Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome to My desk!

A couple of weeks ago, Karen Posted a peek at her office and work space, and last week, Megan showed pictures of her classroom. While I sat here admiring their beautiful work spaces, I sat here with a mild case of FOMO... So, I never heard of anybody dying of FOMO, but why risk it! here is a few pictures of my work space.

We were told when I started working here that our company had an "open office" policy, meaning no cubbies, and no private offices. The thought of no private office or walls around me sounded strange, but I had worked in classrooms before, and saw no problem with this. Our office in Dearborn is all open space, the CEO sits in a desk with everybody.

Anyway, here is what I walk to in the Morning.

This is my desk

I have the biggest desk in the office for two reasons. 1. An auditor who retired years ago gave it to me. It wasn't hers to give away, but I accepted it. and 2. I refuse to give it up. I've been here as long as the other manager, so nobody argues with me on my keeping of the desk.

Closer look at my desk .. blue bucket on top is for boxtops. People at work are very kind to bring me boxtops from home and give me the ones from our work supplies. I hate boxtops! But not clipping those evil little 10 cent coupons, and sending them to school makes me feel like a bad mommy.

Any papers left between my monitors are work that needs done before I have my oatmeal.

I have 6 years worth of calendars, for when I do full file audits. And because I have to constantly be looking back 3 months, I keep 3 moths visible at all times... there is a few days that I keep 4 months visible.


I love my power stapler! and I'm a jerk about anybody else using it, and when I'm not here, I lock it in my drawer.

I also have a scanner on my desk, I'm the only person who has a scanner. When I do state audits, the files need to be scanned and prepared to be sent to the state offices, this can be from 10-40 pages per file. Audits tend to be 12-16  files per month.

The state demand that we use their conversion chart for minutes. In a timesheet can can't write 2 hours and 13 minutes, it has to be 2.22 hours. We have had points deducted from file audits if we don't use their conversion chart, so for a long time, we used to joke that we needed to get the chart tattoo to our legs or arms.

I keep a candy dish on my desk, but right now is empty... but Halloween is coming!
My pens have HIGH TECH ANTI-THEFT DEVICES.... I attached flowers to them. While all the pens go missing overnight, those two have been in my cup for 4 years.
I do not keep family pictures or many other personal things at work for a few reasons... one was that back a long time ago, an angry participant threated my family and pointed at their pictures. That scared me a lot, so I took their pictures home.

We are forced to  encouraged  to keep our personality profile at our desk. This is from a personality test we took when we were first hired. It's supposed to warn help others  on how to work better with us. Mine says that I only like things my way, that I don't talk much or *think out loud* and need time to think of a solution, that I work on multiple things at the same time and that I don't believe everything people tell me.

My favorite room in the office.


The Coffee Room! I hope the picture is capturing the closet size coffee room.

Random things that are not in the pictures, but that I keep at my desk... a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, pliers, all the office white out (we are not allowed to use white out, it's like contraband in our office and it always finds a way into somebody's desk), a mug full of desk keys and 48 AA batteries and a pair of pumps I can't wear.

While the colors do make me feel sad a little bit some days, I block most of it out when doing data entry and audits... with podcast, audiobooks, NPR and music, I am only physically here, my mind is somewhere else... interviewing somebody with Terry Gross, visiting Hagrid in Hogwarts or dancing in the beach. <- None of that means I don't like my job, but looking at papers and numbers can be a very numbing experience.

My biggest complaint about my desk, is that is not next to a window and I can't always see the sun.

What is your favorite room in your work space? Or at home?
Do you hide your office supplies?
Do you keep candy in your desk?
Any other anti-theft devices for pens?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Runfessions

Hello, how are you today? Did you Runfess Yet? I'm a little late, but here it goes.

Linking up with Marcia For August Runfessions, thank you Marcia for hosting!

I runfess that I do not feel ready for this Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. I signed up because it was a weekend that my son would be with his father for the holiday, and those weekends are huge stressors in my life. I knew that we would end up at the beach that weekend, and Virginia sounded perfect. That was back in June, and 3 months later, I'm nervous and scared. I don't know why, I have run as much as I did when training for the marathon. Maybe my mind is louder than my training.

