Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throw Back Post- My First Job

Good morning World of Virtual Friends! How is everybody doing today? I hope you are enjoying your Thursday Morning.

Today's post is a semi-political one, because I'm TIRED of hearing that immigrants are stealing jobs. I am an immigrant and I am not stealing jobs.

My parents moved me here when I was 14. I had no choice, we packed our stuff and moved here from Mexico.

When we moved here, I learned about my father and his working habits, it was like getting to know him all over again. My Dad is a hard worker, he has only called off when he was really really sick, so sick that he had to take FMLA.

Anyway, I was 15.5 when I got my first job. It was at a Mushroom farm in Avondale Pa. Mushrooms are the main industry in Southern Chester County Pennsylvania. Kennett Square calls itself "The Mushroom Capitol Of The World".

My Dad's cousin was the manage for this mushroom farm, my 3 uncles worked there, and my Dad had worked there many years before, so he counted on us being safe there.

Our work shift started at 4:00 am, and we worked until 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It was exhausting! But we were not allowed to complain, at all. My Dad worked this shift 7 days a week, and he never complained. Never did we hear my father say "I'm too tired". He would mostly say "I'm going to sleep, wake me when dinner is ready"

All the workers I met there were always nice and friendly to us... some of the guys were a bit too friendly... but they all worked hard. Everybody was there at 4:00 am to start work, and anybody who arrived late would not be allowed to work, and eventually would get fired within a week.

At the time, most of us were being paid minimum wage, $5.15 back then. There were no benefits to be had. No health insurance, no overtime, no vacation days, no sick days, no holidays. I think the first time I heard about paid time off, I asked the manager if she was joking.

All which brings me to my main point... We are not stealing jobs from the Citizens of the United States. Citizens of the United States don't want the jobs that immigrants do.

Years later, I was running a youth program, and I had a Puerto Rican student who needed a job quickly. I called my contacts and set him up for a job at a mushroom farm, as soon as I explained to him the work, and the schedule, he said to me "No way, I'm not traveling to Mexico" and I said "This job is not in Mexico, is in Avondale PA." He didn't take the job.

Even now, I work for a place who helps families get back to work. But a lot of times, our participants don't want the jobs that don't pay overtime, the jobs that start too early, the jobs that don't offer vacation time, the jobs that pay minimum wage.

Now, I get it. We live in a developed country, why settle for the minimum wage jobs with no benefits? I get it. But then I ask those who claim we are stealing their jobs... Do you want a bad paying job, with no benefits? It's low paid, but it's a job. If Yes, then there are lots of jobs at the mushroom farms... believe me, I just saw about 10 signs in Chester County that were looking for Mushroom pickers. If no, then stop complaining and just flat out say what the real fear is.

Last year when I read Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential, he said the best employees he has had are Mexican and Central American immigrants. They are willing to start at the very bottom, because a job is a job. I also admire that he has been very outspoken against Donald Trump's proposal to deport millions of Illegal Immigrants.

Wow!! that turned into a rant very quickly!

Your Turn! What was your first job? What was minimum wage at your first job? would you start at the bottom again if you had to?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesdays On The Run- Races

I love doing races, more than I like doing the training. For me, there is so much energy in a race, so many things happening, so much excitement! What makes me choose a race? Below is a short breakdown of my thought process while choosing a race.

Today I'm linking-up with PattyErika, and Marcia.

Schedule - When my son is with his father for the weekend, emotionally this days used to be dreadful, painful, and in a good day, all I wanted to do was stay home and watch TV until Sunday night arrived. Having races gave me something to look forward to on Saturdays and Sundays.

Distance- 5Ks for me are something I can do quickly in a Saturday Morning, then go for breakfast and carry on enjoying the rest of the day. A 10K is similar, except for me, it hurts more. A Half Marathon is definitely something that will take at least a few hours, canceling out half of the day and leaving the other half for extra carb loading and watching movies in the couch. A Marathon is a 24 hour event, that includes lots of pizza, water, and a whole tiramisu just for myself.

I loved that awesome bagel at DC!
My favorite post race meal!! Pizza!!

Type of Race- I am a total sucker for fun races! You want me to run while somebody throws colors at me? Yes please! Run while wearing a super hero costume? Yes please!  Turkey Trots- Gobble Gobble!

