Multiple Race Schedule Conflict

Last year I ran my first 10K and that broke the seal for long distance running,  that was the Hershey 10K. It was a great race, and it made me feel very accomplished! I had planned to run the Hershey 10K again this year, I really enjoyed the experience! But there were a few scheduling conflicts that came up. The Hershey 10K is scheduled for April 2, 2016.

Because we are committed to do the Gettysburg Marathon, it came to mind that a longer race would be better for my training, so I thought about checking out the Capital Area 10 Miler. I saw signs for this race all over Harrisburg last year, but it seems impossible at the time. This year, I knew it was a race I definitely wanted to do, and was sad to find out that it's scheduled for the same date as the Hershey 10K.
Also last year, I had seen advertisements for the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K, and again, last year this race seemed impossible, and I was excited to look it up this year. And was very sad to find out that it was schedule for April 2nd, 2016.
Now, I had to review a list on pros and cons for each race.
Hershey 10K
The race is a lot of fun
It's within 30 minute distance from home
It starts early, so it's over early
My first long distance race 
Small Local Race
Good route, with hills and flats

Very short distance- will need to make up miles later that day
I didn't like the shirt last year
I didn't like the post race snacks

Capital Area 10 Miler
Good distance
15 minute drive from home
It starts at 9:30
I have done the route before, on my own. Mostly Flat
Small local race

I have done the route before, on my own. Mostly Flat (Do I want to pay to run the route I run for free?)

Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K
I have never done an official 15K
The goodies bag includes a jacket
Different route that I have never run before
Large Race
It's in Philadelphia

It's in Philadelphia, which means I would have to stay at my Moms and wake up super early to get there for the race.
Large Race

Another Con for all of them- They fall short for Marathon Training, but I am willing to make up the miles.

And the biggest Con for ALL THREE races- I have my son that weekend, and I will have to ask one of my sisters to watch him while I go racing. I am not a big fan of doing races when my son is with me, but I also want him to see me running and wish for him to want to start running with me.

Now, I can stop questioning and skip all tree race and just do a Half Marathon the following weekend... but I want to do both! A race on April 2nd and a Half Marathon on April 9. I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW! I might just flip for it and let a coin decide.

Am I the only person who likes races more than training?

Have you ever had race schedule conflicts?

Which race did you pick?



  1. I'm the type of person that will list pros and cons but since there's 1 option I ever truly want, I'll end up making the Pro's list really long. So that's what I'm going to do: I've done the Hot Chocolate in San Diego and I LOVED IT! The runners are all giddy and the volunteers are too--I think it's all the chocolate! They hand you chocolate at a Chocolate aide station on the course. I also remember that they had an AWESOME kids play area with multiple bounce houses set up for the kids--I regretted not bringing my kid. The jacket is a NICE one! And the chocolate goodies at the end of the race are YUMMMM (I'm super motivated by food though). OMGosh the goodies at the end were to die for.

    You still have some time to decide so lots of things can change between now and then too. To choose between 3 decent races: I definitely don't envy your position!

  2. Yeah, I think you are right... I'm very much leaning towards the Philly Hot Chocolate 15K, and now that you tell me how awesome it is, I'm even more excited about it! thanks! I'll post my decision, probably later this month.


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