I have thought and thought so many times about Runfessing this, but if not here... then where? My ex-husband has started running, and I runfess that I'm worried he is doing the Hershey Half Marathon. The thought of it makes my stomach hurt and makes me want to throw up. I know running was not a sport created specifically and only for me, but it just irritates me. And The Hershey Half was my first Half marathon and I enjoyed it a lot last year. I don't want to be worried or thinking the entire race that he might be running behind me, or next to me... (notice that the possibility of him being ahead of me is not even a thought that crosses my mind) Which I guess means I should train to run it faster, just to be safe. I'm just being paranoid.

I runfess that I'm addicted to Nuun. I drink it after long runs, I drink it at work, instead of soda.... There is one tube of Nuun All Day in my desk, and two of Nuun Active at home. I feel Nuun has taken over where Soda was for me before.... but I guess it could be worse.

Any tips for Virginia Beach? It's supposed to be hot.
Should I cut it out with my running jealousy?
What is your favorite Nuun flavor?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Wrap: VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #10

Good Morning,
How are you doing today? Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web.
Thank you  Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these lovely ladies today.

Monday: Zumba with Susan, and 2 miles of track exercises and sprints.
Birthday Miles : 3.4 miles
Friday: 2 easy miles and weights
Saturday: Zumba with Denise and Susan and 5 tempo miles
Sunday: 10 Miles Progression Long Run
Miles : 24
Zumba : 2
Weights: 1
I turned 34! and celebrated by going to the Back to School night and Meet the teacher night at school! and by running 3.4 miles.

The president of the PTO said the funniest things I've heard "Come and help us out in events, we won't look at you like weirdos".... it's funny, because they always look at me like I have 3 heads and 5 hands when I'm there to help, they all just stare and look confused.

Thank you to my dear co-workers for my cake. I'm sorry that I don't like butter cream or chocolate, this guys rock!

Sweaty 3.4 miles

On Saturday to continue the birthday celebrations, we drove to Philly for a change of scene. I had half of a glass of Sangria and for dessert we had ice cream, the day turned out to be beautiful!


Sunday was my last training long run, as Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll half is next Sunday. I made it a progression run that wasn't as progressive as I would have wanted. Picking hills for the middle of the distance was not my best idea. But I was happy with my pace. After that half glass of Sangria the day before, I was thirstier than in any other training runs.

The View at the end of my long run

Late Sunday night, I saw in Twitter that beloved Mexican singer, and song composer Juan Gabriel passed away Sunday Morning. It is very sad, he has written over 1,800 songs, and his songs have been performed by EVERYBODY in the Latin music scene. I grew up listening to all of his songs, and watching his concerts on TV. Thank you JuanGa for the memories!

I leave you with this song, one of his best. Somebody once broke up with me with this song. Aside from the breakup, it's a great song.

So, here I come Virginia Beach! ready for this Half Marathon!

How was your weekend?
Member of the PTO?
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Favorite Sangria? Red or White?
What artist did you grow up listening to?
Anybody broken up with you in a song? or is that only Mexican melodrama?

Friday, August 26, 2016

What I will Miss From Art In Motion Fitness

I know that I'm missing Runfessions this Friday, but my mind has been on something else.  I mentioned in the last Runfessions Friday that I was in complete denial of my Zumba studio closing. Well, I can't avoid it anymore. August is done, and with it goes Art In Motion Fitness out of my life.

Last Monday when I was there for zumba, they had stripped the floors off the bamboo hardwood flooring... it was a harsh reality.

Tomorrow I’m heading to my last Saturday Zumba Morning class with the ladies of Art In Motion Fitness. I have tried to write an email to them about how much my time spent there has meant to me, but I end up going off in a long over detailed story of nothingness and crying. I have also tried to write a post about how going there changed me, for the better, but I also end up going out into oversharing and long stories and crying again… I am a puddle of tears sometimes. Here are things that I will miss about going to zumba and any other class at AIMF.

1.       The friends- My zumba crew! Carmen, Beth, Melissa, Amy(x3), Aleney. And especially Denise, Susan, both who always made laugh when we were trying to shake and move the way they showed us.

