Friday, January 29, 2016

Multiple Race Schedule Conflict

Last year I ran my first 10K and that broke the seal for long distance running,  that was the Hershey 10K. It was a great race, and it made me feel very accomplished! I had planned to run the Hershey 10K again this year, I really enjoyed the experience! But there were a few scheduling conflicts that came up. The Hershey 10K is scheduled for April 2, 2016.

Because we are committed to do the Gettysburg Marathon, it came to mind that a longer race would be better for my training, so I thought about checking out the Capital Area 10 Miler. I saw signs for this race all over Harrisburg last year, but it seems impossible at the time. This year, I knew it was a race I definitely wanted to do, and was sad to find out that it's scheduled for the same date as the Hershey 10K.
Also last year, I had seen advertisements for the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K, and again, last year this race seemed impossible, and I was excited to look it up this year. And was very sad to find out that it was schedule for April 2nd, 2016.
Now, I had to review a list on pros and cons for each race.
Hershey 10K
The race is a lot of fun
It's within 30 minute distance from home
It starts early, so it's over early
My first long distance race 
Small Local Race
Good route, with hills and flats

Very short distance- will need to make up miles later that day
I didn't like the shirt last year
I didn't like the post race snacks

Capital Area 10 Miler
Good distance
15 minute drive from home
It starts at 9:30
I have done the route before, on my own. Mostly Flat
Small local race

I have done the route before, on my own. Mostly Flat (Do I want to pay to run the route I run for free?)

Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K
I have never done an official 15K
The goodies bag includes a jacket
Different route that I have never run before
Large Race
It's in Philadelphia

It's in Philadelphia, which means I would have to stay at my Moms and wake up super early to get there for the race.
Large Race

Another Con for all of them- They fall short for Marathon Training, but I am willing to make up the miles.

And the biggest Con for ALL THREE races- I have my son that weekend, and I will have to ask one of my sisters to watch him while I go racing. I am not a big fan of doing races when my son is with me, but I also want him to see me running and wish for him to want to start running with me.

Now, I can stop questioning and skip all tree race and just do a Half Marathon the following weekend... but I want to do both! A race on April 2nd and a Half Marathon on April 9. I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW! I might just flip for it and let a coin decide.

Am I the only person who likes races more than training?

Have you ever had race schedule conflicts?

Which race did you pick?


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Song of this week- Ven y camina conmigo - Enrique Bunbury Feat. Pepe Aguilar - BUNBURY MTV ...

I am a huge Bunbury Fan, have been for many years. But I've never been into Pepe Aguilar, he is an ok singer, but not the type of music I enjoy. His dad Antonio Aguilar I love, but not Pepe. But This song! #omg his voice fits this song! I am hypnotized by his melodic voice in the song. It really surprised me.

What song are you totally digging this week? Any new discoveries?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Passing time during the Blizzard of 2016

This last weekend My son, my fiancé and I were stuck inside all day Saturday while waiting for Snow Storm Jonas to pass through. I have a strong dislike for staying home all day and watching Television, and most weekend we go and do things around the area, even if that only includes going to Barnes and Nobles and reading their books, while enjoying some coffee. So knowing we would be staying in Saturday, we made a few plans to pass time.

Harry Potter movies - At first I had planned to watch All Harry Potter Movies together, but everybody was bored with this after the first movie. My son took the Kindle and went to his room to watch something else on Netflix, Roger went and did a work out in our room.


The You Tube music video game- Roger and I came up with this game last year, and I have shared it with my sister and with my son. Here are the rules... Everybody  picks a song to play for the group, each person gets a turn. Anybody can play anything, except when my son is around, songs have to be clean. The longest I have played this game was with my sisters, while waiting to pick up my mom from the airport. We played this for 5 hours! her flight was delayed for a very long time...

So, I involved my son and Roger in this, and we streamed the songs to the TV. Here were some crazy random choices.

