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November Books

I was fresh off a lot of amazing books last month, as I said before, I love this link up group! I get so many great recommendations, and find amazing books every month.

Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

Stars Above by andFairest Marisa Meyer ( 3 * / 5 *)

I was waiting for a lot of things from the library, so I looked up Stars Above. I really enjoyed the short stories and follow up on the Lunar Chronicle group. I had read an interview with the Author, and when she said to expect a wedding, I was ready for a different wedding, but still happy with how the book went.

The wait was over! I finally got Fairest from the library! It felt perfectly timed to the end of the Lunar Chronicles. This book was the story of Levanna, the villain of the Lunar Chronicles series. I wanted to like this book more, but there was not much to learn about Levenna, or to understand. Every now and then, there would be a small glimpse of the root of her cruelness, but it would not …

Week In Review 12.10.17

Another week done! and another week closer to the new year. I know I sounded a little tired of the holiday on my last post, but I'm ready to admit that December is the most stressful month of the year for me. 

Before I get with my random whining, I want to say that watching and hearing about the fires in California this week, has been heartbreaking. Positive and healing thoughts to those suffering loss out there. 

Workouts  Tuesday - Weights, and 3 miles tempo  Friday - 5 miles easy 
This week, most of my orders arrived on the mail, and I got sorting and organizing things. But I didn't feel any enthusiasm to start wrapping presents. I have been feeling very lazy this past week, and really tired. This is why I don't like winter, the cold and the lack of sun get me all tired and cranky. 
Wednesday at the office was a very busy day. We had a holiday cookie meeting, this is a meeting with multiple agencies, and everybody brings cookies to share. We have been doing this for the last …

Five Top Fives

Happy Friday! how is your day going today?

If you are reading this on Friday between 1 and 3 pm, send a positive thought my way, I'm helping out at my sons' school with the Holiday shop.

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

I thought about doing a favorite holiday songs top five, then about a top five movies, but then I just went with Five Top Fives Holiday edition!

Five Favorite Christmas Songs
1. Amarga Navidad by Enrique Bunbury and Raphael 
2. Let it Snow by Michael Buble
3. Ven A Cantar - La Hermandad
4. Do You Hear What I Hear? by the Harry Simone Chorale
5. Navidad Sin Ti- Los Bukis

Five Favorite Christmas Movies
1. Elf
2. The Family Stone
3. Love Actually
4. Christmas With The Kranks
5. Four Christmases

Five Favorite Christmas Cookies
1. Madelines
2. Sugar Cookies
3. Chocolate Crinkles
4. Shortbread cookies
5. Chocolate Chip cookies

Five Favorite Store to shop for presents
1. Target
2. Amazon
3. Old Navy
4. Any Wine shop
5. Starbuc…

ALL I Want for Christmas Part 2

This time of year, my family has been asking me what do I want for Christmas, and while I added a few things to my wish list, and bought myself a pair of compression socks, but I don't have anything else that I need or want.

A couple of years ago, I did a All I Want for Christmas, and reading it now, it is so silly the things I wanted.

However, there are things that cannot be given that I want for this Christmas, below is the list :

1. Art In Motion to open for Zumba classes EVERY Day of the week.

2. Hillary Clinton for President

3. Books about the life of Enrique Bunbury, Vicente Fernandez, Los Tigres Del Norte.

4. For my apartment to be bigger, but rent to stay the same.

5. For My supervisor to stop taking credit for my work

6. Another Harry Potter book By JK Rowling

7. Another La Ley Concert

8. My hair to grow two inches overnight

9. A legitimate immigration reform with path for citizenship

What is in your real Christmas list ?

how about your imaginary Christmas list?

Week In Review 12.3.17

Happy Monday! Countdown to Christmas and New Years is ON!! Also the countdown to meet all the yearly mileage goals.... I am about to give up that goal for the year.

Monday - Hills - 2 miles
Thursday - 3 tempo miles
Friday - 5 miles Fartlek
Sunday - 6 miles tempo

I am so excited to report that on Monday, I finally got a lot of Christmas shopping done! Lots of deals for Cyber Monday led me to buy a lot of things on my family's wish list. Now it's just a wait for packages, I LOVE getting packages in the mail!

After work, we ran some hills. I was ready for a 4 mile run, but Roger said we only had to do hill intervals. I don't like it when we have to do short runs, if I'm going to spend 15 getting dressed, I need to be running at least 4 miles.

Thursday I headed to Fleet Feet with the goal of running 4 miles. Those got cut down to 3, because it started to rain. I wasn't worried about the rain, but the droplets and the dark make it very hard to see while wearing m…

Friday Five - Gift Anxiety

Happy Friday!! I hope you are having a wonderful morning.

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

The them for this week is Gift Giving. I don't have any new recommendations on what You can buy people in your life, I hardly know what to buy people in MY OWN life! But I'll share with you 5 Gift Shopping anxieties that are too real for me, in no particular order.

My family has a wish list for what we want for Christmas, but that list only has about 7 items per person, leaving too much room for guessing and anxieties.

1. Ordering the wrong item- I have an irrational fear of ordering/ buying the wrong color, the wrong size, the wrong item all together! I triple check sizes, colors and request before buying, because I want the experience to be perfect. I still end up returning at least 3 things each year.

2. Shipping items to the wrong address- This has been an anxiety for as long as I have been shopping online. Last year, i…

Mushroom Cap Half Marathon

Race Details: $80 ( I signed up during the Kennett Run, and received a free training shirt, a Victory Beer glass and a race magnet.)

Goodies : See above +  Woman's Cut UA long sleeve shirt, coupons for local businesses, free beer at post race party, snacks post race.

Weather: Starting temperature 42 F, sunny, light breeze

What I wore: Capri leggings, compression knee high socks, long sleeve tech shirt.

When I sign up for a race, I add it to the calendar on my phone, because when I sign up for a race, my heart gets all excited and it makes my brain forget if I have another event scheduled for that day. I signed up for this race at the Kennett Run, and forgot that I had signed up for a 5K the day after. As soon as I figured it out, I reviewed my race plan with Roger and he helped me train to do both.

I wanted to do this half, because my family has lived closed to Kennett Square for 20 years. My sister's bakery is in Kennett Square, and started and ended a block from the bakery. In…

Week In Review

Happy Monday! What a week I had! It felt like two whole weeks have gone by, and I loved all of it!

There wasn't much running, and I was making all sorts of excuse for myself, but then realized that there was no time for running and I'm still not training for anything, so gotta live it up now!

On Tuesday I had Megan over for Sangria and tacos, there is no pictures of it, but trust me, it did happen. We had a whole lot of sangria, and I think I was still a little bit drunk at work the next day.

Wednesday at work, was a busy day, I had a few things to get done, and an afternoon packed full of errands. I stopped at the library for stuff, then headed to Wegmans.... more like made the mistake of going to Wegmans, it was packed full ! Lucky for me, I had my sister on the phone who kept me calm while I shopped.

I also went to pick up my bib for the Turkey Trot, filled my tires, and got my haircut. Not sure how I accomplished so many things.

On Thursday, I sneaked out of my house before…