Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What is in my bag?

One of my favorite things in magazines used to be the What's In Your bag page. I realize now that most of those were just Another ad. But, because I am on the process of changing bags, I wanted to give you a peek at what is inside my work bag. I carry a very small purse, so that post would be three sentences... I carry my wallet, and my phone in it.
The first bag- I got a promotion at work a few weeks ago, and I decided to switch back to my supervisor bag. 
Bag #1
I've had this bag since 2008, I got it at Target, it was from their Isaac Mizrahi line. I loved everything about this bag, the size, the shape, the color, the inside lining.  But this bag no longer fits my needs. 

This is what I had inside of it. 

Food... chocolate hazelnut candy is my favorite !  I have the hazelnut Hershey kisses, Mexican hazelnut candy and this tasty wafers I picked up at Aldi. 

I also always take my Tajin to work, but can't leave it there, so it comes in my bag every night. Tajin is a Mexican seasoning, we put it on fruit, drinks, chips, some people even put it on ice cream! I put it on oranges, and cucumbers.

In my bag, there is always a folder with school papers that need to be scanned and sent to my sons father. 

Randoms - I bought a pack of notecards, and carry it around for no reason. I also have a clothes pin, because I use those to close my chip bags. Last, old caramelized peanuts for when I'm hungry.... and I'm always hungry.  

My New Bag
A couple of weeks ago, my son came home with the zipper of his book pack clean off its hinges. I had no idea how to fix it, and he got a new book pack. Btw- Megan snap chatted me through the whole process and helped me keep my sanity that night, thanks girl! 
I picked up this bag... my son didn't like it, not enough pockets... and I didn't return it. 

Bag #2
My sister doesn't think it's a very professional looking bag, but I love it! 
This is what currently is inside of it. 

I told you I loved hazelnut ! 

Now, before you ask... do I always carry a giant Nutella jar with me? Only on days that end in Y! 

I'm kidding ! I'm taking it to work to refill my Nutella jar at the office. Same with the oatmeal, it's on its way to my office desk. 

I fill my bottle of water at work, and wash it everyday. I'm cheap and don't want to buy a large water bottle. 

My makeup bag carries all my charging cords and nail polish.

Because I work close to Harrisburg, I'm on an everlasting quest for quarters for the HGB meters. And I carry two sets of headphones, because I'm always trying to ignore all the noise ... JK! One is for work and my audiobooks, the other for running. 

Do you think my bookpack is appropiate for the office? I'm not looking for fancy, just something to carry my nutella.

What type of bag do you carry to work?

How many headphones sets do you have?

What is in your make up bag ?


Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Wrap 2.27.17

Happy Monday! How are you today? I'm sure glad I'm not Warren Beatty this morning!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Last week was tiring, and it felt like I couldn't find my running rhythm.

Wednesday: easy 3 miles + weights
Thursday: 4.5 miles easy and zumba
Friday: running exercises' and pull up bar exercises
Saturday: Zumba
Sunday: Squirrelly Tail Half Marathon

Not My Best!
On Monday our office volunteer to help out Dress For Success set up their store, for their semi-annual sale. I know I talked about this before, but what is a good deed if one can't keep referencing back to it? right? I'm telling you about it again because 1. I was told by an older gentleman that I shouldn't carry boxes, because I'm "A little Girl"...( Insert eye roll here)  his exact words! to which, I rudely responded by asking " you mean like this?" and lifting two boxes at one time. The second box was much heavier than I was expecting, but it did its job and he didn't say anything again.

That is my supervisor, after he found a fur coat in the donations

Then 2. I was helping carry the boxes from the truck, to the store. They let me have a heavy duty moving dolly ! but at the end of the unloading, I wasn't looking and bumped my knee and shin REALLY hard ! it hurt the rest of the day!! it hurt so much, that I couldn't run later that day. It's is now a giant blue bruise, and still a bit tender.

My son was sick on Wednesday, and is feeling better, thanks to those of you who asked! he is just a bit tired, it seems this cold took a lot out of anybody who caught it!

Loved, but Suffered
Yesterday, Roger and I decided to do a trail half marathon. It sounded doable! We were not planning to race it, only use it as our long run for the week. We did the Squirrely Tail Twail Wun in Pinchot Park. It was one of the hardest races I have done! for a little bit, I didn't think I would finish it! I'll tell you more about it this week.