Roger Choice
How Soon is Now, by the Smiths

My Son's choice
Belly Button - Veggie Tales

My Choice
La Talega Del Café- Banda Movil (My mom hated this song when I was little, so it really stuck in my head)

That game also got boring.... so everybody was back at their own activities.

By this point it was close to 6 and we were bored out of minds!

I went and cleared out a corner in my son's bedroom that has been needing some major tidying for months, and we ended up playing dress up for a little while.

The end of this post is that I need to come up with more creative activities in case of snow, especially with a very intelligent 7 year old, who gets bored very quickly!! Any suggestions would be most appreciate it!

What do you like to do when restricted to being inside?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Currently Reading 1.21.16

 I ordered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing ( 5) after seeing it in an NPR list of books. Although I had just finished moving, and there are still boxes scattered all over my new place, this was not the reason I got the book.

After moving in with my fiancé, I had to again donate lots of things to fit all three of us (my son, fiancé and I)  in the 2 bedroom apartment that we agreed to share, to save money. But even after 5 trips to Goodwill, and many, many trips to the dumpster, I still have boxes in the dining room that need sorted out. I moved 3 months ago, and those boxes haven't moved. Everything feels like something I have to save, because "I'll never know when I'll need it".

This book has made me realize that I need to tidy them up and either put them to use, or say goodbye to them. So, I am planning to get busy de-cluttering my dining room and son's bedroom, along with my closet later this month.

Here is an article that highlights the points of the book better than me.

Off to tidying up!

Do you consider yourself tidy? Is there a box, a drawer, a closet that you just KNOW has to be organized , but you keep putting it off?

Training Week January 17- January 23

Marathon training is kicking my butt! my legs hurt right now, and I barely ran yesterday.

Sunday January 17th

  • 14 Miles, Half Marathon pace. I begrudgingly skipped Sunday Zumba for our super long run. This Is MY LONGEST RUN EVER!

Monday January 18th
  • Rest Day- Martin Luther King day, my son had off school, we donated a few bags of stuff to Goodwill.

Tuesday January 19th
  • Zumba with Susan
  • Hip Hop with Denise
  • 1 mile of sprints, with walks in between

Wednesday January 20th
  • Body Weights with Roger- 3 sets of each, Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press machine, pistol squats, Russian twist and V ups. - I know I complain, but without Roger's training, I would have never gotten better at running.

  • 1 hour of Zumba with Denise

Thursday January 21st
  • Rest day

Friday, January 22nd

We skipped Weights to get groceries for the impending Blizzard.
  • 8 mile easy run- I knew that with the incoming storm, there was a high possibility that we will 1. be staying home all day Saturday, and 2. Our Sunday Long Run would be postponed. About 4 miles into the run, I realized that the local Taco Place was open, and that I was within running distance to it. So I decided to finish my 8 miles close to the MidState Taco and grab some tacos for lunch.

Total Miles - 23

Weight training -1

Zumba - 2 hours

Other - 1 hour

This week I really want to make it to Yoga, my legs are begging for a good and long stretch.

Looking at the amount of snow on the road, looks like our runs will be on the treadmill this entire week.

Thinking about a 5K on Sunday, if I can manage a long run on Saturday.

How was YOUR training week?! Conquered / tried anything new?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cheesy Songs From My Teen Years

The other day I found this song on YouTube, while looking for something else. Ah! how it brought memories back!

The song is Mirame  Los Ojos, by OV7. This came out in 1997, when I was living in Mexico. It has the heavy keyboard disco beat that was popular at the time by most of the pop artist that were popular at the time. And the video is full of synchronized dancing with lots of unnatural arm waving. But I loved this song back in 1997!

Do you have a cheesy song you love when you were a teen?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Currently Reading 1.19.16

I keep getting a feeling that it's almost the end of January, yet, it's only January 19th. It has been a terribly busy and crazy month, but I'm on my 4th book for the year.

