Chambersburg Ice Fest 5K

One dark and very cold night in January 2013, my sister and I saw that there was an Ice Fest in Chambersburg PA, a small town 1 hour from where we lived. We were intrigued by the idea of the Ice Fest, so we added one more layer of clothes and headed out! We had a great time, and swore we would go back!

Sister and me with the Local weather guy

Fast forward 3 years later, and we made a date to go this year! Then, while browsing the website for the events, my eyes caught the magical words 5K Run! Yeesss!! I immediately wanted to sign up, but things didn't align until the very day of the race.

My sister picked me up and we headed out to the Ice Fest and the 5K.

Race price - $25 Registered an hour before the race
Weather -unseasonably warm 50 degrees, sunny

I am so grateful to my family for putting up with me being a runhole.... I threw this race in the plan I had made with my sister, and she was very supportive and patient to wait with me. She even took pictures of me before and after the race!

The race was small, maybe around 200 runners. The weather was gloriously perfect, didn't feel like the end of January, sunny, warm 50 degrees, not ideal for an Ice Fest, but perfect for a 5K.

We had an uphill start, which I was not thrilled about.

I received a chip to put in my shoe, which I haven't had to do since 2000!

The race got started and I took off running! Here are my crazy thoughts during the race

* Run fast, make your legs feel the run
* Your lungs can take it, your legs can take it, just run fast!
* I am going so fast!
* Is this over yet?
* oh god! It's only a half mile!
* I'm getting hungry
* I wonder what we will have for lunch
* This route is really cool! I can finally check off running in Chambersburg off my running wish list!
* I need to keep up this pace
* You are not Tired!
* I wonder if the pretzel braid stand still has pretzels
* I wish I would be eating a pretzel right now
* Just keep running
* I'm hungry!
* Why am I hungry?
* Why is this man trying to pass me?
* Oh, he doesn't look like he is doing well!
* Just keep running!
* Yes! The finish line!

The run felt really good! I had to take off my long sleeve shirt half way through the race and maneuver tying it to my waist. A man tried to pass me and sprinted, only to stop a few steps in front of me because he couldn't breath! I felt bad for him, but I also thought it was silly he was trying to pick a competition with me! Little me in my pink tank top.

SIDE BAR THOUGHTS: I wear a lot of pink, and also have been known to wear sparkly stuff to races... it seems whenever an overly competitive man sees me passing them in my bright pink or sparkly something, they feel they need to run faster! and most of the time that pace doesn't work for them and I end up passing them anyway, because I have put in my training! Pink sparkly clothes and all!.... But this doesn't seem to happen when I wear all black....does his happen to anybody else?

The clock said 24:19 when I crossed the finish line, I didn't beat my record, but did run my fastest mile at 7:25!

We went for Tortas at a small Mexican Restaurant after the race... it is VERY interesting to me how many Mexican stores there is in Chambersburg PA!

1st race for 2016 is done!

Have you had to be a runhole to your family?
How do you make it up to them?
Does anybody get overly competitive with you at races?


  1. I have a new word, Runhole! I have probably been a runhole to my mom: "I'm going for a run so here's my kid, watch her til I'm back! And feed her too because she hasn't had dinner." Since it's my mom, I don't ever make it up to her, but now I feel guilty.

    Your race was amazing!! Congrats on your first 5K this year! Really, since you only took 24 minutes to run it, I'd say that's not a huge imposition for your sister. I spend that much time waiting for my sister to finish using the bathroom.

  2. I believe that grandmas don't mind watching their grandchildren !! At least my mom never does! So I would say she enjoys spending time with your daughter ! Thank you!


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