We recovered, of course, with fatty food... we can be really obscene with food. Roger and I shared this delicious basket of yumminess! Roger also had a salad... cause he is all healthy and stuff.

Currently Reading
The Audacity of Hope by (President )Barack Obama. I saw that Megan was reading it and got major FOMO, so picked it up too.

How was your week?
When was the last time somebody said you couldn't do something because you were a Girl? Did you slap them?
Have you done a trail Half? Man, they hurt!
Are you ready for Fat Tuesday?
Are you ready for Fastnachts? I am SO READY for Fastnachts!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five 2.24.17

Happy Friday! How are you today? This weeks has been super busy!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness.

I'm bringing you 5 Random things I loved this week.

1. My son stayed home sick on Wednesday, we spent the day cuddling in the couch and watching Chopped. He loves watching Chopped and Cooks Vs. Cons.

It sucked that he was sick, but quality time with him on random days always makes me happy.

2. Hidden Figures- We went to see this over the weekend, and it was amazing! if you haven't see it yet, make sure you check it out.

3. Helping out- Last Monday, our office was closed to participants, and we helped out Dress for Success to set up their sale. We set up their temporary store in 3 hours! all the work my co-workers did was amazing! After helping out with unloading the truck, I snuck out for a pretzel, because I was super hungry... but I was there emotionally!

4. This amazing post from Suzy- Check Out and Stay In. Suzy has a great way with words, and this post was exactly what I was thinking and feeling during my last long run.

5.  Memories of my grandfather- My grandfather passed away 10 years ago this month. He was a great human being, very philosophical, smart and kind. AND he was in a Mexican movie back in 1977. It's not very clear, but he is the guy waay in the background of the picture, talking to a woman. He got paid to be on the movie as an extra. This movie was filmed in my hometown in Mexico, and the building where they are standing is now a bank.

How was your week?
What good movies have you seen?
What colors are you wearing today?
Are you enjoying the unusual warm weather we are having?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things That Annoy Roger

Hello, how are you today? Last year I did a post on things that I don't like to hear when when pmsing.  Last week, Roger and I got into a flight and he reminded me that I also say thing that are annoying to him.

A little background for you, Roger works from home, and often he will do things around the house, like taking out the trash, washing the towels, taking out the recycling..... Well, last week he asked me to take the trash, and said to me " I am not the maid here!"  And I answered something really mean, I said " right, because if you were the maid, I would have fired you." In my defense, I had just walked in from work, I was hungry and my son was refusing to work on his homework.  We made up, and got past it. But this made me think of other things I say that annoy Roger.

1. Do you know how much toilet paper/ paper towels cost? He hates this one! he uses paper towels for everything, and I use reusable towels for wiping things.

2. This conversation :

R- what do you want for dinner?
Me- I don't know
R- black beans and rice?
Me- no
R- steak and pasta ?
Me- no
R- spaghetti and meatballs?
Me- no
R- ok, I'm making myself salmon and salad
Me- no, let's go back to that black beans and rice idea.

3. Right before we go for a run- I'm Hungry. 
We schedule our runs together, and it drives him crazy that I don't prepare myself for the run.

I asked Roger what other things I say annoy him, but now he is being all sweet and saying. There is nothing else... I'm going to have to test that!

What are things that your SO says that annoy you?
Do you know how much paper towels and TP cost?
What is your "I don't feel like cooking " dinner?
What is one thing you do that you know annoys your SO?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekly Wrap 2.19.17

Hello World! It feels like I have been away for a long time!

Last week was crazy busy, and intense. We had birthdays, running, new workouts, it was amazing!

Tuesday: Cardio Funk and 5 mile run
Wednesday: 1.5 miles run, and Ripped class
Thursday: 3 miles sprints
Friday : 10 miles tempo
Saturday: 3 easy miles
Sunday : 10 miles tempo (ish)
On Tuesday I was making friends and talking to the Cardio Funk instructor and my friend Melissa, they told me about this Ripped class at the Y, and I gave it a try. It was an intense work out, lots of cardio, core, burpees and weights. I will be coming back for this class next week.

