Weekly Wrap 7.2.17

I can't bring myself to say happy Monday, I'm at work and I'm getting a cold... so can I just say Morning, and call that a greeting?

Monday - 3.5 miles and Weights
Thursday - 4.3 miles and 20 min Yoga
Friday- 2.5 sprints and track exercises
Saturday- Carlisle Summer Fair 10K
Sunday- 9.3 miles long run

Another week of warm weather and summer!

Nothing exciting happened the first few days, until Friday. We were out running in a local park, it was hot and very humid, but the running was getting done. Then heavy rain started to pour! Roger ran over to a small roof by the trail we were running, and waited out the rain, I kept running because the cool rain felt so amazing! I only did about a half mile, before my shoes got squishy, but it was amazing!!

Saturday we went to Carlisle for their annual Summer Fair races. Each year, they have a lot of Summer Fair events, part of the events are the free 10K/5K and the Harrisburg Symphony concert.

It was another very hot and humid day, resulting on a slow 10K for me; but an enjoyable race. A bunch of River Runners were there, and this time I made the group picture!

I also got my picture with Jodi... whom I chased for 4 mile before losing her at a water stop.

After the race, we wanted to do some hiking, but there were very dark clouds around us and it was raining a lot. Instead, we went to see Wonder Woman, it was amazing!! Even if you are not into superhero movies, this movie is all about empowering women!

Sunday, after running I picked up my son and we went back to Carlisle for the Harrisburg Symphony concert. He likes hearing the symphony playing, especially when they do the Star Wars songs! We arrived 2 hours early to snatch good seats and good parking. We picked up food at Panera and played card games until the concert started.

We saw Megan there, and I sent my son to bring her back to say hi... yes, that's the mother I am... sending my son to grab my blog friends!


I have two random stories for you. On Sunday before our long run, we stopped at Panera and I picked up a large iced green tea to have after the long run. As soon as we got back to the car, I had a few long sips, it had been a hot and sweaty run, so the cold ice tea tasted delicious. I gave the cup to Roger, because I'm nice and wanted to share... I went to the coffee shop to get something to eat, and when I returned Roger told me he spilled the rest of the ice by accident. Sad Face.

On our way to the concert, we picked up Sandwiches from Panera, and again, I got a large iced green tea. When we were walking to find a spot to sit on the lawn, my son was carrying the bags of chips and my ice tea. I was carrying the chairs, our dinner and my book pack. I set up the chairs and went to grab my ice tea from my son, when it slipped out of his hands, hit the chair arm rest, popped open and spilled all over the grass. I was not meant to have Panera Ice Green Tea this weekend.

Last story... Roger has been keeping the apartment very cold... so cold, that my son and I are sleeping on fleece PJs and double blankets. So this week, I put my foot down! I told Roger that the thermostat has to stay at 70 F ( 21.11 C) at night, or he can rent a freezer somewhere else and sleep there. He can put a fan next to him if this temperatures bother him, but we are not sleeping on winter PJs anymore!

Currently Reading
My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. It has been a pretty amazing read so far.

What is the magic thermostat number at home ?
Any big plans for the holiday?
What was the last precious thing you spilled? or somebody else spilled for you?


  1. That's kinda spooky about the iced tea! What are the chances of that?!?! We don't have air conditioning. Not many people do up here--only the rich people. It doesn't get wickedly hot here for long though so we just set up a lot of fans! I'm sorry you're at work today. :( I hope you get tomorrow off!

    1. You don't need AC at all ? Wow! they are a must here, just for the two months of summer. Last week the AC broke, and Roger was about to rent a hotel, he couldn't deal with the heat at the apartment!

      I did get Tuesday oof!

  2. Hahahah Adam and I used to have thermostat negotiations until we moved into the house. Now the electricity bill is double what it was when we lived in an apartment so I am getting used to keeping the temperature around 74. I much prefer it to be 72!!! That two degrees makes such a difference. I often stomp around telling Adam and Cecil how hot I am! lol

    1. 74 is too warm, even for me!! how do you deal with it? Do you keep fans around?

  3. Way to go Rodger!! Good to see you at the 10k!! Looks like you enjoyed the rest of the weekend for sure. I have never gone to the symphony, sounds fun. How cold did he keep it? I keep ours at 71 at night and get yelled at even for that HAHA.

    1. It was great to see you too!

      He keeps it at 68 when I'm at work and wants to keep it at 64 when we go to sleep. 64 feels like a freezer!! I would Love to keep the thermostat at 71!!! it would be so nice and warm!

  4. I was wracking my brain, where do I know this kid from???? I TEACH SO MANY KIDS and I was like holy shit, I better not call him the wrong name! We looooooved the concert! When you were writing about getting caught in the rain I thought, ooh that is romantic... chicka chicka bow bow... um, nope, Ana is off running!

    1. Ja ja ja!! I know! I'm sorry! He was not at all afraid to go after you, all I said was "oh there goes Ms. Megan, maybe we should ask her if she wants to sit behind us?" and he goes "Oh, ok, let me go get her" and took off!

      The concert was so awesome!!

      I forgot to say that there was an older Indian man who was sharing the roof with us, and kept staring at my outfit... sports bra and shorts. It felt better to run!

  5. Oh my gosh--my husband does the same thing with the thermostat. It is so cold in here! And I'm the one having hot flashes. I keep having to go outside to warm up!

    1. Men!! there needs to be laws on the temperature inside during the summer! it is not ok to keep the room at 68!!

  6. haha, I like your negotiation tweet!
    I like the temp to be about 71 or 72 so I can be comfortable! but it costs a fortune and my hubby is always bumping me up to 73 or 74 and then I drip sweat...
    ya for some fun slow summer runs, that is how I survive right now :) Slow but moving.

    1. 71 or 72 are totally manageable for me!! I would be able to wear short sleeves and shorts!! It sounds like you need to come live with Roger!


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