Cheesy Songs From My Teen Years

The other day I found this song on YouTube, while looking for something else. Ah! how it brought memories back!

The song is Mirame  Los Ojos, by OV7. This came out in 1997, when I was living in Mexico. It has the heavy keyboard disco beat that was popular at the time by most of the pop artist that were popular at the time. And the video is full of synchronized dancing with lots of unnatural arm waving. But I loved this song back in 1997!

Do you have a cheesy song you love when you were a teen?


  1. I was a teenager in the era of music where lyrics were total nonsense but the music was awesome--80's/90's. Maybe it's still like that? All my favorite "oldies" are super cheesy: Erasure, Depeche Mode, U2 to name a few.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I personally think that lyrics for what "the kids" are listening to nowadays are the ones that make no sense at all! Depeche MOde and U2 are classics!!


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