Last week was a mix bag with running, I ran on the treadmill, I ran long, I ran with the sunrise, and with the sunset, I ran wearing layers on the cold, and shorts for the warm weather. It was all enjoyable!

Very much Loving
This weekend was all birthday celebrations ! My niece turned 2 and my younger sister also had a birthday. We had a lots of celebrating at my parents, with dancing, eating and cake.

my son and my niece dancing and playing with balloons
We danced so much, that shortly after the dancing, my niece took a 2 hour nap, and my son took a 30 minute nap. He has been fighting off a cold since last week.

On Sunday we celebrated my sister's birthday and had brunch at my sister's favorite place! We had mountains of food ! It was amazing!

Currently Reading
The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. It started out as the story of a couple who lost their home, and are living in a car, then were recruited by a high tech cult and now it has taken a very dystopian turn! I am very intrigued now.

How was your week?
Do you know any February Babies? We have the most birthdays in February at work and at home.
What is your favorite birthday cake? Mine is a marble cake with whipped topping.


Friday, February 17, 2017

TTLWH Book Club - My Marathon

Today I'm linking up with Wendy for the TTLWH book club, because this time I got to read the book!

I found the book My Marathon by Frank Shorter on the NPR book list. As soon as I saw the words Marathon, I knew this was going on my reading list. I made the request to my library and picked up two days later.

Reading about the physical, mental and emotional abuse towards him and his siblings was heartbreaking. I just kept asking myself how did the community that lived and glorify his father never knew about the abuse?

At times during the book, when Mr. Shorter talked about the exclusivity of running back in the days he was in college and high school, it made me feel inadequate. For me, it was when reading his words saying how the goal of some marathoners nowadays, is to finish, and not so much to wining it... That rubbed the wrong way. Maybe it was me reading it with a very critical eye, maybe I was feeling over sensitive, I do that sometimes.

My favorite part of the book was reading about him winning the gold medal in the Olympics. That had me at the edge of the mattress! I knew he was going to win, but the way he wrote it was so suspenseful.

I cried when reading the part where Prefontaine died, that hit me hard, mostly because I wasn't expecting it, and because of how Mr Shorter wrote it.

I enjoyed the book, but was really hoping to read more on how his life outside of running was, like how he squeezed going to law school and still manage 2 running workouts per day? But I understand that he is a professional runner and that his entire life was dedicated to running. Part of me mostly wanted the gossip on why his marriage ended....just because of my own curiosity.

I enjoyed the book and learning more about the last American to win a gold medal on the Olympic marathon. I recommend the book.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love Run 2 Mile run Recap

Race Info
Date: February 11 at 10:00 am
Price : $20
Weather : cool 35, light wind.

I have wanted to do this race since 2015, but my schedule didn't allow for it. But this year was my time to run it!

The thought of a 2 mile race sounded easy... until we arrived to Mesiah College and saw the hills on campus!

Registration was easy, and I got a long sleeve shirt, which I wasn't expecting, it was a nice surprise!

The race is also a costume contest, there were a few couples dressed on couple costumes. There was a girl wearing flowers all over and the guy that she was with was wearing a heart shaped chocolate box on his head, and had chocolate candy taped all over his body. There was also a girl wearing a long gown and the guy that she was with was wearing a suit and a church made out of a box on his head.

As we lined up for the start of the race, I wondered how they would be able to run on those costumes, but told myself to be ready to be surprise... and I was!
** Note to self: Racing alongside college kids is rough! they are on top shape and run fast **

We took off through the hill campus, and I told myself to warm up slowly, but the excitement of the race got me. The first .25 mile we were running downhill, which made my legs very tired.

The guy from the couple wearing flowers and chocolates kept losing his chocolates as his ran, I wanted to pick them up, but I also didn't want to stop running.

I was overly confident that I would be passing more people after the first mile, at least the couple on the formal outfits, but that didn't happen... overconfidence is a big liar!

I crossed the finish line at 16.55! and formal outfit couple came in way ahead of me. I was really blown away, but I'm always blown away at people who can wear uncomfortable clothes to run.

The couple on formal outfits ... you can see the box on the guy's head.

The race was small, short and hilly. I would love to be back next year to race it again!

Can you run in a dress?
Have you ever done a Valentine's day theme race?
is 2 miles an odd distance?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wait, What Is Your Name? NO, not that Name

It is no secret now that I was born in Mexico, but what might not know, is that for the first 15 years of my life, I was not known as Ana, but as Luisa.