The first week back at work I read Olive Kittridge by Elizabeth Strout (2)-
It was an interesting read. I stared out thinking that the main Character Olive Kittridge was a mean old lady, but the more I listen, the more I realized that she was not, she just had certain expectations of people. And I'm honestly tired of people making women out to be mean and cold, just because we have certain expectations and know what we want. The short stories in between kept me confused, but the book was good. I'm considering watching the TV series.

Why I read this book- this was a book I didn't finish for bookclub, and since it has been 4 years and I was still thinking about it, thought it would be a good idea to go back and finish it.

Dept of Speculation by Jenny Offill (3)-
This book was a little haunting. Most of it is the inner dialogue of a woman, who get married, and has kids. It was almost like her darkest thoughts written on a book. Maybe it was because I just finished Jenny Lawson's book, but this one felt like I was still listening to Jenny Lawson, except less funny.

Why I read it- I found it on a Buzzfeed list of best fiction of 2014.

The Paying Guest- by Sarah Waters (4)

I'm still working on this one, it is quite a page turner, once I got past the beginning. ** Warning: Lots of spoilers ahead**

This is the story of a 26 year of *Spinster* and her mother in Post WWI England. Having to take in lodgers to be able to stay in their house. The Lodgers Lillian and Leonard Barber, bring in a different life to the house. Lillian invites Frances to a party and the hook for the book comes in when Frances reveals to Lillian that she is a Lesbian. Lillian at first appears to want nothing to do with Frances after the revelation, but shortly after they both begin an affair.

I was completely hooked, and knowing that their relationship was prohibited at their time. They had no options on their relationship, she is married, they couldn't live together.

I just kept thinking that I couldn't be as brave as they were, and thinking of how we currently live in a "Do what Makes you happy" world, and back then women lived in a "Do what you can to stay alive, to fit the norms, to keep your family happy". We are spoiled.

Why I read this book - it was in the NPR list of Best books of 2014, and they only let me down once. NPR Review here.

What are some books you are reading now? Any books surprise you lately?

Training Week January 10th- January 16th

After celebrating my son's birthday on Saturday and consuming some bigger amounts of sweets than planned, training week was off to a bit of a rocky start.

Sunday 1.10.16

Long run that was cut short. Ran 8 miles, of the 13 we were scheduled for. Few complications were the strong wind, hunger and knee pain.

Monday 1.11.16
1 hour of Zumba with Susan.
25 minutes of strength training with Roger

Tuesday 1.12.16
Rest Day

Wednesday 1.13.16
Rest Day

Thursday 1.14.16
Tempo Run 3.67- We did a group run with Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg. They do group runs every Thursday night, and I've been asking Roger to come with me to one for a long time, he finally agreed to go. It was nice to run with a group, even though we felt we were super slow, because the first 10 runners were super fast.

Friday 1.15.16

Treadmill 3.10 miles and 30 minutes of weights

Oh, Friday! Friday was a stressful day. I was busy non stop at the office all day. Then got stuck in traffic coming home. Took me 1.5 hours to get home, and once I got there, all I wanted to do was take a nap. But I made the choice to go to the gym and do my run. Then returned home to do some crazy weight exercises. I put Roger to work on taking pictures of me.... but was tired and forgot to get them from him. But he found the one in which I looked scariest and posted it on Instagram.

Saturday - 8:00 am Zumba and rest, followed by a super awesome breakfast at Sofias. I really love their pancakes.

There are some days in which I can see myself running a marathon, there are other days in which I feel it would be impossible. Maybe in a month I will know for sure.

How is your training week going? Training for anything specific? Do you like running in a group, or do you prefer to run alone?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Sad day Alan Rickan died

I got to work at exactly 8:02am. I was quietly celebrating making it to work almost on time. My co-worker asked me something, my memory doesn't recall what anymore. I walked to get water for my oatmeal, and went to start my audiobook, when I saw there was a message from Roger.

Roger: Alan Rickman has died. 69, Cancer.

I froze and my heart stopped.

Me: No !! No. Just no!

I checked the News... I don't believe things until I see them on NRP. Went to the App. Nothing. Checked Yahoo! Nothing. Last, because least reliable to me, CNN. There it was. Alan Rickman dead at 69.

