2016 Race Plans and other ideas

Happy 2016!

The closing of 2015 was a little bitter sweet for me. While I had no specific goal on number or races at the end of 2015, it wasn't until the end of November that I realized I wanted to double the number of races from the year before. I was at 17 races, and wanted to do 18. But due to many scheduling and monetary conflicts, there was not 18th race. But that doesn't mean I was not happy with my 17 races.

Anyway, thinking of races to do in 2016 this are my race plans and other Goals

Running for sure

Kennett Run- I have done the 5K with my sisters for 5 years now, but I think this year I will be doing the 10K.

Hershey 10K- My son is with me that weekend, so I will have to schedule my sisters to spend time with him early in the morning.

Hershey Half marathon- how can I not do it? I want to see if I can run it again, and still have a lot of fun!

Swatara Township Hero Run- This year I will have my Selena outfit! No excuses!

Bird In Hand Half Marathon- While Roger says the 5K on the night before is still up to debate, I am fully committed to both!

This year I wanted to race in the following places:

Pittsburgh PA- We have been wanting to make out to Pittsburg for the last TWO years! but keep putting it off. This year we will find a race and make it there for sure!

Rehoboth DE- last year we did the Bunny Palooza in Bethany beach, but our hearts belong to Rehoboth and we want to do a race there.

Washington DC- Last year we didn't make it to DC, but we figure if we plan a race there, we have no option but to drive out there.

Races I'm thinking about

Roger wants to do a Marathon, and we have been doing some long distances this last month. I am scared of thinking of a Marathon, but I was also scared of the 10K a year ago. But right now we are considering The Gettysburg Marathon, since it's only a 1 hour drive from where we live. We decided to keep up with the training and decide by the end of January.

I received an email today about the Road apple Award, which is a petrified poo, given to those who complete BOTH the Garden Spot Village Marathon, or Half Marathon AND  the Bird In Hand Half Marathon. I'm for sure doing Bird In Hand, so looking at fees and date for Garden Spot Village Marathon.

I would love to run the Harrisburg Half Marathon, since it is only a 10 min drive from where I live. Again, waiting for the date and checking out the fees.

Can anybody suggest a good race in Pittsburgh, Washington or Rehoboth DE?