Monday, February 29, 2016

Finished Reading

Books, books, books! I'm falling behind on books, I need to order a huge stack of stuff and lose myself in books until the spring.... Only If marathon training was not getting in the way of this!

Last Week I finished A Short Story of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (10)- this was a very interesting book! It reminded me of A Brief History of Time, except I didn't have to go back and re read some things three times to have a moderate understanding of it.

One of the things that struck me the most about the book is when he talks about the incredibly lucky chances of being oneself.... counting how many thousands of sperm were fighting to get to the egg, each with different information, but mine was the one who won that race (#WBW to the very first race I won?!) and became who I am.

Other things that struck me about it
* Humans tend to make animals extinct any place they inhabit
* Bacteria has lived in this planet longer than humans
* A lot of scientific findings go unrecognized for years

Really awesome book!

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica (11)- I picked up this book because I saw in a blog, and in a list of books to read "If you liked Gone Girl". I need to make a mental note to not pick up books that promise to be like Gone Girl. I didn't like it. The characters are very one dimensional, even when details are revealed about their lives, they are no more than the first impressions.

The book didn't really have more to the story than what was promised in the short description on the back. A Girl gets kidnapped, there is a reason why, which is revealed, but not shocking, a lot of drama that goes nowhere, people randomly falling in love. Cop rescuing people, Kidnapped girl falling in love with her Kidnapper.... I had to ask myself if I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book or a strange parallel Twilight story.

The book switches back and forth between the past, the present as the story is told from three points of view. The mom, who offers details of the story for the kidnaped woman, the cop, who is investigating the disappearance and trying to find the woman, the kidnapper, who offers the details of kidnapping the girl and snippets of his life. And the very last chapter is the kidnapped woman, who delivers the "shocking" twist at the end.... which I saw coming from the second chapter.

I eye rolled so  hard in some parts that my eyes almost cramped from the extraneous activity. I don't recommend this book. It has no substance, no story, and it was ridiculous.

I also have finished The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (12).

The Paris Wife is a fictionalized story of the Marriage between Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Richardson. This is the second Pre WWII book about women in Europe I read. It is very interesting to read about women's expectations back in those times.

The book was an interesting read. The story stayed even and moved along quickly. My even, I mean there were no huge shockers, other than when Hadley lost 3 years of writing in a train ride.

This book reminded me of the movie Midnight In Paris, since it featured fictionalized parties in Paris of the writes mentioned in the book, and now I want to go watch that movie again.

What books are you reading?
Anything you regretted picking up?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

We Are What We Eat... and we ate everything !

This past weekend it was my sister's Birthday, and as we were eating our way through the weekend, I was thinking that whenever I go to my parents, I eat a lot more than normal and this weekend with a long run finished, and my sister's birthday, we used it as an excuse to eat even more! So I thought, we are always doing work out recaps, and this week I will also be doing a weekend food recap on everything eaten this weekend... only because I love food!


Lent Fridays are hard! It is only on lent that I remember how much meat I eat for lunch and dinner!

We went to Sofia's for breakfast. Eggs, toast, home fries, 1 pancake and coffee.

Pre run sips- Macchiato at Cornerstone. I was still

Mid run snack - Hot chocolate and two bites of brownie- I was very cold, and very hungry. So went in and got a small hot chocolate and a brownie at mile 10. It didn't feel possible to keep running without this.

Post Run meal- two more bites of brownie, few more sips of chocolate.

Two slices of tomato and spinach pizza from the Farmer's Market.

At my parents- Still hungry. My Mom offered to make me some chicken tacos, until I reminded her it was Lent Friday, and she declared that she had a Steak Hurache* and had just finished some Chicken tacos.  She made me some cheese quesadillas, which were delicious!

* Huarache is a Mexican dish, which is like a giant taco, but with more veggies.


There is this little restaurant in Jennersville PA called Corner Café, which serves the best and most delicious breakfast I've had in a long time!

I had the eggs, toast, home fries, two slices of French toast and coffee. I was going to take a picture, but it all came when I was starving and we just dug in and ate. I love their toast! it's so thick and fresh. I don't know any other places that has toast this good! #toastgoals

We decided around lunch time that we would have enchiladas, because we love enchiladas!

After a very satisfying meal, we went to the mall to walk around. We got Frappuccinos, because we were sleepy.