I went to Twitter, and nothing, but rubbish on Oscar nominations. Then it appeared Katie Couric posted the News Article saying Alan Rickman had died. My heart felt like it broke in a million pieces. Then all of the sudden, everybody started posting it. As I sat panicking at my computer screen wishing for it to be a dream, a terrible dream.

I was at work, in my computer, with tears in my eyes for a man I never met, for a man who never even knew of my existence. I was panicking a little bit, and went to send a message to my sister, who is my rock, telling her I was really sad about Alan Rickman's passing. She just replied that she saw.

This was one of those moments in which nothing seems to matter, a great man is dead and everything just is completely meaningless. The Oscars noms are coming.... who cares.... There is two giant stacks of files that need audited on my desk.... who cares.... I have to eat something .... I'm not hungry.....

I first saw Alan Rickman on Harry Potter, because I didn't grow up in the United States, I had never heard of him before. I know I'm weird, but I loved him from the moment I saw him as Snape. His deep voice, frightening, yet, comforting, calming, yet alarming, condescending, yet reassuring. I loved the look he had in the movie, the hair, the all black outfit, the complete "I don't care who this Harry Potter kid is" attitude.

Then I saw him in Dogma, and loved him all over again. Then I was mad, and jealous of him giving his attention to the young girl on Love Actually, but I still loved him. Saw all the Harry Potter Movies and crushed for him... he made all the movies bearable.

I haven't seen many of his movies, only because I don't watch a lot of Television, but he has always been one of my absolute favorite actors. I used to wish that I could go on a date with him, and just hear him talk about whatever he wanted to.

I read this post from Jenny Lawson, who also loved Alan Rickman. And it made me cry all over again.

I have only cried for 3 celebrities dying. Selena, Joan Sebastian and Now Alan Rickman.

I considered leaving work, because I couldn't manage to keep myself from crying for an actor I never met.... but then realized that I can't call off sick because Alan Rickman died. I wish I could, but my job wouldn't like it.

Dear Alan Rickman, voice of god, May you wonderful creature Rest in Peace. You will be very dearly missed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Training January 3rd- January 9th

I am new at blogging, and since I'm still learning, I want to document what works for me, so I can keep myself from making mistakes. I see a lot of bloggers doing "Training week" reviews, so I'm going to give it a try.

Sunday, January 3rd

After a delicious Taco party with a chocolate fountain, it was time to get back to reality and burn off those Tacos.

1 hour of Zumba at Art In Motion Fitness- This always sounds crazy to Roger, but doing 1 hour of zumba gets my legs ready for long runs like nothing else.

11 miles long Run- This was a slow and easy 11 miles. The only problem I had was that most of my devices died on me. MP3 player died at mile 8, switched to my phone and it died at mile 9.5 and the Fitbit was not holding on well at mile 10.

Monday January 4, 2016- Rest day, but did my 10,000 steps!

Tuesday January 5, 2016

Art in Motion Fitness moved my favorite Zumba class from 7:30 to 6:30. I went to it, thinking it would be Denise teaching. But it wasn't. It was Susan. I enjoy both of their Zumba classes, but I've been doing Zumba with Denise on Tuesdays for 5 years. So, I stayed and did the class, but it didn't feel right, I was barely sweating.

I tried something new on Tuesday too! For years AIMF has been offering a Hip Hop with Denise, and I have never made it to the class, because they want an 8 week commitment, and it's an additional expense on top of the monthly membership. This year they have added a walk in Hip Hop class, and it's a walk in fee based class. I thought this was my chance to give it a try, since the others who go are always talking about what a great work out it is... only for me, it wasn't. All the songs were Hip Hop, which I know is implied, but it was not really my thing. I will try it a couple more times, since it's going to be dark and cold until March, but will probably stop going in the spring, to add more running.

Wednesday January 6, 2016

1 hour of zumba with Denise- intense, sweaty and lots of fun! just the way I like my zumba!