Turkey Trotting
Color run with my sister

I also like races that benefit local agencies... Like the Library, because I LOVE the Library! I also enjoy doing the Girls On The Run Races, even when I feel left out of the celebrations.

I still want to add some type of obstacle run to my roster of races.... but those are more expensive, and further away.

Cost- 5Ks are cheaper than Half Marathons, but still not free. My sisters used to ask me how I paid for all the races, and I used to tell them that I was a stripper on weekends... ja ja ja .... no, I'm not really a stripper, I don't have the moves for that line of work.

Here is the truth, I saved my money specifically for races. So if I wanted to do a race, I would pack lunch and save that money for the registration fee. And packing lunch helped me with my nutrition on preparation for a race.

Speaking of cost.... I found a free 10K to do this weekend! I have no experience with doing a free race, but hey ! what is there to lose?

Location- I prefer local races and sleeping on my own bed. But I have occasionally done out of town races. I count those as Racecations.

Bunny Palooza in Bethany Beach DE

How about you?
What is a deciding factor on choosing a race?
Do you save to pay for races?
Have you ever done a free race?
What is your favorite Post Race food?

Monday, June 27, 2016

VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #4 and Runfessions

Good morning dear Internet Friends! how is everybody doing today? Last week was great here, busy, hot and full of fun.

Monday - 2 easy miles
Tuesday - 1 sucky Zumba class and 400 meter sprints x 10.
Wednesday - 5 Easy miles
Saturday - 5 mile bike ride
Sunday - 9 miles long run

I'm double dipping on Link ups today again, because I missed last week Runfessions, and still have things that I need to get off my chest. So today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post and with Marcia for the June Runfessions. 

Monday- I was up bright and early for a quick 2 miler around my hood. I enjoy the feeling of running so early in the morning, it's just so hard to get up at 5:30 am.

There is an Alien coming to my house... oh wait, no it's just me stretching ....
After coming back from work and picking up the Love Nugget, he wanted to play soccer outside. It was blazing hot, but we headed out anyway. I couldn't find my "walking sneakers" so I put on my trail running shoes. By the time we got back inside, my posterior shins were in pain. And I Runfess, that I ignored the pain and went on my way to eat dinner without stretching or icing it.

I went to Zumba, because at last count I had 20 Zumba days at Art In Motion Fitness before they close. I had no idea who would be doing it, but I forced myself to go, because it was too hot to run.

I Runfess (or ZumbaFess?) that I hated it. The instructor was a person I've never seen before. I'm really sorry for my next words, I'm a jerk, and some days I hate myself for thinking this, but the instructor was not in shape, and couldn't dance, and I just don't like to take fitness classes from somebody who is less fit than me... which says a lot... because I don't consider myself super sporty or super fit. But she was doing some really weird moves, and kept doing the whoop whoop screams that some zumba instructors feel they absolutely must do, but come off as annoying and needy. Her music was great, but it was really quiet, I could hear my feet hitting the floor, and I hate that. It's like being in a car singing at the top of your lungs to quiet music, what's the point! I wanted to cry and I wanted to walk out, but I stayed because I didn't want to be a total bumbyHole! So, here it is. I will never go back to Zumba on Tuesdays at Art In Motion, therefore reducing my Zumbat at AIMF to 15 sessions left. ME SAD.

After that I headed out for some much needed loud music and heart pumping activity. ... Sprints.... It was HOT! and I was very sweaty.


On Wednesday Zumba with Denise was so much better than whatever zumba I had done the night before.

I met Roger for 5 easy miles and at Mile 3.5, we ran into a car accident. Last week the Tuesdays On The Run link up had people talking about the Strangest things found in a run, and before Wednesday, the strangest thing for me was a dog on a stroller, but now I can say the strangest thing is a car accident... fresh car accident.

We ran towards Holy Spirit Hospital, and right as I was about to turn around, I saw a car stuck around trees. I thought it was a car parked there, but the trees around looked crushed. I ran back and got Roger, because he had my phone.

Other cars had pulled up, as we were dialing 911. A man at the scene said that the driver stopped when he ran over a road sign, and that he was next to him, trying to get him out of the car, when he flew off and crashed into the trees.

Roger Checking on the driver.

The Driver was safe, no injuries. But Roger said that he was likely very drunk. That added lots of excitement to the day!

By the time we got home, my posterior shins were very tight, and it was hurting when I walked. This time I didn't ignore it. I iced it, rolled it and marked with a A (for Ana) and put it a compression sleeve for recovery...

