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Throw Back Post- My First Job

Good morning World of Virtual Friends! How is everybody doing today? I hope you are enjoying your Thursday Morning.

Today's post is a semi-political one, because I'm TIRED of hearing that immigrants are stealing jobs. I am an immigrant and I am not stealing jobs.

My parents moved me here when I was 14. I had no choice, we packed our stuff and moved here from Mexico.

When we moved here, I learned about my father and his working habits, it was like getting to know him all over again. My Dad is a hard worker, he has only called off when he was really really sick, so sick that he had to take FMLA.

Anyway, I was 15.5 when I got my first job. It was at a Mushroom farm in Avondale Pa. Mushrooms are the main industry in Southern Chester County Pennsylvania. Kennett Square calls itself "The Mushroom Capitol Of The World".

My Dad's cousin was the manage for this mushroom farm, my 3 uncles worked there, and my Dad had worked there many years before, so he counted on us being…

Tuesdays On The Run- Races

I love doing races, more than I like doing the training. For me, there is so much energy in a race, so many things happening, so much excitement! What makes me choose a race? Below is a short breakdown of my thought process while choosing a race.

Today I'm linking-up with PattyErika, and Marcia.

Schedule - When my son is with his father for the weekend, emotionally this days used to be dreadful, painful, and in a good day, all I wanted to do was stay home and watch TV until Sunday night arrived. Having races gave me something to look forward to on Saturdays and Sundays.

Distance- 5Ks for me are something I can do quickly in a Saturday Morning, then go for breakfast and carry on enjoying the rest of the day. A 10K is similar, except for me, it hurts more. A Half Marathon is definitely something that will take at least a few hours, canceling out half of the day and leaving the other half for extra carb loading and watching movies in the couch. A Marathon is a 24 hour event, that in…

VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #4 and Runfessions

Good morning dear Internet Friends! how is everybody doing today? Last week was great here, busy, hot and full of fun.

Monday - 2 easy miles
Tuesday - 1 sucky Zumba class and 400 meter sprints x 10.
Wednesday - 5 Easy miles
Saturday - 5 mile bike ride
Sunday - 9 miles long run

I'm double dipping on Link ups today again, because I missed last week Runfessions, and still have things that I need to get off my chest. So today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post and with Marcia for the June Runfessions. 

Monday- I was up bright and early for a quick 2 miler around my hood. I enjoy the feeling of running so early in the morning, it's just so hard to get up at 5:30 am.

After coming back from work and picking up the Love Nugget, he wanted to play soccer outside. It was blazing hot, but we headed out anyway. I couldn't find my "walking sneakers" so I put on my trail running shoes. By the time we got back inside, my posterior shins wer…

The New Loaded Question - Do You Eat Healthy ?

Groundbreaking Stuff going on here today!! A runner talking about food and eating!! No way!!  How could anybody possibly skip this?
People at work have taken to constantly asking me about eating, exercise and weigh loss. Random questions include, and are not limited to : How many calories is there in a chocolate frosted donut? How long do I have to work out to burn it off? What makes food organic? Is an organic frozen pepperoni pizza good for you? Do you eat bread? What do you know about the Paleo Diet? What's a Whole 30 diet? How can I lose 10 lbs. quickly?  I get asked so many questions, that I have an automatic answer "I am not a certified nutritionist,  I do not have answers for you."

But today, somebody asked me a very intense question... "Do you eat healthy?" Well, for me, that was no easy answer.

I cook most of my dinners, and *try* to stay away from McDonalds. It has been about 6 years since I last set foot in a Taco Bell. But I have a really hard time w…

Things I Don't Want to Hear When PMSing

The Other night I was crying all over the place, hearing about the Orlando shootings is heartbreaking. I couldn't control my emotions at work, on the car or anywhere. I almost started crying too when somebody came in to the Zumba studio to pickup some tables... because my Zumba studio is closing at the end of the summer.

I didn't realized that I was PMSin until Roger asked me my most hated question at the end of the day: Ideas for Dinner?

