Weekly Wrap - Hershey Half Training 9.24.16

Good Morning Sunshines! how are you today?

This was a slow week, but some running and errands still got done.

Thank you  Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these super awesome ladies today.

Thursday: Weights and 4 miles
Friday: Weights and 4 miles Progression (I put myself on repeat)
Saturday: 2 mile hike at Ohiopyle State Park
Sunday: 11 mile long run

After 2 weekends of races, I didn't know what to do with myself while not on taper mode, it was like I forgot how to be on training mode. I also didn't know what to do with no race on my weekend... but I managed to find something to do.

On Friday I headed to TJ Maxx and was just looking around while I found shoes for work! I know this doesn't sound very exciting, but it was!! I have been looking for plain black shoes for work for the last year! My old comfy shoes at work are on their very last leg, like barely holding together.

On Saturday, after my son's soccer game, we finally headed out to Ohiopyle State Park. This park has been on our list of places to visit for over 2 years, and we were sad that it took us this long to get there! It was amazing! We did a very short hike, and took lots of pictures.

View from Ohiopyle

Youghiogheny River

Last week I signed up for my first ever Virtual race. Last year I found the Hogwarts Running Club, and have been wanting to do a virtual race with them, but kept missing the sign ups. I signed up for the Plataform 9 3/4 K (6.058 miles), but I didn't have any 6 mile runs until next month, so I switched it to a 9 3/4 Miles, because I had a long run scheduled for Sunday. The Race benefits Carry The Future, an agency helping Refugee families with Children.

Sunday after I picked up my son, we had a little scare. We were vacuuming my car, when a bee stung my son! He started yelling that it hurt, and it stung, but the vacuum was so loud that I didn't hear when he said he got stung by a bee. I kept asking what was wrong, and he kept saying it hurt. Then it clicked, I had seen a bee a minute before. I quickly (but not calmly), put him in the car and drove us to the nearest pharmacy. I kept asking him if he could breath, and he kept yelling that it hurt! I got him some Benadryl, an ice pack, After Bite medicine, and a donut. The donut is a Mexican superstition, that if you have a sudden scare, you need to eat something sweet. He was ok, and now we know, he is not allergic to bees! <-- this incident made me age 3 years!

Are you allergic to bees?
How comfy are your work shoes? Or do you wear your stylish shoes to work?
Tell me about your Virtual races!
Do you deal with emergencies calmly?



  1. Awww, getting stung hurts so much :( I have been stung and i get very swollen but it is not a true allergic reaction. I am fine breathing wise. My skin is sensitive it swells from every thing lol
    Cute boots!
    11 miles is a good I am not sure what to do run lol Nice!
    I wear old lady shoes every day now because my feet are a pain!

    1. It does hurt so much! but I guess we all need our first bee sting in our lives!

      Ouch! do you use something to help the pain?

      Thank you Karen!

      I say we just call them "I'm a runner and don't need high heels" shoes.

  2. Yes, I am deathly allergic to bees! I have an epi pen (an expired one..lol) and I only live about 4 miles from the hospital. I haven't been stung in a long time though.

    I can understand the need for new work shoes. I threw away (or donated) all my high heels and shoes that pinched my feet last spring. At this point I need to go for comfort and not looks..lol. I hope to replace them with new shoes for fall next weekend!

    1. Oh no!! how do you feel about all the controversy on EPI pens? I used to work with a woman who was deathly allergic to Bees, and got stung by a bee at work, but didn't have her pen. We had to drive her to the ER.

      I donated tons of my high heels last year too, they were taking too much space, and not being used.

      how exciting! Fall shoe shopping!!

  3. YAY for finally visiting Ohiopyle! Love that place, but don't get to go nearly enough!

    I am not allergic to bees, my Dad has several bee hives in our backyard at home. I was helping him tend to them once when I was younger, I was wearing a protective suit but one got up in it & stung my kneecap. I actually still have a scar from it, probably because I kept itching it & picking at it afterwards. But it took a long time before I would help with the bees again. I've not heard the "eat something sweet" tradition. But sounds like a good one to me.

    1. I was getting worried earlier that my son will associate the carwash with being stung by a bee, so we will have to go back next weekend.

      Ohiopyle is more amazing than I had expected! The town is right there next to it! It reminded me a lot of Jim Thorpe.

  4. Yikes, I'm glad your son was ok! That sounds like a scary incident. The views from the Ohiopyle park are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Chaitali! The pictures don't make Ohiopyle justice! it is a beautiful park!

  5. That park looks stunning. I'm totally calm in emergency situations (I've had a lot of practice!) but once everything is safe and I know it'll be okay, THEN I fall apart.

    1. My mom trained us all on being calm during emergencies, but sometimes I need others to keep me calm. Anything to do with my son is when I almost lose it.

  6. I love TJ Maxx! There are some great finds to be discovered there. Yay for Ohiopyle and I love that beautiful spinning medal. YIKES on your son's bee sting but it sounds like you handled the situation very well, despite the stress. Really glad to hear he isn't allergic! And I am all about following the Mexican superstition of eating something sweet after having a scare. =D

    1. TJ Maxx is the best!

      Thank you Emily! you are always so kind!

      Sweets are almost always a welcomed treat!

  7. Aw poor boy! I am glad he is not allergic. I think a donut after a bee sting is the only way to go, really. :)

    Your TJ Maxx shoes are very cute and stylish! I wear comfy shoes to work. I used to wear heels but not anymore. I am on my feet all day. I save my high heels for when Paul and I are doing a sitting down activity... like going to see a show or going out to dinner.

    You made me in the mood to shop! But I just went shopping so I shouldn't be in the mood!

    Oh, I'm actually very calm in emergency situations. Paul has had grand mal seizures and I have had to call the ambulance and I am just super chill and do what I need to do and get what I need to get for him to go to the hospital. But one time it was bad and he didn't come out of the seizure and they took me into a tiny little room and wouldn't let me see him... I thought they were going to tell me he died. I was like, why else would they bring me into this room with a huge picture of Jesus and a cross??? But no he was not dead but they made me sign a bunch of papers but I was so scared that me hand was shaking involuntarily.

    1. I save my heels for holidays, like you said, for doing sitting down activities.

      Oh my god!! I was at the edge of my seat here!! I know Paul is ok, but I cannot imagine that stress and what you were going through! You handled it like a truly amazing strong woman! I know I would have completely lost it.

  8. Yay for the shoes find! Its always great to find something that you've been on the search for awhile for.

  9. It's always fun to find bargains at TJ Maxx! Looks like you hit home!
    Oh wow so glad your son is not allergic to bees! Ha I had not heard of eating something sweet when you have a sudden scare! I will remember this!
    I'm doing a Halloween themed virtual race from US Road Running and also just signed up to do the Pink 5k for Breast Cancer

  10. I wish the TJ Maxx was in a more convenient location for me. It's good to know your son is not allergic to bees! Those Epi Pens are incredibly expensive. That is a great virtual race medal! I've been running some virtual races with Level Up. They are having a Harry Potter themed race too. (Next month is the Nightmare Before Christmas.) I love the tradition of eating something sweet after a scare! Thanks for linking, Ana.

  11. I love the Hogwarts Running Club! Their events really go toward good causes and the medals are SO fun! It's hard for me to justify running them because of the cost, but someday I hope to collect all the medals.


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