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I have been reading numerous blog post about people having a Word of the Year, and Moto of the Year, and I started thinking; how does somebody pick one word or one phrase to motivate them for a year? and how do they pick a word so early in the year? Then yesterday, as I was writing my post about thinking of quitting my favorite Zumba place, it came to me! Don't do things that don't bring me joy. This sounds simple, but being a Mom, a middle child and a woman, I always have guilt for one thing or another, and I always want to keep others around me happy. Well, it's time to change.

This all came from reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tying Up. This book made me change the way I look at the things I hold on to, and it seems to be spreading in my life, not only to objects, but to feelings and actions.

Marie Kondo says that when deciding on what to keep on regards to objects, only keep the items that make you feel good or bring you Joy. There is no point on keeping things that bring bad memories or bad moments, those moments are in the past, and your are not living there anymore. So when it comes to clothing, keep only those things that you feel good in. There is no point on holding on to a shirt/ pair of pants/ jacket/ skirt that you constantly have to be tugging at, that you don't like how it looks on you, even if you paid precious amounts of money for, or somebody who you love gave to you.

Picture from CNN

I've been starting to follow this on my life. Don't do things that don't bring me Joy. And with this I don't mean give up on weights or running because it's hard or painful. Doing weights is hard, running is hard, some days doing Yoga is hard, but they bring me the joy of knowing they are making me stronger. So far this has simplified my life, and I'm still working on applying it to more decision.

So, with Zumba, I LOVE zumba! It make me so happy! But I will no longer attend the Tuesday night class with Dana, because it doesn't bring me joy. But I will have to find another activity to replace the activity, and I'm ok with that.

And since running on a treadmill makes me hate life, that is probably not a replacement activity!

Another thing that this motto helped me with... making better food choices. Sounds silly, but hear me out. I love burger, they have been my favorite food for many years, and when I'm stressed out they tend to be my comfort food. Last year I made many excuses to allow myself to eat McDonalds' Quarter Pounders, like "it was a stressful day, I deserve a McDs Quarter Pounder" or " I'm short in time and need to eat something that is quick and cheap, I'll have a quarter pounder", or "I ran 10 miles yesterday, I deserve a Mc Dsquarter pounder". And of course, they always included fries and a soda. But this year, I am determined to eliminate those excuses and cut waay back on the McD Quarter Pounders. Do I enjoy it when I'm eating it? Yes! but am I still enjoying it 1 hour later ? the next day? No, in fact, it makes me sick. Within 2 hours of eating a McDs QP, my heart is racing, my stomach is aching, and I'm hungry 3 hours after eating it. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I've replaced a McDs QP with a giant salad, a giant delicious salad that makes me so happy!

The Boss salad from Simply Turkey- with mixed greens, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and three kicken bean salad.
Other things I want to change, because the don't bring me joy?
*My hair! I need a haircut, right now it's at a point in which is stressing me out because it's at a length that I don't like. 

*My closet- I want to organize it in a way that will be functional, right now, it's causing me stress to open those doors.
* My son's room- I want to eliminate clutter from his room, and make it a place where it will be fun for both of us to play.
* My filthy car- it's been too cold to go to the car wash, and to vacuum the inside of the car.
* I want to paint my nails - because it makes me happy to have colorful nails!

* Update- I am tired of hearing of the elections, so I am cutting back on Listening to NPR on  my way to work, and switching to music.

Do you keep things that don't bring you joy?
What things do you want to add to your life that will bring you Joy?
Do you have a phrase or word for the year?
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  1. this is awesome! i stopped doing things - and hanging around people - that didn't didn't make me happy. i mean, some things you have to do, like work (within reason) but in general, i don't do anything that doesn't bring joy. but all this talk about mcdonalds quarter pounders makes me want one! lol. you're right though, 5 minutes after i ate it, i wish i hadn't! thanks for linking up with Gretch and I :)

    1. Thank you for the link up! I think all the talk of a McDs QP made me wish for one too! But goals !! Gotta keep with the goals!! Thank you for stopping by !

  2. I feel like I made this switch in my life a few years ago. I realized that I didn't like going out to bars all the time and I was happier just staying at home. Might make me seem anti social or weird for my age, but it really makes me happier (and save a ton of money!). Glad to hear you're embracing that as well :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for the link up!

      Staying in with a good book (or tv show) is much more appealing to me too!


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