Thursday, March 31, 2016

Throw Back Thursday - on this date 21 years ago

March 31, 1995. I was in Middle School, and I liked a couple of artist a lot... La Ley, Selena and Jaguares. My sister brought me my lunch to school, because in Mexico you are allowed to have your family bring you lunch. And she told me that Salinas was dead. I was confused. Salinas? the former president? She said no, the girl form Salinas y Los Dinos, she had been shot and killed.

I was sure then that my sister meant the former Mexican President, not Selena herself. It was a difficult time in the country and the former president was wanted for questioning on many things, but he was nowhere to be found. Selena however, Selena was young, was becoming HUGE in Mexico, full of life and energy, who would POSSIBLY want her dead? It was 4:30 in the afternoon, and we had class until 8 that night. But I told other girls in my class, they told me that wasn't possible.

By the time I got home, it was all over the news. Selena Quintanilla was dead. Shot by a woman that worked with her. It was awful, to think that this could happen to a woman of such great energy, spirit, and talent. I was very young and impressionable, I became obsessed with Selena for many years after.

Today, and most March 31st, I make a moment on the day to remember the amazing woman that was Selena Quintanilla. I learned so much from her, to persevere, to keep smiling, to stop and dance when things are just a bit too stressful.

Below is one of my all time favorite Selena songs.... I will also say that I used to practice her dance moves and had many down to each beat!

Also, of course because this is supposed to be a blog about running, here is a picture of me  dressed in my Selena Outfit for a Hero Run in 2015. The sparkly bra mad me run faster and I came in 3rd in my age group!

Do you have a favorite Selena Song?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break Day Out

Last week was the start of my son's one week Spring Break, with the weird schedule and work, I couldn't plan a long drive somewhere, but wanted to do something fun with him. So late Wednesday night, I planned for us to visit Hershey Chocolate World, since it's only a 25 minute drive from where we live.

First I planned for us to go to breakfast, and my son picked Bob Evans in Hershey. About 1 year ago, the Bob Evans that was around the corner from our house closed, my son was devastated! On my Fridays off, we would get up 1 hour before school and have breakfast there before he headed to school. So, he was very excited to have breakfast at Bob Evans again!

I was very proud of him, after the hostess sat us down, he was very polite to everybody! he asked for chocolate milk, PLEASE  and gave a very sincere an heart felt Thank you when the server brought it to him. He ordered his favorite, the Tic Tac Toast, and I ordered something that had eggs, potatoes and an order of French toast.

When our food arrived, he said the two most adorable things to me. 1. Good morning like this, make me forget all my bad days. and 2. If I knew they had French toast on the menu, I would have ordered that instead, Mom can you please share yours with me? (He got French toast cut into sticks, made into a tic tac toe puzzle). But I did share my French toast.

My eggs were awful, the potatoes dried, and they only refilled my coffee once, but My son was enjoying the breakfast so much, that I forgave them.

We then headed to Hershey Chocolate World. Recently Hershey said that they would be changing the Chocolate World Tour, and upgrading the songs and cows. I would not be exaggerating by saying that I have done this tour at least 50 times; but I am going to be sad to see the cows changed and not hear the song anymore.


After the Chocolate free Tour, we decided to try something we had never done before, even though we had been there 100 times, we made our own Chocolate Bar! I was a little irritated that I couldn't just pay for my son, and walk behind him, the lady at the ticket sales told me that I wanted to go in, I had to pay my ticket! I am not big on eating chocolate, so that chocolate bar is likely to go wasted. Tickets were $15 each.

We got tickets for the Make your Own Chocolate bar and waited for our time slot. We checked out the other things at chocolate world, and visited the Easter Bunny. Now, normally I have an irrational fear of Easter Bunnies, but this one was cute and I didn't mind him.


He was a very silly Easter Bunny and interacted with the kids, all of them would leave laughing after their picture.


When our time came, we headed back to make our chocolate. We put on our hairnets and aprons. The whole thing is much simpler than I had expected. We went to the computer screens, scanned our tickets and make the selections. My son picked chocolate chips, chocolate cookie crisp, and sprinkles for his chocolate bar. I picked Toffee bits, and pretzels for mine. I had hopped for coconut shavings or caramel, but no luck.

