Finished Reading 2.29.16

I feel like I keep falling behind on books, but I have listed/read to some very awesome books this week!

It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell (16)- I picked this one up, because I saw it in one of My Favorite Blogs Tales From The Back Of The Pack, which lead me to the Taking The Long Way Home Book Club.

Taking the Long Way Home Book Club

The book was very interesting, she is a very detailed writer. This book gave me a lot of "Feels". The story of the abuse from her father was heartbreaking to me. I kept asking myself "when will they stop taking him back?" and when her grandparents threw them out and got rid of their things after they moved? That had me in tears! I read some post saying that her mother was an enabler, but I thought that her mother was constantly trying to make up for the loss of her father to Andie, so she would give her food because she didn't help her deal wit the loss, or maybe because neither one of them had the time to heal.

When Andie was struggling with others always judging her food choices, as she was trying to keep off the weight, that reminded me of how people never know how to mind their own business! Anytime there is a potluck in my office, or some cake / dessert event, somebody always finds a way to make a comment on my weight, based on what is or is not in my plate. I've heard "Oh, you eat pizza? I didn't think you were allowed to eat pizza? You are so skinny!", or "Here, have some pasta salad, some carbs wont' kill you! you could use a couple of pounds in you" and My all time favorite "oh, so you have a salad for lunch and now you are too good for a slice of cake?". All things people have told me about what I eat. First let me say that 1. I LOVE food, and 2. Even though I work with this people, none of them have any idea of my training and my race goals. They all just assume that I am in a very strict diet all the time, and that is very annoying! Mind your own plate people!  I know what I'm eating, and why.

I was hooked on this book, I seriously cried and screamed at her as she was about to go in the binge in Italy. But I was sad to hear that she didn't like running, and that running felt like torture to her! I wanted to ask her, (like I always want to ask other people) if she had ever considered running a race, because that makes running much more fun!

Her story also reminded me of how my mom dealt with our weights, for each of us, me and my sisters differently, and how it affected us. For my older sister, my mom would restrict what she ate, telling her she didn't want her to get fat. For me, she took me to at least 6 different doctors, trying to make me put on weight. For my younger sister, she also restricted what she ate when she was little, anytime she saw that she was putting on weight. I know my mom has always had the best intentions in mind, and I do not resent any of her actions towards me, but I am sad to say that my older sister became an anorexic for a few years, wanting to lose weight, but she seems to have made a full recovery now. Also my younger sister has struggled with weight loss for years.

It was also super awesome when she met Leornardo Dicaprio! I was cheering for her and remembering when she kissed his poster!

I want to recommend this book to my sisters, who struggled with weight loss.

Sorry! I made this review about how it reminded me of myself more than an actual review... #notsorry

Where'd you go Bernadette? by Maria Semple (14) - I found this book in a list from Bable, it sounded interesting, so I ordered from the library. I loved it! The book is written from the perspective of Bernadette's daughter Bee. Her mom has gone missing, and she is trying to find her from a stack of information that includes emails, notes, police reports and random documents. The story is about Bernadette, who is an introvert and suffers social anxiety. A plan for a trip to Antarctica sets a world of things in motion that pushes Bernadette to the very edge of sanity. The book was funny, interesting, full of emotions that felt so real to me. While I don't suffer from anxiety, I could relate to Bernadette's anxiety on social interaction, the curse of introverts. I really loved this book, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me think.

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe (13) - This book was funny! Some people had very crazy questions! The author takes the question and gives the scientific answer of "That's not really possible", but then takes them and explain what would happen if adjustments were made and violated all the physics laws of everything... and explains that if most were possible, they would destroy the planet, and in some instances, the universe.  My favorite question was "what is the value of force that Yoda can put out?" apparently, a lot of energy!

I was feeling all sorts of happy after this reading week! I love that about books, when they transport me to another place and make me feel good!


  1. Thank you so much for your great review and for linking up! I have the same issue as you--people always commenting on what I eat. MYOB people! The other thing I thought about was why I don't socialize much with the neighborhood ladies anymore. It seems like everytime they get together there is a feeding trough in the middle of the kitchen where everyone gathers and grazes. And since I don't do that, I get abused. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when George wouldn't eat the cake he knew the chef had poisoned. "If you're one of us, you'll take a bite". I got tired of defending myself. I know if I ate all the crap, I'd feel like crap the next day. It just gets old.

    1. Thank you for a great pick! I enjoy book clubs, they make me read stuff I would have never picked out myself!

      I really think people need to mind their own plates! I understand some level of concern, but this constant harrasment about others choices !


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