New York 20 Hours Adventure

My younger sister, aka Sister # 3 called me three weeks before the Enrique Bunbury show, demanding to know if I had purchased tickets and booked a hotel. I was caught off guard, because in years before, we had planned the trip the night before, so it wasn't as if there was no time. So the next day I booked the hotel, bought the tickets and requested time off from work.

Traveling to NYC- trains, automobiles, ferries and subways

Roger gave me a ride to work, so my car would not be in my office parking lot overnight. He asked me to get a ride to the train station, because he didn't think it was safe for me to walk 4 blocks to the train station. If he ask you... I had John from my office give me a ride.... you know, John with the blonde hair, and a Honda car... ok, ok... John is made up! I walked there, it was a beautiful sunny day and it took me exactly 9 minutes to get there.

The creepy tunnel before the Train station
The Train / bus station in Harrisburg
I used to be afraid of getting on the wrong train... but since not many
trains come to Harrisburg, I got over that fear.

My siblings picked me up at Downingtown PA, and brought lunch. Burritos!! with tons of Salsa! (See bag of Salsa below) but they didn't have my Guacamole!

Nobody had told me the plan for getting to NYC, we knew we were not going to drive all the way into the city. I found out when we parked that we were leaving the car in Staten Island, and taking the Ferry to Manhattan. Which meant we would have to leave anything we didn't want to carry all the way to the city. I took out everything that was in my book pack, including my travel size toiletries and my make up.

**Normally I do not wear any make up, but I didn't want Bunbury to see me and think that I didn't care about his show by not wearing make up, He is after all my favorite singer, I don't want him to look out into the audience and think that this concert was not a big deal to ME!**

My brother looks ghostly next to us... it was part the lighting, and part that his skin is lighter than ours.
In the Ferry, trying to act cool, like we are not Tourist
A cool distant shot of the Statue of Liberty... again, trying to not act like tourist.... trying really hard!
Once we got off the Ferry, I was looking for the subway entrance. But my sisters insisted on trying to walk to the Hotel, which was in 25th Street. I didn't mind, we have walked a lot longer.  

After Canal Street, my brother said he was done walking and we were taking the subway. I asked if he knew which one, he said no, but he would figure it out. He made us get on the first subway we saw, the 6, going uptown.... Two stops later, I told them we were going the wrong direction, we were going backwards. We had just moved 8 blocks backwards in 2 minutes.

We got on the opposite subway and got off 5 block from the hotel.

By this time it was getting late, I was hungry and thirsty, but we had no time to waste. We needed to get to Irving Plaza, which was another 15 minute walk. This was when I regretted leaving my make up, I had wipped off my eye shadow waiting for the subway, because it was so hot and humid under there!

My sister said that I was not allowed to give directions, because she didn't trust me. So, instead she gave us directions, and we ended up 4 streets and 2 avenues further than we needed to go.

My brother walked with us to the venue. He wasn't coming to the concert, but said he wanted to see how many others would be there. He didn't believe me that the line would be around the block, he said he was sure that it would only be my sisters and a handful of others.

He was starting to irritate me... I had told him SEVERAL times that Enrique Bunbury is very popular in Spain, South and Central America, including Mexico. He sells out stadiums in Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. And sells out small venues multiple days all over south America. He said that if it wasn't for me, he would have never heard his music and or know who he is. I told him that until two years ago, I couldn't tell you a single Taylor Swift song, or a Justin Beaver song, but that I didn't doubt that others liked them... and up until last year, I had no idea who Demi Lovatto was.... and to this date, I cannot name a single song of hers. There is many many other singers/ performers that are famous on their own ways, even if I have never heard of them. And that doesn't take away their popularity.



We arrived at Irving Plaza and lined up... Yes, the line was all the way around the block! My brother finally accepted that I'm not crazy... for the moment anyway. I should have taken a picture of the line!

Concert Recap to come soon.....

Now your Turn!

Who is your favorite "obscure" singer/performer?
Have you seen her/him in concert?
Have you been to NYC? How do you move around when you are there?
How do you move around during vacations?
Ever taken the subway in NYC?


  1. I'm so glad you cleared up the Bunbury mystery for me! I'll have to ask my medical assistant about him. She's Mexican and is all about Latin singers!

    1. No problem Wendy! Most people don't know about him, but he still is totally awesome !

  2. Man I got tired just reading this! I have driven into NYC a couple times. It's actually not that bad, I mean traffic can be bad, but usually I just go straight to the parking garage I picked out and park, then walk around. We are going up next week and taking Amtrak into the city! After dealing with airports these past couple days, I will be excited to not deal with all that shit!

    1. I think I have driver anxiety of driving in NYC. I have no problems driving in Philly, DC or Miami, but the idea of Nyc is daunting.

      What are you going to do in New York? Amtrak Is the best way to go!! Reading in the train is the best way to read.

  3. I don't think I have a fave obscure singer!! I need to find one :)

    1. Thank you Deborah, let me know of you find one


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