I Hate Box Tops

One of my goals for this year was to not do things that didn't make me happy, within reason. So this school year, I am no longer going to clip BoxTops, because I hate them! What? How can I not love boxtops? They give money to my son's school! Well, I have a few reasons to hate them

* They are only on products that I don't buy by brands that are expensive.... cereal, granola bars, candy, frozen pizza.

* I hate cutting out tiny  10¢ coupons

* I hate taping them to the boxtops page

* I hate when I find expired boxtops

* Even when I fill a page with 30 Boxtops, it's only $3 for my son's school

* And even if I do 8 pages of 30, it is still only $24 !

* No matter how many sheets I send, my kid has not once won a school raffle for boxtops.

Schools and parents should not have to clip tiny 10¢ coupons, but I think if the following need any sort of funding, they should consider boxtops.

* Senators, Governors, State Representatives, the President.

* Reality TV "Celebrities"

* NFL players

* The next person who asks me to buy things to help the fundraiser for their church

I also suggest that if the school wants a portion of my purchases to go to the district, they need to talk to Starbucks.


  1. Haha! I have NEVER cut box tops because I would just rather buy stuff for my classroom with my own money (within reason) than spend all that time clipping!!!

    1. Are teachers also encouraged to clip boxtops? I have the last few boxtops that i'll send in, but I am not wiling to lose sleep to collect them.

  2. I don't think anyone would know if we clipped them or not as they would just be included with the rest. Seems like too much of a. Hassle to me... and you!

  3. I've clipped a few box tops (and I mean like less then 10) with the intention of taking them to school but the reality is they would sit on my counter until I got sick of looking at them and finally threw them away! I honestly don't even know how that whole process works. I just figured it was a good thing to do. From the looks of that pic, you've collected a lot of box tops at one point! I think you've done your part. You can stop now...lol

    1. I have boxtops in my wallet, my book pack and my car... they get everywhere!

      That picture was from last year, my office was collecting boxtops for a co-worker who at the time had asked us for them. A year went by and she stopped collecting them, then she gave them all to me, there were a good 20-30 pages of boxtops in there! so I think I'm done for a lifetime.

  4. My parents did BoxTops when I was younger, but I agree, I never won shit, it's all on more expensive foods // cereals & my school is probably only like $50 better off for it. My parents would have been better off writing a check. And they would also definitely be better off putting that shit on wine labels.

    1. I makes no sense to collect 10 coupons! I wont' clip a real coupon for $.50, why waste my time on .10!


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