2.       The EPIC Holiday parties! For 3 years in a row, I have been attending the Halloween parties, two years of Christmas and one random summer party that lasted two hours. Everybody dressed up for Halloween, and some people came up with the best costumes!! Their parties were an absolute blast! We would dance, laugh and danced until our cheeks hurt… both in our faces and our butts! And ate good food!  

I don't remember what we were doing here, and it's a blurry shot, but trust me, lots of fun was had!

Our last Halloween Party

3.       The Music- Before going to Zumba, I had a complicated relationship with happy music. It was an amazing experience to welcome happy, joyful danceable music back into my life.

4.       Having an outlet for frustration, stress, sadness, anxiety. So many days, so many times when things were just difficult, thinking and knowing that I was going to zumba later that day kept me from meltdowns.

5.       The Motivation. Without AIMF, I would have not started running again, and I would have never convinced myself that I could complete a 10K, a Half Marathon, a Marathon! On days when training was hard, I would remind myself what Susan and Denise always said to us (sometimes yelled at us over very loud music) You Are NOT TIRED! You can do this!
I'm still hopeful that Denise and Susan will find another location and open again, but for now, it's goodbye to Art in Motion Fitness.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throw Back post- The Best Birthday Present EVER!

I'm going to be real with you. I don't care for my birthday. It's not that I don't like getting older, because I do! It's that I don't like to have that much attention to myself.

I never know what do say, what to do, when people from work get me cakes.... the thoughts running from my mind are, why did they get me a butter cream cake? I hate butter cream! or Why a chocolate cake? I don't like chocolate! or why a cake at all, I don't want cake. Even when they get me things I do like, the thoughts are, why are they touching my Tiramisu? can't I just take all the tiramisu and go home? Keep your paws off Tiramisu! and I can't believe this person has never heard of tiramisu.

Anyway, back before I had social anxiety and hated cake, Sister #2 gave me the best present in the world!

In the spring of 1989 I asked my parents for a Ken doll I had seen in a store close to the market. I negotiated with both of my parents, beg, pleaded and cried for it. All to no avail. The answer was No, they would not be buying me a super expensive toy for no reason. I cried for hours!

A few weeks later, I paid them back the only way I knew how... going to live with my grandparents for the summer.

Growing up my family didn't really do big birthday celebrations, or big presents. At most, we would get a new outfit, and sometimes the outfit was handmade by my mom. My mom made the best dresses!

A few weeks before my birthday, my Mom came over to say that they were all coming over to my grandmas for my birthday celebration. She had me pick up my cake shape, I picked a heart shaped cake with pink frosting and sprinkles.

The morning of my birthday, my mom and my sisters showed up with my aunt and my cousins. We made a chicken from my grandmas farm, my mom and my aunt made the cake.

After we ate and had cake, I was surprised with presents. One from my mom, a precious red dress in a red paisley  print with a pocket on the side. It was beautiful! Now, please feel free to call me an ungrateful jerk after this, because that was not the best present.

My sister, who is younger than me by 2.5 years said she had a present for me too. She brought out a box wrapped on really pretty and shinny silver paper. When I opened it, I screamed and cried. It was the Ken Doll I had cried for hours for!

This was not my Ken doll, just one I found online.
I still do not know how she managed to get it. She was only 5 years old, and my mom still swears that she didn't buy it, and I believe her, because she would not buy such an expensive toy for only one of us. But she said that she did chores and made money to buy it on her own.

Sadly, I have to report that a year later my awful cousin broke off my Ken's leg. I wanted to kill her! and I cried again for a long time. My Uncle Ruben (May he rest in peace), attached his leg with a wire, but it ended up being longer than the other leg. But I still loved my Ken.

Out of all the birthday presents I received, that is the one I can most clearly remember. I hope to one day make it up to my sister.

