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Weekly Wrap 7.30.17

Hello! how are you? how was your week ? Mine was full of work and adventure.

Monday: 8 miles easy
Thursday: 6 miles tempo(ish)
Friday: 2 miles with sprints and weights
Saturday : 4 easy miles and 3 mile hike
Sunday : 11 mile long run easy

I'm  linking up with Deborah,Holly and Tricia this week for the Weekly Wrap.

Our week started with a long run, because we missed it the day before, we were supposed to do 11, but, we disagreed with 1. where we were running, 2. what time we were stating and 3. the route for the run. Roger wanted to go to Hershey, but after work, I wasn't in the mood to drive to Hershey. And by the time we agreed on what time we were starting, it was getting too late. We ran 8 and called it a success.

On Wednesday Roger caught this shot of me and my son reading. Our deal is that he reads for 25 minutes his own book and I read my book too... yup... still trying to finish The Sun Also Rises...

On Thursday of week 2, I typically run with the Fleet Feet group, but I…

Friday Five 7.28.174- Runfession and Other Thoughts

Happy Friday! How is your day going?

Yesterday, as I was pushing my way through 3 file audits, I went to write the date on the file and realize it was July 27th! What! I know time is time, and it will do its time thing, but whoa! that caught me off guard!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness and Marcia for Runfessions.

July has been an eventful and busy month, and although I was sidelined for the first week with a cold, I made up for it the rest of the month. Here are some highlights and some runfessions for the month

1. I runfess that it is so much easier to get up for a run in the summer. Between the temperature and the sun, I am 50% more likely to run in the morning in the summer... only 50%, I still want my sleep the other half.

2. Go away homework!  I love that my son doesn't have homework every day in the summer! this gives us more time to just play and spend less time where I'm chasing him with a math worksheet, and him s…

Harrisburg Mile 2017

Race Info
Cost: $20 + processing fee
Goodies: cotton shirt, sample toothpaste, outback coupon, Fleet Feet Coupon, sample of Biofreeze.
Weather : Started at 96 F ( 35.5 C), and finished pouring rain and 78 F (25.5 C).
Start Time: Waves of age groups and corporate teams. My group was to start at 7:15 pm.

We signed up for the Harrisburg mile because we wanted to see how we could do this year. Roger had in mind to beat his time, and complete the mile under 8 minutes. I had no goal, as I have not done any speed training since May, and calves were sore from the long run on Sunday.

As we arrived to the race, I saw my son running with his father. He gave us an energetic high 5 and took off flying ! He also made the online edition of the local paper, because he is so handsome!

As we waited for the race to start, Roger kept wishing for the clouds circling us to make an appearance and bring some rain, to cool off the very high temperatures at the race.

When we were warming up, he got his wish. All o…

Weekly Wrap 7.23.27

Hi! how are you? how was your weekend? I had another busy week, full of lots of excitement, and strangely large quantities of water.

Tuesday: 4 easy miles
Wednesday : Harrisburg Mile
Saturday: 2 mile canoe trip
Sunday: 3 tempo miles

On Tuesday, before heading out for my easy miles, I loaded up an awesome playlist. It was all Musica Grupera, which was hugely popular in Mexico in the 1990s, I was singing the entire time of the run, I even scared an old lady I ran into!

Musica Groupera was characterized by the heavy use of keyboards, songs about love and heartbreak, and men wearing matching tight outfits, or at least tight jeans.

On Wednesday work was busy non stop ALL DAY! Everybody had questions for me all day long, not to mention the meeting, followed by meeting, followed by meeting.... Not even kidding about the 3 meetings back to back! I didn't get to have lunch, and If I had never told you this, be warned now.... I am a nasty angry person if I don't eat every 3 hours! bu…

Hiking / Climbing Glen Onoko Falls

We have had the Glen Onoko falls on our list of places to visit for about 2 years, from when we visited Jim Thorpe PA. This weekend, we packed our stuff and finally visited the steep hill!

After running in the morning with my friend Jodi, I invited her to come along and she agreed to come ! It's always more fun to bring friends along!

On our drive there, our conversation lead us to egg slicers... and how wonderful they are! I used to have one, but dumped it years ago because it got rusty,  Jodi has one and says it's the most awesome kitchen tool! I am now wishing I had an egg slicer!

As soon as we got off the car, we walked over to try to find a map for the trails, but couldn't find any. We walked around trying to find the falls trail, and just followed the crowd.

By the creek there were some people hanging out by the water. This part was beautiful, with the mountains all around.

Once we found the trail, up the hill we went. The trail was small and crowded, there was a family…