Friday we headed to our 2nd Friday Summer Road trip . We went to Children's Lake in Boiling Springs PA. It was so beautiful and relaxing! We walked part of the Appalachian Trail, fed the ducks, and the swans. We also bumped into a group of hikers that were doing a hike through the AT. They were from California, and were hiking for 2 more weeks!

Children's Lake
Entrance to The AT by Yellow Breeches creek

We also went to The Carlisle Army War College Museum.

Saturday we headed to Pine  Grove Furnace and did a family bike ride, which ended up being 5.3 miles. I was so proud of my Love Nugget for sticking with the biking, even thought he got tired and walked most of the last mile. He has outgrown his bike already, and we only got it last year.

Safely parked selfie... don't bike and Selfie!

Sunday, later in the afternoon we headed to Camp Hill for our long run. It was very hot, again, but we were not going to put it off. We ran and were drenched in sweat 1 mile in. I Runfess that I wanted to go home and take a nap instead of running in the heat!

By the Creek at mile 8

Last week I was complaining that people often ask me how to lose 10 Pounds quick, and I finally have an answer for them! How to Lose 10 Pounds QUICK ! Vote to leave the European Union, and you might lose more than 10 Pounds! .... (Crickets chirping .....) .....Too soon?

Totals :
Miles - 19
Zumba - 1.5 ( I can't possibly count Tuesday for a whole Zumba )
Weights- 0 :~(
Injuries - Posterior Shin Splints  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The New Loaded Question - Do You Eat Healthy ?

Groundbreaking Stuff going on here today!! A runner talking about food and eating!! No way!!  How could anybody possibly skip this?

People at work have taken to constantly asking me about eating, exercise and weigh loss. Random questions include, and are not limited to : How many calories is there in a chocolate frosted donut? How long do I have to work out to burn it off? What makes food organic? Is an organic frozen pepperoni pizza good for you? Do you eat bread? What do you know about the Paleo Diet? What's a Whole 30 diet? How can I lose 10 lbs. quickly?  I get asked so many questions, that I have an automatic answer "I am not a certified nutritionist,  I do not have answers for you."

But today, somebody asked me a very intense question... "Do you eat healthy?" Well, for me, that was no easy answer.

I cook most of my dinners, and *try* to stay away from McDonalds. It has been about 6 years since I last set foot in a Taco Bell. But I have a really hard time with avoiding Chick Fil A and the Wegmans pizza shop. Lunch tends to be my biggest meal of the day, and if I'm not doing any work outs, it can be pretty bad.

There are things that I don't like to eat, but the main reason for me is flavor, never a diet... this things can include granola bars, prepackaged cookies, frozen meals... those Lean Cuisine frozen things are something I wouldn't touch, because they have no flavor and they never filled me up (The two times I had one). I could give you a longer list, but again, that is because I am a picky eater, not because I'm on a diet.

Clean Eating seems to be the catch phrase that sounds most promising, but clean eating is a very challenging tasks, because at least for me, clean eating also means local items that haven't traveled the entire world to come to me... which could mean all I can have is the tomatoes my mom grows on her garden. A Friend from work told me that he was starting a Clean Eating diet, but when I told him that he couldn't have a white bread avocado sandwich, he said I was being too picky. I invited him to read the ingredients for his white bread.

I eat what makes me feel good, veggies, salads, fresh meals... and things that will help me with the running and workouts, more veggies, fruits, carbs... Always CARBS!

So, on this world of Fat Free, glutten free, low carb, non dairy, no sugar, oganic, non GMO, low fat, nothing yummy for my tummy... The answer that I gave to the "Do you eat healthy?" Question... It depends on what day it is, BUT I haven't had McDonalds in 2 weeks!

How about you?
Are you tired of runners talking about food?
Do random people ask you how to lose 10 lbs FAST!?
Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?
Anything off limits?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Things I Don't Want to Hear When PMSing

The Other night I was crying all over the place, hearing about the Orlando shootings is heartbreaking. I couldn't control my emotions at work, on the car or anywhere. I almost started crying too when somebody came in to the Zumba studio to pickup some tables... because my Zumba studio is closing at the end of the summer.

I didn't realized that I was PMSin until Roger asked me my most hated question at the end of the day: Ideas for Dinner?