What has been your best birthday present?
How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?
What is your Favorite type of birthday cake?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Books For My Mental Health

I read for the same reason that I run... for my mental health. I have turned to TV and books for a change of scene when things get difficult to deal with. For me, reading books and watching TV is about seeing that many others have dealt with many more difficult situations, and that maybe I can learn from that. Here are some of my favorite books that helped me deal with life.
The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky- This is a book about Charlie, who is going into High School. He is an introvert, and the book is letters that he is writing to a "friend" about his High School experience. I wanted to crawl inside this book and live in it.
Harry Potter by JK Rowling- The entire series
If a Teenager can beat the Dark Lord several times, with the help and love of his friends and family, I can get up and deal with life.
Born To Run by Christopher McDougall - I highly recommend this book to anybody interested in a really good story. The books has the griping story of the race being put together by Caballo Blanco, and history on the Tarahumaras and their running. It also explores lots of aspects of running, like shoes, fueling, training, and ultra marathon races. Just to clarify, I did not go out and bought Vibram shoes after reading this book, but I did start using the tittle as my running mantra in races and training " I was Born to Run!" I told this to Mr. McDougall when I had the pleasure of meeting him at a race.
Are you There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler- This book is hilarious! One of her best! It's just stories of her life and her family. I have not watched her show, but her books made me laugh when I wanted to cry.
Push by Saphire ( or Precious)
This book changed the way I looked at so many things! It's a difficult read, but a necessary one. Push is the story of Precious who lives with her mother and is physically, emotionally and sexually abused by her mother and her father. It is a gripping story.
What are books that get you through difficult times?
Have you read any of this books?
Why do you read books?
how do you pick your books?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap: VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #10

Hello there! It has not been a good Morning, my computer is not cooperating this morning and it's very stressful! 

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap post.

Tuesday - 4 tempo miles and 25 minutes of weights
Wednesday - 5 miles of intervals
Thursday - 3 miles tempo
Sunday - 9 miles long run

Totals: 21 miles

I had Tuesday off from work to spend time with my son, we made pancakes! They were so yummy!

My sister was in town last week, so we trained together for two days. It was pretty awesome!

Sunday we got the flat second grader ready for the first day of school!

FYI- those shoes cost .49 Cents!

I am not in a good mood, I haven't been in a good mood since yesterday. Yesterday I sat in the parking lot of Wegmans just listening to music trying to convince myself to get out of the car and get my groceries for 25 minutes. Whenever I have this type of meltdown, I call sister #3 and she talks me out of it, but she is in Mexico.

And I ended up buying 5 songs from iTunes in five minutes, because I wanted to find a tune to pick me up. This worked a little bit:

That's it... first of three Half Marathons is 12 days. My heels is bothering me a little bit again, and I just want to crawl in bed and watch Friends all day long.

How are the going back to school festivities around you?
What's your mood picker upper ? activity? I ran 9 miles, but didn't feel better.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Five- This Summer

I have every other Friday off from work, and during the summer, I love spending that time with my son doing fun trips. At the beginning of the summer, Roger and I sat down and created a schedule with ideas on what to do on those 6 Fridays with my Love Nugget. Then the first week, we threw the schedule and ideas out the window and did none of it. But we did visit great place that were not at all in our plans! We had amazing adventures!

1. Intercourse Pa- Visiting Kitchen Kettle Village and doing the Horse and Buggy ride. We tried lots of samples at the Kitchen Kettle Village, ate fresh made ice cream on a fresh made waffle cone, and had fresh made pretzels. We rode the horse buggy and went on a covered bridge and by Amish farms. I highly recommend visiting Kitchen Kettle Village!

2. Visiting Children's Lake in Boiling Springs. I didn't know this cool and awesome place existed so close to me ! We went there and walked around the lake, checked out part of the Appalachian Trail, and observed the ducks, geese and swans. We had some coffee at a local Coffee shop, it was really good!

3. Canoeing Brandywine Park. The Canoeing was a Saturday event, but only because of schedules. It was so much fun!


4. Knoebels Amusement Park- I have lived in Central PA for over 10 years, and had never visited Knoebels before! My son loved spending the day at the pool, we hope to be back for rides later in the fall.

5. Margate NJ Beach - It's the beach, what else can I say? We had ice cream! and it was great!

Places we still hope to visit this weekend : Lancaster Central Market and Rehoboth Beach

How was your summer ? 
What did you do?