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Throw Back Thursday - on this date 21 years ago

March 31, 1995. I was in Middle School, and I liked a couple of artist a lot... La Ley, Selena and Jaguares. My sister brought me my lunch to school, because in Mexico you are allowed to have your family bring you lunch. And she told me that Salinas was dead. I was confused. Salinas? the former president? She said no, the girl form Salinas y Los Dinos, she had been shot and killed.

I was sure then that my sister meant the former Mexican President, not Selena herself. It was a difficult time in the country and the former president was wanted for questioning on many things, but he was nowhere to be found. Selena however, Selena was young, was becoming HUGE in Mexico, full of life and energy, who would POSSIBLY want her dead? It was 4:30 in the afternoon, and we had class until 8 that night. But I told other girls in my class, they told me that wasn't possible.

By the time I got home, it was all over the news. Selena Quintanilla was dead. Shot by a woman that worked with her. It was …

Spring Break Day Out

Last week was the start of my son's one week Spring Break, with the weird schedule and work, I couldn't plan a long drive somewhere, but wanted to do something fun with him. So late Wednesday night, I planned for us to visit Hershey Chocolate World, since it's only a 25 minute drive from where we live.

First I planned for us to go to breakfast, and my son picked Bob Evans in Hershey. About 1 year ago, the Bob Evans that was around the corner from our house closed, my son was devastated! On my Fridays off, we would get up 1 hour before school and have breakfast there before he headed to school. So, he was very excited to have breakfast at Bob Evans again!

I was very proud of him, after the hostess sat us down, he was very polite to everybody! he asked for chocolate milk, PLEASE  and gave a very sincere an heart felt Thank you when the server brought it to him. He ordered his favorite, the Tic Tac Toast, and I ordered something that had eggs, potatoes and an order of French …

Upper Respiratory Virus Infection - The plan changer

Hello there! I'm not sure what today is, but I'm at work, so it must be a weekday.

Last Friday around noon, I started feeling very cold, and as if I had a fever. I stuck it out and stayed at work until 4:30. Picked up my son, who also had a fever and went home. We went straight to bed, because we both were feeling pretty awful. Well, we didn't get up very much for the last 4 days.

Saturday we both had a fever and stayed in bed most of the day, occasionally getting up to have a small bite of crackers and some water. Sunday we were not any better, and since the Easter Bunny had planned for us to be at my parents for the weekend, the silly guy didn't come and bring any eggs or baskets for our home on Sunday morning!! That silly Easter bunny! making plans ahead of time ! But my sisters came to the rescue and brought all the stuff the Easter bunny had dropped off at their house to our place. That made my little bunny all happy and he felt better for that day.

By Monday we w…

Runfession Friday

Good morning Internet! I'm linking up with Marcia's Healthy Slice on Runfession Friday. Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break for my son, and we had such an amazing day! But right now I'm at work, and here is my Runfession #1- I've been at work for 1:21 hours and I have only sorted out a stack of timesheets. I have a list of 5 things to do, but I've been reading your blogs this morning instead!

Runfession #2- Just last Wednesday I was posting on Wendy's Blog (The Long Way Home), that my fiancĂ© who has been training with me for a Marathon might not be running with me much longer. Well, I saw it coming. Wednesday night, I was reviewing schedules with Roger for The Gettysburg Marathon, breakfast, driving there, and times. As soon as I said we would have to be eating my 5:00 am, he lost it. He said that after the Marathon he was done with races, he was done with training for the year, he was done with running until next year. My first reaction was to be mad. …

Books- 3.14.16

Last week was a rollercoaster of books! from a boring and depressing book to a very emotional and sad, but happy book.

As I said in my last Books post, my sister invited me to read How To Be Single (By Liz Tuccillo {17}) with her, so we could go see the movie. This book was not originally in my list of books to read, but I can't decline reading invitations, especially from my sister, and seeing Rebel Wilson is in the movie, made me think that the book could be funny. Well, I regretted picking up this book.

I thought we were done with the Sex and The City era of "Why am I still Single?". The book was less than interesting, there were too many characters to keep track of, and I only found one to be mildly interesting. The main character on the book goes "around the world (France, Brazil, India, China and Iceland?)" to ask single women what it's like to be single. Conveniently, everybody who she encounters speaks English and says that is not much different than …

Gettysburg Marathon Training Week #11

Last week I skipped my training log, and did a Good Bye to Rita instead, after she passed away unexpectedly. Her passing had an effect on training for Roger, who had been with Rita for 13 years. So this week, trying to bounce back, and recover from the R 'n R DC Half Marathon.

Monday- Rest day.
Tuesday- Blue Man Day
Wednesday - 1 hour of zumba, and 30 minute easy run
Thursday - Rest
Friday- 20 mile long run
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - 6 mile progression run, 3 easy miles and 30 minutes of weights

I hope everybody already knows this, but use this as a cautionary tale... tell your friends that you have a friend, who has a friend who this happened to....The Saturday of the Half Marathon, Roger and I used the portable toilets before starting the race. We waited a long time in line to use them. Race started at 7:30, but there were lots of corrals, leaving every 2 minutes. We were still in line when the first 5 corrals were released. Roger is *always* way cautious about his hygiene, to the po…

Rock 'N Roll DC Half Marathon

Thank you all for reading and your kind thoughts on Rita and our loss. I read the comments to Roger, who wants me to pass a since and heartfelt thank you! This running community is amazing, and the support is greatly appreciated!

Our Marathon training plan included a half marathon at week 8, but we couldn't find one that we wanted to do. We then had the choice of doing Chambersburg Half Marathon, or the Washington DC Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. We debated about which race to do, both with pros and cons. We decided on DC, because we had been wanting to Run in Washington for a long time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Cost: $120, we registered 1 hour before registration closed.
Weather: cloudy, 45 degrees and there were some rain drops.
Goodies : Plastic drawstring bag, blue brooks tech shirt, coupons, and small bag of cashews. Beer ticket for after the race.

Night before the Race and Bib Pick up

We drove out to DC on Friday afternoon, we got caught in traffic on t…