Runger is my biggest enemy after long runs, I feel that nothing fills me up! I was craving a soft pretzel, but was 10:00 pm. My mom made me more enchiladas, which were perfect!


I cannot even begin to count how much we ate on Sunday!

We went to McDonalds for breakfast, because my love nugget wanted to pick where we ate, he knows and understand McDs, so that's where we went. I had the McMuffin, half of the hashbrown, OJ and coffee.

After that we wanted to go see my other sister, who lives 15 miles away. We picked her up and went to get crepes at this little awesome place in Kennett Square PA. We also got coffee at the most environmental coffee shop I've been to! They serve their espresso in clay reusable cups! the cups were adorable, maybe that's why I remember them. I also had the nutella crepe, and the espresso. The crepe was soft, sweet, but toasty in the right spots. I took out some of the nutella, but enjoyed the crepe very much!

We have no shame... also we are bottomless pits! Close to my sister's bakery, there is a Mexican snack place, it's called Fritangas. They have a lot of different traditional snacks, like Fruta, frituras, elotes, chicharrones, liquados. ( that is Fruit cups, corn on the cob, smoothies) I got a bag of frituras with verdura **

** Frituras are a cruncy, salty snack. They are similar to Buggles, but not as salty. We eat it with cabbage, pico de gallo, splash of lime and hot sauce of our choice. My favorite it Salsa Valentina.

On our way to my parents we picked up Carnitas ( roasted soft pork meat) and made it for lunch. I was leaving, but took three tacos de carnitas and drove home.

It is a mystery to me how we ate all of this food, especially on Sunday, and more of a mystery is how I was hungry by 7:00 again! Not hungry, but Hangry... like give me food or I'll your head hangry!

Even though I ate a lot, I have to point out that I did not have any coke, drank a lot of water, and the most processed things we had was probably the frapuccino, and the McDonald's breakfast.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Race TShirts- The Good, The Yellow and the Awesome

I found this Link up Post about Race Tshirts, on Marcia's Healthy Slice and it got me interested in writing about my shirts. I'm going to make a full confession, right here and right now... I don't wear all of my race shirts. I have asked myself why I don't, and have come to the conclusions that 1. I don't like wearing clothes that don't make me feel good, 2. I don't like to humble brag and 3. I don't like the colors of the shirts.

The good

My Ninja 10K Shirt- This shirt is a solid red, and because it's from US Road Runners, it doesn't have all the advertisements in the back of the shirt. It's a plain picture of ninja in the front. I believe this is a boy's cut shirt, but I like the fit and fabric, or I like it enough to have worn it twice.

The Yellow

In 2015 I was super excited about signing up for a 10K, and I remembering swearing that I would wear my Hershey 10K shirt ALL THE TIME! That was until I picked it up, discovered it was a mustard yellow, crew neck, boy cut shirt. I wore it once, after the race, because I was cold.

Somebody who has been in charge of ordering race tshirts help me understand this one.... are the bright yellow fluorescent shirts cheaper than, say the other colors? I have 6 bright fluorescent yellow shirts. I wore one for a long run in the dark, that was it.

The Awesome

Kennett Run 2013- I have done the Kennett Run for 6 years (2000, 2001, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), but the first time I got a shirt was in 2013, it's a fiusha pink, women's cut V neck shirt. This fits me perfectly! I have worn this one 3 times. This is the best race shirt I have received.  

I love my Hershey Half Marathon shirt! But I think it's more because of the accomplishment that came with it. The shirt is a tech fabric, boy cut, crew neck... not ideal for boobs. I wore it once.

Tuesdays on the Run Link up

Monday, February 22, 2016

Training Week # 7

Oh my dear legs! Thank you for carrying me 17 miles! I don't say it enough, but here, let's have some oatmeal to celebrate!

Last week was really crazy busy and crazy cold! School closings and sub zero temperatures were all over this week, but spring is getting closer! I can feel it!

Monday February 15
President's day- School was closed, My love nugget and I went to my mom's to celebrate my niece's birthday. Rest day.

Tuesday, February 16 - School was closed because of snow and ice. Love nugget and I enjoyed some rest in the morning. He even helped me answer some work emails.

Love Nugget answering emails to the State Offices... "Mom, how do you spell "Bring me Donuts?"

