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Friday Five

Hello!! how are you ? I hope your New Year Celebrations are underway and plenty! I have been busy at home helping my son build his Lego sets, making waffles and burning pancakes. I also have been reading your blogs, I know I have not commented in many, but I will return and comment!

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness  for the Friday Five 2.0.

Today, I'm going to write about things I want to do before the end of 2016. While I'm ready to start writing 2016..7 on all my documents for the next month, I still have a few unresolved business with this year.

1. Finish 4 books in the next 38 hours. I'm a quarter of the way through 3 right now and I'm thinking.... who needs sleep, right?

2. Run one more race tomorrow - This will interferer for about 30 minutes with my reading, but I have wanted to race in Rehoboth since last year.

3. Finish two stacks of timesheets at work. My office is closing at 11:30 today, and if nothing else, I need to fini…

Weekly Wrap 12.25.16

Hello! how are you? I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are still off from work today!

Last week was super busy, so busy, that it felt like 2 weeks! Here is a brief view at it

Work outs
Tuesday : Cardio Funk at the Y
Wednesday : Zumba at the Y and 3 treadmill miles
Thursday: 3 tempo miles
Saturday: 4 miles

I tried the Cardio Funk class at the YMCA for the first time on Tuesday. The instructor was a great and very energetic dancer, I liked her a lot! She started the class saying that Cardio Funk was harder than zumba... yeah... no, it wasn't. If Art In Motion Fitness was around, I would tell her to go a Wicked Wednesday with Denise... that was a work out! After that, I went to Target and forgot where I parked my car! I walked around the parking lot for 15 minutes before finding it!

Wednesday at the office, we had our Holiday lunch! All the food was delicious, and I enjoyed obscene amounts of cookies!

On Friday We went to visit Longwood, for our annual family holiday visit. We had a …

Friday Five- Holiday Edition

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Happy Hanukah ! Happy 5 days off work at the end of the year!

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness  for the Friday Five 2.0.

Today I'm bringing you 5 Holiday / Christmas randoms.

1. Earlier this Week, NPR had this story on Christmas Ornaments- A Christmas Tree Ornament is Worth a thousand words.It brought tears to my eyes! We all have ornaments with a special story.

2. Liam Neeson Audition for Santa- I love Liam Neeson's voice! Everything he does is perfection!

3. All I Want For Christmas Is You- The Mariah Carey Christmas Carpool. You all know how much I love the Carpool series! and this edition made me so very happy!

4. My sister did the most amazing thing!! She *accidentally* canceled the internet and cable at my parents house yesterday, and can't get anybody to set up the new Internet provider until December 28th. So, my parent's house will be free of internet distractions the entire weekend. So we wil…

I Ran This Year!

What a year it was !! this year I raced my longest race, AND the shortest. I didn't set out to run a marathon in 2016, it sounded too scary, but I started the training and did it! I secretly gave myself a goal of 20 races this year, but realized by October, that was not going to happen, and I was ok with it.
Here are lots of pictures of my running My first 5K of the year Ice Fest 5K- 24.19. My fastest 5K of 2016  Washington DC RnR Half Marathon 1:58:59 My fastest Half marathon of the year  Gettysburg Marathon 4:49. When I look back at this picture, I wonder my I lifted my foot and can't remember. My son did his first 5K at the Kennett Run this year! I was so proud of my boy! I hope that in 2017, at least 1 brother will join us on the 5K. July was the month of the 10K and Age Group Awards 
 Dewey Beach Lifeguards 10K- 3rd AG

Best of The Year- Music

Hello there! how are you? Everybody is recapping their year, their races and what they learned about running... and I'm over here thinking .... wait, we were going to be tested at the end of the year? I didn't even take notes!! I was busy listening to music!

In January, after hearing of Alan Rickman's passing, I said I was done with 2016. Just done. Of course, I knew that was nothing just wishful thinking, because it was only January and we had 11 more months. This year other really cool things happened too. I want to remember this thing by the good things that happened in my life so, I'll start with great music that came to my ears this year.

Enrique Bunbury- Dos Clavos a Mis Alas. Last Year I made a wished for a new Bunbury CD, instead he came out with an Unplugged... is it me, or are Unplugged albums so 2000? But I love Bunbury and this song made me cry and lifted me up at the same time. I must have been listening to it on my birthday, because the crying and laughing…

Weekly Wrap 12.18.16

Good Morning,

how are you today? How was your weekend? linking up with Holly and Tricia this week.

Work outs
Monday - 3 mile Fartleck
Thursday - 3 mile frozen run and zumba
Friday- Hill training repeats, 3 miles
Sunday - 3 Treadmill miles

It was the week of the 3 miles.

Monday we ran in Camp Hill and ran into the Fire Department and Santa, we also got candy.

We also got pictures with the Christmas Tree and the moon. Thursday I had the Ugly sweater run with the Fleet Feet Group. It was very cold, but lots of people showed up. The real feel temps that night were of 1°.  On Saturday I finished wrapping most of the gifts, then the Grinches  (my brothers ) came over and stole them.... to take them to my parents. This will give us more space in the car for the drive down.

I have another long story for you... Sister #3 always gives everybody the same present, last year it was sunglasses, the year before it was scarves. So Sister #4 wants all of us to do this same ... and has assigned me books to…

Friday Five 2.0 - Christmas Coutdown

Happy Friday! How was your week?

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness  for the Friday Five 2.0.

Christmas is so close that I can almost smell the oranges and peanuts!! Yes, for me Christmas smells of oranges and clementines, all together in a bag with peanuts.

Today I have 5 things random things  that I'm looking forward to or got me through this week

1. Going to the Movies with my brothers this weekend- My brothers and I are going to see Star Wars, The Rogue One this weekend. I'm always excited to spend time with my brothers.

2. Wrapping all the presents! We are supposed to get snow overnight, and it's cold... that makes it perfect to wrap gifts and clean out the closet.

3. Madonna Carpool Karaoke- I love this James Corden Series ! I sang along with Music, that's my favorite Madonna song! I used to dance that song in college until they kicked me out of the party.

4. Suzy's Gift Guide- there is all sorts of Gift Guides for people out t…

My Favorite Books This Year

Last week, NPR released their Best Books of 2016, or as they call it NPR Book Concierge . I imagine myself the Director of a Library and picking books to purchase for the collection and wish to add them ALL!

This year I didn't read as much as other years, turns out Marathon Training takes a lot of time! But here are some of my favorite books that I found this year.

Before I start, I'll tell you that my preference for books varies, but right now my favorites are funny autobiographies by comedians.

Where'd You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple. This book is funny, crazy funny. I identified with Bernadette very much, and could not put it down. This book is everything, funny, a mystery and a look at how we treat others who are not exactly like ourselves.

Fosse by Sam Wasson - I picked this up in a whim... the library had nothing I wanted available, and I desperately needed something to listen to. So I started on Fosse and was hooked! This was one of the few books that I listened …