Back in 1982, my mother first picked my middle name, based on the Saint of the date of my birth, Saint Louis (San Luis). The first name was up for debate for about a week, she went back and forth between Maria, Fernanda and Artemisa, the last one rhymed weirdly with my middle name, so it was immediately tossed. She settled in Ana, and never used it again until 1997.

In Mexico, we don't put a lot of value on the first name, hence a lot of girls are named Maria, and a lot of boys are named Jose. The name we give priority to, is our middle name. When asked, we answer our middle name, and only dig out the first name for official documents.

Anybody who knows me in Mexico, knows me a Luisa. Close family here call me Lui.

So, when I first moved here, my first day at school, all my teachers would ask me "What is your name?" and on my basic, and very broken English, I would say "My name is Ana Luisa Soto" they would stare at me and asked me again, then finally another classmate came and told me, "not that name... the other one, you know your first name".

Later that day, that same classmate and I had ESL together, and she told me "Your sister is going to be there!" I was so excited, the first day of school was scary, I didn't know anybody, and the possibility of seeing my other siblings was very exciting. Then she said "you know, your Sister Maria!" and I still remember my response to her... "No, you are wrong I don't have any sister whose name is Maria". Only to remember that Yes, I did.

All of my siblings are the same, when we speak English, we call each other by our first name. And that took us about 10 years to get used to. In Spanish, we call each other by our middle name. Except for my brothers, who don't have a middle name, but we call them by their nicknames, which are shorten versions of their names.

I always tell people that I have 3 sister and 2 brother, but when I speak of them, I call them both of their names. So a question that is often asked of me is "I thought you have 3 sisters, and I have hear you mention at least 8 names, who is Vicky? Who is Bety?"

Even my son had this confusion when he was 3. He knows his favorite aunt as Tia Bety, and the first time his father called her Maria, he immediately asked, then corrected "Who is Maria? That's not her name Dad, her name is Tia Bety!"

Do you have a middle name?
Does anybody use your middle name ?
Do you have a family nickname?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Wrap 2 12.17

Happy Monday!! Last week was weird again. I was sick at the beginning of the week and barely got in any workouts. I say it was all about recovery from this evil cold!

Thursday : 3 miles easy, and Zumba
Friday : 3.6 miles
Saturday : Love Run 2 miles and weights
Sunday: Zumba and weights

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

On Monday, after completing most of my work, I went home sick. I could barely hold my head up and couldn't concentrate on anything. I spent the rest of the day napping and taking cold meds.

Thursday we had a snow day! My son and I enjoyed our extra sleep! then we did some light work at home. I also ran with the Fleet Feet group, which ended up being another woman, Fred and I.

Did Not Love

On Friday I joined the HARRC group for their full moon Beer Run. It was fun, but I ended up awkwardly waiting for people to drink their beer, because I don't drink beer and I am not a very social person. This might be the last time I do a run with them, it is a great route, and a great idea, but I suck at making new friends.

On Saturday Roger woke up with a cold, but still came with me to the Love Run 2 mile race. I had been wanting to do this race for a few years, but there were always other things in my schedule. It was a fun and quick race, I might be back next year.

Loved this weekend!

Roger and I went to a nice dinner on Saturday, in part to celebrate Valentine's day early, and part because we rarely go out to eat on weekends. We had a lovely dinner and ordered this amazing chocolate dessert!

Currently Reading
Evicted, Poverty and Profit in The American City by Matthew Desmond.
I have been in a Non-fiction kick this year. I'm learning a lot from this book.

How was your week?
What is your favorite Dessert?
Did you get any snow this week?
Did anybody catch the lunar eclipse ? How about the comet?


Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Friday 2.10.17

Happy Friday! What a week it has been!

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness  for the Friday Five 2.0. Today's theme is Love.

So I'll share with you things that I LOVE hearing as a runner, in no particular order.

1. Yes, Let's do that race! I invite family, friends and co-workers to do races with me. I have no problems doing them alone, but a race with others is always more fun!

2. Race is Chip timed- When I started running, I would do whatever races I could find... now I'm picky, and prefer chip time races.