While we waited for our chocolate to go through the cooling systems, we designed our boxes. Well, my son designed the boxes.

Once the chocolates come out of the coolers, our names get laser printed to the box, before the workers put the chocolate box in a metal box with our designed cover.

My son LOVED the entire process. He loved picking the things that would go on his bar, designing the boxes and eating the chocolate! he kept saying that the box was top security!

We picked a few Easter Presents and my son insisted on having a souvenir, and being the enable mother that I am, I got it for him.

I let my son pick out where to have lunch, he said he wanted to go to the Peppers place, he meant Chillis, but we ended up going to Red Robins instead, because it was closer.

After we stopped by the Outlets to check out the stuff at Under Armour, one can never have enough work out leggings! But we got nothing.

We had so much fun in one day, and my son was still talking about how much fun he had that night! I'm glad we got to do a least one fun thing for his Spring break, since we spent the rest of the weekend sick and in bed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Upper Respiratory Virus Infection - The plan changer

Hello there! I'm not sure what today is, but I'm at work, so it must be a weekday.

Last Friday around noon, I started feeling very cold, and as if I had a fever. I stuck it out and stayed at work until 4:30. Picked up my son, who also had a fever and went home. We went straight to bed, because we both were feeling pretty awful. Well, we didn't get up very much for the last 4 days.

Saturday we both had a fever and stayed in bed most of the day, occasionally getting up to have a small bite of crackers and some water. Sunday we were not any better, and since the Easter Bunny had planned for us to be at my parents for the weekend, the silly guy didn't come and bring any eggs or baskets for our home on Sunday morning!! That silly Easter bunny! making plans ahead of time ! But my sisters came to the rescue and brought all the stuff the Easter bunny had dropped off at their house to our place. That made my little bunny all happy and he felt better for that day.

By Monday we were back to being in bed all day, and barely been able to move. So I called the doctors and scheduled us both appointments. The pediatrician gave me a look and said "How long has he had a fever?" and when I said 3 days, I'm sure I saw her rolling her eyes. Maybe she didn't, I was feeling pretty awful at the time. Then she said it was an upper respiratory virus infection, and that it would last 1-2 weeks. Lots of fluids, and rest. I was a little mad, but I just wanted to get out of there and go back to laying down.

My doctor said the same thing to me.

I know that the doctor said that I should start to feel better soon, but I don't remember the last time I was this sick. I am still feeling pretty awful, and have not been able to eat for 3 days. My stomach feels empty, but whenever I have more than a small bite of something, my stomach starts to turn.

Right now, I wish I was in bed sleeping. I cannot even imagine thinking about eating, or walking. I have a feeling that this will set me back from training. But I'm at work and will try to stick it out as long as I can.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Runfession Friday

Good morning Internet! I'm linking up with Marcia's Healthy Slice on Runfession Friday. Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break for my son, and we had such an amazing day! But right now I'm at work, and here is my Runfession #1- I've been at work for 1:21 hours and I have only sorted out a stack of timesheets. I have a list of 5 things to do, but I've been reading your blogs this morning instead!

Runfession #2- Just last Wednesday I was posting on Wendy's Blog (The Long Way Home), that my fiancĂ© who has been training with me for a Marathon might not be running with me much longer. Well, I saw it coming. Wednesday night, I was reviewing schedules with Roger for The Gettysburg Marathon, breakfast, driving there, and times. As soon as I said we would have to be eating my 5:00 am, he lost it. He said that after the Marathon he was done with races, he was done with training for the year, he was done with running until next year. My first reaction was to be mad. Last year after the Hershey Half Marathon, I said I wanted to take a break, at least for the winter, or for the holidays. And get back to running in February. But he insisted that we were already training and might as well keep going. At the time I rolled my eyes at him and agreed, I'm talking rolled my eyes so hard that it gave me a headache.

Roger before a 14 mile run

Still smiling at mile 5 for a 16 mile run in the freezing cold weather

Well, Marathon Training has been a great experience! each week I'm pushing myself to run further and further, feeling stronger and stronger. I've run in the cold, and have enjoyed it. Ran with the Fleet Feet Running group and loved it. Ran with Roger and loved having that activity to share. And now, if he stops running with me, I'm scared that it will keep me from running more. At this point only time will tell. I have joined Fleet Feet Running group, and Harrisburg River Runners, both who hold group runs several times a week. Running with them will always be an option. I Runfess that I will miss running with Roger, but recognize he will need his space.

