Monday, April 13, 2015

The day she left.

The day She left

The news had nothing to report on her passing this morning. The news had nothing to say of the impact of her life on so many of us, but her children, her grandchildren, we will always remember our beloved grandmother. Ninfa Diaz. Our beautiful Ninfita, the most beautiful grandmother we could have ever asked for.

My grandmother was 92, she was born and raised in El Moro, a small rancho of Yuriria Guanajuato. She was married at 14, and had her first son my Tio Manuel at 15. My mom was her 5th child. She was a hardworking mother, a kind woman and a brave soul.

I had the immense pleasure to live with her for two summers of my life, when I was 5 and 6. The age of my son, at the current time. She used to get up at the crack of dawn to go to El Molino and get started on her daily chores. Once I was talking to her on the phone, I work at a place where I have to be at work at 7:30 am, which is a little early for some of the jobs. At the time I was starting at 7:00 am, because of a flex schedule we have. She asked me on the phone, What time do I start work, I said 7:00 am. And she said, in the calmest tone and ease “Oh, ya tardecito”. Oh, a little late on the day. Remember what time she used to get up, I said “Si, ya tardecito”.

During the time I lived with her, she made it very clear that I was to help out. I was to get up with her and go to El Molino, help her make tortillas, help her wash dishes, feed the chickens, collect eggs, go with her to take lunch to my grandfather. So she would get me up at 7 am, and we would walk to el Molino, she would take me to get some bread at one of the two stores in El Rancho. Once we couldn’t find sweet cookies, so she bought me 5 ritz crackers. I don’t remember if I ate them, but as she never let me waste my food, I probably ate them.

She was the first one to let me have coffee, I still remember she made me a small cup of coffee with a ton of sugar, it was instant coffee, but I was hooked.

She also made me eat nopales, which at age 5, I had probably never had before.  I used to feast on frijoles y nopales while watching cartoons on the little time I had off from helping with Chores.

I always told her growing up that I loved her more than anybody else on the world, and she would tell me she loved me too. I used to ask if she loved me more than my other cousins, she would always tell me she loved us all the same.

When I would talk to her on the phone, here in USA, she would still asked me if I still liked nopales and frijoles, and I still do.

For Dia de Los Niños, she used to give us coins, wrapped on a tissue, it was the most awesome treasure we could receive.

When I was little, I asked her if she was in Love with my grandfather when she married him, she chuckled a little and said to me “ay hija! No todo es como te dicen en la novelas. No, eso del amor es solo para la television”. I should have learned that when I was 6…. Could have saved me some time.

I miss my grandmother, I love her and will always love her.

Hershey 10K

Hershey 10K
My ratings
Shirt - Yellow. I didn't like the color. Good fabric.
Bib- It was so awesome to have my named printed on the bib!!
goodies - there was a coupon in my bag for 6 free cookies, I love Hershey Sugar cookies! and am very excited about it. There was a coupon for $2 off Spring Time in Hershey. and $12 off regular admission.
Portable toilets- a good amount of them! and mostly clean!
Parking - Free Parking at Hershey Park lot.
Water stops- 2. First for water, second Gatorade and water.
size of the run - Website says 3,000.


I had a great run on Saturday; it felt easy at the time, only felt like stopping a couple of times, which seems to be normal.
It was windy, and cold. The sun was coming out, but still windy. In my mind, I had expected it would be sunny and a warm 55 degrees, but half of the spring in Pennsylvania is still cold; and we ended up with a windy 45 sunny day. I had planned to wear a long sleeve shirt, with a short sleeve shirt on top, but changed my mind after the 5K last week and getting really hot half way through, but changed my mind and wore a different shirt. This moment makes me think of the opera singer from Scrubs that shows up an sings "MISTAKE!" when JD makes a bad decision, I could have used that guy Saturday Morning.

I wanted to leave at 6:00, but took a few minutes longer getting out of bed. We left at 6:15 and stopped at Dunking for my pre-race meal, of a bagel and coffee. Then as I got on the highway I realized I left my sunglasses behind! No!! No time to go back and no extra sunglasses in my car, not a single pair! but off I went to the run!

We got there and my anxiety was getting the best of me, I thought I would be the last one there, still needed to put on my number, stretch, drink water and eat my strawberries!! Of course, I was not the last one there, many people were getting there and we still had plenty of time.

The wind really started hitting me getting of the car and started walking to Hershey Stadium. I wore a running tank top, with a pink  polyester shirt, a tissue long sleeve shirt, Capri leggings, long pink socks, my Nike sneakers and my New Balance jacket. The plan was to warm up before the run and not carry the jacket, but the wind was cold, so the jacket was coming, even if I had to drop it off along the road.

We walked around and stretched, run some and kept moving around. It's funny that the first time I did a run, I refused to use the portable toilet, and now I go in them with no issues or argument, only hoping that it's still early in the run that not many have used it. So in this Hershey 10K gets extra point, for the large amount of Portable toilets!

The run started at 7:30, they did the national anthem, or I think it was the national anthem... could barely hear it. Between the nerves and the excitement, it was almost unnoticeable. The run started and I didn't hear a gun go off, a timer or anything to indicate it was starting. I realized it as everybody started to walk though the starting line and saw the chip readers on the floor. The amount of people was amazing, the colors everybody was wearing created a beautiful rainbow of bright colors. My emotions were running high.

