Best of The Year- Music

Hello there! how are you? Everybody is recapping their year, their races and what they learned about running... and I'm over here thinking .... wait, we were going to be tested at the end of the year? I didn't even take notes!! I was busy listening to music!

In January, after hearing of Alan Rickman's passing, I said I was done with 2016. Just done. Of course, I knew that was nothing just wishful thinking, because it was only January and we had 11 more months. This year other really cool things happened too. I want to remember this thing by the good things that happened in my life so, I'll start with great music that came to my ears this year.

Enrique Bunbury- Dos Clavos a Mis Alas. Last Year I made a wished for a new Bunbury CD, instead he came out with an Unplugged... is it me, or are Unplugged albums so 2000? But I love Bunbury and this song made me cry and lifted me up at the same time. I must have been listening to it on my birthday, because the crying and laughing happened all in the one time I heard the song.

Fobia- Hoy Tengo Miedo. I found this song by accident on YouTube, and it automatically hooked me. I once listened to this song on repeat for 2 hours... likely because I was trying to not have a meltdown. Leonardo De Lozane's voice is hypnotic and makes me feel safe and happy.

La Sonora Santanera y Rocco, La Boa- I'm not allowed to play this song at home anymore.... I played it way too many times and Roger has promised to destroy my phone if he hears it one more time. But I love everything about this song! Rocco's smooth voice, the perfect synchronization of the band, to the claps and cheers at the end. I dance this song in the kitchen while packing my son's lunch... in my headphones.

Everything by Los Angeles Azules! But this song, (which I can't buy on iTunes) has been my life line for the last 3 months.

I'm working on a review of the running I did this year, it's coming... really.

What was your favorite song this year?
What was your favorite Podcast this year?
What do you listen to when you feel a meltdown coming ?
Do you need holiday detox music? I do!!


  1. Haha, I liked "wait, we were going to be tested at the end of the year?". I love your humor!

    1. Thanks!! I'm very glad you enjoy my humor!

  2. I like all the music you share - it is new to me :)
    I can't deal with much holiday music lol if I hear Mariah one more time I will pop lol
    I have not made it through one complete podcast of 2016 - that is hard lol Cake by the Ocean for running maybe. Trying to pick one is a lot of pressure ;0)


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