.  We enjoyed our traditional bucket of fries, and food from the fire hall ladies. Each year, we hope there will be a Mexican taco stand, but every year our dreams are crushed .

On Sunday, I cleaned the inside of my car! I was starting to question if I would eat something dropped on the floor, so it was best to vacuum it and clean it out. My brother also helped me clean the tight spots by the car seats, and the car almost looks new inside... minus the weird stains by my son's car sear.... 

I was trying to avoid my long run on Sunday, because my body was tired of all the driving... but headed out and did it anyway. 


I don't have a random story this week, but I'll give you a random thought. This week, I'm taking my niece, my son and my mom to Sesame Place. I am not nervous about my niece and my son, even though they can both be more than a handful, but I'm worried my mom will get tired and hate me. My mom is not a big fan of amusement parks, and can get finicky with how one cares for my niece. I'm nervous, but also excited to share the day with all of them... I will need at least 3 espressos before the day is over. 

Currently reading
Nothing. I'm waiting for books... so I'm catching up on the rest of the books. 

How was your week? 

How are the last summer weekend vacations coming along? 

Do you like cheese fries? < I am terrified of eating can cheese!! but shredded cheese is my favorite on top of hot fries!



  1. What a packed week you had. I bet your son and neice are looking forward to sesame Place. Could you take the kids by yourself so your mom doesn't have to go or would that be too much?

    I've never had cheese on fries.

    1. My son is very much looking forward to Sesame Place!

      No, letting my mom stay at home is not an option. My sister already paid for her ticket and told her she is coming. My mom is a homebody and amusement parks are not her thing, I was really surprised my sister said that she should go.

  2. I feel like your son is at that sweet spot for loving swimming. Anything much younger and they're kinda scared and anything older and they get bored too quickly. That beer is super tiny! And I'll eat any kind of cheese except moldy cheese. I don't think I've ever had cheese on fries though. Well, up in Canada we have poutine but I don't like cheese curds. GROSS.

    1. You are right! he is at that sweet spot! He LoVES being in the water!

      It was a very small beer... I like my beer a little on the sweet side, but I like to try others too, so this size is perfect. Plus, I can't drive under the influence, I would get deported, and you will have to make space for me in Canada.

      cheese curds are not my idea of something to eat either!! I'm not sure about the gravy either!

  3. Hey we prob passed each other on the turnpike on Sat because we were heading to Cape MAy! I am SOOOO OVER DRIVING. I feel like I have driven so much, between or CA vaycay, then to NYC, then to Cape May this past weekend. I'M DONE.

    1. We probably did! Did you get stuck in traffic? When we were leaving traffic on the Atlantic city exit was backed up for a while!

      I get it, I was so over driving yesterday! but I have four more big trips yet this summer!

  4. You do pack a lot in into a week! I love how cheese sauce tastes but I am terrified of what is in it, real cheese is much healthier for sure lol
    I'm loving the view in the last picture.
    I like all flavored beers :)

    1. We gotta cram everything in the last month of summer!

      Yums! real cheese is king!!

      The view is of the city of Harrisburg, there is a park in Lemoyne PA, that leads up to this park with the overlook of HBG. It's a big climb, but worth the view.

  5. Sounds like a fun week! Mango beer sounds delicious :) And good luck with the trip to Sesame Place, it sounds ambitious!


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