Spring Break Day Out

Last week was the start of my son's one week Spring Break, with the weird schedule and work, I couldn't plan a long drive somewhere, but wanted to do something fun with him. So late Wednesday night, I planned for us to visit Hershey Chocolate World, since it's only a 25 minute drive from where we live.

First I planned for us to go to breakfast, and my son picked Bob Evans in Hershey. About 1 year ago, the Bob Evans that was around the corner from our house closed, my son was devastated! On my Fridays off, we would get up 1 hour before school and have breakfast there before he headed to school. So, he was very excited to have breakfast at Bob Evans again!

I was very proud of him, after the hostess sat us down, he was very polite to everybody! he asked for chocolate milk, PLEASE  and gave a very sincere an heart felt Thank you when the server brought it to him. He ordered his favorite, the Tic Tac Toast, and I ordered something that had eggs, potatoes and an order of French toast.

When our food arrived, he said the two most adorable things to me. 1. Good morning like this, make me forget all my bad days. and 2. If I knew they had French toast on the menu, I would have ordered that instead, Mom can you please share yours with me? (He got French toast cut into sticks, made into a tic tac toe puzzle). But I did share my French toast.

My eggs were awful, the potatoes dried, and they only refilled my coffee once, but My son was enjoying the breakfast so much, that I forgave them.

We then headed to Hershey Chocolate World. Recently Hershey said that they would be changing the Chocolate World Tour, and upgrading the songs and cows. I would not be exaggerating by saying that I have done this tour at least 50 times; but I am going to be sad to see the cows changed and not hear the song anymore.


After the Chocolate free Tour, we decided to try something we had never done before, even though we had been there 100 times, we made our own Chocolate Bar! I was a little irritated that I couldn't just pay for my son, and walk behind him, the lady at the ticket sales told me that I wanted to go in, I had to pay my ticket! I am not big on eating chocolate, so that chocolate bar is likely to go wasted. Tickets were $15 each.

We got tickets for the Make your Own Chocolate bar and waited for our time slot. We checked out the other things at chocolate world, and visited the Easter Bunny. Now, normally I have an irrational fear of Easter Bunnies, but this one was cute and I didn't mind him.


He was a very silly Easter Bunny and interacted with the kids, all of them would leave laughing after their picture.


When our time came, we headed back to make our chocolate. We put on our hairnets and aprons. The whole thing is much simpler than I had expected. We went to the computer screens, scanned our tickets and make the selections. My son picked chocolate chips, chocolate cookie crisp, and sprinkles for his chocolate bar. I picked Toffee bits, and pretzels for mine. I had hopped for coconut shavings or caramel, but no luck.

While we waited for our chocolate to go through the cooling systems, we designed our boxes. Well, my son designed the boxes.

Once the chocolates come out of the coolers, our names get laser printed to the box, before the workers put the chocolate box in a metal box with our designed cover.

My son LOVED the entire process. He loved picking the things that would go on his bar, designing the boxes and eating the chocolate! he kept saying that the box was top security!

We picked a few Easter Presents and my son insisted on having a souvenir, and being the enable mother that I am, I got it for him.

I let my son pick out where to have lunch, he said he wanted to go to the Peppers place, he meant Chillis, but we ended up going to Red Robins instead, because it was closer.

After we stopped by the Outlets to check out the stuff at Under Armour, one can never have enough work out leggings! But we got nothing.

We had so much fun in one day, and my son was still talking about how much fun he had that night! I'm glad we got to do a least one fun thing for his Spring break, since we spent the rest of the weekend sick and in bed.


  1. This sounds like such a fun day! I remember going to Hershey Park when I was a kid but I don't think I've ever been to the factory.

  2. Thank you Chaitali! Hershey has so many different chocolate attractions now! this is the "Free" chocolate world tour. My son was disappointed that the park is not open yet, but soon!


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