Make shift Home office

1 hour of zumba with Susan
2.5 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday, February 17
1 hour zumba with Denise
1 hour Yoga with Denise*

* I was scheduled to run 4 miles intervals, but I was tired, and have had a nagging pain in my right leg, possibly a groin pull. Roger was tired too, and would not be meeting me for the intervals either. So it felt right to stay for a much needed hour of Yoga. It was nice and restful.

Thursday, February 18
3 miles Morning run, no pace.

Two weeks ago Roger and I sat down and came up with the schedule for our runs and distances. We schedule 2 morning runs, the first one we did not get up for, we were very tired. But this one we did. Our alarm went off at 5:15 am, we turned off the alarm and fell back to sleep. We got up 30 minutes later, put on our layers and went off, we started running at 5:50 am. I really enjoyed the morning run! we saw the sunrise, and the run made my day go very quick and productive. I am excited to run in the morning again.

Friday, February 19
17 miles long run - this is my longest run EVER! It was amazing. It was very cold when we started running, and around mile 5, I was getting very tired and felt that I was not going to be able to finish it. The weather stayed cold for the rest of the day, and I started to get hungry by mile 10, but got 17 done!

Harvey Taylor Bridge is a 1 Mile long bridge that crosses Susquehanna, I love running it for training!

It's hard to see, but this is a parking lot, full of snow and ice, as tall as a dump truck! it amazed me! I'm used to seeing this full of cars!  

Roger bundled up for our long run. Our City Island Photoshoot stop.

Saturday, February 20

Sunday, February 21
4 miles Intervals, and track exercises.

Track exercises during sunset 

Snow is almost all melted!


Miles - 26.5
Zumba- 2 hours
Yoga- 1 hour

This week I didn't make any time for weights, which I will be increasing this week. Some days I think that if zumba was cut out of my schedule, more miles could get done, but I would be miserable for not having zumba.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Training Week #6

Hello freezing rain week! I have become a lot more confused with our new training schedule, and snow and ice are not helping!

I've lived in Pennsylvania for almost 20 years, and while I was in College I would walk to and from class, in the rain, snow, wind, sub zero temperatures, I would layer up, as in leggings, pants and three sweaters and a jacket. I don't like complaining about the weather, but this is the first year that I have to be outside for long runs and it's hard to find motivation to go run when the couch has a blanket, there is hot coffee in my cup and outside is windy and the windchill is -5 degrees. It's hard to find enough layers for comfortably running in the cold.

Monday, February 8th

Zumba with Susan

3 miles on treadmill

Tuesday, February 9th


Wednesday February 10th


School had a two hour delay for Love Nugget and we had the chance to sleep in and catch up on some unnecessary TV.

Thursday, February 11th

5 mile run with Fleet Feet Running Group- I forced myself to go on this run. It was cold, a bit windy and there was fresh snow in the ground. The traditional route was covered in snow, and I almost turned around and went back after 1 mile. But found two other members of the group and ran with them. They were super nice to me and allowed me to tag along with them. We finished 5 miles. I was surprised with myself!

Friday, February 12th

30 Min Weight training with Roger
800m * 6  - about 3 miles speed training

Saturday February 13th

Zumba with Denise and Susan- 1 hour
8.5 M Progression run on the treadmill

running in shorts at the Y

Sunday February 14th

Zumba with Susan

1 mile cold run.

Total Miles- 19.5 Miles

Zumba - 3 hours

Weight- 30 minutes

By the end of the week I had a 3 days running streak that had my legs exhausted! I was supposed to run 8.5 miles on Sunday, but I just couldn't get my legs to move... weeks like this make me feel that I will not be able to do the Marathon.

Roger ( my trainer / fiancé / evil run dictator)  told me that we are to increase our miles this week. By next week we need to be closer to 30, and we need to increase weight training to 3 times / week.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Round up- My favorites this week.

My Five favorite things this week


Fastnacht Tuesday - I wanted to have 3 of them, but only had 1.5.

Our Super Breaking Bad Tapas spread (Super because we skipped the Super Bowl and Watched BB instead)


I love my new running tights! They are keeping me warm during this cold temperatures.


