Mushroom Cap Half Marathon

Race Details: $80 ( I signed up during the Kennett Run, and received a free training shirt, a Victory Beer glass and a race magnet.)

Goodies : See above +  Woman's Cut UA long sleeve shirt, coupons for local businesses, free beer at post race party, snacks post race.

Weather: Starting temperature 42 F, sunny, light breeze

What I wore: Capri leggings, compression knee high socks, long sleeve tech shirt.

When I sign up for a race, I add it to the calendar on my phone, because when I sign up for a race, my heart gets all excited and it makes my brain forget if I have another event scheduled for that day. I signed up for this race at the Kennett Run, and forgot that I had signed up for a 5K the day after. As soon as I figured it out, I reviewed my race plan with Roger and he helped me train to do both.

I wanted to do this half, because my family has lived closed to Kennett Square for 20 years. My sister's bakery is in Kennett Square, and started and ended a block from the bakery. In my mind, my family would be able to come and see me by the bakery and cheer me at the end. Except for the part where my family has plans of their own.

Bib Pick Up

This was a small race, and bib pick up was only available on Friday the night before. I found this to be a really annoying detail, it's not like the race was going to be over 700 people.


On race day, I was all by myself. So I drove myself to the Kennett Square High School (Fun Fact: I worked in this school one summer in 2004). I struggled eating my bagel and coffee, but I forced myself to eat all of it, because my body will be needing it around mile 10.

I was in a rush getting dressed, and couldn't find my running belt, where I normally store my cellphone and car key. Luckily for me, my leggings had a pocket for both.

The race started on the High School track, and went through town and out by the big expensive houses. I knew Kennett Square is a very hilly town, I thought my body was ready... Spoiler alert: It was not.

The race started promptly at 7:30, as the sun was coming up. The race was small, so it was easy to find space to run. There was also a relay option for this race, which left at the same time.
The picture is of the sunset, not of the Portable Toilets

I managed to run through the first 8 miles of hills with no problems. I had an ok pace, started out slowly, and sped up as the miles got higher. The temperatures were cool, and my body warmed up nicely and stayed warm. I was very glad to have chosen the leggings instead of the shorts I had planned.

After mile 8, as we approached another big hill, my body quit on me, and as there was only two more people around me, I said a loud "Fuuucckkkk!!" as I stopped to walk, a man walking by said to me "Amen to that!"

Once at the top of the hill, I started running again. I saw a sign for Coke shots at the next stop, and I considered stopping for one... but didn't. I took what I thought was a water, but turned out to be tailwind... good think I didn't splash it on my face!

At mile 11, there was a man offering free hugs, it sounded like a hilarious offer! Can you imagine, offering to hug random sweaty strangers at a race?

By then, I was still on course to come under 2 hours, but mile 12 took everything out of me. I ran by another school where I worked for 2 summers, and my legs refused to keep on running this section.

The last .10 of mile 13 was a steep uphill, which I walked because I was done. I ran the last loop of the track, and crossed the finish line. After grabbing my medal, I walked around stretching and grabbing samples at the tents set up. I also grabbed some coffee and water and slowly talked myself into walking to my car.

Official Finish Time : 2.03.047.

Post Race

After I changed and warmed up, I went to my sister's bakery to visit my brother in law. He wasn't there. I grabbed bread, counted my pennies for a coffee and sat there eating a concha (Mexican sweet bread). It was only 10:15 am, and I need to wait for my favorite Sushi place to open.

I met Brother #1 for sushi at Lilly's In Kennett Square. We talked and ate, it was a perfect post race meal.

I really enjoyed this race, and would absolutely do it again next year... with more hill training added. The fueling stops were all themed, there was plenty of help along the course, the course was a nice mix of the town, and the farms that surround Kennett Square. I only wish that Bib pick up would have been available the day of the race.


  1. You always crack my up with your race recaps. The sun rising over the portable toilets... you with your medal on your head! It sounds like it was a really tough course but good job pushing through. I would not want to hug sweaty strangers!!! All your post race food looks delish too.

    1. Thanks!!

      I needed a picture of me with my medal, without looking all weird taking a selfie... I suck at selfies.

      Thank you!! I should have prepared better for the hills, but it is what it it.

      If you do go to Longwood, you have to eat at Lillys!! It is very delicious!

  2. Love the photo of the medal on your hat! That's cool that they had themed fueling stops, it sounds like a fun race though tough with those hills.

    1. Thank you! it was a different atmosphere for sure! I need a lot more hill training.

  3. Dang! 2:03 on such a hilly course with limited hill training?

    *bows down to the queen of running aka you*

    1. Thank you!! You are TOO kind!

  4. NO!! I can't imagine the free hug offer LOL ick! You kicked butt! That is fabulous time. You are so speedy :) makes me smile.


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