Then I realized that it had been a very emotional and stressful day. I heard things that I don't like to hear when my hormones are controlling my emotions, and I thought of sharing those awful things here in my blog.

Things I don't like to Hear when PMSing

* We are out of scones

* We are also out of chocolate croissants

* I threw out your Honey Walnut cream cheese

* Ideas for dinner?

* Are you making dinner?

* Do you want to have salad for dinner?

* No, I'm not in the mood for Froyo.

* I don't want to Watch Buffy

* We are out of sc…

VB RnR and BIH Weekly Wrap #3

Good Morning Internet!! how is everybody doing today? I'm a bit sleepy, but all good.

Week 2 of training was not very productive, I feel it was pretty lazy and I really need to pick it up, and stop slacking!

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Monday - Zumba with Susan, and Weights
Thursday - 6 miles with Fleet Feet Group
Saturday - 3 mile hike and 1 mile run with my Brother
Sunday- 6 easy miles

Monday I headed out Zumba, because for me, there is about 20 zumba days left at Art In Motion fitness. They are closing at the end of August and as of this moment, they do not have a new location. This makes me very sad, this is going to be a huge change for me, because going to Art in Motion has been a part of my routine for 5 years.

Zumba was great fun, I danced and sweated a lot!

Then Weights with Roger at the YMCA. It felt pretty hard, but nothing was sore the next day, so it's likely I wasn't really trying hard.

On Wednesday there was a kids ra…

Friday 5 Favorites

Good Friday Morning Internet Friends! How is everybody doing today?

I am linking up with  Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the Friday Five.

This Friday, I'm sharing my favorite things of this week.

1. Today is My older sister's (Sister #1) Birthday! Happy Birthday lovely!  Dear Hermanita, please don't pull my hair when you see me!

2. My love nugget did a kids run this Wednesday, he was 2nd place in the group. He loved it! I am so proud of him!

3. I was very reluctant to like James Corden, because he replaced my FAVORITE late night host, Craig Fergusson, but this Carpool Karaoke with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers was amazing!

4. Running 6 miles with the Fleet Fee Group- I was tired, I didn't feel like it, and I just wanted to lay in bed and listen to Lorde, but I picked myself up, changed and went. Running with this group is always so much fun!

5. I love that it's finally Friday! The weeks that I work 5 days feel like an eternity ! Only 6 hours, 42 minutes and 10 seconds …

Throwback Post- Grocery shopping in 1999

Back in 1999, I used to do the grocery shopping with my mom. At the time, we lived in an apartment on the second floor, all 8 of us. And I still remember most of what we did on those shopping days.

In our house my Dad and I were the only ones who knew how to drive, and we were in charge of getting everybody else around.

We had a routine for groceries, we would not buy all of our groceries in one place, we simply couldn't afford it. And if there is one person in the world who can stretch a $1 as far as possible, that is my mother. So after our Saturday work shift at To-Jo Mushrooms, we would head out to the following places

The Fruit/ Vegetable stand in Kennett Square- We would buy all and any produce there. 3 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lbs of Bananas, 6 apples, Onions, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, lettuce. Now, we didn't splurge on things that would not get eaten quick, like Strawberries, Mangos, or Avocados. This gave me some sort of trauma, because I didn't find myself feeling ab…

New York 20 Hours Adventure

My younger sister, aka Sister # 3 called me three weeks before the Enrique Bunbury show, demanding to know if I had purchased tickets and booked a hotel. I was caught off guard, because in years before, we had planned the trip the night before, so it wasn't as if there was no time. So the next day I booked the hotel, bought the tickets and requested time off from work.

Traveling to NYC- trains, automobiles, ferries and subways

Roger gave me a ride to work, so my car would not be in my office parking lot overnight. He asked me to get a ride to the train station, because he didn't think it was safe for me to walk 4 blocks to the train station. If he ask you... I had John from my office give me a ride.... you know, John with the blonde hair, and a Honda car... ok, ok... John is made up! I walked there, it was a beautiful sunny day and it took me exactly 9 minutes to get there.

I used to be afraid of getting on the wrong train... but since not many trains come to Harrisburg, I got …