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Friday Five 9.29.17

Happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying your Friday!

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Fall is here! Last week, I sat my family down and we agreed on a schedule for October and November. And here are 5 very fall things that we are ready for.

1. Annual Cherry Crest Corn Maze visit. Our fall activities begin when we visit the Cherry Crest farm, We start out by having an apple cider donut and a tall coffee. The farm offers activities for the entire family, even my mom loves it ! Last year we did the easy part of the corn maze, this year we plan to start earlier and do the medium level. 

2. National Apple Harvest Festival- The NAHF should pay me to advertise for them, I talk about how fantastic the festival is ALL YEAR LONG! The festival features lots of different arts and craft stands, apple everything food and our favorite, the Pit beef sandwich! 

3. Trick or Treat night - I love Halloween season! I love dressing up to go trick …

Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half 2017 Recap

Race Details
Cost : $56 + processing. I registered in National Running day, with the special discount.
Goodies : Woman's tech cut shirt, and free samples + snacks and beverages post race.
Temperatures : 70 F (21.11 C)  with 89% humidity, overcast.
What I wore: shorts, 2 sport bras, hat and socks.

The Expo
My son loves going to Race expos, he knows there will be free candy for kids, and other free items. Right after we picked up Roger's and my bib, he got a free head wrap, and a drawstring bag. Then my sister and him played a game at the Toyota booth, and got some type of charging device. He also got lollypops and temporary tattoos.

The Morning of The Race
I'll confess that one of my least favorite things about doing this half marathon, is driving to Philadelphia before the sun is up on a Sunday morning. But up we went. One of the perks of such a drive, is that I get to spend time with my sister, and we got all caught up on family gossip. It's not really gossip, just obser…

Weekly Wrap Up 9.25.17

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Busy and stressful week here, so happy to have another week.


Thursday: 2 mile easy run and Zumba
Friday: 3 mile easy run
Sunday: Pittsburgh Great Race 10K

I was scheduled to run an easy 3 miles on Monday, but had to get groceries. I just couldn't swing both tasks in one night, and I was tired and hungry when I got home.

On Tuesday we watched in horror the news of the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricane in Puerto Rico. All my family in Mexico is ok, they don't leave near Mexico City, and my brother in law heard from his family and they are ok. My co-worker is still waiting to hear from her Parents in Puerto Rico, we are all very worried for them, but they are said to be ok, just surrounded by water.

On Thursday I got into a really stupid fight with Roger about dishes, we were supposed to run 3 miles together, but I was really mad at him, and refused to go with him to run. I ended up running at the YMCA on the treadmi…

Friday Five 9.22.17

Happy Friday! What a week it was been! We are finally welcoming fall, and all the fall things that come with it.

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy

Last night, after Zumba, I was ready to get a not healthy small dinner and go home and read my book. But I realized on my way to this less than healthy establishment, that I had left my wallet at home. I like to keep a $10 in my car in case of emergencies, I forget my wallet a lot, but this time those $10 were spent in another case of I forgot my wallet.

Then I remembered that there is a couple of places where I can order food on my phone ( they have my CC info), AND without talking to people. So here are my five favorite restaurants/ shops I love to order from my mobile device.

1. Starbucks- I have had my share of awesome baristas, the ones who take one look at me and say "Ana, I'm switching you to decaf", thank you Jeff! I did need decaf that day! Or the one wh…

Please Write This Books

I had written this post a few weeks ago, but hadn't finished it to publish it. And as I sit here today, with new of the Earthquake in Mexico City and Puebla, my heart is heavy with thoughts of those affected in my country. My immediate family doesn't live close to Mexico city, so they are ok. My brother in law's family lives in Mexico city and He got word last night that they are safe and ok. We are still thinking of all others affected.

Over the last few years, I have read/ listened to a few autobiographies of singers, actors, politicians, comedians and judges. I have a soft spot for "celebrity" biographies. And as I am making my way through Steven Tyler's book, makes me wish for this other celebrity autobiographies.

1. Enrique Bunbury. He has a few documentaries about being part of Heroes del Silencio, to his solo career, but I need a book. A book with his story from his childhood, with pictures, stories, details of the songs, and all the little nasty in bet…

Weekly Wrap 9.18.17

Happy Monday! My weekends are often so busy, that being back at work on Monday is welcome rest. This weekend was like that!

Tuesday- 3 easy miles + 1 mile walk
Wednesday - 3 miles easy and 1 mile of sprints
Sunday - Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon

On Tuesday, I was feeling a little ambitious, and did 1 mile at my goal half marathon pace, but after the first mile, my quad started to feel sore, so mid run, I switched it to easy pace.

On Wednesday, my quad was still sore, so I decided to keep the run as an easy one, remembering my legs were still recovering from the Half Marathon the Saturday before.

I picked up my son from his grandparents on Thursday, and got to see my Cordelia! Cordelia was my dog many years ago, she was given to me as a puppy in 2006, but in 2010 she moved with my son's grandparents... long story on that....I think that Cordy still remembers me, she was wagging her tale and let me pet her. Cordy and I used to cuddle so hard in the couch!!