30 minutes of running = 3.10 miles. I ran inside the YMCA, in their track. Had a little trouble with the Forerunner 230 tracking my distance, it said that I ran .97 miles, when I really did 3.10.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rest Day- I typically have 3 rest days in the weeks I have my son for the weekend. Looking to add a morning run in the future.

Friday January 8, 2016

20 minutes of weights with Roger... he likes to torture me with the medicine ball.
6 pace miles in the foggy and drizzly day. It was cold! but kept warm with jacket and hat.

Foggy Shank Park

Saturday January 9, 2016

45 minutes of very intense jumping at Skyzone. I don't know if this counts as a work out, but it should! I took my son to Skyzone, a trampoline indoor park for his birthday. We jumped for about 45 minutes, which had all of us sweating.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Long Run, that had to be cut short

First, I'm going to say that I was very sad to hear about David Bowie's passing. May he rest in peace. A little music to remember him by.

Yesterday, after lots of birthday celebrations for my son, we headed out for what was to be our 13 mile long run, only it wasn't.

Birthday Cake for Love Nugget

Rosca De Reyes

The day's weather was all completely unexpected. The morning was cloudy and dark, with some scarce showers through the morning. We went to lunch and it was warm (for January) and sunny, then all of the sudden it was cloudy, dark and windy. We dressed for light rain, windy and cold and headed out.

We started running a bit later than we wanted. My son goes back with his Dad at 4:00 on the Sundays he is with me, so I have to run after dropping him off. I was dressed and ready, and arrived at our starting point at 4:10 pm, we were to start running immediately, but got delayed with waiting for a coffee, to leave in the car and sip in stops after water. I was very sleepy after sitting home most of the day.

We started running at 4:30 in Camp Hill, which is a small and quiet town, with lots of different hills and flats for running.

Roger and I got into a little spat about my training, he thinks I run my long runs too fast and gets on my case about it. Telling me over and over that I'm supposed to take my runs slower. I keep telling him that I'm taking them as slow as I can without just making them a brisk walk. I am not a fast runner, my best mile has been 7.47 and that was knowing that I would only be doing 1 mile, and gave it my all. I tend to average an 8:10 for 5Ks, 9:15 for 10K and did a 10:30 for the Half Marathon. My long runs average 9:30-10:45 min/miles.

So after our spat, I decided I would go slower for this run, and Roger was able to keep up with me most of the run. But I didn't enjoy it, and looking back, I wish I would have gone at what I wanted to go.

The weather by then was cold, and getting very windy. We headed to a different section of Camp Hill, past a park and by really nice houses. We found some steep hills, which was a nice change of route. We headed back and out again to another section of Camp Hill before the sun went down.

Most of the streets were empty, as we ran through houses I saw lots of people sitting by their TV watching football games. I don't watch a lot of TV, and knew that I was happy to be out running, even if it was in the cold and strong wind.

The sun went down by 5:00pm, but we were able to get in a good 5 miles before it got dark.

By mile 5, we were back at our parking spot, Roger wanted to change his clothes, so in wanting to wait for him, I ran around the block 2 times and did one more mile. But I was starting to get really tired and really cold. Going slower had caused to be very tired, very tired of running slower than my normal and having to stop and go as I waited.

At 7.6 miles Roger was still next to me, and we still had 5+ miles to go, but the wind was blowing really hard on our backs and our faces. I had no motivation to run another slow 5 miles.

It was at this point when I was done. My knee had started to hurt, my legs were really cold, but my chest was hot and sweaty. We ran the 0.40 miles back to the car and called it a night.

Looking back, I wish that I would have kept with my pace, and gone the distance I wanted to. I wish that I could have at least finished 10 miles.

This is something I will have to remind myself about... run at my pace and my miles, not run to what Roger wants me to, or try to stay at his speed, his speed is too slow for me, and it's tiring to try to keep up with him. But it is very motivating to know that he is behind me, and that he has to catch up with me, that keeps me moving. He has helped me a lot and I still listen to his ideas on training, but I am also in this for myself.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

My Races

Races I have done since 2012

I started doing more serious running in 2013. Most of my races have been in South Central Pa / Harrisburg Area.

