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 I ordered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing ( 5) after seeing it in an NPR list of books. Although I had just finished moving, and there are still boxes scattered all over my new place, this was not the reason I got the book.

After moving in with my fiancé, I had to again donate lots of things to fit all three of us (my son, fiancé and I)  in the 2 bedroom apartment that we agreed to share, to save money. But even after 5 trips to Goodwill, and many, many trips to the dumpster, I still have boxes in the dining room that need sorted out. I moved 3 months ago, and those boxes haven't moved. Everything feels like something I have to save, because "I'll never know when I'll need it".

This book has made me realize that I need to tidy them up and either put them to use, or say goodbye to them. So, I am planning to get busy de-cluttering my dining room and son's bedroom, along with my closet later this month.

Here is an article that highlights the points of the book better than me.

Off to tidying up!

Do you consider yourself tidy? Is there a box, a drawer, a closet that you just KNOW has to be organized , but you keep putting it off?


  1. I totally agree with this and will pick up this book! (An Ebook of course so I don't bring more "shtuff" into my house.) My dad wanted to gift me a goblet that had a very sentimental attachment for him (long story). As he handed it to me he tried to make me promise that I would be extra careful with it, not let the baby touch it, etc. I refused the gift. I don't believe in these kinds of attachments to objects. What if there was a fire/earthquake/whatever..or the baby touched it? In the end, you can't take it with you. The story behind the goblet was all I needed and all wanted to "pass" down to my kid. No shtuff.

  2. I am SO not tidy. It's especially bad right now since the house is being remodeled and we have boxes absolutely everywhere.

  3. I love the term "Shtuff"!! Ja ja! if the goblet had such strict rules, such as the baby not touching it, then it's better off staying with your dad! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Becky, Good luck clearing the boxes after the house is done! being tidy is really hard work! Thank you for stopping by!


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