Weekly Wrap 2.19.17

Hello World! It feels like I have been away for a long time!

Last week was crazy busy, and intense. We had birthdays, running, new workouts, it was amazing!

Tuesday: Cardio Funk and 5 mile run
Wednesday: 1.5 miles run, and Ripped class
Thursday: 3 miles sprints
Friday : 10 miles tempo
Saturday: 3 easy miles
Sunday : 10 miles tempo (ish)
On Tuesday I was making friends and talking to the Cardio Funk instructor and my friend Melissa, they told me about this Ripped class at the Y, and I gave it a try. It was an intense work out, lots of cardio, core, burpees and weights. I will be coming back for this class next week.

Last week was a mix bag with running, I ran on the treadmill, I ran long, I ran with the sunrise, and with the sunset, I ran wearing layers on the cold, and shorts for the warm weather. It was all enjoyable!

Very much Loving
This weekend was all birthday celebrations ! My niece turned 2 and my younger sister also had a birthday. We had a lots of celebrating at my parents, with dancing, eating and cake.

my son and my niece dancing and playing with balloons
We danced so much, that shortly after the dancing, my niece took a 2 hour nap, and my son took a 30 minute nap. He has been fighting off a cold since last week.

On Sunday we celebrated my sister's birthday and had brunch at my sister's favorite place! We had mountains of food ! It was amazing!

Currently Reading
The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. It started out as the story of a couple who lost their home, and are living in a car, then were recruited by a high tech cult and now it has taken a very dystopian turn! I am very intrigued now.

How was your week?
Do you know any February Babies? We have the most birthdays in February at work and at home.
What is your favorite birthday cake? Mine is a marble cake with whipped topping.



  1. Wow two 10 milers! Where did you do them?

    1. Roger has us on a modified Hanson training... Minus the 6 days of running.

      I did the first 10 M in Hershey the second one, I went from camp hill to Harrisburg and back.

  2. I like any cake that has the real sugary frosting..lol. Right now I'm craving a lemon cake!

    That's great that you live near your parents and siblings!

    1. Lemon cake sounds delicious! I am lucky to have them so close by!

  3. I love all the family stuff you do. See, I wish our family was like that. They're SO LAME. I really wish I was Mexican, or South American or SOMEthing. So much passion, excitement, togetherness, FOOD! I loved watching the kids dancing on Snapchat! So great!

    1. Aww, thanks! we will name you an honorary Mexican, we get a bit overexcited about every celebration, it's like we have no chill.


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