Runfession #3- I've been thinking of this one for a while.... at the beginning of the year I gave up things for Lent, that I know would help get stronger for Marathon. Things that I don't ever feel guilty about liking, but are not good for me: McDs Quarter Pounder MEALS, Five Guys Burgers, Coke and Pecan Braids. The burgers are my go to food when stressed out, and it has been difficult to stay away from them, especially knowing that after Easter, there is another month in which I can't have them.

My mushroom burger, with a coke (not in the picture) after the RnR DC

Well.... after the RnR DC Half Marathon, I was hungry, sleepy and wanted some comfort. I had a large Coke. And it doesn't stop there. I've had coke 3 times since. Giving myself permission after stressful days at work.

Runfession #4 - Today my son went for his eye doctor appointment. And although I am ok  about him wearing glasses, I runfess that I'm glad he will only have to wear glasses when he is in his classroom. It's a runfession because I was worried that he would not want to do a race if he wore glasses.

I don't like running with glasses

And last ....

Runfession #5 This was a conversation I had with Roger a few weeks ago

Roger: What do you have for breakfast ?
Me: Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, bagel and coffee.
Roger: You need to replace that bagel.
Me: Replace it? Do you mean, like with a Pecan Braid?
Roger : No, like with another oatmeal.
Me: No, I don't like where this is going. Let's go back to your pecan braid idea.
Roger- or a Multigrain bagel
Me: I think I need to break up this engagement. This lack of pecan braids is very stressful.

All joking aside, I did switch to a whole grain bagel, for two weeks. This Week, I runfess to having a scone and today  a croissant.

*** 2:03 PM Update- I am scheduled to run a 10K tomorrow, but I am not feeling good. Shivering and coughing... where did this cold come from? I was fine all week!***

Runfession Friday

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Books- 3.14.16

Last week was a rollercoaster of books! from a boring and depressing book to a very emotional and sad, but happy book.

As I said in my last Books post, my sister invited me to read How To Be Single (By Liz Tuccillo {17}) with her, so we could go see the movie. This book was not originally in my list of books to read, but I can't decline reading invitations, especially from my sister, and seeing Rebel Wilson is in the movie, made me think that the book could be funny. Well, I regretted picking up this book.

I thought we were done with the Sex and The City era of "Why am I still Single?". The book was less than interesting, there were too many characters to keep track of, and I only found one to be mildly interesting. The main character on the book goes "around the world (France, Brazil, India, China and Iceland?)" to ask single women what it's like to be single. Conveniently, everybody who she encounters speaks English and says that is not much different than being single in the United States. I was bored with this, didn't find anything about it funny or entertaining. I feel that this book portraits women as desperate beings, who just want to be matched up with their "Perfect sole mate" and we have no other life goals or desires. In full disclosure, I am not single and when I was, the only questions I asked myself about my divorce, were "will my kid grow up resenting me for this? or I wonder what he (my son) is doing right now".

Last year, I listened to Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg. In which they conduct studies, surveys, and all sorts of research on the current state of dating. I found that book to be a better book on dating than How to Be Single. HTBS just made me sad. I highly recommend Modern Romance over How To Be Single, or Eat Pray Love which has a more concise thought process on being single and becoming more aware of yourself.

Last week I also ordered Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (18). I saw this book on Vita Train 4 Life 's page. And I told myself "Allie is pretty awesome, and has good taste, so this book has to be great". Well, I am right now trying to pick my crying face off my desk, and listening to some Civil Wars music to ease the pain. It's not working, I must order a large Mocha frap to drown the tears.

Me Before You was a very good book. Not a romance novel, but I found myself hoping and cheering for a Happily Ever After end (I won't spoil it).

The main character, Louisa* loses her job at a coffee shop, and gets a job as a Home Health aide, looking after a quadriplegic man, Will. She hates how Will is closed off and arrogant to everybody around him, and after accidental hearing the real reason for her job, she makes it her mission to cheer him up and make him be happy again. At which point my emotions completely spiraled out of control.

*I love her name... bc my middle name is Luisa!!