Then I realized that it had been a very emotional and stressful day. I heard things that I don't like to hear when my hormones are controlling my emotions, and I thought of sharing those awful things here in my blog.

Things I don't like to Hear when PMSing

* We are out of scones

* We are also out of chocolate croissants

* I threw out your Honey Walnut cream cheese

* Ideas for dinner?

* Are you making dinner?

* Do you want to have salad for dinner?

* No, I'm not in the mood for Froyo.

* I don't want to Watch Buffy

* We are out of scones (second day in a row)

* We are also out of chocolate croissants (again, second day in a row)

 Who is eating all of the scones and
chocolate croissants in the
Lemoyne/Harrisburg Area before 7:00 am?

*Ana, Can you please look at this report? Andrea** didn't like how you did it. (** some names have been changed to protect the identity of those who make me angry)

* I drank the rest of your wine

* There is no more coffee

* I need to you attend a mandatory Meeting

So, while I go investigate the case of the missing scones and demand that my reports be accepted the way they are (The correct way), I'll leave you with this treasure by Carla Morrison, Dejenme Llorar, *Let me cry*.

Your Turn!! What are things you don't like to hear when PMSing? or just don't like to hear when in a bad mood, tired or mad?

Monday, June 20, 2016

VB RnR and BIH Weekly Wrap #3

Good Morning Internet!! how is everybody doing today? I'm a bit sleepy, but all good.

Week 2 of training was not very productive, I feel it was pretty lazy and I really need to pick it up, and stop slacking!

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Monday - Zumba with Susan, and Weights
Thursday - 6 miles with Fleet Feet Group
Saturday - 3 mile hike and 1 mile run with my Brother
Sunday- 6 easy miles

Monday I headed out Zumba, because for me, there is about 20 zumba days left at Art In Motion fitness. They are closing at the end of August and as of this moment, they do not have a new location. This makes me very sad, this is going to be a huge change for me, because going to Art in Motion has been a part of my routine for 5 years.

Zumba was great fun, I danced and sweated a lot!

Then Weights with Roger at the YMCA. It felt pretty hard, but nothing was sore the next day, so it's likely I wasn't really trying hard.

On Wednesday there was a kids race and a 5K in City Island, my son wanted to do the Kids Race, so we headed out there after I picked him up from Day Camp. He came in second of the kids group, and he was very proud of himself. I was also very proud of my little Nugget ! He tells me that he is now ready to do a 10K!

My Nuggett finishing the race. Picture from the ALA Facebook page

My boy and his medal

We celebrated with 20 minutes at the arcade, and he won enough tickets for 2 Dum-Dum lollypops.

Racing a car after his race

Thursday I was very sleepy and feeling lazy, but I headed out to the Fleet Feet group run. I hadn't been there since April, because baseball taken my Thursday nights. I felt good to run with the group again. We did 6 miles in hot and humid weather, and it felt amazing!

The backwoods of Wegmans

Friday I headed to Delaware to celebrate my Older Sister's Birthday. She wanted to go to the Casino in Delaware, so we met there. Casinos are not my type of places, but I followed along because it was her birthday and that was what she wanted to do.

Birthday Girl with a fake flower crow from Snapchat

Illegal picture at the Casino. I didn't know taking pictures at the casino is not allowed.

I was up way past my bedtime... but enjoyed time with my siblings!

On Saturday I was all sorts of annoyed. I had planed to drive back to Harrisburg to go to zumba, but got guilted into staying for breakfast.... My sister got me with this one "Is Zumba more important to you, than having breakfast with us?" There was no other safe way to answer that. So I stayed.

My brother invited me to run, but we couldn't agree on where to run. I wanted to run around town, he wanted to drive to a local park. He refused to run in Oxford because he doesn't like to run in streets, and I refused to drive to the park, because we didn't have time to waste driving around. It was getting hot, and late. We didn't run.

So short of miles, with no zumba, we headed back to Harrisburg and we went to Wildwood to do the loop and a couple of the trails. Brother #1 saw a snake on a tree and almost took off running.

The Bros at Wildwood

My favorite Trail at Wildwood Park

My brother #2 challenged me to a 1 mile run, to see who could run faster.

His time : 7:02
My time : 7:20

Bro #2 and I after our 1 mile run.

Brother #1 took a 5 minute nap, and he told us he was the real winner.