2. I am enjoying my trail running shoes, for making running in the snow more bearable. (pictured above)

3. My son recently asked when he could do another race, that is one of my absolute favorite things EVER!

4. Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg Thursday running group- Whenever I go to the meet up, I end up surpassing my own expectations... either my speed, the distance I'm doing that day, or the conditions. Last night I pushed myself to go, knowing that it was cold, there was snow in the ground. I ended up running 5 miles, 2 of those in shoe deep snow, it was AWESOME!

5. I love my Buff! Light, yet it covers up my face and nose while on this windy runs.

Blog Post / Articles

If Married Couples Wrote Honest Valentines by Jim Gaffigan - "How do you spell Jim? JI.... no... Gy... oh no, wait, that is the place I never go to"

Are you Overcomplicating Your Life? by Allie Burdick - I love Allie's blog! it makes me laugh, teaches me stuff and makes me think. And yes, I am overcomplicating my life!

I don't Believe In Guilty Pleasures by Carla Birnberg-  This post makes an excellent point on Guilty Pleasures... "just F***king like" whatever it is! So here, full confession- I love watching Gossip Girl... #noshame

Heart Disease and Women- by @happyfitmama Angela-   Being active and eating right are not the only things we need to do to keep heart disease away! and Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer. Know all the facts!

Romance On The Run

Earlier I realized that Valentine's day is this weekend, and while others are hopefully asking their significant others what they want to do for the Holiday (instead of guessing), my fiancé/running partner and I are trying to balance a long run in frigid weather (it's going to be in the low 10s), and a fulfilling pre-long run Valentines day meal, with no alcohol.  But looking back, I started thinking, what has the most romantic running gestures** that Roger has done for me? and I came up with a few.
**Side note: I don't like "normal" romantic gestures, such as red roses, chocolates,
teddy bears or romantic dinners. I'm weird, I know. I don't care.

When He told me that I had excellent running form- I have been running for about 2.5 years, and hated gym all through school, Roger telling me that I had excellent running form made me want to jump on him and kiss him... I didn't, I was sweaty and very stinky.

Enjoying ice cream after a grueling training session in the heat

Coming with me to most of my races- in 2014 I wanted to do as many 5Ks as possible, and I ended up doing 9 total. Roger woke up and came with me to 6 of them, even when it required getting up at 6:00 am in a Holiday, or 5:30 in the Winter. In addition, he took pictures of me at the finish line. He also followed me to many races this year.

Roger having breakfast after a rainy 4th of July 5K

He motivated me to do my first Half Marathon, and trained with me- When we met, Roger told me that he was done with running, and that he would not be doing any races with me. Then in the spring of 2015, after following me to many races, he decided that he was going to start training with me for another Half Marathon. Not only did he train with me, but he kept me accountable for the weekly runs, the weight training and he believed in me. If he would have not done this with me, I would not have believe it possible of myself.

Doing a headstand, just because he can... He likes to show off

This is a silly one, but he told me that I looked good in my running gear-I have body confidence issues... I'm skinny, and have the body of a prepubescent boy, but when I'm in my running gear I feel powerful and strong, and the compliment made me feel stronger!

Smiling before a crisp fall run

He knows when I need a mocha Frappuccino after a hot long run- And he never once says to me "That's not Half Marathon food" *Anymore *.

Coconut frapps... I love coconut frapps !

Happy Valentine's day!

What is the nicest (or most romantic) thing somebody has done for you? Either for a run, or for anything else.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Currently Reading

I like to order a ton of books from the library, and because some have holds, they take time arriving, and I have a steady flow of audiobooks coming my way, and rarely am I without a book for longer than 1 week. Well! The blizzard threw a wrench on the flow of books coming my way. Two books were sent back, and I didn't have time to pick them up. I would have thought that since the Library was closed for two days, they would have given an extra day to pick up books.... And I've had to stretch out a couple of books and re order others, still slow week in books! ok, enough with whining!

Still Alice- by Lisa Genova (8)

I started this book in 2010 for a book club, but didn't finish it. It stayed in my mind, so I made the request for it and waited 2 months for it.

The story was uncomplicated, and written beautifully. The author makes the experience of having Early onset Alzheimer's very real, and I felt myself feeling the pain and frustration of the main character at constantly forgetting things that were happening around her, and her struggle with being able to do the things she loved.

The last part of this book had me crying, barely being able to hold in the tears when Alice has no memory of anything that is happening around her.