This book was amazing! I already knew Louisa was a loving and caring person, because she helped her family from the beginning of the book. I loved the way the author wrote her to be such a whole person, caring, loving, but scared, doubtful, and in some ways selfish in a very human way. I could relate to her issues, her problems with her sister, her wanting more from her family, wanting Will to be more appreciative and positive.

I'm going to convince my sister to read this book, and then go see the movie.

Hotel In the Corner Of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (19)

This one took me a while to get through, after flying through MBY, this was a slow moving book. This book is the fictional story of a Chinese American boy and a Japanese American Girl during the time of World World II in Seattle. Henry's dad makes him wear a button that says "I'm Chinese" wanting to keep him from being confused with being Japanese. As the US Government is gearing up to send all people of Japanese decent into the Interment Camps.

The story goes back and forth between the past during the war and 40 years later, as Henry finds a Hotel that housed the belongings of many Japanese families who were forced into the interment camps.

The book was sad, and eerily it made me think of what it would be like if a certain Hotel Tycoon became president. Back in the 1940s there seemed to be a lot of fear in regards to WWII, and the government did pretty scary things. Right now there seems to be a lot of anxiety and fear for Illegal Immigrants and Muslims.

The book also talked about family expectations. The father expects Henry to become more American, while also maintaining a strong bond with his Chinese heritage.

I have a stack of 8 audiobooks in my car, and my son has requested Harry Potter, Order of The Phoenix, which will make our Bethany beach trip more fun!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Gettysburg Marathon Training Week #11

Last week I skipped my training log, and did a Good Bye to Rita instead, after she passed away unexpectedly. Her passing had an effect on training for Roger, who had been with Rita for 13 years. So this week, trying to bounce back, and recover from the R 'n R DC Half Marathon.

Monday- Rest day.
Tuesday- Blue Man Day
Wednesday - 1 hour of zumba, and 30 minute easy run
Thursday - Rest
Friday- 20 mile long run
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - 6 mile progression run, 3 easy miles and 30 minutes of weights

I hope everybody already knows this, but use this as a cautionary tale... tell your friends that you have a friend, who has a friend who this happened to....The Saturday of the Half Marathon, Roger and I used the portable toilets before starting the race. We waited a long time in line to use them. Race started at 7:30, but there were lots of corrals, leaving every 2 minutes. We were still in line when the first 5 corrals were released. Roger is *always* way cautious about his hygiene, to the point of having a germ phobia that I find disrupting. But this ONE time, he didn't use the hand sanitizer in the portable toilet, and 24 hours later, he had the stomach flu.

In addition to grieving the loss of Rita, he was sick for 3 days!

Monday I was still at little sore from the half marathon, nothing too intense, just light soreness on my quads. Used the day to work on homework with my son, with the always present promise of a balloon fight.

Tuesday was supposed to be my weights and running day, but since I had been a total Runhole to my sister for her birthday, I got us tickets to go see The Blue Man Group at Hershey Theater. I walked around Hershey for about 45 minutes while waiting for my sisters to arrive. It was a cool day, and the only improvement would have been a hot mocha to keep my hands warm.

The show was very entertaining, very different from anything I have been to before, I would definitely go back to it, but get closer seats this time.

After the show, the band and the Blue men were walking around the exit area, taking pictures and interacting with people. My sisters say that I have a random celebrity obsession, because I had to ask to get our picture taken with one of the Blue Men, and I think they are right!


Wednesday was back to Zumba day! I hadn't been back since March 14, it always feels so strange to not go there twice a week!

After, I ran an easy 30 minute run around the park. 3.2 miles total.

I don't know why Sheetz had this billboard right by the .25 mile marker on the running path, but it makes me mad.
Cloudy sunset after the run

Thursday was a rest day. My son didn't have any homework to finish and we had an epic pillow, balloon fight in his room.

Friday long run- The day was a warmer than other runs we had, and sunny but there were 20 MPH winds in the open fields. Wind, and all, the 20 miles got done.

Coming down from Shank Park, the ducks enjoying the warm weather and sun
I have run by this place a lot of time, and this was the first time I saw the sheep!
The path up to Shank Park
Fighting the wind back to the car... at mile 19 of the 20 mile run

After the run, between veggie pad thai, and cheesecake, I finally signed up for the Gettysburg Marathon. I've been training for this Marathon since early December, but agreed with Roger that we wouldn't sign up until we had run 18 miles. I was anxious about this for the rest of the weekend, and still my stomach gets all fluttery thinking about it.