3. I'll watch the kid(s) while you run- a mother runner is eternally looking for somebody to keep an eye on the kids, while one goes to run! But it's even better when said kid says #1 on top.

4. I brought Donuts/ bagels/ banana bread/ muffins this morning! To be real, I love this one at the office, no matter the day or time.

5. "The weather today will be sunny, high of 55 with light winds"- 'nuff said!

Bonus:  *  all time love this one *
Don't worry about dinner, I'll pick us up something from Carrabas ( my favorite place)

How was your week?
Big plans for Valentines day?
Do you prefer donut, bagels or muffins? I don't discriminate, I love them all.
What things , running or non running do you LOVE to hear from your family and loved ones?

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Citizenship Questions

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have been studying to become a citizen for 15 years now. Back in 2000. There are 100 possible questions, 10 are asked, and the test taker needs to answer 7 correctly.

I have helped everybody in my family study for the test, most predominantly, my mom. She went all out for her test, she had two study guides, one in Spanish, one in English, flashcards, a video and a CD. When I was helping her study, I realized that I struggled with a few of the questions, so I'm dedicating extra effort to those. Here are the questions that I struggled with before, and hope that writing them down will help me remember them.

Questions can be found Here

*Highlight for answers*

1. How many members does the House of Representatives have ?

Answer : 435.

My answer: 425

2. Who is your current Senator

a. Bob Casey Jr. I knew this one!
b. Pat Toomey (I intentionally block out his name and can never remember it when I need it).

3. If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President?

A: The Speaker Of the house

My Answer: I don't know why, but in my head, it was the Secretary of State.

4. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?

A: Nine

My Answer:  Again, in my mind it was 6. I don't know where I got this number from.

5. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states?

  • provide schooling and education
  • provide protection (police)
  • provide safety (fire departments)
  • give a driver’s license
  • approve zoning and land use
My Answer: My head could only think of Health and Welfare benefits... probably because of my job.

6. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

A: Thomas Jefferson

My Answer: Uhm... I was sure it was Ben Franklin...

7. What territory did the United States buy from France in 1803?

A: Louisiana

My Answer : Yeah... I only studied American History after the Civil war... I truly had no idea. But now I know it's my middle name and first name!  

8. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States?

A: Communism

My answer: A nuclear bomb attack (I watch too much TV?)

9.  Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States
A:Missouri (River)
Mississippi (River)

My answer : Susquehanna River. I live in PA, I've been lead to believe it's a long river, or driving along it has made me think this.

 10. Name Your State Representative

A: Scott Perry

My answer : Last I checked, it was Todd Platts... but he retired a long time ago, and he might not have been My representative. Upon light research, I found out that I was about 5 miles from having Lou Barletta be my representative, and I almost threw up thinking about it. That man is despicable!

Everyday for the last 3 weeks, I ask Roger and My son to ask me 5 random questions from my study guide. I have learned a few more things! My son never asks me questions from the book, he has what he has learned in school.... he keeps me on my toes!

How many questions did you get right?
Do you know your senator?
Do you know who your representative is?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I Own My Car!

5 years ago, the car that I was driving started having problems. I was married, and was driving my then-husband's car. Things were very difficult during that time in our marriage, but if I could say there was a moment when I knew my marriage was over, it would be the moment I'm going to tell you about.

I had been asking my ex-husband to sit down with me and review options on a car, and what we were going to do. He kept flat out refusing. So, one night, I got us a baby sitter and scheduled us out for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Once we were sitting down with our food, I presented him with my charts on car payments, how much I needed for a down payment and my projections for paying it off. He hear me out, he had no other option, we were in a crowded restaurant, with our food at the table.... Did I mention I had to pay for the dinner myself? Yeah, he was making 50% more money than me, but refused to pay for meals out... after I was done with my charts he said to me "Do whatever you want, but know that if you buy a car, you will be doing this all on your own."

I was confused... I knew and understood that buying a car for myself would be my financial responsibility. But at this time, I was paying for my son's child care, all of our groceries, and utility bills. I could swing it, but it would be a tight situation.

I asked him, what did he mean I would be on my own? and he answered, "Don't expect me to save you, or help you out with groceries if you can't afford it. You are still responsible for what you pay at the house."

I was livid!! but, I couldn't throw the plate of hot food at his face at the restaurant, as much as I wanted to.

