Training Week 2016 #4

So, we started the training week with some crazy snow storm, well, more like historical snow storm. I read in the local paper that the storm set new records for snow falls. On Saturday Morning we woke up to this

Snow Storm Jonas on Saturday at 9:30 am

Sunday January 24

Shoveling and rest day.

We were supposed to run 10 miles as part of our marathon training, but the roads were completely covered in snow and the YMCA was closed.

Roger Shoveling my car out, because he was tired of being inside
The Love Nugget climbing the pile of snow by our Apartment
Love Nugget lost in the 30+ inches of snow

Monday January 25 * SNOW DAY*

Office was closed because of the snow.

Weights with Roger

4 miles on the treadmill

1 hour of Zumba with DENISE !! - Monday night classes are usually done by Susan, but she was stuck home with the snow. Having a Denise class on a week 2 was PURE AWESOMENESS!

Tuesday January 25

Rest Day

Wednesday January 26

Rest Day- School Two hour delay. Had breakfast with the Love Nugget.

Thursday January 27

5.5 miles group run with Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg- Roger and I were not sure if the group run was happening, since there still was snow EVERYWHERE! But the group run was moved to City Island. It also was a 5.5 mile run, instead of the usual 3.67. We ran across Harvey Taylor Bridge at night, which was really amazing!

Friday January 28

1 mile intervals

30 minutes weights

Saturday January 30

1 hour hike at Cape Henlopen State Park

Miles 9.5
Zumba - 1 hour
Weights- 1 hour
Hiking - 1 hour

Other - Where do I put 1 hour of snow shoveling?

So this week in training was cut short with the Blizzard. With the snow all over the place, and no "safe" space for long distance running. All of our usual trails were (and as of this moment still are) covered in snow, City Island in Harrisburg was our only option. So, for this week, will have to make up some serious miles and make do with the clear paths for long distance.... or go run in Delaware, where it seems they don't have any snow... more on that in the next post.

How was your week? Training for anything?


  1. You are really consistent with your fitness! Way to go! The snow where you are is crazy. How do you train for a marathon in all that?

  2. Thank you! This last couple of weeks have been rough, with the snow all over the place! But we are hoping for rain tomorrow, and hopefully that will melt most of the snow and we can have trails back!


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