On Saturday Morning my son woke up with a runny nose and a small cough. We made whole grain waffles sticks and enjoyed some cuddling and watching Matilda.

Sunday we woke up to cooler weather than the week before, but after a trip to a bookstore, we were all ready to run our progressions.

We picked up a Harry Potter Wand for my son, and I got a Chelsea Handler book and Catcher In The Rye

Maybe the last time I'm wearing my warm leggings for the season

Miles - 32.2
Zumba - 1 hour
Weights - 30 minutes

Next Race: Bunny Palooza 10K in Bethany Beach

The next two weeks my son has spring break, he is scheduled to be with me for Easter this year and this will throw my training schedule for a wild spin.

Have you ever gotten sick from touching something gross at a race?
Have you signed up for a race that makes you nervous?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rock 'N Roll DC Half Marathon

Thank you all for reading and your kind thoughts on Rita and our loss. I read the comments to Roger, who wants me to pass a since and heartfelt thank you! This running community is amazing, and the support is greatly appreciated!

Our Marathon training plan included a half marathon at week 8, but we couldn't find one that we wanted to do. We then had the choice of doing Chambersburg Half Marathon, or the Washington DC Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. We debated about which race to do, both with pros and cons. We decided on DC, because we had been wanting to Run in Washington for a long time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Cost: $120, we registered 1 hour before registration closed.
Weather: cloudy, 45 degrees and there were some rain drops.
Goodies : Plastic drawstring bag, blue brooks tech shirt, coupons, and small bag of cashews. Beer ticket for after the race.

Night before the Race and Bib Pick up

We drove out to DC on Friday afternoon, we got caught in traffic on the way in, which made us cut it real close to bib pickup. For anybody who wants to know, No Rock 'N Roll does not offer day of race bib pick up. Total drag, but makes sense.
*I wish I would have done this part differently*

On other big races I've had, when the race packet arrives, it's read from cover to cover. Looking for key elements like Bib Pick up, Bib pick up parking, day of event parking, start line, finish line. The RnR DC race packet was different. It had a lot of advertisements, and quickly lost my attention. I glanced at the things mentioned above, but didn't make a point to really figure out parking for Bib Pick up, thinking it will all be clearer when we arrived. I ended up driving around RFK stadium 4 times, before I kicked Roger off the car and send him to get our bibs. 2 more loops of RFK later, I found the assigned parking lot, which was waay across the stadium, next to some pretty dark and scary looking places. Only place that it can be compared to, is the Newark Airport Cell parking lot.

I met Roger at the DC Armory as the expo was packing up. I had wanted to get a sparkly soul headband and check out the Pro-compression socks. Instead I got to use a gross portable toilet, and double scanned by security to go into the Armory.

Day of the Race

We were up and ready to drive from Arlington VA to DC. The plan was to park the Car at Union Station, and take the metro to the race, and back to the car. We arrived at Union Station by 5:45, walked down to the food court for some food. I had a bagel with cream cheese from Einstein Brothers Bagels and coffee. That was the best bagel I've had in a long time! We walked to the metro stop, were waiting to board the train with the other runners, when we met a young kid from Chicago, who told us that he was planning on running as many RnR Half marathons as he could this year. He had just finished New Orleans and his next stop was Dallas. We didn't ask him for any of his social media info, I would love to see his journey!

We walked from the metro stop to the start line, which was pretty awesome! seeing thousands of other runners heading to the star line was exhilarating!

A few notes about the start bathrooms and gear check up:

* Lines for bathrooms were VERY long
* Gear check in was easy!

We lined up at our corrals, Roger at 21, me at 15.

My corral took off and on to the streets. We ran by the Washington Monument, by the White house, by the side of the Lincoln Memorial, and by NPR!
The White House way in the back

The side of Lincoln Monument

Washington Monument on the back

I kept telling myself to keep a steady pace, I didn't really have a goal for it. It was only my second half, in a new course and part of my marathon training... so call me crazy, but I was running this half for FUN! I briefly mentioned to Jodi, from the Fleet Feet running group, that I would be happy with a 2:05, a minute better than my first Half Marathon.

