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A day In This Life- The Pain On my Neck

I have been putting off doing the Day In the Life post for a while, so here goes my Monday.
4:45 am – A sharp pain on my neck woke me up, I was sure it was time to be up, so turned to check my watch for the time. After realizing it wasn’t time to crawl out of bed, I tried to go back to sleep, and tried to find a comfortable spot for my neck with no luck.
5:55 am- I slowly crawled out of bed, the pain on my neck sharper than before. I went to check on my Love Nugget and turn off the AC. Roger insists on keeping the AC turned on, because he gets hot at night. It was about 55 degrees outside, so I turned off the AC and got in the shower. I’m going to start telling him to sleep outside, if he refuses to turn the AC off.
We got ready for school and work, Love Nugget ate half of his breakfast, multigrain waffles and greek strawberry yogurt.
7:02 am- We left for work and school. There was a chance I would be arriving to work ON TIME!! Or close enough.
7:10 am-School drop off can go either really…

Visiting Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park has been on our list of places to visit for at least 2 years now. We made the drive out there last Saturday.

The directions on the iPhone said for us to make a right on this tree covered area... there was no place to make a turn, just trees and mountain. We kept driving along the road and decided to find the park entrance on our own. This is the second time the Maps on the iPhone drops us off in some random location, when looking for a state park.

We saw a small parking lot that had a camera sign next to it, so we parked the car and went to look. And we found this amazing overlook.

The pictures don't do the view justice! It was beautiful!

We kept driving down the road, and came to the Ohiopyle town. There were canoe rentals, bike rentals, white water boating tours. I have not been to a park with a town in the middle of it, so this was a nice experience. We had pizza for lunch, then we headed out to check out the falls and do a bit of hiking.

This is the first th…

Fall Races

It seems that lately I'm on full denial about everything until it happens. I was on full denial about summer coming to an end, until it was officially done last week. The other week I sat down and reviewed plans for my fall races, and hope to add a few more.

Registered For
Hershey Half Marathon- I'll be back for the second year. I'm excited to run this course with more experience. Roger will be running with me, and he is planning to beat his Half PR.

Hero Run 5K- This is my 3rd year running this race. My speed has suffered a lot this past training round, but I am excited for this 5K. Still thinking of costumes for the race.

Thinking about
SMT Turkey Trot 5K- This is a huge race in New Cumberland, I loved it the first year and I'm excited to run it again this year.

Girls on The Run 5K-I love the Girls on The Run races! and my cheesesteak guy always asks if I'm going to run it, because his daughter runs it. I can't risk losing out on cheesesteaks!

Gettysburg Half-

Weekly Wrap - Hershey Half Training 9.24.16

Good Morning Sunshines! how are you today?

This was a slow week, but some running and errands still got done.

Thank you Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these super awesome ladies today.

Thursday: Weights and 4 miles
Friday: Weights and 4 miles Progression (I put myself on repeat)
Saturday: 2 mile hike at Ohiopyle State Park
Sunday: 11 mile long run

After 2 weekends of races, I didn't know what to do with myself while not on taper mode, it was like I forgot how to be on training mode. I also didn't know what to do with no race on my weekend... but I managed to find something to do.

On Friday I headed to TJ Maxx and was just looking around while I found shoes for work! I know this doesn't sound very exciting, but it was!! I have been looking for plain black shoes for work for the last year! My old comfy shoes at work are on their very last leg, like barely holding together.

On Saturday, after my son's soccer game, we finally headed …

Five Friday - Fall Edition

Fall is here! Like any warm blooded human, I enjoy the first days of fall, the leaves changing colors, but because I'm still human, there are thing I'm not looking forward to about fall. So, today I offer you a mix of things that fall are bringing my way, and how I feel about them.

1. I am excited for all the Fall festivals we will be attending! There is The National Apple Harvest Festival next weekend where we will over indulge on apple everything! We will do our yearly visit to the Corn Maze and this year for the first time, we are going to the Harry Potter Festival in Philadelphia. I'm still debating whether or not to dress up. If I dress up, I want to be Narcissa Malfoy or  Snape.... because Narcissa's fashion is always on point ! and Snape because he is one of my favorite characters.

2.  Fall Races and Fall Running- I'm excited for the races, I have mixed feelings on the weather. I am signed up for 2 races right now, and considering 3 more.

3. I'm excited …

Amazing Gift From My Mom

I want to start by saying that both my parents are very generous and caring people. They both travel to Mexico often, and most of the time by bus. When they return they have stories of how they helped somebody along the road, my Mom always gives up a sweater or jacket to a person without one, my Dad buys food for people who can't afford it or who he sees struggling to order something. This are just how my parents are, wonderful, caring and generous people.

A couple of weeks ago, after my BIH 5K, my Mom handed me a Guatemalan bill on a frame and told me this was my birthday present. She said that I could cash it in and get about $11 for it. I said thank you, and I wish I could tell you that I asked how she came upon Guatemalan money, but I didn't. I was tired and trying to get ready for bed, prepared and worried for the Half Marathon. So the picture frame was left on their coffee table after she handed it to me.

The next day, I was packing to return home, and I asked where my G…

Philly Rock 'n Roll Half- Race Recap

Philly Rock ‘n Roll Half Race Date: September 18, 2016 Weather: Cloudy, 76% humidity, 76 at start of the race, little windy.

Race Website:

Goodies: Shirt, small free samples in the race bag and snacks at the end of the race. Long Race Recap coming up- and this is the abbreviated version,
without the fight on leaving at 5:30 am and who forgot what ... 
but summary at the end. Feel free to look at the pictures and
read the summary, I won't judge. Bib Pick up Bib Pick up was in Philadelphia on Saturday and Friday. We headed out there on Saturday, after soccer. Rock ‘n’ Roll races are so large, that they only allow bib pick up during the Expo days. I asked and pleaded for DC, this is how I learned this. This was the second time I’ve taken my son to a running expo, and he LOVED it! He carried my sister’s bag and told everybody he came across that he would be running the Half Marathon, and that it was his first. All of that caused those people to give…