Weekly Wrap 2.27.17

Happy Monday! How are you today? I'm sure glad I'm not Warren Beatty this morning!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Last week was tiring, and it felt like I couldn't find my running rhythm.

Wednesday: easy 3 miles + weights
Thursday: 4.5 miles easy and zumba
Friday: running exercises' and pull up bar exercises
Saturday: Zumba
Sunday: Squirrelly Tail Half Marathon

Not My Best!
On Monday our office volunteer to help out Dress For Success set up their store, for their semi-annual sale. I know I talked about this before, but what is a good deed if one can't keep referencing back to it? right? I'm telling you about it again because 1. I was told by an older gentleman that I shouldn't carry boxes, because I'm "A little Girl"...( Insert eye roll here)  his exact words! to which, I rudely responded by asking " you mean like this?" and lifting two boxes at one time. The second box was much heavier than I was expecting, but it did its job and he didn't say anything again.

That is my supervisor, after he found a fur coat in the donations

Then 2. I was helping carry the boxes from the truck, to the store. They let me have a heavy duty moving dolly ! but at the end of the unloading, I wasn't looking and bumped my knee and shin REALLY hard ! it hurt the rest of the day!! it hurt so much, that I couldn't run later that day. It's is now a giant blue bruise, and still a bit tender.

My son was sick on Wednesday, and is feeling better, thanks to those of you who asked! he is just a bit tired, it seems this cold took a lot out of anybody who caught it!

Loved, but Suffered
Yesterday, Roger and I decided to do a trail half marathon. It sounded doable! We were not planning to race it, only use it as our long run for the week. We did the Squirrely Tail Twail Wun in Pinchot Park. It was one of the hardest races I have done! for a little bit, I didn't think I would finish it! I'll tell you more about it this week.


We recovered, of course, with fatty food... we can be really obscene with food. Roger and I shared this delicious basket of yumminess! Roger also had a salad... cause he is all healthy and stuff.

Currently Reading
The Audacity of Hope by (President )Barack Obama. I saw that Megan was reading it and got major FOMO, so picked it up too.

How was your week?
When was the last time somebody said you couldn't do something because you were a Girl? Did you slap them?
Have you done a trail Half? Man, they hurt!
Are you ready for Fat Tuesday?
Are you ready for Fastnachts? I am SO READY for Fastnachts!!


  1. I run on trails all the time but not sure how I would do for 13.1 miles. Can't wait to hear more about the race.
    I didn't realize Fat Tuesday was coming up. I don't care for donuts so I guess I wouldn't keep track.lol

    1. 13.1 was certainly challenging!

      We have been counting down for Fat Tuesday, because we LOVE our donuts!!

  2. Oh man, the terrain on that trail race looks tough! I look forward to hearing more about it.

    1. The terrain was super muddy, that was the hardest part for sure!

  3. Paul and I can pack in the food too! I hope you like Obama's book. I liked the beginning but it got boring as it went along! But I am not used to reading heavy stuff. I forgot about the Squirrels Tail run! I wanted to do that but apparently not bad enough hehe.

    1. You would have kicked butt on this race Megan! We might do it next year, if we are not afraid of the snow. I'll let you know next year.

      It's weird to be reading the President... before he was president.

    2. I KNOW! Like he talked about Bin Laden and I started shouting at the book: YOU KILLED HIM!!!

    3. I'm reading and thinking "He makes an excellent point, but the republicans would never go for that!" and they didn't!

  4. Okay, that squirrel medal is my new favorite thing EVER. It is so kitchy and fun!!

    Trail half marathons sound so, so hard to me...but very pretty!

    1. It is such an awesome medal!!

      It was pretty, muddy and really cool... also really difficult!

  5. Oh, wait until you get older. Then people tell you that you can't do stuff ALL THE TIME. So when I was diagnosed with RA, the requirement for a rheum was that they would let me run a marathon or 2. That's how I ended up with mine. All good.

    1. Oh man! I dont' like it when people say I can't do something... it sounds like they are challenging me and I have to step up to challenges!

      YOu are superwoman Wendy! you got this!!

  6. I love the story about the boxes. I'm so glad you were able to carry both of them. It would suck if you dropped one! I am HORRIBLE at trail races. A few years ago I went from winning road races to running a trail race with my running club and I was in LAST PLACE. I had such a bad attitude, and I ended up walking and crying. WALKING AND CRYING. If a rescue helicopter had come along, I'd have jumped on in a heartbeat.

    1. There were big sections of the trail race, in which I was all alone, and thought for sure I was the last one!

      What was different for you on trail runs? I get it, if the run would have offered me an out, there is a chance I would have taken it.

  7. I'm so glad you proved the older man wrong. Oh, how cute -- A Twail Run! I love the celebratory food you had afterwards. I've only run a few trail 5ks, never a half. Trails make my ankles all wonky. I would need to invest in proper trail shoes, I guess. Thanks for linking, Ana!


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