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Mushroom Cap Half Marathon

Race Details: $80 ( I signed up during the Kennett Run, and received a free training shirt, a Victory Beer glass and a race magnet.)

Goodies : See above +  Woman's Cut UA long sleeve shirt, coupons for local businesses, free beer at post race party, snacks post race.

Weather: Starting temperature 42 F, sunny, light breeze

What I wore: Capri leggings, compression knee high socks, long sleeve tech shirt.

When I sign up for a race, I add it to the calendar on my phone, because when I sign up for a race, my heart gets all excited and it makes my brain forget if I have another event scheduled for that day. I signed up for this race at the Kennett Run, and forgot that I had signed up for a 5K the day after. As soon as I figured it out, I reviewed my race plan with Roger and he helped me train to do both.

I wanted to do this half, because my family has lived closed to Kennett Square for 20 years. My sister's bakery is in Kennett Square, and started and ended a block from the bakery. In…

Week In Review

Happy Monday! What a week I had! It felt like two whole weeks have gone by, and I loved all of it!

There wasn't much running, and I was making all sorts of excuse for myself, but then realized that there was no time for running and I'm still not training for anything, so gotta live it up now!

On Tuesday I had Megan over for Sangria and tacos, there is no pictures of it, but trust me, it did happen. We had a whole lot of sangria, and I think I was still a little bit drunk at work the next day.

Wednesday at work, was a busy day, I had a few things to get done, and an afternoon packed full of errands. I stopped at the library for stuff, then headed to Wegmans.... more like made the mistake of going to Wegmans, it was packed full ! Lucky for me, I had my sister on the phone who kept me calm while I shopped.

I also went to pick up my bib for the Turkey Trot, filled my tires, and got my haircut. Not sure how I accomplished so many things.

On Thursday, I sneaked out of my house before…

Full of Thanks

Every single day that I wake up alive, I am thankful for many many things in my life, maybe not immediately, but I want to make a point to remind myself how fortunate I am. Here is a list of random things I'm grateful for today, in no particular order:

* My son
* My family
* Roger
* My family's health
* My health
* My Job
* Friends
* Favorite Blogs
* My glasses
* My Co-Workers
* A good working car
* My cellphone
* Books
* My desk
* Work Computer
* Bagels
* Donuts
* Music
* Strong Legs
* Good lungs
* Running shoes
* Starbucks
* Coffee
* Internet
* YouTube
* OverDrive
* Harry Potter
* Tacos
* Craig Ferguson
* Taco Solo- the restaurant
* Wine
* Scrubs- The TV Show
* My hairdresser
* Coffee
* Sugar Cookies
* French Bread
* My stapler

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

Week In Review 11.19.17

Happy Monday! Happy short week! We are so close to eating all the Thanksgiving food ! Last week was back to some workouts and some running, and good variety of all good stuff. 

Monday - 4 fartlek miles 
Thursday - Zumba
Friday- 3 miles of intervals 
Saturday - weights, focused on arms and core
Sunday - 1 hour of Zumba and 2.7 mile hike 

On Monday my legs were very sore! after taking a week off and starting my workouts with intervals, my quads were angry with me. the 4 miles of farlek didn't make it better. 

On Wednesday we were out of the office for the entire day for a training, it was an interesting training, and kept us sitting all day long. I hate sitting all day long! 

I have been missing Zumba a lot in the last few weeks, so I made it a point to go to a class this week. My body was ready for all the dancing and sweating! On Thursday I went to  Cat's Zumba at the Y... but it got me missing Art In Motion. So as soon as I left, I emailed them to see if they had a spot on th…

Friday Five 11.17.17

Happy Friday! How is your day going ? How is it that Thanksgiving is already next Friday?

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy

Today, I'm thinking of thanksgiving and the holiday spirit, so I'm sharing 5 things that make my heart happy, especially when they happen to me.

5. When somebody pays for my coffee- this has happened to me twice in line at Starbucks, and both time there has been nobody behind me for me to pay it forward. But it is so wonderful to get something free, does it feel like free things taste better?

4. The Drawings my son makes for me - Last week while I was making dinner, my son asked me if I wanted him to draw me a picture and I immediately said yes. He came back a few minutes later with pictures of tacos, and the headline of his drawing was "Taco party!". My kid gets me 100%.

3. When Roger helps me out on something I'm not expecting. This past Monday I was running late for work, and l…

October Books

I look forward to the Show Us Your Book Link up all month, and my list of books to read has gone out of control, but it makes me very happy.

Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

This month my books were hard, they dealt with difficult situations and difficult subjects. I'm going to need a funny book next month.

In The Country We Love by Diane Guerrero ( 5*/ 5)

This book was amazing! I didn't know anything about Diane Guerrero, other than the fact that she is gorgeous, and is in Orange Is The New Black. I started following her on Instagram and found that she had a book. My weak spot for celebrity autobiographies made me order the book from my library right away.

I learned that her parents were deported when she was 14, and the difficulties she went through on raising herself, living with help from family friends.  Reading the book felt like reading stories of friends and their stories of living in fear. I cried a few times, and would use any availa…

Weekly Wrap- Lazy Week

Good morning! how are you? How is your day going?

Last week, I decided to take some time off from all work outs and just be lazy. I had some pain on the back of my heel during my last race, so I made the decision to just take off for a few days. And I am so glad I had so many days to read, rest and heal.

On Tuesday, I was going to go to Cardio Funk, but the terrible rain causes people to forget how to drive, and I didn't make it there on time. Instead, I went to the library, paid my fines and got my book.

I went home, and worked on dinner and on my book. Roger went to his martial arts class, and when he got back I was sitting on the exact same spot, but 80 pages into my book.

The rest of my week was busy with work, audits and more reading.

On Friday, I attended the Veteran's Assembly at my son's school. The event was packed and beautifully organized.

On Saturday we went to Lititz to hang out for the day. We went to a brewery for lunch and a beer. Where they served us chips…

Friday Five - Life Updates

Happy Friday! and also, to all Veterans, Thank you for your service!

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

Some days I look at my blog and thing to myself "Why don't I have more readers?" and then I decided to do a post on things that are completely irrelevant to running and tell myself, "this is exactly why people don't read your blog, because you like talking about yourself a lot" Like today's post. Five random updates on my life.

1. Fall Stuff- I have added accessories to my daily outfits. This means that I dug out all my scarves, long socks and couple sweaters. But I am wearing the same clothes. My office is kept at "man temperature" all year long, and in fall I need a scarf and long locks, to keep me warm. 

2. Glasses- I now wear glasses all the time. My eyes have been terribly irritated for a long while, and refuse to accept contacts. Somedays it's fine, other it's really…