The run was a little hilly, not surprise there. I trained knowing that Hershey Park has very steep hills inside, and thinking we would be running through them. We ran against the wind for the first 2 miles. It felt good. I saw people stopping, people speed walking, people taking selfies on the first .25 mile. I also saw a couple of girls wearing gray tutus, they were supposed to be Hershey Kisses.

I started passing people, thinking of keeping my pace slow, so I wouldn't get tired too quickly. The very first marker I saw was for 2K, roughly 1.2 miles. By this point I was getting warm and my jacket started to feel really heavy. I pushed it to my shoulders, but that only  made it heavier. We ran on the road for about 1.5 miles and got our first water break at 2.5 miles. It bothers me a lot that some runners just flat out stop at the water stations, we need some type of signal... a signal that says "I'm stopping completely! " so that those of us who don't wish to stop don't run into others.

At this point my jacket felt like it weight 15 pounds on my arms, I wasn't ready to give it up, so tied it on my waist that worked for about 5 minutes, when it slid off me and tripped me. At this point, I was done with the jacket. Made my peace with leaving it behind and not seeing it ever again... and on the back of my mind hoping that somebody would pick it up and bring it to lost and found. I dropped off the jacket by a stop sign on the side of the road, the feeling of relief immediately made me feel lighter!

At this point I had ran past the 6K sing, and somewhere, I saw we were 4 miles something in. We were running into Hershey Park now, the part I had been waiting for all the run! I have been to Hershey park a lot of times, and know the park and know the paths very well. My fear was that we would be running the hills by the Trailblazer area, my plan had been to slow down and take the highs easy, but to my surprise we didn't go through there, that area was blocked off. We went by the boardwalk and around to Zoo America entrance, then around to the new rollercoaster and out of the park to the Stadium.

I was done! I felt so happy, I cried! because I didn't stop once, and had completed the race under 1 hour! I wasn't sobbing, but tears didn't stop for a few minutes. 56.19!

The run was good, my body felt good, my legs felt good and I was very happy!

I got my medal, which was awesome! my refreshment bag, water and the wrapping blanket, as the wind was blowing strong at me.

Then we went to breakfast at Sofia's for a well deserved Sofia's special's Breakfast! which I devoured!

Crazy thoughts I had during the 10K
* I want to get a tattoo
* I should buy a really cool pair of sunglasses
* why didn't I drink more water?
* I can't buy this things, I don't have money!
* I should really invest on a nice quick dry long sleeve running shirt
* again with the buying
* I wonder if my boy is still sleeping
* I really should get a tattoo
* This is for Ninfita, my beautiful abuelita. Get better soon Ninfita!! please!!
* I should have worn a headband
* I can't believe I didn't bring my sunglasses

Songs on my playlist during the run (the ones I remember)
Ingrata- Café Tacuba
Jefe de Jefes - Tigres del Norte
Get Free- The Hives
Mister Cellophane - John C Reilly- Chicago Soundtrack
Fighter- Christina Aguilera
Lejos de La Tristeza- Enrique Bunbury
Mi Gente- Kumbia Kings
Iberia Sumergida- Enrique Bunbury
Indian Moonshine- zumba
Jai Ho- Slumdog millionare soundtrack
Mirate- La Ley
El Amor El Amor- Zumba

The day before the Hershey 10K

Late post- written Friday 410.15., edited and posted Monday 4.13.15
The day before the run

The day is almost here! All the preparation, including the food, the runs, the mental notes… all for tomorrow. I signed up for the 10K on February, I decided I was doing the run in January. All came from a conversation I had with my ex-husband two years ago. He told me that there was a run that went through Hershey Park, and the time I was intrigued, but didn’t research it. Last year I remembered and looked d it up and it had passed. Early this year, with the resolution to do more runs, I found the Hershey run, and got a little scared at finding out it was a 10K. I did several 5Ks last year, so I thought I was ready for a 10K.
Training started in January, small short runs, 1 mile, then 1.5. Worked to 2 miles, then after I registered, I went full on training, increasing my mileage each week. My best run was 5.75 miles, and I felt good after it. My last run was 5.15, and it was a hard run. I had run a 5K the day before, and driven back from Rehoboth beach, I was tired and my shins were tired and sore.

I haven’t run since, thinking that my legs needed all the rest they could use before the big run. And now I’m afraid that my shin will be in too much pain to run a good race on Saturday. Scared, is the one word that comes to mind when thinking of the Hershey 10K,
I also decided that my eating would have to change, this was no 3.1 mile runs anymore, this was over 5 miles in one day. Last year I gave up coke, which at the time was a very big event for me, but I have managed to cut most of it from my diet.
I know my body can be described as skinny by most standards, but I love food! my favorite food has been burgers since I was young, love bread, donuts, and rice! I once proposed marriage to a baker who gave me a loaf of bread. For this run, I gave up burgers and donuts, knowing that those were heavy foods, that were full of fats and sugars.
So, off to pick up my bib and shirt, hoping the shirt will be something I can wear!