As every good book does, this one left me with questions

* Could I get Alzheimer's?
* Could anybody in my family get Alzheimer's?
* What would I want my family to do for me if I was to ever have dementia?
* Was the husband selfish for carrying on with his life, even though his wife was really struggling?
* Would I want my partner (Husband/ fiancé) to carry on with his life if I was in the same situation?

On The Road by Jack Keroac (9)

This book has been nagging at me for over a year! It's not especially long, but it is very daunting. I see it there in my nightstand staring at me... This one of the books from the Amazon 100 books To Read In A Lifetime. I finally finished it! The book was very interesting, I can't say that it was difficult to read, I just didn't find a point in the book that grabbed all of my interest. There was nothing that I could relate to in this book, it seemed that this was just the main character going through the country partying and enjoying life.


Next books -
A Short History of Nearly Everthing by Bill Bryson
The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Fastnacht day is HERE!

There is many foods that I wait a year to have... Pozole for Christmas, Tamales for New Years, Pit beef sandwich for Apple Festival in October, Cider Donuts for Corn Maze day also In October. But my favorite is Fastnachs for Fat Tuesday!

What is a Fastnacht? If you don't live in Central Pennsylvania, you might have never heard of them. Well, imagine this... The tastiest, freshest donut you have had, covered in the sugar of your preference... powder, granulated, cinnamon, glaze. Ok, you can find the official definition here.

I went to zumba yesterday, and when I didn't feel like running, I reminded myself that I would be eating 3 fastnachts today.


Is there any food that you only enjoy once a year?
Any traditional food for Fat Tuesday?
Do you observe Lent?

Monday, February 08, 2016

Training Week #5

My legs are in pain right now and I want to go home and keep sleeping.... but adulting is getting on the way... you know, with having to be at work.

So, last week we decided to change up the training days cycle, to adjust for longer runs. It's all complicated because of my custody schedule, and I will not bore anybody with those details, but our training week will now be a Monday to Sunday week.

So Training Week #4 will now have also included the Ice Fest 5K, and 12.5 miles of running.

We had warm temperatures on Sunday and Monday, and this melted a lot of snow from our running trails.

Monday 2.01.16 - Rest. After those exhausting 3 miles the day before!

Tuesday 2.02.16 - A little bit of everything

30 minutes of weights with Roger. Let me say that, I do the exercises he gives me, but I don't know what they are called. I only know they worked because everything is sore the next three days.

1 hour of Zumba with Susan

3 mile tempo run on the treadmill- I was at the YMCA and picked a treadmill close to the TV, and enjoyed Fresh Off The Boat, until The Muppets came on and I had to hurry up and finish my run, because I'm scared of the Muppets.

I was craving some Bunbury, and this song hit the perfect mood on the way to Zumba.

Wednesday 02.13.13

1 hour of Zumba with Denise

Skipped Yoga and weights, to celebrate Roger's birthday

Bad picture of the Birthday boy. He almost never wears dress shirts, so we had to document this event!

Thursday 2.4.16 - Rest

Friday  2.5.16- Long Run

16 miles

This is my longest run to date! Making marathon training more real than ever! I was in pain by mile 14, and wanted to quit then. But I told myself to keep moving, only 2 more miles. Roger still had 2 miles to go when I finished my 16, but I was ready to stay with him until he finished, even if that meant walking the last two miles... but he stopped at 14.5. It was cold, windy and we were both tired and in pain.

I will run so hard... as soon as I get the headphone untangled

Front Street Harrisburg

View of the Susquehanna River and City Island from the Harvey Taylor Bridge

Random Street in Camp Hill, still some snow, but mostly clear

Saturday 2.6.16- Rest

Sunday 2.7.16

6 Pace Miles. While everybody was getting ready for the Superbowl, I ran. Every other house had some type of BBQ, burgers or wings smell. It made me hungry!

Running vest, Italian Soda and cake pop at Cornerstone Café. Roger rudely pointing at the cake pop.


Miles- 25
Zumba - 2 hours
Weights- 30 minutes

I'm glad the snow is melting, but weather forecast is calling for 6 inches of snow tonight. I am starting to miss Spring.

How is Your Training going?

Favorite song this week?

What did you eat for the Super Bowl?