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What I have learned about running in two years

5K, 10K, 3.1, 6.2, 13.1, 26.2, bib, tech shirts, training, PR, sprints, hill training, splits, carb loading, ct5K, ultramarathon…. And so many I more I can’t remember. I started running just for fun, my sister and I did a 5K… I honestly didn’t know how long a 5K was, just knew I had to run it. We did well, but people started asking me things, that I didn’t know how to answer “What was your time?” what ? Time? We started at 9:30 and finished at 10:02… that time? “What was your pace?” I was going slowish…. That pace? “how was your split?” I went running, there was no splitting. “Was this a PR for you?” A PR? Puerto Rican Rice? Where I want some, now please. Carb loading? Why, yes please!
I have learned a few things, mostly by trial and error. I have learned others by researching and others by reading books, magazines and blogs. Here is a few things that now I know
5K (Kilometers) - is a 5 Kilometers run, or 3.10 miles. My most popular run!
I like to tell people how far 3 miles are from …

Running in Costumes

Running in Costumes
Last year I ran the Harrisburg Hero Run dressed at El Chapulin Colorado, to my knowledge there is not many Mexican Super Heroes, I appreciate and love comic book heroes, Wonder Woman totally rocks those shorts and boots, Batman broodiness is super rock and roll and I will never deny the appeal of Chris Evans as Captain America, but neither appealed to me in thinking of a super Hero costume. In Mexico, We have El Chapulin Colorado, a parody of superhero shows, and I was determined to run dressed as him for the Hero run. Lucky for me, Trick of Treat weekend was the same as the Hero run, and The Art In Motion Fitness Halloween Party was that Sunday as well….. I got a lot of mileage of the $18 costume!!
This year, I was inspired and have wanted to do more runs in costume, just because it gets me thinking of costumes, working on them and adding to the fun of the run.
First run this year was the Irish Jig Jog Run, with a costume contest. I wanted to dress up, but didn’t w…

Exhausting 3 days!

Half way to Marathon Training
I have been training for the Hershey Half Marathon for 2 months now. I signed up back in June, knowing I would have to train hard for the October race. There have been other things I didn’t consider, and are still trying to learn. Yesterday I learned a good lesson; rest can make or break a long run.
I am divorced and share custody of my son with his father. We have a strange schedule that allows us both to see our son for a few days alternating each week. And that means, I train when I’m alone, sometimes 3 consecutive days of training, with a race in between, but also 3 days of no activity or training at all. This weekend, I had to train for 3 days and overdid it and now I’m paying for it.
On Friday, I had off from work, and it was a beautiful day. Roget and I decided to go hiking to Swatara State Park. The Park has 24 miles of trails, and the Appalachian Trail goes by it. We both thought, without telling each other, we would do about 4 miles and go home. Bu…