Weekly Wrap 7.23.27

Hi! how are you? how was your weekend? I had another busy week, full of lots of excitement, and strangely large quantities of water.

Tuesday: 4 easy miles
Wednesday : Harrisburg Mile
Saturday: 2 mile canoe trip
Sunday: 3 tempo miles

On Tuesday, before heading out for my easy miles, I loaded up an awesome playlist. It was all Musica Grupera, which was hugely popular in Mexico in the 1990s, I was singing the entire time of the run, I even scared an old lady I ran into!

Musica Groupera was characterized by the heavy use of keyboards, songs about love and heartbreak, and men wearing matching tight outfits, or at least tight jeans.

On Wednesday work was busy non stop ALL DAY! Everybody had questions for me all day long, not to mention the meeting, followed by meeting, followed by meeting.... Not even kidding about the 3 meetings back to back! I didn't get to have lunch, and If I had never told you this, be warned now.... I am a nasty angry person if I don't eat every 3 hours! but today the cool had to be kept, because being in charge of the office, requires me to be polite.

I left work early and grabbed something to eat, prior to the Harrisburg Mile. ** Hint, do not get the southwest salad from Panera, it is not a good salad. **  I'll tell you more about the Harrisburg Mile later this week, for now I'll tell you that I surprised myself running the mile at 7:22 in the rain and wind!

On Friday, we met my sister for lunch at West Chester. We explored a bit of the city and had a delicious lunch! The whole day was busy non stop from the morning, until going to bed.

Also, I'm sorry about skipping the Friday Five ! My post wasn't ready, and I couldn't find time to finish it.

On Saturday we went for our annual family canoe trip. We all get into 4 canoes and float our way through 2 miles of Brandywine river. This year, it was blazing hot, but still quite enjoyable. This was the first year my niece was joining us, and SHE LOVED IT! She cried, kicked and screamed when we pulled her off the canoe, she threw herself on the floor and kept running to the river. The kid thinks she is Moana!

The Post Canoe Trip Picnic

After the canoeing, we went home and cooked in the grill.... later that night, my sisters made smores. I don't like smores, but enjoyed the sweet company and talk.

On Sunday Roger and I drove to Hershey for our long run, and when we got there it started to storm. We waited for about 25 minutes, and gave up. The storm was not stopping and it was getting late. We did weights at home, and after the storm finally passed, we did a quick 3 miler at home. We didn't have time for more... Somebody had a date with HBO and Game of Thrones...** hint : Roger

Random Story
When we stayed at my parents this time, we got to stay on the guest room, which is on the second floor above the kitchen. I was really tired and delirious, I could not stop thinking about how I was sleeping on the second floor, roughly 15 feet off the ground... like floating above the kitchen. I am not afraid of heights, but that night my mind could not stop thinking about it! By the way, I live and sleep on a second floor and this should not be new to me.

Currently Reading 
I Know I am, But What Are You? by Samantha Bee. My son wants me to finish this book before the end of July.

Do you sleep on the second Floor?

Do you get Hangry ? (angry because skipping a meal)

Do you like amores?

Who else is watching GOT? 


  1. I laughed when I read you don't like s'mores because I do t either and I think they are SO over rated..lol.

    Yes, I sleep on the second floor

    1. I am so glad I'm not the only one! smores are overrated for sure!

  2. I sleep on the top floor (we have 3 floors) and I've NEVER thought of how I'm floating but now I will! You are hilarious!

    1. I had never thought of it before either! and as far as I can remember, I have slept on a 2nd floor! I must have been super tired!

  3. Oh yes, I most certainly get hungry! I eat in front of my students and don't even feel bad about it because they know the alternative... you did a lot this week! Paul's parents are letting us borrow their kayaks this week to float!

    1. Oh how nice that you will have the kayaks!! We are looking for a place to rent kayaks around here, we have never done it, but want to try it.

  4. Your canoe trip looked so fun!
    Work was the same way for me last week all week...I just couldn't get to the things or blogs I wanted too.
    You and Roger stay really busy :) which is fun!
    I have not watched GOT - I have a things about violence, I can't even look lol No R movies for me...I am too sensitive.

    1. Thanks Karen!

      I hope you are having a slower week now!

      We were joking that we get too ambitious in the summer and want to do EVERYTHING!

      GOT is kina gory! I only have seen a few seasons.

  5. Canoeing, smores and running... that sounds like SUCH a summery few days! I am glad you are enjoying yourself and doing fun things outside of the office where it sounds like it was a stressful week. Finding balance is so important. I feel like I had terrible work/life balance earlier this year but I am getting better at it!

    1. Thank you Kristina!

      It's hard to find a balance, when working full time, it feels so exhausting to do more things! most of the time, I just want to take a nap when I get home.

  6. Oh, that canoe trip! My extended family (in-laws and my own blood-relatives) are NOT adventurous. I'd be canoeing all by myself (well, the hubby would probably join me)... your trip looked like a lot of fun ;-)


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