Kennett Run 5K- 30:04

Kennett Run 5K- 29:00
Drenched 5K- not timed

Kennett Run- 32:04
Glow Run 5K-29:22
Color Run 5K -not timed
Library Loop 5K- 27:46
Run to the Flag 5K- 29.30
Oxford Downtown 5K- 28:24
Hero Run 5K- 28:36
SMT Turkey Trot 5K- 28:42
Girls On the Run Frozen 5K- 30:59

Irish Jig Jog 5K- 27:33 (1st AG)
Bunny Palooza 5K- 26:55
Hershey 10K- 56:19
Kat's Angels 5K- 27:25
Kennett Run 5K- 26:48
Color Run Hershey- not timed (28.30)
Glow Run 5K- 26:41
5K on the 4th -25:18
Library Loop 5K- 24:53 (3r AG)
Ninja 10K- 53:45 (1st Female overall)
Color Run Penn State- not timed
Bird In Hand 5K- 27:37
Oxford Oktoberfest 5K- 24:05 * (3rd AG)
Hershey Half Marathon-2:06:37
Bark In the Park- 24:20
Hero Run 5K- 25:31
Girls on the run High 5 (5K)- 25:47

Chambersburg Ice Fest 5K 24.30
Rock 'n Roll DC Half Marathon - 1.58.58*
Gettysburg Marathon 4.49.06
Kennett Run 25.59
Camp Hill Memorial Day 5K- 24.45
Carlisle Summerfair 10K  52.22 (1st AG)
Harrisburg Mile 7.10
Dewey Beach Patrol 10K 59.58 (3rd AG)
Bird In Hand 5K 27.00
Bird In Hand Half Marathon 2.17
Rock 'n' Roll Philly Half 2.04
Hershey Half Marathon 2.03
Swatara Hero 5K
Girls On The Run 5K
SMT Turkey Trot
Rehoboth New Years Eve 5K

Mesiah College Love Run -2 miles
Squirrely Tail Twail Wun Half Marathon
Washington DC R'n'R Half
Lucky Charm 10K *
Hershey 10K
Bunny Palooza 10K
Girls On The Run 5K
Delaware Running Festival- Half Marathon
Kennett Run 5K

* Personal Record

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Currently Reading

I have been keeping two list of books I'm reading/ listening to, one on Good Reads and one on sticky notes at my desk, it helps me to double check the books and stay on track. I read a lot of books last year, and re-read a few favorites ( I will always make time to re-read Harry Potter). But looking at my list, I remember loving some at the time I was reading them, but now they are really blurry in my brain. So, I'm going to try something different, I'm going to write my thoughts on them.

Last year I read and listened to "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson. It was very funny, I enjoyed it very much! And recommend it for anybody who needs a laugh!

While looking for another book to read, I found Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (1). I didn't make the connection until I started the book, because I like to order a bunch of things from the library and wait to see what comes first.

I really enjoyed listening to this book! Her quick wit and humor reminds me of hanging out with my sister, except maybe more honest, and with more animals. And my internal monologue sounds very similar to the book, with the self doubts, concerns and crazy thoughts.

Plus after listening to this book, I've discovered that she is a Whovian! which also made me happy! I don't have a lot of friends, and don't know many people who like Doctor Who. But it's nice to hear that I'm not the only person who wants to lick David Tenant's face !

I'm not trying to spoil the book for anybody, but there were a lot of mentions of Alan Rickman, whom I've had a huge crush on since forever! I have often imagined what a date with Alan Rickman would be like.

I am glad that I got the audiobook, having her read the book makes it more real, and the humor more alive.

Also, she does start the book with "If you don't enjoy the book, then you are not crazy enough".... sign me up!