I asked him what he expected me to do for getting to work, if the car stopped working, and his response was "Ask your sister, figure it out with her." What I didn't tell you before was that my sister was carpooling with me at the time. But this didn't make her responsible for my transportation to work, it didn't make her responsible for taking care of taking me and our son all over the place. But he didn't see it that way.

Later that night, he tried to have sex with me. But I looked at him straight on the eye and said "Don't ever touch me again!"

A week after that, he was away in DC for a week for work. So I used this time to go look for a new car. The sales rep was less than helpful and treated me like if I was a crazy person dressed on work out clothes and a raincoat... because I was a crazy person on workout clothes and a raincoat... But after he ran my credit report, he became the picture for perfect customer service.

By the time he got back from DC, I had test driven a car, and filled out an application for a loan. The following week, I asked him for a divorce. When he asked me why I said "because I want to do more things all on my own."

The day I drove my car off the parking lot, was the day I declared my independence from a less than supportive husband, borderline on abusive. As difficult as it was some days for my son, I know he is better off with a mother who will not put up with crap from anybody, not even his father.

I liked this picture the first day I saw it.. I felt so proud. But when I see it now, I see that the fear and the lack of confidence on everything about me... the clothes, the way I'm standing.

That car purchase showed me that not only was he not helping me, but he was holding me back from things I wanted to do.... when I told him I wanted to do a 5K, and he told me "You wont' train for it, you can't do it" and it took me 7 years to finally say "yes, I can! and I will!" When he told me that I couldn't go to DC, because I couldn't drive there and as soon as I signed our divorce petition, I took my son and drove there and stayed for the whole weekend. When I told him I wanted to go hiking, he told me that I was not an outdoorsy person... hiking is now one of my favorite past times.

Last night, I paid my last car payment and I officially own my car! Which means that I have been separated for almost 5 years and have grown and prospered for all that time... all on my own.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Weekly Wrap 2.5.17

Good post Super Bowl morning! I hope you are not hangover... I'm not, but I feel like it. I have a cold and being very whinny about it.

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap!

Tuesday: Bolly X and weights
Wednesday: 5 mile fartlek and weights
Thursday: 2 easy miles
Friday -6 miles easy
Sunday- Zumba

This week was weird... I had my schedule set and ready for everything that I wanted to do. and about half of it didn't happen.

On Tuesday, I showed up to my cardio funk class, and there was a substitute. I don't like the style of this substitute, so I didn't go in. The way I see it, if I get sad and angry during a work out, it's just not worth my time. Running was not on my schedule for that day, and there were no running clothes or shoes in my bag for it. So I walked on the treadmill for a while.

Later that Tuesday, I tried a new class with a runner from the Fleet Feet group, it's called Bolly-X. The class is similar to Zumba, except with Bollywood music! and I love Bollywood music! I had fun, and hope to be back for it next week.

On Wednesday I showed up to Zumba at the Y, because some weeks just require dancing to really loud music, but class was full by the time I arrived! This time, I did weights instead.

On Thursday I woke up with a sore throat, but didn't make anything of it. I went for an easy 2 mile run. It was supposed to be 3, but my morning time was spent on fighting with myself to eat a yogurt. My body doesn't like to eat when I first wake up.

Later that day, we went to the Tutu Run with the Fleet Feet group on City Island. My son was with me, and he was cold. He kept saying that he didn't want to run, that he wanted to go home and play. I bundled him up on his pants, and sweater, then put on all his reflective gear. He did about .50 mile and was very proud of himself for running. He couldn't stop talking about it the next day! He might even start joining me to Fleet Feet runs!
Double Boo!!
Friday we were to do 10 miles, but my cold was getting on the way. I ran 6 miles and napped on the car, while Roger finished his run.

We also celebrated Roger's Birthday on Friday. He picked sushi for his dinner, so off to Tokyo Diner.

Roger is one of those "Reduced sodium" soy sauce people... I asked him why, he said it was better for his heart.

I took the rest of the week off from running, because my cold is making it hard to breath. Boo cold! Boo! go away!

Currently reading
The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

Right now, every part of my body hurts! I want to be home sleeping, but there is too much work to be done at the office.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?
Can you run with a cold?
What food do you pick for your Birthday meal?