Crazy thoughts I had during the race:

* Steady and easy, running 13 miles today... steady.
* I wonder what Love Nugget is doing now
* Wow this soldier is running the race with that huge book pack! that's amazing!
* Ok, another Army with full book pack
* My throat is dry, did I drink water?
* Why am I passing so many people? Am I going too fast?
* No, this pace feels right. Oh well.
* 1 mile, 9 ... something, that's not fast, that's right on target.
* water stop on the right/!! I'm too far to cross in front of all this people!! Will make it to the next water stop
* Oh man! that girl is wearing a cotton shirt!
* I hope Roger took off already
* I wonder if he is enjoying the race
* I wonder how bad the hill at mile 6 is?
* Did that man just go pee behind the bridge?
* Man! no Sophia's breakfast after this half marathon! I wonder what good breakfast places will be close to the finish line
* NO
* Suck it up. Run all the way to the top
* I don't think I can do this
* Yes, you can, keep moving
* keep moving
* keeeeppp moooving
* God will this hill EVER END?
* Almost there
* three more steps
* OH MY GOD! That right there is a new level of torture!
* I must text Roger that this hill takes all crowns of Hell Hills
* Water, I need water. Ok, i'll take a sip of Gatorade.
* Are we in a frat row? why are those kids giving out liquor ?
* There is a lot of anti Trump signs in this race.. I hope that means he won't become president
* OH. MY. GOD !! NPR!!! that's the NPR building ! that is waay cool! I wonder who is there now!! that's where Steve Inskeep works!! that's where they record Alt Latino! that is where all the magic happens... here.. let me get a million pictures!
*** it was 13 miles, so I had a lot of thoughts***
* 3 more miles, only a 5K to go
* speed it up
* use all the energy in the tank
* oh wait, hip doesn't like that
* just go! I need water
* I bet Dorothy Beal already finished her Marathon, my god, that woman is such a super star
* Would it be creepy if I saw her and asked for a picture?
* Grab Gel and gummies
* Why did I grab gel and gummies? I don't eat either one
* Oh my god! I almost fell on that pothole! is my ankle hurting? no? ok, keep moving.
* oh well, you made a choice, now live with it!
* Ok, I made a BAD choice, still have to live with it
* I wonder if the Chambersburg Half Started already
* I can see the finish line
* Run
* Sprint
*  Go!
 **That was great!! I need some food now!
* Wow! this medal is heavy! and awesome! I love it!
* must find Roger! He should be coming in soon!

After getting tons of things at the finisher's area, (Water, Gatorade, chips, a powerbar, first one for me, last three for Roger).

My final time was 1.58.57 on my Garmin. I
was satisfied with my finish.
I made my way to where the finish line was, wanting to snap a picture of him finishing. I was cold, even with the Mylar blanket. All my clothes were sweaty and I was hungry. I waited for a while, then got a text message from Roger that he was at the bag pick up and to meet him by the grass. I missed him while looking for a trashcan.
When I found him, he told me he came in at 2:25, 10 minutes less than the Hershey Half in the Fall. He has a near collapse at mile 12. He felt dizzy and thought he was going to collapse, but didn't. He walked a little and felt better, enough to finish. He got very emotional at mile 9, thinking of Rita and how she was. He got a terrible blister on his right foot... let's just say that he now agrees that I'm almost always right!

Thank you!

I loved the experience of running with so many people in DC, I'm glad we chose DC for our Half Marathon. The community of DC was wonderful and very supportive! I love seeing the people who come out to cheer the random runners! Thank you for that!

The bands playing along the road were amazing, my favorite band was the one at Mile 10, which seemed to be mostly women and mostly drums. Thank you for coming to perform for us! Thank you for all the volunteers who passed out water, Gatorade, gels, bibs, everything!  

Things I didn't love
* The finisher area was a little strange. The whole area was not exactly clean, and had a faint scent of sewage. I wish there would have been some warm food, it was a coldish.
* I wish there would have been race day bib pick up.
* Parking for the Expo was awful. Clearer directions to the expo parking would have been super helpful. like a Giant flashing sign that said "parking log 6 is not NEXT to RFK Stadium, it's two parking lots away!

I'm considering doing the Philly RnR, because this one was a very fun race!