During our hike we talked about our favorite movies, the are both fans of Quentin Tarantino, and whey they asked me what my favorite movie was, I couldn't think of a single movie!

Sunday - 6 miles run in Hershey. It was hot, the sun was blaring.

The Bright sunny day at Hershey

I drove back to Chester County to take my brothers back home. And celebrated Father's day with my family.

After I got back, I realized that one of my favorite movies is Center Stage, and 10 Things I Hate About You. I can't really explain why, but I love those two movies.

Miles - 13 miles
Zumba - 1
Weights 2- 30 minute sessions.
Awesome concerts - 0 :~(

Your turn, how was your week?
Do you prefer to run in town, or in the local park?
Do you enjoy going to Casinos?
Has your brother/ sister challenge you to a 1 mile race? or longer?
What is your favorite Movie?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday 5 Favorites

Good Friday Morning Internet Friends! How is everybody doing today?

I am linking up with  Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the Friday Five.

This Friday, I'm sharing my favorite things of this week.

1. Today is My older sister's (Sister #1) Birthday! Happy Birthday lovely!  Dear Hermanita, please don't pull my hair when you see me!

With my sisters in order of birth- from right to left, Sister #1, Me, Sister #3 and Sister #4.
2. My love nugget did a kids run this Wednesday, he was 2nd place in the group. He loved it! I am so proud of him!

My kid on the tie-dye shirt, telling the other kid how long the run was

3. I was very reluctant to like James Corden, because he replaced my FAVORITE late night host, Craig Fergusson, but this Carpool Karaoke with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers was amazing!

4. Running 6 miles with the Fleet Fee Group- I was tired, I didn't feel like it, and I just wanted to lay in bed and listen to Lorde, but I picked myself up, changed and went. Running with this group is always so much fun!

5. I love that it's finally Friday! The weeks that I work 5 days feel like an eternity ! Only 6 hours, 42 minutes and 10 seconds left of my work day as of posting this... because I'm totally counting!

How was your week?
What was your favorite thing this week?
Fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throwback Post- Grocery shopping in 1999

Back in 1999, I used to do the grocery shopping with my mom. At the time, we lived in an apartment on the second floor, all 8 of us. And I still remember most of what we did on those shopping days.

In our house my Dad and I were the only ones who knew how to drive, and we were in charge of getting everybody else around.

We had a routine for groceries, we would not buy all of our groceries in one place, we simply couldn't afford it. And if there is one person in the world who can stretch a $1 as far as possible, that is my mother. So after our Saturday work shift at To-Jo Mushrooms, we would head out to the following places

The Fruit/ Vegetable stand in Kennett Square- We would buy all and any produce there. 3 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lbs of Bananas, 6 apples, Onions, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, lettuce. Now, we didn't splurge on things that would not get eaten quick, like Strawberries, Mangos, or Avocados. This gave me some sort of trauma, because I didn't find myself feeling able to buy avocados until many years later.

Then we would head out to The Barn in Maryland. It is not actually called the Barn, but that is the name we gave it. Now, hold on to hear the story of this magical Barn Place.

Oxford PA is about 25 minutes from Maryland, and we had found this amazing barn place because my Dad took us there once for their Flea Market Mondays. We ventured out there on our own, because my dad refused to take us on Non -Flea Market Days.

Anyway, the barn sold bulk items that nobody in a regular grocery store would want. That could be cans with a dent, boxes that were smashed up, boxes that had a cut or tear, items that were single (as in 1 granola bar from a box of 60), all at bottom shelf prices. So back then a can of corn would run about $0.60 and a can of corn at the Barn was 3 cans for $1. None of the food items were expired, only slightly damaged.

The Barn never had the same things, so we had to rummage through the things that they had that week. A few times we got lucky and found awesome things, some of our best finds were: A giant can of corn, a 3 gallon bottle of corn oil, a 10 lbs. sack of rice, all staples for our meals. I also still clearly remember buying 20 rolls of TP every time we went there.
I found out years later, that the Barn sold items that were take out of the BJs Wholesale Club because they were damaged or returned.
After our car was loaded up to the top with our wonderful finds, we would head to The Dollar General for Cereals, cookies and toiletries. The Barn rarely had this products by the time we got there.

Our meats and daily came from the regular Grocery store.

I used to enjoy all the driving around and coming home with bags and bags of groceries for my family. My brothers were little and whenever we took them to the Barn, they would treat it as a treasure hunt. Now they are big and spoiled... I love those boys!