I'm also reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, which is part of my Amazon 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime challenge.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Other Plans and Ideas for 2016

Last Year I didn't make resolutions, and didn't set goals. I knew I wanted to run more, read more, spend more time with my son and fiancé, and spend quality time with my family. All of which I did, and was happy with achieving.

But this year I'm giving myself more goals, and plans... Goals with numbers and dates, plans with a purpose!

I want to run 600 miles this year- I did 400 last year, and wasn't fully committed to all my long runs. But this year I want to take it more seriously.

I will read/listen to 85 books. I have two audiobooks ready to go and 3 books I got for Christmas. My library card will be my most awesome friend!

I will be more present with my son. The iphone will be put away when he is home with me. We will work on his homework and go to bed. No Instagram for me until my son is sleeping and his lunch is packed.

Zumba 2 times a week! Art in Motion Fitness in Lemoyne makes this an easy goal to complete.

Art in Motion Fitness Halloween Party- I was Selena

I will start doing weights again. Will do weights 2 times a week! My goal is to do 3 pull ups by July.

My best friend.... and worst enemy

I will plan my meals better- I suck at cooking.... I hate cooking... it's my feminist side... it refuses to submit to cooking. I'm a good cook, I just enjoy not having to cook more.


So maybe if I give myself a goal- Cook 4 times a week.

Hike 4 new parks- We love Hiking! and have found amazing parks all over PA, this year we want to find more parks! and for sure make it to Ohiopyle State Park!

And as always I want to spend more time with my family!

Things I want to give up in 2016

McDonalds Quarter Pounders- I love those! but they do me no good at all!
Coke- I'm coming closer to giving it up all together, I still crack once a week.
Things I don't need- I've been staring at a pile of clothes for 3 months, and have needed not 1 thing from that pile. Time it goes to Goodwill!

2016 Race Plans and other ideas

Happy 2016!

The closing of 2015 was a little bitter sweet for me. While I had no specific goal on number or races at the end of 2015, it wasn't until the end of November that I realized I wanted to double the number of races from the year before. I was at 17 races, and wanted to do 18. But due to many scheduling and monetary conflicts, there was not 18th race. But that doesn't mean I was not happy with my 17 races.

Anyway, thinking of races to do in 2016 this are my race plans and other Goals

Running for sure

Kennett Run- I have done the 5K with my sisters for 5 years now, but I think this year I will be doing the 10K.

Hershey 10K- My son is with me that weekend, so I will have to schedule my sisters to spend time with him early in the morning.

Hershey Half marathon- how can I not do it? I want to see if I can run it again, and still have a lot of fun!

Swatara Township Hero Run- This year I will have my Selena outfit! No excuses!

Bird In Hand Half Marathon- While Roger says the 5K on the night before is still up to debate, I am fully committed to both!

This year I wanted to race in the following places:

Pittsburgh PA- We have been wanting to make out to Pittsburg for the last TWO years! but keep putting it off. This year we will find a race and make it there for sure!

Rehoboth DE- last year we did the Bunny Palooza in Bethany beach, but our hearts belong to Rehoboth and we want to do a race there.

Washington DC- Last year we didn't make it to DC, but we figure if we plan a race there, we have no option but to drive out there.

Races I'm thinking about

Roger wants to do a Marathon, and we have been doing some long distances this last month. I am scared of thinking of a Marathon, but I was also scared of the 10K a year ago. But right now we are considering The Gettysburg Marathon, since it's only a 1 hour drive from where we live. We decided to keep up with the training and decide by the end of January.

I received an email today about the Road apple Award, which is a petrified poo, given to those who complete BOTH the Garden Spot Village Marathon, or Half Marathon AND  the Bird In Hand Half Marathon. I'm for sure doing Bird In Hand, so looking at fees and date for Garden Spot Village Marathon.

I would love to run the Harrisburg Half Marathon, since it is only a 10 min drive from where I live. Again, waiting for the date and checking out the fees.

Can anybody suggest a good race in Pittsburgh, Washington or Rehoboth DE?