Training Week #8

Last week was rough! It started out tired, and by Tuesday I had a head cold. Terrible sinus pressure, and congestion that left me sleepy and tired. So this ended up being an easier week than I had planned.

Monday February 22nd

1 hour of Zumba with Susan
30 minutes of weights

Tuesday February 23rd


Wednesday February 24th

Rest, followed with Rest, with a side of Rest

Thursday February 25th

5 mile tempo run with the Fleet Feet running group- I really surprised myself with this one. I almost didn't go, because my nose was stuffed and I was very sneezy, but I changed and went. It was awesome!

Picked up at New Nuun... because I made it out the run, when I didn't want to

Friday February 26th

I was not feeling good, so I stayed in and rested.

Saturday February 27th

Zumba with Denise And Susan

Sunday February 28th

13.1 Run/ race pace with Roger- This one was rough! not because of the distance, my legs were completely fine, with all the rest I had during the week, but my lungs were struggling to keep up with the run. 2 miles in, I considered going back to the car, and just waiting there for Roger. But I didn't have a book, and was 2 miles away from the car. So I pushed myself to finish. I stopped listening to my negative thoughts and followed only the positive!

Jonathan Eshenaour Trail was 99% clear of snow and ice

Total miles - 18.6
Zumba - 2 hours
Weights- 30 minutes

So, now we are 8 weeks from the Marathon... looking ahead this week, depending on how I'm feeling, this week it's hills, weights, and a long long run... like 19 miles long.