Now your turn,
Do you have any Grocery shopping memories ? or is that a weird thing to have memories of?
Anything that you were not allowed to buy growing up and now love?
Are you a savvy shopper? 
Have you ever been to a magical place like the Barn?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New York 20 Hours Adventure

My younger sister, aka Sister # 3 called me three weeks before the Enrique Bunbury show, demanding to know if I had purchased tickets and booked a hotel. I was caught off guard, because in years before, we had planned the trip the night before, so it wasn't as if there was no time. So the next day I booked the hotel, bought the tickets and requested time off from work.

Traveling to NYC- trains, automobiles, ferries and subways

Roger gave me a ride to work, so my car would not be in my office parking lot overnight. He asked me to get a ride to the train station, because he didn't think it was safe for me to walk 4 blocks to the train station. If he ask you... I had John from my office give me a ride.... you know, John with the blonde hair, and a Honda car... ok, ok... John is made up! I walked there, it was a beautiful sunny day and it took me exactly 9 minutes to get there.

The creepy tunnel before the Train station
The Train / bus station in Harrisburg
I used to be afraid of getting on the wrong train... but since not many
trains come to Harrisburg, I got over that fear.

My siblings picked me up at Downingtown PA, and brought lunch. Burritos!! with tons of Salsa! (See bag of Salsa below) but they didn't have my Guacamole!

Nobody had told me the plan for getting to NYC, we knew we were not going to drive all the way into the city. I found out when we parked that we were leaving the car in Staten Island, and taking the Ferry to Manhattan. Which meant we would have to leave anything we didn't want to carry all the way to the city. I took out everything that was in my book pack, including my travel size toiletries and my make up.

**Normally I do not wear any make up, but I didn't want Bunbury to see me and think that I didn't care about his show by not wearing make up, He is after all my favorite singer, I don't want him to look out into the audience and think that this concert was not a big deal to ME!**

My brother looks ghostly next to us... it was part the lighting, and part that his skin is lighter than ours.
In the Ferry, trying to act cool, like we are not Tourist
A cool distant shot of the Statue of Liberty... again, trying to not act like tourist.... trying really hard!
Once we got off the Ferry, I was looking for the subway entrance. But my sisters insisted on trying to walk to the Hotel, which was in 25th Street. I didn't mind, we have walked a lot longer.  

After Canal Street, my brother said he was done walking and we were taking the subway. I asked if he knew which one, he said no, but he would figure it out. He made us get on the first subway we saw, the 6, going uptown.... Two stops later, I told them we were going the wrong direction, we were going backwards. We had just moved 8 blocks backwards in 2 minutes.

We got on the opposite subway and got off 5 block from the hotel.

By this time it was getting late, I was hungry and thirsty, but we had no time to waste. We needed to get to Irving Plaza, which was another 15 minute walk. This was when I regretted leaving my make up, I had wipped off my eye shadow waiting for the subway, because it was so hot and humid under there!

My sister said that I was not allowed to give directions, because she didn't trust me. So, instead she gave us directions, and we ended up 4 streets and 2 avenues further than we needed to go.

My brother walked with us to the venue. He wasn't coming to the concert, but said he wanted to see how many others would be there. He didn't believe me that the line would be around the block, he said he was sure that it would only be my sisters and a handful of others.

He was starting to irritate me... I had told him SEVERAL times that Enrique Bunbury is very popular in Spain, South and Central America, including Mexico. He sells out stadiums in Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. And sells out small venues multiple days all over south America. He said that if it wasn't for me, he would have never heard his music and or know who he is. I told him that until two years ago, I couldn't tell you a single Taylor Swift song, or a Justin Beaver song, but that I didn't doubt that others liked them... and up until last year, I had no idea who Demi Lovatto was.... and to this date, I cannot name a single song of hers. There is many many other singers/ performers that are famous on their own ways, even if I have never heard of them. And that doesn't take away their popularity.



We arrived at Irving Plaza and lined up... Yes, the line was all the way around the block! My brother finally accepted that I'm not crazy... for the moment anyway. I should have taken a picture of the line!

Concert Recap to come soon.....

Now your Turn!

Who is your favorite "obscure" singer/performer?
Have you seen her/him in concert?
Have you been to NYC? How do you move around when you are there?
How do you move around during vacations?
Ever taken the subway in NYC?