What is in my bag?

One of my favorite things in magazines used to be the What's In Your bag page. I realize now that most of those were just Another ad. But, because I am on the process of changing bags, I wanted to give you a peek at what is inside my work bag. I carry a very small purse, so that post would be three sentences... I carry my wallet, and my phone in it.
The first bag- I got a promotion at work a few weeks ago, and I decided to switch back to my supervisor bag. 
Bag #1
I've had this bag since 2008, I got it at Target, it was from their Isaac Mizrahi line. I loved everything about this bag, the size, the shape, the color, the inside lining.  But this bag no longer fits my needs. 

This is what I had inside of it. 

Food... chocolate hazelnut candy is my favorite !  I have the hazelnut Hershey kisses, Mexican hazelnut candy and this tasty wafers I picked up at Aldi. 

I also always take my Tajin to work, but can't leave it there, so it comes in my bag every night. Tajin is a Mexican seasoning, we put it on fruit, drinks, chips, some people even put it on ice cream! I put it on oranges, and cucumbers.

In my bag, there is always a folder with school papers that need to be scanned and sent to my sons father. 

Randoms - I bought a pack of notecards, and carry it around for no reason. I also have a clothes pin, because I use those to close my chip bags. Last, old caramelized peanuts for when I'm hungry.... and I'm always hungry.  

My New Bag
A couple of weeks ago, my son came home with the zipper of his book pack clean off its hinges. I had no idea how to fix it, and he got a new book pack. Btw- Megan snap chatted me through the whole process and helped me keep my sanity that night, thanks girl! 
I picked up this bag... my son didn't like it, not enough pockets... and I didn't return it. 

Bag #2
My sister doesn't think it's a very professional looking bag, but I love it! 
This is what currently is inside of it. 

I told you I loved hazelnut ! 

Now, before you ask... do I always carry a giant Nutella jar with me? Only on days that end in Y! 

I'm kidding ! I'm taking it to work to refill my Nutella jar at the office. Same with the oatmeal, it's on its way to my office desk. 

I fill my bottle of water at work, and wash it everyday. I'm cheap and don't want to buy a large water bottle. 

My makeup bag carries all my charging cords and nail polish.

Because I work close to Harrisburg, I'm on an everlasting quest for quarters for the HGB meters. And I carry two sets of headphones, because I'm always trying to ignore all the noise ... JK! One is for work and my audiobooks, the other for running. 

Do you think my bookpack is appropiate for the office? I'm not looking for fancy, just something to carry my nutella.

What type of bag do you carry to work?

How many headphones sets do you have?

What is in your make up bag ?



  1. I love posts like this because I am so nosey! The Jan's port backpack is perfect! I actually should probably carry a backpack as nothing ever fits in my ourse. You are like Elaine on Seinfeld. She always carried a backpack instead of a purse.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      I have gotten rid of most of my purses, I can't fit everything I need in them, so a bigger bag was needed.

  2. Congrats on the promotion! I love that you carried seasonings in your bag :) I should probably start doing that too :)

    1. Thank you! I take my seasonings with me... this week I added hot sauce to my bag, because no fried rice is complete without it!

  3. This is fantastic. What a great idea for a post! I love how most of your contents are food. Ha ha! I have an over the shoulder purse that I carry around everywhere and I stuff SO MUCH into it. I never use proper purses that just go over one shoulder--I feel so lopsided and I hate how it slides down my arm. I love those backpacks. Good choice.

    1. Thank you Suzy!

      It is so easy to put everything into one bag and haul it around!

      proper purses don't have enough space for all the things we need.

  4. I am so going to start carrying Nutella in my purses...

    My work bag contains...another bag. I put my purse inside my work bag so I can make side trips on my way home without lugging the big thing along with me. But it's funny because often, the big bag is empty EXCEPT for the purse inside it!

    1. Nutella improves lives! carry one!!

      I love that your bag has another bag inside of it! I used to do that, way back in the day!

  5. This post is hilarious! I love all the things you keep in your bag. I downsized from a really big purse to quite a small one about a month ago. When I bought the small purse I thought "this is going to be impossible to use" but I have adjusted! Now I just carry my makeup bag, a card holder instead of a full wallet, earbuds, pens/pencils, phone charger and that's about it!

    1. I am so happy for your bag downsize! It is so easy to try to carry everything in one's purse!


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