Passing time during the Blizzard of 2016

This last weekend My son, my fiancé and I were stuck inside all day Saturday while waiting for Snow Storm Jonas to pass through. I have a strong dislike for staying home all day and watching Television, and most weekend we go and do things around the area, even if that only includes going to Barnes and Nobles and reading their books, while enjoying some coffee. So knowing we would be staying in Saturday, we made a few plans to pass time.

Harry Potter movies - At first I had planned to watch All Harry Potter Movies together, but everybody was bored with this after the first movie. My son took the Kindle and went to his room to watch something else on Netflix, Roger went and did a work out in our room.


The You Tube music video game- Roger and I came up with this game last year, and I have shared it with my sister and with my son. Here are the rules... Everybody  picks a song to play for the group, each person gets a turn. Anybody can play anything, except when my son is around, songs have to be clean. The longest I have played this game was with my sisters, while waiting to pick up my mom from the airport. We played this for 5 hours! her flight was delayed for a very long time...

So, I involved my son and Roger in this, and we streamed the songs to the TV. Here were some crazy random choices.

Roger Choice
How Soon is Now, by the Smiths

My Son's choice
Belly Button - Veggie Tales

My Choice
La Talega Del Café- Banda Movil (My mom hated this song when I was little, so it really stuck in my head)

That game also got boring.... so everybody was back at their own activities.

By this point it was close to 6 and we were bored out of minds!

I went and cleared out a corner in my son's bedroom that has been needing some major tidying for months, and we ended up playing dress up for a little while.

The end of this post is that I need to come up with more creative activities in case of snow, especially with a very intelligent 7 year old, who gets bored very quickly!! Any suggestions would be most appreciate it!

What do you like to do when restricted to being inside?


  1. Our Marathon movie choice is The Lord of the Rings. We once started the trilogy in the car in Los Angeles, and were done by the time we pulled in to Salt Lake City. That was the best road trip ever.

  2. It has been a long time since I watched Lord Of The Rings! I must check it out again!


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