Friday 5- Harrisburg Area Top 5

Recently, the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was visiting the Harrisburg / Mechanicsburg Area... .basically, my hood. A few days after his trip here, he said that the Harrisburg Area looks like a war zone.   

I have lived in the area for over 10 years, and I can testify that this is completely incorrect. Yes, I recognized that there are areas that are struggling, and where there is poverty and crime, but Harrisburg and the neighboring towns, are resilient, peaceful and a great place to live and raise a family.

Here are 5 Places I love and are great to visit in the Greater Harrisburg Area, this is not a ranking.

1. City Island- Part of Harrisburg, home of the Harrisburg Senators, and the City Islanders. During the summer families flock there for Baseball games, soccer games, mini golf, kayaking, canoeing, SUP. All year long, a lot of us go there for runs, for walks, for races, to ride the train, to see the horses, to park their car for the day and go to work in Harrisburg. City Island is a central location, available for many activities. .

2. Harrisburg Downtown- The Downtown in Harrisburg offers a huge variety of places to eat, things to do, things to see. From my favorite Mexican places, Santa Fe Mexican Grill in Strawberry Square) , El Taco Solo in Second street, to The Harrisburg Capitol, to the current Dinosaur art Exhibit through the city. There are lots of things to eat, see and visit in Downtown Harrisburg.

3. Farmer's Markets- We have two beautiful and awesome Farmer's Markets. The Broad Street Market, that has delicious fresh donuts, Amish cooked food... I love their pulled pork sandwiches and mac and cheese! And my favorite, the West Shore Farmer's Market, which is my hang out in the weekends! The tacos at Mids8Taco give me reasons to be alive, their Friday cinnamon twist get me through Friday Mornings, their fresh ground beef makes
amazing burgers!

4. Amazing hiking/ running trails. The Green belt is a bike/ walk/ run trail that goes around the city. I have done sections of this. And Wildwood Park, which is a 3.1 mile loop of hills and flats around the Wildwood Lake, with smaller trails in between. I cannot count how many times I've ran Wildwood, but we always go back to train there.

5. Great Races! Harrisburg hosts many races all year long from 1 mile races, 5Ks to marathons, most notable, The Capitol Area 10 Miler, The Harrisburg Half Marathon, The Harrisburg Marathon, The Harrisburg Mile, and nearby, the Hershey Half Marathon.

War zone? Not at all!

What are some great place to see and visit in your area?
Have you ever been to Harrisburg?
Local runners - Did I miss anything?


  1. DONALD TRUMP IS AN ASS. Thanks for showcasing Harrisburg. It is a beautiful city with beautiful surrounding areas.

    1. He is an ASS! an ass that has never been to war and has no idea what a war zone looks like!

  2. Like any large city, you will have the beautiful areas and of course the areas that could use a little help. Take Philly for instance. Lots of Beautiful parts there but also some not so pretty areas.
    I personally love the Harrisburg area. I use to work down that way and really wish I would have made the move to live there. For now I guess I will continue to just visit. I'm glad that you enjoy where you live!

    1. Thank you Meranda! Yes, all cities have their own charm, and things that are not as great!

  3. It sounds beautiful! Everywhere is going to have it's nice areas and not nice areas. Anyone who says that looks like a war zone has no idea what an actual war zone looks like.

    1. Exactly Chaitali! somebody who has never been to war, has no idea what a war zone looks like! he is the worst!

  4. My dislike for Donald Trump continues to hit record levels with each passing day. The locals definitely know best for any destination! Harrisburg sounds like a terrific place to live!!!


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